An interview with
about the state of our changes
Speakers - Sekhmet: Mother Sekhmet (channelled through Lord Ari); Ava: Lady Master Ava; LMMS: Lady Master Morning Star; Commander: Four Winds webmaster.

Ava: We ask at this time for the ascended Hosts to come. Fill all of our rooms with as many beings as we can imagine there are, and especially to call forth now the records that St. Germain has held for all time, for this moment of time, when freedom bells can ring, when the Holy Flame, the Violet Flame, can create a divine grace across the mantle of this planet and in the hearts of all, that peace, and love and simplicity be the task that we tread upon and that we may learn how this is, right now. Mother help us, we need your help!

LMMS: Mother, what message do you have for the children of the Earth right now on this day as we are stepping into the moment where the announcement of NESARA will come and what message do you have for us that we need to know now?

Sekhmet: On this day it is interesting that we are on the eve of Yam Kippour, which is, shall we say, where it is time that the Book of Life will be opened unto the Ascended Masters and many Space Commanders. And we would just say that the Book of Life is open and that we would ask for all of our children to come back to Love and balance and the healing. It seems as though the world is stepping into a place of more balance and harmony even though on the wires you hear the winds of war from every direction. It is simply those ones, that you could say, are tooting their horns because they know the gig is up and it is time for them to go back to King Dracos where they will stand trial for their crimes against the Universe.

We know that this is going out across many areas, times and spaces and places. We would just say that the message to the Children of Light this time is to remember to play it forward, to come to that place of balance and healing inside of each one of ourselves where we hold the neutral place that neutrality brings in the frequencies of the Mighty I Am Presence and the Violet Flame. Where you do not choose sides but you stand, as Lord Sananda or as Lord Michael or Lord Metatron, where you simply radiate Love, when we remove folks like the M.I.B’s [Men In Black] like we did today. The Violet Flame is simply the concentrated energy of Love, that is all it is. And when you have enough Love in the cells, it is, shall we say, a very orgasmic experience.

LMMS: That today of all days we should remember Love and we should remember balance.

Sekhmet: Yes. In all of our dealings, because right now there are many Cabals, as our friend Sheldan calls them. These Cabals simply are tooting their horns because they want to be heard. They have not received enough Love. Deep in the well of soul matrix they need Love. That is why they are crying out like an angry child. And we are here to bring them back to that frequency of Love even if we have to remove them and turn them back into Cosmic Soup and then reconstitute them with Metatron’s help. And concerning your little Shrub character today, we would just say that he is an angry greedy little child that needs to, shall we say, learn a few lessons about how to give in a way that is unconditional Love. And we know that many of the dark agenda have been programmed up the wazoo to know how to do only darkness and not Love.

Many of these intergalactic/inter-universal races are technologically and scientifically advanced, but they understand Love only as a frequency, a sound vibration. They are yet and still learning even over 450 billion years that it has taken them to this day to yet still learn about Love. Now they are getting that understanding of what frequency of Love is, even if it has to be that tough Love where we step in and say, “This is the line in the sand and if you cross it you’re on my plate - baked potatoes and salad!” (Laughter

Commander: A few days ago you reported that the ones in power over here [USA] and the ones in power over in Iraq were removed under the guidance of Sananda. Can you explain or expand on that a little bit more and also have other controllers like Bush Sr., Putin, and the Queen of England, have they been removed also

Sekhmet: What we would say is happening with these Forces of Light and the White Knights on this planet, is that we are stepping into your third dimension where we walk physically on the planet with them, and they [the opposition] see us and they know us and they are scared shitless of us in the sense where they know their time in reality is up and they simply have to step aside, but they are going kicking and screaming. We have to say yet and still, what is going on here is a gigantic holo-deck program. The Queen is still here on the planet. Putin is still here.

Ava: Putin is a clone already, too? Sekhmet: Yes. Ava: The Queen - is she a clone?

Sekhmet: The Queen is still the dark agenda reptilian that she is, that David Icke speaks of. And we would say that very quickly now these ones are going to be removed from this planet. Clones or not, the holodeck program will be shut down and then we will revamp the holodeck imaging projector.

Ava: This morning they [the nameless ones] told [Lord Ari], that they had begun the final movement, that Sananda was physically on the ground, and that this final movement was to permanently remove these characters—everyone that you mentioned and then some. And I understand that it will be a simul-cast, is that not right? [Sekhmet: Yes!]

LMMS: What do you mean by a simul-cast?

Sekhmet: Simultaneously as the White Knights send the Forces to step in, we will de-cloak in your atmosphere and we will show up with our green beams of Light and we will remove the dark ones from this planet. We will also land and there are many Pashat warriors that will show up in the physical. These are 12 to 15 feet tall Lion People. There are also many other folks that are of the Galactic Forces, there are Arcturians and Antarian people. These are the ones that look like praying-mantis people. We know that many of the folks on the planet are not yet ready to meet all of us because we look a little funny, but this is one of the biggest issues that has come about on this planet where galactic contact, the first contact made to come right here into full disclosure like Steven Greer has said, “Full disclosure has begun.”

