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Just in from CM
By CM - Kibo Dabi
Aug 12, 2010 - 7:29:26 PM

just in from CM

just finished this and decided to post it here first.....
before i paste it in........
i was told a few days ago that
Esu wants to use the island/treehouse for a party
on His accepted birthday
August 21st.
The whole AHS family is invited
all day
i asked about this thing blowing up and finishing before then and was told that it wouldn't matter.
either way
here or on board ship
or wherever
this event will be held
come and share hugs
there will be cake
to business>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>

CM: ...and so, if I, even I, tell you that the gulf could blow any day now, or at any moment, you will not be completely convinced?

K: It is as it has always been and i no longer hold my breath. It’s not that i don’t believe You, it’s just that there seems to be some sort of galactic jet lag or something involved that has taught me to think that something that is said to be happening yesterday may be weeks or even months away. I’ve been doing the DNA thing with you in the headquarters and working on my little project, as it were, that keeps me busy and so i don’t feel like i’m just waiting, but...i would like to get on with it. Gaia says that she’s ready and she’s not holding back and her concern for her children is tempered by her knowledge that everything and everyone will be put in their proper place so there’s no need to worry there and there is only the doing of it..

Now, all of the sudden, there’s oil spilling in the ocean, it seems like everywhere and all of this seems to be deliberate acts of the dark idiots to further stall, but i don’t see the logic of that unless they don’t believe anything You say at all...which is weird since they spend so much time working on and around what You say. But if the gulf is going to inundated and Florida flooding over and out and a big methane cloud covers the gulf coast going inland and ships come and pick up who they can...and if so many appear that it can’t remain hidden or covered up or denied, what’s the point?

CM: WE are not distracted by their games and our waiting is not to determine our next move, as it were. That move has already been decided, as well as several others that are ongoing and some more that shall be implemented all at once. They cannot control the planet. They cannot stop Gaia from moving. As you like to say, they cannot stop Atlas from shrugging. As to is not up to us, it is up to Gaia. WE can help and gauge and control energies from your sun and from Jupiter and from other sources in the cosmos, but it is not something that can make a free will planet such as the one you inhabit to do anything against her will or before she is ready.

These many years, WE have been fighting the good fight beside you, creating circumstances or countering and overcoming the efforts of the dark to continue and survive. WE have been as gracious and merciful as possible, always with the thought of awakening the sleeping and revealing the dark veil that has covered your eyes from perceiving and seeing the true reality in which you exist. Now WE are, again, at a point of no return. WE have progressed in our knowledge of such a field a play as has been given as so many of you have progressed in your knowledge of yourselves and ourselves.

You have created this debacle that rings the end of your dark system of things, of selfishness and greed and slavery and abuse and fear and ignorance and separation. You have been forced to do and be things that you do not need or want to do or be, so many of you without your knowledge or consent. Nay, too many times have you been unawares of the machinations that have led your lives to be this or that while you wonder to yourselves = “What happened? How did I get here?”

Your elite power brokers see you and use you as slaves. They use each other and this is one of the main reasons why they must and will fail. It is why you watch them fail before your eyes, even now.

Slavery can exist on many levels. The dark system which you are subject to allows for no escape and counters all dissent in vicious lies, manipulations and murders. This is the arena that you struggle to dismantle for only in destroying the field can the game end with your freedom won. It matters little if you are rich or poor, a slave is a slave and the only question that you need ask yourself once your eyes are open to this condition is: “How shall I gain my sovereign freedom and the freedom of these, my brothers and sisters, under such circumstances? How can I aid in the dismantling of this arena and field so that a new, fair and balanced field in an arena of light and love and Divine Will may take its place?”

You live your lives hoping and praying for release, for help, for miracles and you have learned that, while all of these things are given and made manifest for you by the Will and Power of SOURCE I AM and by I AM THAT I AM and by Spirit Eternal and by My own Sovereign Divinity in the universe of My own making that I may serve you all in helping and teaching you to awaken to your true nature and selves and thus, your true power = and you have learned of that, some of you, and have accepted that your release and help and miracles come also through you, through SOURCE and I AM in you and as you, and you have opened an eye or two to your own divinity and the unity with ALL THAT IS, the unity of ONE and all of the rights and powers thereof, that is and are your birthright as intelligent, freewill, ascending and descending beings = for truly some of you are descending beings that came to experience ascension = The thoughts, concepts, ideas and actions that you create in such a state of being all contribute to the dismantling of the dark agenda and field, their arena. It is your unified efforts towards this goal of ascension and the new arena it brings that makes this works. You work, you do the work, alongside Gaia, MYSELF, SOURCE, the Spiritual Hierarchy, The ELOHIM, The Angelic and Archangelic Hosts, The nature spirits, the Agarthans, the Galactic Federation of Light and many others, some you know of and others you have no idea of, from all over the Grand Creation of Paradise and the seven superuniverses.

