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Jupiter and Updates Mar 2010

Earthbridge Newsletter
News of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace on Earth, and Ascension
Issue 66 - March, 2010 (Second)
Highlights of this issue
* Jupiter unveiling and other programs proceed as scheduled. The new sun’s visibility and recognition will trigger public questions.
* Some of the Illuminati “middle managers” have agreed to spill the beans on their superiors.
* Earth changes cannot be stopped, but attemps are being made to control them. There is a possibility of greater planetary wobble around its axis.
* Deaths caused by Orca whales are attributed to their stress through captivity and mis-treatment.
* David S333 confirms mistreatment, abuse, and murder of children around the world. The perpetrators will be named in disclosure broadcasts from Starfleet ships.
* With the change in energies, more people should be capable of receiving telepathic communication.
          Editorial;  Vince;  Dianne Robbins;  Evelyn Kummerle,  Leonette;  Peter;  Joyce;  John;  Jess Anthony;  Lucia
This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free.
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This is really an interim newsletter, just to let you know that everything is on track. Sun Jupiter has cleared the larger Sun but has not been physically seen due to the large corona around the Sun, which is also much brighter due to hydrogen conversion to helium. I have to use three pair of sunglasses to view the outline, can’t find my welding goggles! Jupiter is under the Sun at sunrise, and at the top edge of the Sun at sunset. It has been photographed, and is clearly seen in NASA satellite (raw) LASCO C3 images.
Speaking of NASA, here is their classic answer on January 27, 2010, to a question involving the planet-size UFOs seen near the Sun on NASA images around January 21:
Q. Wondering what those odd sphere-like features are in recent STEREO EUVI images?
A. We have investigated, and determined that these are artifacts caused by an interaction between the high compression factors used for the beacon data, and cosmic ray events on the detector. Our discussion of image artifacts has been updated to include this phenomenon. Another factor which has contributed to this issue has been the recent delay in receiving the full resolution images from the spacecraft. This was caused by a server problem at the Deep Space Network, and has now been resolved. [In other words, "We won't let these images slip through again!"]
As a reminder, here is what Stasis is all about, according to David S333 through Vince on March 14, 2010:
The major geophysical and weather events around your planet are hardwired into the system, and cannot be stopped. They will be frightening for many people, and they will be seen on Earth in your reality very soon. Your peoples of the world will have to know that your societies have sunk to the very depths of depravity, and that all negative energy is to be swept away.
For those who are not passing away from your reality during these major global events, your salvation will be through the Stasis process. This is when, at the appropriate moment, all living things are ‘frozen in time' whilst the mess around them is cleared up. Stasis will endure for a number of your years, but you will not be conscious during this time, and you will not age either. When you are switched on again, you will not be aware of the passage of time and will still be living in the moment. But things will be different.
Everyone has chosen their future reality but not normally at the conscious level. Some have chosen by not choosing, others have chosen a future path, because based on their depravity or lack of spiritual knowledge, they were left with no other choice. Then there is the minority who are of the appropriate spiritual level, and who are to stay with Earth in her upgraded form and will build a new civilisation from the ground up, and they are the chosen ones. These are the Dear Ones who will Inherit the Earth.
For the remainder, but not those who are going to be uncreated, they will have the novelty of being awoken from their time in Stasis on other planets, where they too will have the challenge of building their future reality from the bottom up; but it will not be as pleasant as the New Earth which they have excluded themselves from.
There are the Bigwigs of the Illuminati; or the Dark Elite as we call them, who have come to the end of their tenure both on Earth, and of their own existence. They have been so evil that uncreation is the only possibility left for most of them as they refuse to give up their dark practices, even in the face of defeat by the forces of the Light. They have millions of captains, lieutenants and foot-soldiers who have taken their money and lived a very comfortable life at the expense of ordinary people, who have been robbed blind and tricked out of their assets at every turn. Even now further robbery is being planned in the form of new taxes and financial scams.
Time's up Boys and Girls; your Illuminati Chiefs can't save you from the inevitable, and if you don't give it up now, and inform on them, so that ordinary people can hear your confessions, then your future is very bleak indeed. And don't think you are going to get away with a Scorched Earth policy either; for if this is introduced, you will be thwarted very quickly indeed. The ordinary people of Earth asked for change, and they are going to get it, and it isn't the kind of change the Illuminati Dark Brotherhood had planned. Your secret handshakes won't help you now brothers and sisters.
Just watch the skies, listen to the Earth rumbling and you will know that life for all of you on Earth will never be the same again, and God is your only salvation. He can be found within you; but not necessarily in a Church, Temple, Synagogue or Mosque, for many of these places are run by the Dark Ones who wanted to control you. (This is not an attack on the great religions of your world, but a statement of truth relating to how certain aspects of your reality have been designed to control you, and the forthcoming presentations will clearly show you the evidence of this.) Soon there will be presentations on your TV and radio sets, where every aspect of this vile control of you will be explained in all its detail, and most ordinary people will be surprised and disgusted as to what's been done to them, and the majority regarded this as their ‘normal' way of life. You won't have long to wait now. (End)
So, good fortune to everyone, as “soon” is cosmically reduced.