And if I am sitting next to you in a bar and I want to buy you a beer, and because I have a lion head and a tail, are you going to ask the bartender to throw me out because I have a tail and a lion head? No, we are going to join and drink our beer together and pay homage and toast to great Alcyone, All That Is.

Sekhmet: But we would just say that one of the big issues here is prejudice, and if the blacks and the browns and the blues and the greens and the whites cannot get along with each other, how can we as Inter-galactic beings come and land and you have a funny attitude about us? This is why there has been so much secrecy brought about for the last, how many eons of time, where the people of the planet have not been told the truth—they have been lied to, they have been stolen from and they have been coerced and twisted their DNA codes down to 2 instead of 12 strands, and it is high time that they get to interact with their Galactic brothers and sisters.

Hollywood has created a bit of a drama with the different magical characters and how they have filmed us. Many of the stories are true, but they have twisted the dramas to make it look that we are not so nice and that we are not here for your highest good and that is not the case

Ava: What is that movie about Ra? Sekhmet: Oh, “Stargate” Ava: Yeah, it isn’t true that Ra was a bad guy.

Sekhmet: No, Ra was our father, metaphorically speaking. And they did the same thing with “Independence Day”. Little angry grey people trying to kill the people of Earth. That is not exactly what time it is. Yet the Greys did come here, and they did make agreements because long, long ago in the galaxy not so far away, their planet was destroyed because of that being known as the J-man, my son Yawah, when he played his Jehovah role in the Cosmic Passion Play, he removed them. They had a nuclear accident on their planet. They had to go inside the planet and they were without light, without water, without air. They had to survive by photosynthesis. The rocks within their planet themselves radiated a phosphorescence energy that they could literally receive nutrients and they mutated to only being two or three feet tall, where they used to be human. But in the future, your future, which is an interesting moment in time, as we are telling this cosmic story, we are Galactic travellers in time. We come from your future which is our past. We have come back in time to bring a message of peace and joy and enlightenment to all of you that you get to make it, and you do get to go into the future. Earth does not go through a nuclear holocaust and get destroyed, but we cannot tell you how to go from A to B. That would violate the Prime Directive, and we cannot do that.

Ava: But now you can intervene because they’re playing nuclear war-games.

Sekhmet: Yes, they have violated the laws of God and man.

Commander: Can you explain, a little about the entities that you are fighting, the Reptilians, the dark Draconians, and Annukani, are they all referring
to the same race?

Sekhmet: We would say that what is going on here is that many of these people originally came from our planet called Nibiru. And when they came to this matter universe they decided that they wanted to re-write their history, and started from Dracos and moved forward in terms of conquering the Milky Way Galaxy, and so on. That is not the case, and is why we have had so many different skirmishes and little wars, you might say, out in the galaxy. Not that the Orion War was a little skirmish. It lasted 5, 000 years and it was no pretty picture. We would say at this time that these ones have been cut off from their [dark] forces that are out in the galaxy that are trying to come in, and they are trying to activate certain “stargates” along with the dark agenda on this planet. There are many vortexes on your planet that are stargates, like in the movie Stargate. And they are opened to sound frequencies, and they have been playing with this on many levels. And they can and do try to use the stargates, and at this point in time the stargates have been shut down. They have been cut off from their, shall we say, contingency forces that are out in the galaxy. And Lord Michael, Metatron, myself, and Maitreya, have physically drawn a line in the sand across the galaxy and they will not cross that line. And meanwhile down on this planet they are trying to desperately grasp at straws and still keep a strangle-hold on all of you with the petty laws that they initiate in Congress and in the House and Senate. Yes, they are all Paackk-Taaaaach!! That is Klingon on for traitors.

We would simply just say that what is going on here is that these ones, they know their time is up. It has taken eons of time to come to this moment, where so many Lightworkers are waking up and seeing the writing on the wall or the spray paint, if you will. And they seem to know, but yet, they have to wipe the fog from their mind. It is sometimes difficult because of the mind-control games that they use with the chemicals in the air called chemtrails and HAARP and ELF frequencies and UFL frequencies and A, B, C, D, E, F, G. And we would say that as people come into balance, the true people of this planet, all 144, 000 of you times 10 hundred thousand, times 10 hundred thousand; you are waking up and reclaiming your power with Love in balance. This is the thing they have done. They have used power without Love. And it is a very unique way they control the people where they separate the mind from the heart. This is what Luciafera [Lucifer’s full name] is best at. And this is why it has come to such a level in which one hand does not know what the other hand is doing. And we might be going off on a tangent, here.

