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Targeted Message to the Children of the Blood - (Source and Channel not revealed) - AH, January 14, 2012 (Aust time):

(Candace: Dear readers, understand this is targeted to the ones of the dark. The telepath is unnamed. Translaters, please do not translate and post.)

Your blood is tainted and must be purged from the system. We had hoped to cleanse it, but to no avail.
We have all we need and shall proceed without you.
No more.
No more opportunities.
No more chances.
No more asking.
Negotiations are, indeed, over.
Fear has overcome you.

That fear now causes you to plan many things that you simply cannot do. Not that we would ever allow you to, but you no longer have the means available to do so. While this fact is obvious to you, still, you plan behind what you think are closed doors...plan away.
Should you ever decide to replace your fear with love in unity with all things, we will know.
For now it is enough that you know that it is over.

We are ready.
Adama is ready.
Esu is ready.
Christ Michael is ready.
Siraya and Source, as one, is ready.
The entire Federation of Light is ready.
The Elohim are ready.
The Celestial Hosts of Legions of Armies is ready.
The Ascended Masters are ready.
The whole of the Spiritual Hierarchy is ready.
The Earth Allies are ready.
Humanity is ready.
Gaia is ready.
Satania is ready.
Nebadon is ready.
Orvonton is ready.
Creation is ready.

I am to inform you that all is and are, ready.
It is enough.
It is so and so it is

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