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Message from our
Divine Father




July 1, 2007

Dearest child, this your Father. I am Michael, and my presence is growing on earth. Never before has my presence been so perceived in the hearts of men, women and children of your world. Though you call me by many names and the language you use alters from culture to culture, I hear the call of your heart. And you are hearing my voice and perceiving more of me in the depths of your being.

Soon, my presence will unfold a new living reality on your world, and I will share in the joys of being your Father again. Never again will you feel separated from me, never again will you fear me, never again will you be confused about my love for you. The hour is striking for my presence to awaken the human heart and bring into it the joy of the bond we share together.

Now I ask you as men and women who have felt me to hold the focus for your brothers and sisters to perceive me more in their minds and hearts. Hold your desires close to your hearts for those who have not opened to SPIRIT to be gently embraced in my love. Hold your desires close to your heart for your brothers and sisters to claim the love that is their divine birthright and inheritance. Pray for them now, my children, they need me!

Together, we will bring more light and life to all of my children of this world and we shall move forward to build a new future for this beloved planet…my jewel in the universe wherein I enacted my human life as Jesus. Let your hearts be light with the joy of a new tomorrow and we shall delight in the harvest of bringing those lost souls back home into the family of LOVE!