Tony Wicks     March 22, 2010
STOP PRESS: March 23, 2010
CM has suggested they may leave the Jupiter sun showing until Easter! And then, perhaps not!
Galactic and World News (Edited)
(February 24, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (The Military and Your Tax Dollars, Pounds and Euros)

Dear Ones, have you ever heard about a military project costing more than originally quoted? Some projects overrun to 3, 4 or many more times than the original estimate and the budgeted amount. Then some lame government spokesman goes on TV, but only if he HAS to, and explains the cost overruns away by technical difficulties, or some other excuse. Now, when new concepts are being developed, costing the outcome is a difficult business, and so you may expect a certain amount of cost escalation.
But let me explain what happens, from an overview of our perspective. As an individual taxpayer, you are a money train unit, and expected to have deep pockets; boy, are you going to need them! The Military, Industrial, Political and Government Administration areas of most industrialised countries in the world, are a nice cosy club. So, the military decide they want some new equipment, the admin and tied politicians are told, and the admins invite tenders from the industrials.
Good you may think, what's dark about that? Ah, that's just the surface veneer! No two cases are identical, but very often the military know whose equipment they want to buy, so that's fixed from the start; they also know what the want that equipment to do, and that's fixed from the start. Some of the politicians may know a little about the specification, for their Dark Elite handlers will have told them just enough. The admins know it's a fixed deal, and as the fixed industrial company has the lowest tender price (surprise, surprise) the admins/politicos award them the contract.
Some of these contracts drag on for years, so it's no surprise when the media announce that a certain missile contract will cost 8 times more than the tendered price 10 years ago. That's when the politicians come into their own and lie through their teeth to the legislature and the media. Everyone knew it could never be done at the tendered price; the specification left some of the detail out. But more importantly they knew that however much it cost, YOU the taxpayer were going to pay.
Why do you think your country is packed with immigrants from poorer countries? Perhaps it's about giving them a chance to earn money? What, at the expense of your own workers jobs? All right then, it's so we have a multi-cultural society. Pull the other leg! Is it Cheap Labour then?
OK, cheap labour is a by-product of the main reason, which is; the more people there are, the more tax they pay. Even with those who don't pay income tax for whatever reason, they all have to purchase things to live, so on many of them there is one form of tax or another. Tax, Tax, Tax; it's there at every turn, and your rulers of the Dark Elite milk it for all it's worth.
Those rockets used to murder innocent civilians in the various conflicts going on in the world, have been paid for by you. Not only that; but everybody in the procurement chain had their percentage directly or indirectly. Once the Taliban are exterminated, the drug crops in Afghanistan will be fully owned by the West, and the end product will end up in bodies in your street. Cut the Taliban out; and production and profits get upscaled, and your environment gets downscaled.
The Dark Ones only care about how much money they can extort from you, and how they can tread your face into the mud as they run to the paying-in desk at their banks. And so it is..... (
(February 28, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (Disinformation from the Dark Ones)
My dear ones, when your Spiritual Gas Tank is running on empty, what do you do? Lie, of course! Faced with truth from the Spiritual Hierarchy being posted on AbundantHope and other websites, what can the Dark Elite do? Well, they can't get information from us, can they, as they've chosen the path of Evil?
Not only that, but as the new level of spiritual energy is beamed into Earth, everything is changing. Forget what was, that's gone, it won't be coming back and the dark ones can't do a thing about it. Sure, they can try and break the Euro currency, and plunge southern European countries into economic collapse, for that's all they understand, destruction! They make sure drugs are peddled on the streets of YOUR town, and pay their cronies millions of dollars for doing their bidding, and you the customer and taxpayer pick up the tab.
They are morally and spiritually bankrupt; and soon to be financially bankrupt. Yes, they've still got paper money, but that isn't backed by precious metal, it's fiat money and has no real value.
Watch what's going on with planet Earth, there have been two more earthquakes today, Chile and Japan, and do you know what, this is just the beginning of profound changes to your world. However much the dark websites try and cover up and deny what is plain for all to see, just wait and watch, and you are going to witness many more major geological events worldwide, and then you'll know who's telling the truth.
One day, you will see two suns in your sky, the usual one, and another baby sun. Now, I know many of you will say this is rubbish, and that's perfectly understandable, but just you make a mental note of what I've said, then when it happens, you'll understand that the Divine Decree is in operation as we promised.
All the dark ones can offer you is death and destruction, financial turmoil and false flag terrorism, lies and fixed elections, joblessness, financial slavery and worse. They should do themselves a favour and throw in the towel now, before they do themselves any more harm. Our Creator is merciful and even now at this late stage is prepared to welcome his wayward sons and daughters home to safety, and help get them back on a spiritual path.
I say to them now, please take up this offer, as it is in your best long term interests. Don't be foolish and prolong this idiocy any longer, you can't win anyway.
Just listen to the Earth, and watch the sky, that's where you'll learn the truth of this message. And so it is.....