Ava: You’re doing very good, Mother.

Sekhmet: But we would say that the Reptilians and these dark agenda controllers know there is a very small amount of time left for them to come back to wholeness. Otherwise we will come in with a cosmic vacuum cleaner and remove them. And this is already being mobilised, both on your planet and in your orbit. One of the reasons there are so many mass coronal ejections going on and solar flares is that the Sun has been transformed back to helium rather than hydrogen. We know you guys talked about this yesterday, that the helium Sun is, as a result, bringing a higher frequency back to your planet, where you will not be able to detonate any nuclear weapons, They will simply push buttons and they will fizzle and fry out the circuit boards. Billions and trillions of dollars down the drain. Bye, bye, Joshua! And we would just say that these ones, they know that their day in the Sun is over and the Sun, it has set on the Queen’s place where they will rise up, take their chains off and let my people go.... NOW!!! [spoken in a loud cat growl]

Commander: Can you let us know or explain a few of the major things that yet need to be done before NESARA is announced?

Sekhmet: What needs to happen is we need to remove these lizard scum (excuse my French). We love all beings but they have not been nice. We would say these Reptilian controllers that have been in Washington and all the other capitols on your planet, they have held a stranglehold on keeping the Truth from the people where the true teachings of what our founding fathers brought forth on this planet in the time when they declared their freedom and brought forth a new nation under God. All of these ones called George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, and James Madison, they were all overshadowed by all of us to bring in the true teachings of the philosophy of life. As NESARA gets announced, all of the true teachings are brought back for the people.

The 45 books of the Bible that have never been written about but are sitting getting dusty on the Potula and in the monasteries of the Seven Rays in Lake Titikaka. It is time to bring all the old books out and let the people read the truth. And your dark agenda controllers, reptilian slime, have allowed eons of time to continue where the Truth, day after day, gets hidden. And they spit more lies up from Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and Tom. And we don’t want to bad-mouth the humans, they are simply doing their jobs.

Ava: Mother, I just want you to hone yourself now and just have how many minutes are we away from, and what’s being mobilised right now, to actualise
NESARA now on screen.

Sekhmet: Right now there are two hundred million mother ships in orbit around your planet that are at least 5000 miles in diameter if not more, besides all the billions of Inter-Universal Forces that have come in. These ships are so large they have to park them beyond the orbit of Jupiter because these ships upset the gravitational pull of a planet. If they were to come in and create an orbit around the stationary planet, we would cause axial excursion and polar shifting of the planet so, we have to park beyond the confines of Pluto and come in shuttle craft. The shuttle craft are 100 miles in diameter or more. Right now all of this is coming to pass. At the same time the White Knights are mobilised. White Knights are mobilised with intergalactic communication technology where they can instantly interact with all of us. They are using the Intergalactic Federation shuttle craft like the White Bird [Dove] speaks of, and we would also just say that the ones that are the Reptilian controllers, they know their moment in this time is over. What you want to know is when NESARA will be announced?

Ava: Well, rather than holding up those of us who are ready, that you would take them to other star systems and other planets where they can safely be just like the rest of the people that are on that planet, like planets that are a little behind the readiness of this planet, and they would still have more time to progress at their own pace rather than holding up all of us.

Sekhmet: That is already happening where they are simply being removed and it is more and more in occurrence where there are so many that are leaving (not dying) and transporting them to other worlds where they could have an understanding of how to work out their consciousness. They just have more time and they have people who are comfortable in the same place. And if they want to have Love and Light they will come into balance and wholeness within themselves and not have to be deleted from the program.

Ava: And I think that’s all great, Mother. I just think that we need to take this one move, now, the NESARA move.

Sekhmet: The movements that are being done on the planet is that the White Knights are stepping into, shall we say, where they will have the technology with the Forces where they can walk in and take over the stations that they need to. Let’s say, Rockefeller Plaza to Studio 3-B, White Knights would beam down with the Galactic Forces on the roofs. They have phasers in hand along with phaser rifles. This is reality. [Lord Ari met someone who is a White Knight tow-truck driver in Santa Fe, who helped him out one day and pulled a phaser from out from under his seat, and he said, “I am a White Knight, I listen to you on 94 Rock all the time.] But back to story, the White Knights are in the place where when the moment the Admiral Sananda Kumara gives the word along with the rest of the Inter-Universal Forces, and the Word will be given. The White Knights are mobilised.

They will take that Word, they will instantly take control of all of the satellite communications. We will help in that process of how that is done, where instantly we can do this if it is wished. The point here, in time, is that we would wish the humans do it rather than us so that it is a learning, growing process for the HU-man. So that they can get to that level where they claim their power with Love and the balance there, where they can stand in their power and not be afraid of looking into the face of a Reptilian soldier and they can look at him and radiate Love and not Hate. That is the biggest test here, where we can look at our fellow beings with each other and radiate only Love and not hate and war and death. Because that IS how we come back to a balance of enlightenment. Right now the biggest thing the humans need to get is that they have to get over their anger. Yes, we know 15, 000 people died.

