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Monetary Changes-
Big Company Changes



Corporations that wish to continue their business operations under an existing name must register with the new system within a 120 day grace period or they will lose their status as a corporation and will be considered defunct.
A certificate stating purpose, social and financial organization with a council of selected persons that guide the business or organization, is primarily the guideline for “service” functions. It is clearly distinct from commercial production, manufacturing or distribution of goods and/or services.

A company will be required to withdraw shares from circulation during the first 60 days of the “grace period”. The company will be required to buy back the shares at the original purchase price. Any shareholders submitting shares for “refunds” after the 60 day period will not be eligible for a “refund”. All the remaining shares not submitted will be worthless.

There will be much chaos in the initial phases, and many angry people, particularly in the investor ranks and it is here where the Lightworker begins the mighty work of peace and order.

There will be a clamoring such as has never been seen. For those with wealth will bring much resistance to all that will transpire. The average working person will not realize the overall effects of this initially, but when he does, he shall leap for joy.

In regards to the major shareholders in banks - being mostly the Illuminati - their shares will be forfeited to the Treasury Branch. In regards to the small investors in these major banks they will be compensated appropriately for the value of their stocks/shares. Due to the fact that all banks and thus shareholders will be under the auspices of the Treasury Branch; it is the Treasury Branch that will be compensating the individual small shareholders for their reasonable and appropriate value/s that they currently hold.

A system for recording names shall begin with the new system and the principals shall be recorded with the paperwork changes. This information shall be electronically filed in a master cross reference system.
There will be much training necessary to set this program in place.
There will be a requirement to publish information to the public and it will be done on the Internet. There will be specific web locations to publish this information. The minutes of the Board of Directors must be public knowledge through the Internet.

The Common Law Corporation sole will continue to be valid as the office of a spiritual assembly or café. (There will no longer be “churches”)
The commodity market shall continue so that growers, farmers and so forth will have guidelines as to fair prices. However, there will be no buying and selling of shares or futures. There will be no selling of livestock in the future, as animals will no longer be bred or slaughtered for the market as they are now. Nor will fish be taken from the seas for mass consumption.