(February 27, 2010) EARTH’S CETACEANS THROUGH DIANNE ROBBINS: (Cetacean Captivity Leads to Insanity)
Eve: Dianne Robbins has a special loving connection to the cetacaens. Here is my request to Dianne and her reply.
Dear Dianne, a whale protection organisation (WDCS) reported that a trainer was killed by an "attack" of the male Orca whale Tilikum at SeaWorld Florida. They report another Orca at Tenerife (Loro park) had killed his trainer several weeks ago. If you feel inspired to contact the whales and to publish it, please give me a note, maybe the whales want to give a message. Hugs, Eve.
This is now what Dianne was told:
Dearest friend of ours,
We are the whales, and thank you for tuning into us. Yes, two trainers were killed at Sea World, due to the stresses and mis-treatment of Tilikum and the other whale kept in captivity against their will. We whales need to be out in the oceans, swimming freely, and not penned up in the heat and noise of an aquarium. There is only so much that we can tolerate before we lose our senses and attack those who work with us. It is a form of delirium that sets in, after so many long years of incarceration in small, warm pools devoid of the lifeforce of the oceans. Oh, how we yearn for our freedom for all of our kind that are being held against their will.
Yes, some of us do volunteer for this, but for the most part, we are just taken without our consent and used as slaves to make money for the park owners, who have no sense of kinship or remorse for taking our lives against our will. They just use us to rake in the money for their own selfish desires of exploitation.
We are helpless in this regard, since we can't speak their language and they are too dense to hear our thoughts. So we just languish here in pools that are too small for our huge bodies, and in the pain of separation from our loved ones and the ocean, we lash out in our misery of being dis-connected from our families and being mis-treated by our trainers in their ignorance of our primal needs.
We are treated like animals in a caged pen... and we are not that. We are greatly evolved beings of great capacities to heal those who come to us, when we out in the oceans. This is our role, to heal humans in need, and to balance the bio-sphere. But we cannot do this from a caged-up pen on land, so we are frustrated, alone, and devoid of the life-force of our ocean home. We lose our consciousness and our senses and revert to struggling for "a breath of fresh ocean air" that is not in our reach. We lose "our mind" due to our capitivity.
So please understand that this is not our natural behaviour, and that we, who are free in the oceans, are friendly and playful and very aware and careful of our behaviour when humans are near us, and we seek the companionship of humans who are in the oceans.
We thank you for connecting to us today. We send you sprays of ocean water to soothe your skin as you sit at your computer on dry land. We sing our praises to you...
The One Group Mind of Earth's Cetaceans (
(March 1, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (Question on OITC)
Victor of AHS (AbundantHope Supporters group) wrote to Vince with a request.
Hi Vince, this came into my mind. Can you put the question to David about the OITC from his perspective to supplement Jess' piece? This would give more validity of OITC from the divine realms to the readers at AH.
I originally asked Jess to ask St Germain with the intention of complementing an article given to me from the OITC envoy which was posted to the AH site
This is just a thought that you may want to entertain. Your thoughts and comments are welcome. Regards, Victor.
Vince: So, I linked in with David and got the message shown below.
There are people on Earth who, no matter how many times the truth is given out from spiritual realms, deny it. Thus they are part of the disease and not part of the cure. There are others who have been so brainwashed by those who have created your ‘daily reality', that if the truth appeared before them as a Hollywood movie, complete with orchestral score and plenty of loud drum beats, they would simply refuse to believe it.
And so I say that the Spiritual Hierarchy have a financial plan for use as exchange, in a similar way to how money was before the Illuminati of your reality devalued your currencies and issued paper fiat money with no intrinsic value. This new financial system will be used after reformation of your planetary reality, and used temporarily so that those people remaining on Earth will have a familiar way of purchasing things and carrying out financial transactions.
Even though I use the word ‘temporary', it could take many hundreds of years or much longer for your new society to grow spiritually, to the levels required to operate a society where money is of absolutely no use. So, in the run up to that, we will install a system of monetary exchange backed by precious assets.
Much of those precious assets on Earth are currently under the guardianship of an organisation known as the Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and that's all you need to know.
I have no doubt that a [high] percentage of people reading these words will not believe them. Then there will be from others the ‘how' ‘what' ‘why' ‘when' questions which inevitably follow anything on which statements are made. There have been many previous statements made on all manner of different aspects of the divine funds, and how they are controlled, as well as the part that the OITC plays in it, but we do not wish to comment any further on that.
What you have to understand about your current position is that quite soon your world is going to change in a big way, and after these changes are completed, the new financial system will be fully introduced, whether you believe any of these words or not. It serves no purpose for the Spiritual Hierarchy or our personnel on Earth to keep going over these points again and again, when quite frankly there are bigger issues to address connected to the successful outcome of these changes, and the removal of your Dark Elite controllers. And so it is......
(March 2, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (Choose Your Future - Light or Dark?)

