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Esu speaks on Jupiter Schedule

Esu speaks on Jupiter Schedule and Future Decisions
By Jess Anthony
Dec 24, 2007

Esu, I ask for comments from you today. Speak of the events anticipated and give insight into the circumstances. Help us to wait for the changes to come. Assure us of the New Year to come.

Jess, let us speak of the New Year and the changes to come. This is a time for reflection and circumspection. Many assumptions previously held will be shown to be incorrect. Many idols you have had will fall. Many practices you cling to will be shown to be incompatible with the new energy and the new ways of cultural accommodation.

The time for Jupiter is near. It is an event on a grander scale than you imagine on Earth, and its ignition will trigger changes that affect the whole solar system and the part of the Universe of Nebadon that Earth is situated in. It is not just for the benefit of Earth’s inhabitants, although you will be the important recipients of much of its new energy and information. Yes, I say information because ideas and concepts are nothing but energy that is received and transformed into physical chemistry and manifested reality. The Jupiter ignition will transform much that you think and accept. This will be like a physical wave of energy that is coming through the Universe and washing over Earth to clean the debris you have created in your three-dimensional limitations.

The date is not set because it is dependent on Jupiter’s readiness to move into its next phase. But the time is now and we are paused waiting for this to manifest. It is very similar to someone on Earth having to make a difficult decision. The determination is postponed until the last possible second to avoid the imagined consequences. Jupiter, or the spirit manifested as Jupiter, understands the benefits of this transformation but remains hesitant to take the step. Continuing this metaphor, we can say that encouragement and the additional sustenance of extra energy are convincing the planet’s spirit to assume a new form that suits the new galactic scenario.

I can also speak more scientifically in your terms. The energy that triggers the ignition comes from outside the planet’s gaseous physical form. The amount necessary has been supplied and the process of connecting all the interior linkages is proceeding exponentially. Think of a string of atoms lining up and sending their combined energy at a specific target that will explode when too much energy is provided for its physical structure. The structure becomes a new structure as it transforms its existing reality to suit the new one. Creation results from an idea connecting with energy that connects with other existing energy to produce a new combination of energy aggregates with a different purpose and different configuration. All conditions must be right. The ingredients, so to speak, must be all assembled and ready to be mixed before this transformation can take place.

Jupiter is measuring everything involved and is proceeding, but I must remind you the planet is not following your scheduled calendar expectations because this means nothing to him. You have conditioned responses to dates and time frames that have been taught to you as important to follow. Who has taught you? Who is concerned with your following their determinations? Time is infinite. How does one or two days delay affect the ongoing movement of the Universe? It only serves to provide a new set of paradigms for you to consider and judge your behavior within. Your behavior is primary, not someone else’s determination of your schedule. Are you satisfied with what you are giving yourself? Are you comfortable with how much you are following your own path? Fulfilling your life purpose is what your goal should be. It is most complete and fulfilled when you are most in alignment with the purpose of Christ Michael and the plan for his Universe of Nebadon. Are you constantly asking if your decisions serve this greater purpose? Are you discerning in your choices? I ask this with the awareness that any choice or decision you make is unjudged by us once it is made. It only provides a new context for you to examine your individual goals and purpose. You are the judge and you must decide if your choice fits your greater picture.

I ask these things because I will be repeating these questions when I am on Earth as your Planetary Prince. I will determine ultimately what suits the plans of Christ Michael. Monjoronson and his mission are judging the actions that are ongoing now in assessing and evaluating the steps you have taken to bring you to this point of shifting to a higher level of awareness and unity with an ascending Universe. They have final say in deciding how this level of dimensional activity has manifested itself within the larger picture of reconnection with the Creative Source.

It is your decision whether or not to resonate with these words. They are transcriptions of my thoughts into language that is a form of expression you can understand at this point. My purpose is the idea that has triggered this expression. Your comprehension is the tool that connects you with me and allows us to continue this dialogue on our own level.

I speak to you with joy and wonder this holiday season. Let my energy and presence come to you and remind you always of your link with me and your Creator Father.

Esu, Planetary Prince of Urantia and Sananda with Christ Michael

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