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Our new Magnetic Pulser is heavy duty and Australian designed and manufactured. It follows Dr. Robert Beck’s cleansing principles. Dr. Beck says it disables all viruses, bacteria, fungi, microbes, germs, pathogens and parasites. Use the Magnetic Pulser instead of the Blood Cleaner where blood does not flow. The magnetic Pulser can also be used with pets and animals.

A blood “zapper” or cleaner supplies electrical current to the body from an external source by conduction, but the Magnetic Pulser induces currrent directly into the tissue without physical contact. For therapy, permanent magnets are largely useless (some may argue). An effective “magnetic therapy” requires a time varying magnetic field which is achieved by using pulse technology. This magnetic energy induces electrical current and voltage in any conductor in its vicinity (human tissue is a good electrical conductor).

Various “magnetic” therapies have existed for a number of years but the originator of the “magnetic pulser” is Dr. Robert C. Beck. However he has not designed one from “scratch”. He has only modified and used commercial photographic flash units. Our Australian made Magnetic Pulser is designed from scratch and is not based on a flash unit or a flash tube but a high power SCR as a trigger/discharge device.

Technical details: the spacing of pulses is user selectable from 3 to 7 seconds in 1 second steps; it can be made to operate on a 12 volt battery of suitable capacity; the main capacitor (750uF/330V) hold approx. 41 joules of energy; the average peak discharge current through the magnetic coil is over 300 amp!, but the pulse duration is only 2 milliseconds; magnetic energy from the coil in each discharge is approx. 145,000 gauss; the unit is fan cooled to prevent overheating; the unit has a buzzer which sounds in ‘turn on” and automatic “turn off” (for hard of hearing).
Technical specifications: Power source*: A. 12 - 18V AC (from supplied transformer) B. 12V external battery--7AH or larger (optional) Battery charging: limits set at: 12.2V min.--14V max, automatic, can be left on indefinitely set to fully charge a 7AH sealed lead acid battery in 20 hours (this can be changed to other values for other battery sizes) • DC - DC converter output: 330V (adjustable)• Main capacitor: 750uF, 330V (Photoflash, made to order)• Energy in each discharge: 41 joules (approx.) • Discharge time: 2msec. (approx.) • Magnetic energy from coil in each discharge: approx. 145.000 gauss (calculated) • Peek current in coil for each discharge: 300A (average) • Pulse rate**: user adjustable from 3 to 7 seconds in 1 second steps (3-4-5-6-7) • Timer: 10 minutes. (Used mainly as a ‘time out’ in case the unit is not switched off after use.) • Buzzer: sounds on ‘turn on’ and automatic ‘turn off’ but not on manual ‘turn off’ Fan cooled to prevent overheating. Should the fan fail, (or should the unit be operated for lengthy periods) the unit then enters into a second self protecting mode. When the capacitor’s temperature reaches a critical point, it will no longer charge to the full voltage and the unit will shut down. When it cools down sufficiently, it will resume normal operation.
*, ** Note: to ensure that the discharged energy in each pulse is the same, the capacitor is not allowed to discharge before it is fully charged. (to 330V)
Should a power source (transformer or battery) be of smaller capacity than the one supplied, it may not be able to fully charge the capacitor in the time selected. Therefore, the interval between discharges will be lengthened. The system will await the arrival of the next timing pulse. In practical terms it means that it may only discharge on every second, third or even fourth multiple of the ‘pulse rate’ setting.
Success Stories with the Beck Protocol

Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulse Generator:
Today, after only 2 days of being back on these units I’m already getting back on my feet. Truly amazing Both units also make my eyes and mind clear. I love this. The magnetic pulse generator stops stomach trouble dead. My sinuses and sore throat cleared like a miracle! If this is psychosomatic - I don’t care! My fingers and hands have been numb and asleep since 1983 - not so after electrification! Colloidal Silver: The black fungus that grew on the rock wall by the bathtub just disappeared after being sprayed with silver colloid. We bathe and wash dishes from water in our cistern haven’t yet figured out how to reduce the bacteria and what not so skin problems were a part of life. Now we spray ourselves with colloidal silver. Skin problems have disappeared and our athlete’s foot and dandruff cleared up too. J.F.
Cellulitis Infection
Let me explain how I acquired my cellulitis infection. The disease infected both lower legs, from my knees to the ankles. Occasionally, the elbow to the wrist begins to itch, just like poison oak. Last summer I purchased a pair of new, very stiff, leather boots. Whenever I wore them, my left boot rubbed on my ankle so much that the lymph would flow like blood. I didn’t pay attention to it. The second or third day I placed a Band Aid over the sore. Much too late. The dye from the threads in my socks had infected the lymph system. I didn’t realize this until a month later when my legs turned beet red and swelled up. Any slight irritation to these areas, such as clothing rubbing on it, increases the swollen red areas. On occasion, I just plain lose control and scratch the itching areas, which makes it much worse. I tried many things such as, ozone, antibiotics, pitch (which provided the greatest relief from itching) and hydrogen peroxide. Nothing worked! But the magnetic pulsing stops all itching in the area where it’s applied. The magnetic pulsing absolutely killed on contact the virus, bacteria, whatever. The relief is instant. The red itching areas just dried up and healed. My natural skin colour came back within a short time. B.D., Oregon
Pain Relief
I’m having amazing success with my magnetic pulse generator in relieving pain in arthritic joints and herniated discs. Dr. J.P, Ecuador
Bronchial Asthma
I purchased the blood electrifier to help my bronchial asthmatic cough. It has helped to reduce my frequent and daily cough by approximately 25% as coughing spells are less frequent and shorter most of the times. The blood electrifier has done many things for my health including the following: reduces my sugar cravings; my skin heals faster and is no longer blotchy; my headaches are not as strong and heal faster than taking a Tylenol; my eyesight is better; and my bowel movements are easier and usually 2-3 times per day. I used the machine for 2 hours everyday for four months and drank 8 ozs. of colloidal silver. After four months I used the blood electrification four times a week, but continue to drink 8 ounces of colloidal silver on a daily basis. I have been using the blood electrification for six months, and I will I continue to do so. I would recommend this device to anyone who wants to improve their health without a quick fix. J.S., Alberta
Bent Fingers & Magnetic Pulse Generator
A surgeon advised me an operation is the only cure for Dupuytren’s contracture - bending of the ring and little fingers that is considered hereditary in men. I’ve been using the magnet pulse generator on my left hand and the surgeon now says I don’t have to have surgery. I am very happy. This is a real sharing from the heart.
M.S., Saskatchewan
Live Blood Cell Analysis
I’m 75 year old and I developed a heart condition about 4 years ago. I have a friend, a retired pharmacist, who does live blood cell analysis so for the past two years I have had my blood checked with a dark-field microscope. At first, my blood indicated a number of problems with parasites in advanced stages. I started using herbs, enzymes and other natural products and my blood showed I was making progress. I also took chelation treatments. I then started using the blood electrifier and also making colloidal silver. After one week, my blood plasma was completely clear, no signs of any parasites. I had more energy. Then I used the magnetic pulse generator to clear out various organs. In my opinion electrification is definitely the way to go. I’ll see how long my blood stays clear to know when I need to use the units again. A.S., Florida
Hepatitis B
Over the last 25 years I have fasted up to 15 days in a row, done numerous herbal cleansings, and ate vegetarian for awhile. I would get migraine headaches and then 15 years ago I caught Hepatitis B while travelling. My doctor said it was something I couldn’t get rid of. I had to take drugs for migraines then cleanse to get rid of the drugs. I had to be careful because of my liver - it was a fine line between cleansing and poisoning. I went to a health practitioner who uses muscle testing to know what to take and how much to take. The blood electrification and the magnetic pulsing with colloidal silver and ozonized water are by far the best thing I have tried. I feel I’m rid of the Hepatitis B. Now if I feel a cold coming on I use the units and the symptoms stop within two days. I use the magnetic pulse generator right away all over my head to clear the feeling. M.M., California
Genital Herpes
I had Genital Herpes - please notice I use the word ‘had’, as I am now symptom - free! I started on the Beck Protocol in January of 1997. For a three week period I used the blood electrifier behind my knees for 45 minutes a day; and I drank 2 cups of colloidal silver water daily. I also used the magnetic pulse generator every day for 15 minutes per day. I had one herpes outbreak during this time. Then I used the units again in July 1997. 1 went on them for the 21 Day Protocol for one hour per day, including the magnetic pulse generator, which I used on a swollen lymph on the right side of my pelvis area. I zapped it for 10-20 minutes a day with the magnetic pulse generator plus 15 minutes all over the body. Since that time I have had NO SYMPTOMS. It took me two times on the 21 Day Beck Protocol for it to work, but it did! I have an active lifestyle and am athletic. I am 47 years old, but my girlfriend says I have the body of an 18 year old. Sometimes I over do it. Stress or sunburn from my outdoor activity usually complicates my condition but I still haven’t had a Herpes outbreak. I never feel the tingling in the lymph in the pelvis area any more. Hard to believe I no longer have swollen lymph. I plan continuing a healthy lifestyle and remaining symptom free! D. C, Washington

See the video “Blood Cleaning Device” by Dr. Robert Beck for full details.
• Easy operation. Many pulses per minute. • Loud clear buzzer (for the hard of hearing).
ELECTRONIC DEVICE. CODE: LB5. $890.00 (postage: 4Kg approx.)

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