Well my Friends, Christ Michael has spoken, and you would be wise to pay heed to his words. Your planet and your very reality is about to change in the biggest way you could struggle to imagine, and you still have time to consider all of your options, before the point of no return. This applies to every one of you living on Earth, whether you are of the Light, of the Dark, or caught somewhere between the two.
The Dark Ones have the huge challenge of deciding whether they will defect and join with those of the Light, and the increasing evidence which will be there for all to see in the coming days, should help them make up their minds. But do it quickly my dear ones, for once the window of opportunity opens, it will not be for long.
To those caught between the Dark and the Light, what's your problem? Step across the line into the Light, it's your only salvation. The Dark Ones can offer you nothing but lies and turmoil; darkness and evil; and as you will see increasingly in the coming days, what little of their dark power remains, it is fast becoming a spent force.
My friends of the Light, will you not walk upon the path of lightness and love, peace, and glory? But first, there will be much work to do. When stasis is over and you are placed where you have chosen to be, there is much work to do, for we must build on our success a reality of the Light in which to grow spiritually, now that the darkness has been cast away; after so much of the negative energy has been spent on so much unrewarding toil, by those fools who sought to introduce their ‘New World Order' based on evil and greed.
Now is the time to make your plans, to tell those around you how much you love them, and to obtain the maximum enjoyment from all the positive aspects of life. Live every day as if it was your last day, but in saying that I do not mean there should be a party of substance and sexual abuse, with loud music. I mean just extract every ounce of the essence of happiness and joy from every positive action that you are involved with, for once the changes to your reality take place, it will be your last days that you will remember the most.
For those people who want to know when these changes are happening, according to your calendar I say be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day, but Herculaneum was destroyed in a very short time. In modern times there has been nothing of the magnitude required for the coming changes to take place, that has happened, and so you have no conception of what is involved.
It is already happening, earthquakes and tsunamis have happened and there will be more to come, and freak weather events too. Then there will be your new second sun appearing in your skies, and I don't quite know how your TV and newspapers run by the Dark Ones will explain that away. Once you've seen that, you'll know there's no going back.
Think not in terms of days or weeks, but just know that your second sun is confirmation of this ‘Something Big' event and that your lives will change forever. Then you can decide for yourselves how good or bad you wish your future to be. Light is Good, Dark is Bad. That is the crux of the matter for everyone, choose your own future, but do it quickly, is my advice. And so it is...
(February 15, posted March 2, 2010) ESU THROUGH EVELYN KUMMERLE:
Letter to the Planetary Civilisation, especially the Matrix Farmers and the Industry around Farming. (Please pass on.)

Hi everyone, this is Esu Kumara speaking. For those who do not know me yet, I'm your planetary housekeeper and the one who assisted Christ back in the time of 2000 years ago, and now we are back, as promised. Some among you have already realised that something's going on. There are great changes upon you, and the changes of the plantary sort demand changes of the human understanding and behaviour. A lot has been said about the planetary changes, but it's high time to speak straight on things which must be transformed in your view of the things, or should I say, in your awareness.
I hope that this message will reach some people who are not yet readers of AbundantHope, mainly, today, the farmers, who naturally do not have much time to explore and do research on the Internet, as they - especially in the European Union - have to deal with such immense bureaucracy that they can hardly even find the time to put the seed into the soil. Well, right now many lands are under snow, so maybe I've got a chance to reach some of them.
The nature and aim of farming is to feed mankind. Originally, farming worked with a deep connection between the farmers and Mother Earth. Now look what farming has become. In fall (autumn) you visit the churches to celebrate thanksgiving, but what you get from Earth is forced from the Earth, by bigger and bigger machines, artificial fertilisers, and genetic engineering. And then, next question: What do you do with all the food you forced Mother Earth to give you?
You dark ones managing the economy:
We are not blind to scenes which show grain is wasted or gets rotton. You dark ones manipulate the markets by decisions to hold back products, in order to generate a lack, or to get prices up. You don't pay the milk farmers adequately, export the milk to China and import from China again milk powder which is contaminated. For the milk sold at "home" you screw up the prices, and you keep the money instead of paying it to the farmers. You force the farmers to feed genetic engineered food to the cows, to implement diseases into them. How sick is this? You send potatoes from Germany to Italy for peeling and then back again to Germany, over hundreds of road miles, to finally just have the physical shape of a potato without any more valuable content.
We are not blind to still see people starving on this planet, while others live in more than abundance. We are not blind to see the planetary overload of 7 billions, and your poisoning the soil with chemistry for the reason that you state you had to feed 7 billions, but you the dark ones never intend to feed 7 billions. And you DO NOT FEED the 7 billions. Or how will you explain the many starving people? You even occupy soil to grow plants for organic add-ons to fuel, while there are still people starving. Furthermore you take money intended for supporting the poor regions just to buy weapons and to build military bases and airports.
When these specialists at the bases - the farmers and manifesters of the matrix farming agenda - are being asked why they do this, they always have good reasons to act like this. They state they would get financial rewards e.g. by the EU or thugs like Monsanto or Syngenta if they did so, and they had a family to feed, and so they are making themselves to be the slaves of the matrix, and they justify it by stating they had no choice if they wanted to survive.
