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THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE (Birthing a New Sun - Jupiter)
(April 10 to 13, 2007)

NOTE: Check out "2010 The Year We Make Contact" DVD (the end)

Christ Michael: Hello my beloveds in service to Nebadon. Over the next 1 to 1.5 years you will be heavily tested, and I expect all of you to pass grandly and make good progress in your journey to Havona. We have long known this event, the igniting of Jupiter into a sun would occur, and this is behind the whole rational of the ascension of Earth at this time. For it is the ascension of the entire solar system in which you live. Hints of this have been given through “science fiction”. You are going to run into some who will debunk this and state that this is not possible, but most surely it is, and the time is ripe. A number of years ago we thought the event would not occur prior to 2010, and possibly a bit later, but everything evolves and changes and so has that timing changed.

We have put out little in updating recently, because we have been in many a conference to discuss what our scientists have learned and who to deal with it at this time, as related to our other activities. It has been decided to assist this ignition at a time more opportune for you, which is when it will next be “behind” the Sun, from your viewpoint. Since Jupiter’s cycle is considerably longer than Earth’s, there is about a 6-month leeway period. The ignition will be less intense for you, if the Sun is “in the way” and will buffer it. Nevertheless, it will not be easy. I will leave you to read the rest that Esu has done through Candace.

I have been informed there are some problems for some of you in understanding the latest Sheldan Nidle reports. When I started this work with Candace, we were hoping the planet would have come a bit further, assuming the assistance of the dark side coming into cooperation, but that has not happened quite as I wished, as all of you “waiting” are aware of. His reports are essentially correct, in the timing of what he labels “first contact.” What he has left out is the detail of Jupiter in the mix. There is more going on than “Mother Earth is anxious to get on with her changes.” In fact the entire solar system is anxious to get on with the changes, as are you who are aware.

We are getting into a timing concerning the pollution too, but we will fix much of this, during the “big sleep”. My, all of you do enjoy your abbreviations! We do have to be moving along. A number of years ago, prior to 911 we pretty much figured we would have to “throw in the rag” so to speak, but afterwards, a sleepy planet began to awaken. I have been more than a little disappointed in the United States however, in this, because the people have not been able to get attention to the fact that 911 was a scripted event.

Too many still will not look at a devious government behind the scene. You remain in the Iraq war, with extensions planned into Iran, and yet the people mostly sleep, and will not put pressure upon the political cartel in sufficient numbers to create some action. There is still the belief that Islam has a problem, and it is much of Christianity that has the bigger problem. I remain saddened at the issue of the rapture that so few who follow that idea will see past. They put out many thought forms into the mass consciousness that say “bring on Armageddon, so we may rise up to see the Lord”. As a result of the continued war activities without adequate confrontation by the people, the planets vibrations have lowered some, rather than moved up. However, on a good note, there are many who do know, but know not what else to do, who will stand up given the opportunity and we can make great progress.

Now, back to the Nidle report. We will have the announcement period as we have said, as soon as possible. But it may be in May at this point, for we are still in some planning. And the presence of God and star visitors assisting God in the end times will be taught, and as has been said, Esu will be on that team, for some portions in the second half. Right after the first discussion of star visitors presented to the public, there will begin nightly flyovers, increasing in duration and intensity. At that time, the world military forces will be stood down, so as to not interfere.

At the end, there will be a bigger show. Many people don’t want to believe the ships are many of the stars in the night sky, and these bigger ships will put on a bit of a show. Imagine the Big Dipper moving about out of form! However, there will be no big landings at that time. We will begin gradual small contact activities to get people more used to the idea. Helena will do the event in Denver with Candace that has been long planned, and there will be similar ones around the world.

As soon as I determine the timing, the Earth will be put into stasis, or the “big sleep” for at least three weeks, so that we can work without observation and resultant fear. The big sleep will also correct your seasons some, which are off because the year is 360 days now. The ozone layer will be removed. Some pollution will be remedied, and we will be working with many, in their higher selves at this time, to promote awareness. We will increase the energies even more, as we have been doing in the past. We did that a year ago, but the planet has slid a bit. These energies will further awaken the DNA in those on the planet, and help set up the conditions for more significant contact.

So you get the flyovers, but not the major contact we had previously planned. After the big sleep, the facts of Jupiter will be presented, and preparations begun in earnest. As good news, most governments are being cooperative and will work to assist their peoples for this. Those that have been reticent should change their minds. The monies will happen, the banking will be in place, as it must be for preparation, and the American administration is down and out of place at the time the announcement activities begin. We have made some changes in the plans for what some of you have labeled “the rebates” of taxes and illegal interest. Some of this will not be released until after the Jupiter event, but some of it will, to those who will manage it well.

Since Jupiter is coming upon you early, and by our timing to assist you, many will not be ready to have such large finances at their disposal. The monies need to be in the hands of those that will use them properly at this time. More can be released after the event when the planet is stabilised a bit. There are simply too many, who if they had this money, would “just take this job and shove it” and otherwise use it irresponsibly.

There remain the huge massive trusts that will be released to those of merit, and those who invested in the prosperity programs. There are very strict instructions with the release of these large humanitarian funds. They are not to be “blown off.” In the United States, the decimal will still be moved over one place, so that goods and wages are 1/10 of former cost, to restore a goodly portion of damage from inflation. Debt forgiveness remains part of the plan, and this alone will moderately increase prosperity for many, allowing them to begin to store and prepare for what is to come. I do not want Jupiter to ignite at an inopportune time, it is better to assist rather than have a greater tragedy.

The Pacific Rim will suffer greatly. There will be weather issues, and I assume Esu has covered much of this in an introductory manner with Candace. It is time beloveds for you to come into the leadership you are capable off. Many of you have had your ideas rejected by your circles, but I say to you, that you will find yourselves sought out now, in these coming times for your knowledge, after all. You will be able to say “I told you so”, but in saying this, and you should say it, go into leadership and assist your peoples to plan carefully. There will be much chaos, and this can be reduced greatly by local leadership. Many of the star seeds will fully awaken with the announcement period, and if that doesn’t do it, the announcement after the big sleep should do it, they being prepared more at soul level.

So, now I return to the Nidle reports. Over the months until ignition, the star peoples will assist much behind the scenes, more education will be given, there will be enabling events, such as Candace’s and Helena’s, and more and more exposure, to prepare people for the assistance to be given during the trying times. It is a time when each and everyone on the planet is going to stand up or fall apart. It is difficult to know how some of the religions will handle this, because the dark side has done much to prepare them to reject us as the dark ones, who have come to bring the tribulation and they will await the real ones. So be it.

You are asked to help as these ones in your circles. This is the final time to make the choice to ascend or not. I have waited and delayed long for ones to make that choice, and I await them but a bit more. Some just have to have it placed thoroughly in front of their faces before they will finally make the choice. This is the time for my “fallen angels” to return unto the lighted grace that awaits them that have not yet made their decision. It is my wish that they have until the last minutes to do so. For many, it will take the cataclysm to do so. I need to let Candace go, so she can rest and finish this piece tomorrow. I bid you adieu, Namaste, Aton of Nebadon.