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Christ Michael Speaks - February 24, 2012 - Targeted Message to Bernanke and Others.

Oh boy what a day, even we get them! Dearly beloveds of AH, this is primarily for our dark readers so do NOT read too much into it personally.

First I am addressing this to the Head of the Federal Reserve System. Yes straight to you Mr. Bernanke. You do know that China IS going to depose you, right? Why not just cooperate, because our on-the-ground troops are going to assist them at this late date.

To those who read here on behalf of the Queen, you know you have already had some difficulty getting in contact with her, yes? That should be a big clue.

Now you ones know we ARE assisting China. We were none to crazy about their acquiring the Federal Reserve, and the games played when they created the stealing of the wealth of the Filipinos, via a fake King ASM, but we have to work with what we have, and with a lot of secret meetings and some giving of carrots they seem to be now in our pocket satisfactorily enough.

Your new attempts at various "bird flu" against the yellow man will not work so well. And may in fact backfire in like kind and more. YOU KNOW THEY HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY that caused you all to sign over the Federal Reserve to them. And they have yet to use it, and I suggest you highly consider that they CAN USE IT. WE shall not disclose the nature of that here, for it is not necessary to frighten people. But I suggest you consider they WILL if you do not put down your own "guns" NOW.

That will not be pretty IF YOU DON'T

We ARE prepared and as the former message said, we are not necessarily waiting until March 31. We are MOVING FORWARD. That is enough for now. Have a good night's sleep gentlemen and ladies, or maybe we need to return to BBB & G's to describe you, because ladies and gentlemen is not any to accurate.


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