I'll give you something to ponder about. The matrix does not reward good slaves. There is no welfare program for good slaves. Also slaves are likely to receive damage by the matrix mismanagement, but when they demand a balancing funding, guess what happens? No balance, no rewards. What does the matrix do with a slave who cannot - for any reason - be a good slave any more? Right, it eliminates the slave. This is how the matrix works.
So, then, under these circumstances, what reason would you have to be a good slave? Are you willing to work without salary until you break down just to find yourself in the garbage tray, in some hospital with faked healing [to put] you finally to death??
Now, I'll tell you something else. How about the few handful of organic farmers, who still do have a deep connection to Mother Earth, who reject to becoming the slaves of the system, who also have families and kids, but who have found a way for themselves which can be walked without without bowing and bending to a destructive system?
Many of them send their kids to special alternative schools, and they are paying for this priviledge, rather than paying for a TV or the latest expensive units from media sector. They sell their products without many contracts or guarantees of big distributors, locally, depending on a few aware people to buy them. Instead of claiming not to have a choice they look for another path and simply walk it! They are setting priorities of sustainability, independancy and responsibility. They are teaching their children love for Mother Earth, they still know the bliss of touching the sunny warm soil with their hands, they still know the names of the flowers and birds, while others just can remember the names of artificial fertilisers.
We see that not everybody was born to be a pioneer or visionary. But you might start now to go thinking and using your brain.
If you want to remain on this planet, you must CHANGE YOUR MIND. It's an absolute NO GO to plant "material" for fuels while your fellows starve on the other side of your planet, or while others cannot afford natural food. Mother Earth does not wish to be depleted and poisoned, and especially not for greedy purposes and lies. As you have more than you need, why don't you have gift depots at your airports to ship bulk into poor countries for support? It works when a tsunami has happened, so why not in general?
I see, you state that the greedy NWO people block that. Well. The greedy NWO people will furthermore not be here any longer. What will hinder you then? You will have nice technologies developed, you will be able to green the deserts. Food can be grown locally everywhere, and for the remaining part of the 7 billion there will be no need to live at places where farming becomes a fight against nature.
If you want to remain on this planet you must re-explore your connection to her, to the gratefulness of being nurtured by her, and you must re-explore what it truly means to "love your next ones as yourselves" - not just while being in church, but always. You must re-explore your connection to the spirit in the plants and animals who are sharing the planet with you.
If you want to remain on this planet you must be prepared to learn new points of view, to see the connection of all that is, instead of making war to the nature by using "Roundup" and other poisons destroying life and forcing the soil to deliver whatever you want.
Most farming grounds you use now are badly poisoned and need a break. Even the seed you use is poisoned, by implementation of genetic engineering and it contaminates the soil further. Looking over the period of the coming decades we announced that land masses will come up again from the oceans, and you will not be allowed to contaminate them.
Furthermore, you will be given "clean" seeds after the big change, but you will not be allowed to put this seed into a soil which is still poisoned. You will also not be allowed to use these big ploughs which go so deeply and violently into the soil and do harm to the land. At first, you will again do a lot by the simple work of your hands, and it will serve your health. Small local farming communities will support the bond between the people, and also the teaching, while working together is happening. You will probably have less, but healthier and more nurturing food and you will discover again the effect of love being put in the work of your hands. And after you will have explored this, the celebration of Thanksgiving will show up in a different light to you, and finally you will make every day a thanksgiving day.
Your plastic days of one way packaging and fast food will be over. The fast food of the future will be plucking a berry from a plant with a thank you.
Many of the modern farmers do not realise any more the birds singing in the morning, as their tractor diesel-engine is too noisy. As well they don't smell the soil any more, due to the exhaust gas of their machines and due to the smell of the poison they spray onto the ground to fight the weeds.
So, you will hear the birds singing again, and you will smell the soil again. You will again know how the soil feels and you will again explore your gratefulness to all the small animals doing their work underground, to the suns and rain and the protective firmament, to the heart beat of Mother Earth. You can still decide to being supportive in the big change. The train has not yet left the station, but the signals are starting to move showing green light to go. Still your choice pro sustainability. You will teach your children love, teach them again how to sing a song with Mother Earth and you will raise your voices to the heavens.
I would think twice if I were you, before I'd let this chance go. All you need is your willingness to change and to explore new ways of farming in the future starting NOW!
Still waiting for you, this is Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia. (
(March 3, 2010) POEM BY THOTH THROUGH LEONETTE: (The Corridors of Time)
As I stand in the corridors of time, Peering through ancient mists, At moments so fleeting and sublime, Within all eternity that exist, A homecoming like no other, For the many who sojourned here, Inspired by a need to succor, The many imprisoned in fear.
And to those who will not hear, The whispers of faint echoes. That waft in the heavy air, Of pain, tears and sorrows. And to those who will not dare, To raise their eyes from under, Empty nothings at which they stare, While the world is rent asunder.