Ava: Was that 9/11? LMMS: Not 3, 000, 15, 000.

Sekhmet: That is correct, and we were there instantly to beam them up out of that building as they were jumping out of those buildings. That is why when certain websites right after the day of 9/11, like on Jafferen and Cybercpace Orbit and Rumor Mill, you could see shuttle craft right next to the building. Interestingly enough, three days later they were gone, all of those pictures. But there are some that are still saved. We will just say that the truth will be told now of what has occurred. We sent you a transcript, 19 pages of an article that was spoken from Phil Donahue’s show where a widow of one of the victims of 9/11 spoke and a book was written by an author called, The Forbidden Truth, where the entire Afghani War is simply a plot to create a pipe-line to pump oil for the Reptilians so they could maintain another 500 year control over this planet, and we say “NO! That will not be the case!! You will get out NOW! And you will go home!”

Ava: Mother, we’ve gotten lost on the third dimensional thing. I heard you say that there were things you would only employ if it was requested. Hasn’t it been requested by now?

Sekhmet: It has been requested and intervention is coming to pass, but yet we still have to do this in a way in which we do it where the least amount of life lost is not the case, but the most amount of life spared is the case. And that is how we have to do it with the help of the Forces. That is why it is so delicately done in a way in which we will be in position. Yet and still, right now, what is going on, is that each time White Knights are ready, there is still another group that has played games and they have capitulated to the dark agenda, and the White Knights are not ready, each day it is like that.

Ava: O.K., now. I want to say something as a little earthling, here. Sekhmet: Yeah!

Ava: You’re not considering the fact that, every time some little White Knight group fools around on the 3rd dimension and NESARA doesn’t get announced and you don’t come in and take over, how many lives are continuing to be lost all over this planet? And I feel a feeling inside my gut when you say that you’re still going to wait for humans to get it together. This could go on and on and on.
Sekhmet: We would say that this is not the case. Right now, already in a moment in time, we went into a bank on Friday, Rental Unit [presumably the term forLord Ari, the channeller for Sekhmet] went into a bank and asked. “I got a 20 dollar bill here. I want to trade it in for Treasury currency. We heard that the rainbow treasury bills are ready. Can we change this $20. 00 for a treasury bill?” And the lady said, “I have to go and talk to my superior.” So she went and talked to the vice president of the bank. The bank president came as well, and they were both discussing this in low tones and they looked at me, looked at the rental unit. Rental Unit has long hair, blond, looks like someone from the sixties. And the teller came back and said, “We are not ready yet for this.” And we could see because we are able to see auras and we are able to look into the fifth dimension. We knew they were lying to us. They are ready, and simply what needs to be done here is Sananda Kumara needs to give the Word, the White Knights would do it. And we have to say that at this moment this could be anytime right now. We are at the place where it is so critical, we are very close to getting this announced. It is moments away. That is what we could say. It is, in a sense, moments away. And as you are saying, Lady Master that you feel this in your gut. We would say that what you feel is all of what humanity feels. For so long they have been in a place of wanting this to come to pass, and they are sick and tired of waiting.

We have a large Pashat here who was sitting on Lady Master’s chest. (laughter) A big beautiful chocolate point Burmese cat. He just wanted to be in the
middle of the group!

Sekhmet: There are 40 million sovereign militia with the specific role of surrounding the communication centre. They would take over the TV stations, the radio stations, the satellites along in conjunction with our help. We would say that we are so close from this, you can taste it in your mouth. What needs to happen here is the White Knights need to do a few things that we call bye-bye manoeuvres where they need to simply come in and if they have to kill some world leaders, they will kill the world leaders.

Ava: This is a private conversation and we’re making up a sci-fi movie, and I love to lie and so does Mother, and we have a formal disclaimer here and we
have poetic life, right?

Sekhmet: That’s correct. And because these world leaders have not followed the Laws of the Universal Wisdom and protocol, and they have violated those Universal Laws, we have every right to step in and intervene in this civilisation’s development. They have violated the Prime Directive and they have created genocide, therefore they need to be removed, and that is happening, we won’t say how, when, or where, but we will just simply say, it is already happening. King of Swords is in charge of that, and our little village idiot in the oral office knows all about this. And that is all we’ll say on that subject without violating laws of FCC rules on this telephone line. I hope this helps you Commander, understand a little more as how this could come to pass. We cannot say the exact moment NESARA would be
announced because there are moves that have to be made with the White Knights, and these things, the White Knights will not tell the rental unit. We will not put them out there across the airways. For one thing, we don’t have an unencrypted phone line that we can speak to you and fully share what has to happen.