This is no small task and no small feat. It is being done with the utmost care and precision and consideration for all involved. I know that many of you would prefer us to just move in and do away with the dark ones in no uncertain terms, and that may yet happen if they insist. But this is how WE roll, if I may be allowed to use such a term, and were it not for our insistence upon acting in all due love and light and compassion an mercy, you all would have been gone from this planet already and Gaia would be waiting a very long time to see her shores inhabited once again.

I say this only to illustrate to you that there have always been many and diverse options available towards how best to achieve the Divine Goal of Ascension for Gaia and for you and always, ALWAYS have WE joyfully bowed to the wonderful wisdom of The Paradise Father in these matters and ALWAYS HAS THE WILL OF PARADISE DEITY BEEN DONE! It is My Glory to act as such and always have I been joyful in it.

So, now the time has come and the dark are laughing and the sleeping have turned their backs on the notion of a greater reality and even many of the awakened faithful few have fallen to the same thought: Put up or shut up.

How shall I, even I, respond to this? Shall I be offended and deal out holy wrath like in your storied days of old? Always have I sought to show Divine Kindness and Mercy, shall I stop now?

Shall I just send thousands of ships to prove a point? Take over the airwaves and introduce Myself to the world that knows Me not?

Good evening, I AM Your God?

Shall I send the Angelic hosts to proclaim this or that?
It seems to me that you have done enough on your own, one way or the other. I see a tipping point.

I even thank the dark ones that helped so much in making their own destruction possible. I thank also the truth bringers and the light bearers. So many have died for this cause of freedom, true freedom = a freedom you have never known, but will.
I say that all of our efforts have not been in vain and that WE have done the right thing by all involved.

I tell you of things that will happen, that must happen, because you made it so, all of you. Your abuse of the planet and even your efforts to save the planet, your being awake or asleep, light or dark, all and everything has come to this and it will take it’s natural course and progress to its fulfillment and nothing will hold it back or delay it or hurry it. Nothing that can be done will stop it. It is made and anchored in your reality and Divine Will-in-Acceptance, it is natural law, it is nature = it is your response to the Divine Mandate of Ascension and so it is.

So when I tell you that the gulf oil spill is still and yet doomed to become a tragedy of epic proportions, I know whereof I speak. Ye ones may do as you please about any and all of this, WE see little, if anything, that will change in you at this point. All of you have chosen your places and that is that. The crack will widen, the methane bubble will burst with the full force of nature behind it. The waves will go out. The waves will come. The cloud of gas will spread. The ships will go out. They will come to rescue who they can. The world will see the truth of life in the UNIVERSE. They will see the results of their folly and they will hear our words and see Divine Truth...Alas, it will be too late to change.......

And I will not have to put or shut up a thing for WE let you experience the circumstances of your own making and that is that and that is how it should be.

I did such and so much even for Lucifer, before he chose uncreation...should I do less for you?

LIVE, LEARN, GROW, EVOLVE, CHANGE! This is all you have to do and be. It is within you now, all and everything that you need is within you now. Let it be what it must be and fear not, neither let your heart be worried or concerned.

It comes, like counting the time between lightening and they not both happen at the same time?

Work for the future, your new lives in a new arena. Be ready and prepared for the great changes that are coming and will come. You are building a great Universal society founded on and with Divine Will. As you shall be, so shall your society, your world be. Your thoughts and concepts and ideas and actions...remember?

I urge you to grow and evolve into Divine Will and The Law of One. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Do not create a future based upon old, destructive values. Be God on Earth. Be Divine Will with and within you all as one. This is the goal that shall sustain you onto perpetuity as the shining jewel of My Universe of Nebadon. This is what you are meant to be. You are all My children and I love you. You cannot let me down or fail Me, for in the annals of infinity and eternity, all of you will evolve into perfect and divine unity and power and light and life and love = eventually. This is an opportunity, a Divine opportunity for you to create, in partnership and conjunction with Divinity, the ability to do that now.

Do not fail yourselves. I AM with all of you but to what avail if you are not with each other?

The time comes, it is near. You will get there and you will see it and you will be there to do it, to be it.

Do not fail yourselves and do not fail each other. I promise not to fail you.

That is all to say for now

I leave My Light, Love and Wisdom with all who read these words with an open heart and mind, and that sincerely desire to do the Will of The Paradise Father, First Source and Center of All Things, I AM THAT I AM.

By The Name and Power of The ONE, ALL THAT IS

I, even I AM


K: Thanks Boss...i really enjoyed this one............

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