And to those who oft abuse, Mine teachings in their mysteries, To deceive, hurt and confuse, And keep the weak in misery. And to those who think they know, And to those who plot and plan, Of their riches they will stow, That which they stole from Man.
To believe that they alone, Could be above reproach, Nor need they have to atone, For which they have encroached. Look Ye Man upon your folly, Look Ye good and hard, At that which you have easily, Tended to disregard.
It is not for me to remind you, The facts are all around, For you to ponder and muse, Upon that which you did wrong. But now the time is up, No longer do you have, The whatsoever to stop, The change that is at hand.
And now as you look about, And around you for the last, You look to find a way out, From misgivings of your past. Know ye there is a penalty, Know ye that there is a cost, But forgiveness has the ability, To render nothing lost.
You have a blessed sanctuary, You have a trusting ear, Supplicate in humility, The time of no time is near. The Creator is ever listening, For the hark and cry of all, To bestow his grace and blessings, On those who survive the Fall.
Be not deceiving in your desire, To grow the God Light within, So receive the Holy Fire, To purge you from your sins. If you are not accepting, Of this wondrous gift of love, Then nothingness is awaiting, Your Be-ing becomes no more.
Take heed my fallen brethren, Your fate is in your hands, Soon no one to you will hearken, When the time of no time stands. For I stood in corridors of time, And peered through ancient mists, At Brethren, fleeting and sublime, Who denied all eternity exist,
A homecoming like no other, Wished for all who sojourned here, But many forgot their purpose, Became prisoners of their fear. Their brethren they sought to trample, In order to survive, Surely this is an example, To ensure one's own demise.
I learned all this by standing In the corridors of time, Peering through ancient mists a-swirling, At Brethren fleeting and sublime.
[Eat your heart out Shakespeare/St Germain]
(March 3, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (Cola, Burgers, and Sport - A Dark Agenda)
Dear Ones, a correspondent has asked for my comments on your big sporting events, and how they entrap the minds of people in your popular cultures. It is important to address this issue, because it goes to the root of some of your main problems associated with the general lack of spirituality on your planet.
Distraction of the masses has been going on for a long time, and it allows your rulers, the Dark Elite, to control many aspects of your lives, while furthering their own agenda of gaining ever more control over you, as you aren't looking.
Sport as such, is a joyful and healthy mainly outdoor activity, which at a certain level, has been turned from a friendly community activity which helps to bond yourselves with your fellow beings, into a hypnotic distraction of major proportions.
If we look at the major events across the globe today, we see many of them sponsored by the major corporations, who sell you health damaging junk food, take your money and give exceptionally large donations to support these distractions such as national, international and Olympic competitions. The average sports fan will see nothing wrong in this, and will spend much of their week feasting on a televisual buffet of sporting events and attending stadia for that hypnotic pastime of supporting their team.
Behind the scenes, the Dark Elite have taken over your reality and turned you into financial slaves to their valueless fiat money system, and they were allowed to get away with that because most of you looked the other way. Even now, people just don't ‘get it', that whereas they think they live in free democratic societies, the truth is quite the opposite.
You are not free, because they own the system. So many of you worship at the temple of money, and you need this paper, debased metal coinage, and figures on computer screens, to go about your daily business.
Then when the financial climate suits the Dark Ones, they engineer an economic collapse or a recession, which ruins people, and snatches assets away from them, which go to the Dark Ones. That's all part of their economic cycle which is based on power, greed, and lies. When they have obtained these assets, either freely or two cents on the dollar, they pay their line-chiefs massive bonuses as a reward, and there has been much of this in the banking world recently.
In sport, and particularly with games played on fields, pitches and courts, the same is true; where players are given vast sums of money, often bringing their clubs close to bankruptcy in recessional times. When that happens, there is always another Dark One there to pick up the pieces for two cents on the dollar.
When there are major global sporting events like the Olympics, the sheer cost of this festival, keeps nations in debt to the Dark Elite Bankers for decades, thus keeping peoples in check, through additional taxation on the population, on top of the already high taxation burden the ordinary citizen has to carry. They make money whatever.
When these major events take place, it is always worth digging around behind the scenes to see what activities the so-called Illuminati are up to, for make no mistake these events mask massive wrongdoings while you are looking the other way. The majority of these are secret, but they are done by people, and as the Senior Dark Elite never get their fingers dirty, ordinary people get sucked into their schemes, often without realising they are fraudulent and evil; and once in, they can't easily get out.
Yet it is these very people who can help to finish off the Dark Ones, by telling their story to the people, and how they were forced into doing some very dark deeds, from low level fraudulent activities and thuggery, right up to murder and genocide. It is these people I wish to reach, and I invite them to come aboard the Starfleet Craft when they appear, and we will take them and their families to safety, and invite them to explain to people what they were made to do and why.
Many of these tales are tragic, where people have arrived at difficult places in their lives, and the people they turned to for help gave them money and other help, but extracted payback from them which effectively ruined their lives. It is these stories we wish to show with the deepest of compassion, to the population; so that everyone can see at last what great evil has been done to you all.
