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1. Time is of the mind. Change your calendar and change your time. Change your time and change your mind.

2.Tune is the unifying field that holds all things together. The Law of Tune states that there is one timing frequency that unifies the whole galactic order from its largest constituent to its smallest. This timing frequency is the 13:20 ratio.

3. The mathematics of the Mayan Calendar reveal the universal mathematics of the Fourth Dimension. The Mayans mathematically knew the correct timing cycles of nature, but the mathematics of the correct timing cycles of nature aren't Mayan. They are universal laws of nature.

4. Time is art. Everything is art when your mind is in the right time, and everything can be used to express the beauty of the evolving creation.

5.The error in time is the 12 month calendar and the 60 minute clock: the false 12:60 frequency. The 60 minute hour of the clock and the irregular measure of the twelve month calendar in combination create the artificial and entropic 12:60 timing frequency, which reduces all values to the ruthlessly simple philosophy: time is money.

6. Government is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. The true democracy is the democracy of autonomous people telepathically united in truth.

7. Money is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. In order to get what every other biological species receives freely from nature, the human beings had to learn how to sell their bodies in time for an artificial unit called money, and to exchange that artificial unit called money to get what the birds get for free.

8. The launching of the Industrial Age was a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. The scientific revolution began in 1618, with the belief that God was a clock maker and the universe His giant clock. The scientist's mission was to figure out how the universe worked and to create the Industrial Revolution. In this way today's materialism was born.

9. The population explosion is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. We entered the Industrial Age and attempted to set our DNA frequency to a machine age frequency: 12:60. That's why the population exploded and still is exploding. We are trying to keep up with the machines.

10. Peace is a spiritual problem, not a political one. If we change our time now, we might make it because we will soon enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the galactic universal cycles of nature, Heaven on Earth.

11. Judgment Day is real. Either we get it together or none of us gets it at all. Either we all wake up and become enlightened together or we die all together in this polluted nightmare endgame crisis.

12. The World 13 Moon Calendar Movement is a Revolution in Tune. The only genuine revolution is a revolution in time. To know the nature of time is to know the time of nature. To know by the natural time that the time in which we live is incorrect is to know the correct time for action. The weapon of the revolution of time is time itself.

13. The Great Calendar Change is the turning point. It is truly in accord with the time and the nature of time itself, the revolution in time is the mother of all revolutions. It is also the most thoroughly spiritual revolution in all of history, the revolution to end history. The revolution of time is already prepared in the great seasons of change which govern the order of life in the universe and on Earth. The Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement has paced itself according to the great seasonal change that is now upon us.

By Jose´Argüelles