Then the Dark Elite captains and commanders will be held to account by the Spiritual Hierarchy under Divine Law, whilst those who informed on them are welcomed back into the fold of Divine Light and Love.
To our potential informants we say you should ask within you for your guide to listen to you, and express your desire to give your account of what you did for the Dark Ones, and we will ensure that you are contacted to rescue you and your family and loved ones who may be in mortal peril. Don't worry if you don't believe in guides who are invisible to you; just summon up the courage to ask and go through with the plan, and we will do the rest; and we thank you for reading and considering our request. And so it is....
(March 4, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (The Mistreatment, Abuse, and Murder of Children)
Dear Ones, does anyone really consider the children of your world and how many of them are mistreated?
In the so-called 3rd World Countries which are grossly under-developed due to Illuminati dark policies, children are starving, unhappy and dying. In the so-called Developed Countries of the world, some children are fed, happy, and vibrant; and yet there are still those who are starving, unhappy and dying, and all of these are due to Illuminati policies.
Children are the future of mankind, and yet there are so many who are very badly treated. Many of these children are Indigo and Star Seed children, who have the special abilities to rise to the challenge of creating your new reality, after the darkness is removed from your planet, and yet some of you are still mistreating them.
Even where they have enough food, shelter and education, some of them are being crammed with useless knowledge about money, greed and power; to turn them into the brainwashed and amoral functionaries required as Illuminati foot soldiers of the darkness who will be required to run your misguided society.
Some are ritually abused and murdered in the evil rites of passage of the Dark Ones, and would it surprise you to know that there are very well known people who regularly appear on TV and in your newspapers, who have, and continue to, ritually abuse and murder children to suit their vile tastes? They know who they are; and so do we!!! Their exposure draws ever nearer, and the population at large will be very surprised at what these people have done; and they will be horrified as well; for as these exposures are released, the detail will be harrowing for normal people to watch and understand what has gone on.
Many more well known personalities will be exposed and these will be surprising to most people. It isn't happening in just one or two countries either, but in countries right around the world. Some of you who think you live in a civilised country are going to have to readjust your views after you've seen the truth about Ritual Child Abuse and Murder, and you won't be pleased.
You will see politicians, statesmen, sports stars, entertainment personalities, religious leaders, businessmen, intelligence agency personnel, service personnel, and people who come from many other walks of life, who have been involved in ceremonies where children have been abused and sacrificed in their evil rituals.
This is one of the methods used to recruit people onto the teams who work for the Dark Elite, and they are threatened with public exposure of what they have done. Of course, almost to a man (and woman), they do what they are requested to do, for they cannot face the shame, and some of them who can't live with the shame of exposure, or continue to do the Illuminati's bidding; commit suicide, as they see no alternative. Well, now there is another option available; for you may turn to the Spiritual Hierarchy and source of Light for help.
Christ Michael, of the Spiritual Hierarchy; who is responsible for this planet of yours, and the universe in which it is, wants you to come home to his family of Love and Light. He understands how you were tricked into your misdeeds, and how you are trapped. So in return for safe passage for you and your family, if you will tell your story to the TV cameras which will be broadcast to the world at large, you may finally free yourself from the clutches of the Dark Ones. This is a special one-time offer, and it has a short shelf-life, so it's in your interests to accept the deal sometime soon. People will understand how you were tricked, and they will have sympathy for you, but not for your Dark Masters.
If you are so minded to repent, then make your wishes to accept known to your guides within, even if you do not believe they exist, and we will do the rest. If you like, this can be in the form of a prayer to God; that you tell your story in return for your rescue and rehabilitation in a safe environment, for you and your family, and then arrangements will be made for you to come in from the cold.
But please, if you are going to do it, do it quickly. And so it is.....
(March 4, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (Satanic Tunes, Sex on the Beach, and More)
Dear Ones, do you realise that when that catchy tune you heard on the radio is being replayed in your head, the chances are that it may be satanic in origin. Do you actually know what the words mean, as they are often packaged like a kind of musical poetry; and tied in to the music.
But surely this can't be right; I hear some of you ask? Well, let me explain.
The Illuminati, or Dark Ones as I call them; have been importing and selling illegal narcotics in your societies for a very long time, and their supporters also make and sell alcoholic drinks. The music industry is imbedded with drug, alcohol and sex addiction, and these are the usual tools used to enslave operatives and lieutenants into carrying out their will.
Recording contracts and show bookings are very tightly controlled, and so if a musician or group want to get on and become famous, they are in many cases required to do a favour for the Dark Ones. Especially if they don't write their own material, they are open to perverted and repetitive words and music. Drug related, thuggish and perverted sexual messages are quite common, and are often written and performed with glee by individuals and bands who are distributing satanic dark messages.
These are then distributed around the population who repeat them parrot fashion, and thus further empower these dark anthems. They are very clever and catchy, and are another form of entrapment into the dark controlling matrix which the Illuminati use to enslave you.
Then, there are the package holidays to warm beachside locations around the world, where young adults are persuaded to play sexual and drinking games on the beach in front of the local population, and other people on vacation. Then in the late evenings onwards come the bar crawls and bingeing on alcohol and narcotics, before casual sex with as many people as possible, and different ones each night.
Here again, the Illuminati controllers are the motive power behind the scenes, as they pursue their satanic objectives. It is their intention to remove every shred of human decency through alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling and gradually bring about the destruction of your society by these and other methods.
The saddest thing of all is that many of you treat this as normal behavior. It is so very far from normal as it is possible to be, but suits the Illuminati agenda just fine. They have been working hard at achieving the break-up of your normal lives for a long time now, and it is part of an overall plan to weaken and destroy you by a variety of means, to substantially reduce the world's population.
Western countries are being systematically de-industrialised, and companies are being taken over, asset stripped; workers fired and production moved to cheaper places in the world where workplace slavery is common. Even if they are not actually chained to a workbench, many production facilities in developing countries include a type of very low wage virtual slavery, with ordinary people trapped in a spiral.
Make no mistake, Illuminati policies are ruining your lives and your countries, so these cruel people become ‘paper money rich' and you become ‘real money poor'.
It is the intention of the Spiritual Hierarchy to keep you informed of these dark deeds, as in the near future there will be events all round the world, where you will be shown what they have done to you and your planet. Then we intend to remove them from Earth, and extract their dark pollution; and you will not have to wait very much longer.
If you work in the entertainment, travel, and asset stripping industries, then there are vacancies for people to tell their stories to the world, about how they were made to treat people in this way. If you are trapped by the Dark Ones, and want to get out and live a decent clean life again, we can help you get out safely with your family, by informing on those who made you do it.
To tell your story, ask your guide within, or if you prefer, you can send a prayer to God and let it be known that you want out, and are prepared to tell all, and we will ensure you are contacted in a quiet and unseen way, but don't leave it long. It's a time-limited offer. And so it is.....
(March 6, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (When the Music Stops)
Hello Dear Ones, well, there have been a good number of people come forward to announce they are giving up their dark ways, and want to turn to the Light and inform on their dark controllers. This is very encouraging, even if some of them have decided to leave their actual move right until the last minute, just in case the dark ones win.
This rather grudging support is still very welcome, because we know the outcome of the Light v Dark battle, and that is: the Light side win. You see, THERE CAN BE NO OTHER OUTCOME. Sorry to shout, but this is for the benefit of those who don't understand what is involved.
A Divine Decree is an order which says; ‘This Shall Be' and that means that no other outcome is possible. It isn't something where an Intelligence Agency operative reports back to their chief and tells him opposing forces overwhelmed them, so there will have to be counter measures against those forces. No friends; it means there shall be no other outcome, and is absolute.
So when, and not if, the battle ends quite soon, the music will stop, and you'll have to find yourself a vacant chair; remember that game of Musical Chairs? Now, as an individual looking after your family, you wayward sons of God will want to secure yourselves a deal, I know. But what you've got to ask yourselves is whether there will be an empty chair for you when the music stops? As I said recently, it's the people who come first who will get the best deal, and those at the end may be too late to get a deal at all.
Make sure you complete the process while the music is still playing. When it stops, the game is over and you are out in the cold. It's as simple to understand as that. Leave it a shade too late and the period of grace will be over. Events are moving quickly now, as you will soon see with natural events on Earth, and these are a sign of the advancing process to clear darkness from the planet.
You who are hedging your bets; we know who you are, but don't wait too long to defect as the end times are nearly here. And so it is....
[Peter is a firekeeper of the Lakota tradition. He has been connecting with Sanat Kumara, Solar Logos and father of Esu, for some time, and now his messages are being posted at the AH site. This is the fifth message posted recently.]
Peter: Grandfather, I love you so much, could you speak about our relationship and why you wish to come through me and the importance of that? Thank you.
Grandfather: Aho Peter, this is Grandfather speaking. You're asking about our relationship. Well, you have a grandfather, you have actually two grandfathers. They are both in heaven, you knew them both and you loved them dearly, didn't you? These grandfathers are your real grandfathers, which have been here in a physical form and were part of giving birth to your parents, which again gave birth to you. So everybody has a grandfather, everybody has two grandfathers. Now you met your grandfather long after he passed. You meet him in the place where he passed, symbolically. That is beautiful and you guys were laughing a lot. Now this is how a relationship to a grandfather should be.
Now, I am your universal Grandfather, because in a way I gave birth to your parents, symbolically, I was part of that, as my son was part of Christ Michael on his last bestowal on your Earth. This is why you call me Grandfather and this is how I revealed myself, especially in the native american tradition.
Now remember, we pulled you towards my altar, and so we did your wife. Time was of the essence and you needed to be introduced to the old tradition, the simple life with nature. See, your whole life was your education and you learned skills, important for the correcting time. You are a warrior, perfectly honest, you are my warrior. In these moments we have to work with whoever is available and educated enough to spread the message and to carry the wisdom of the elders of your world. These indigenous people instinctively did lots of things right, while they missed others as they were only humans in the same way your modern society is, nothing more and nothing less.
But, I fell in love with their children-like dealing with the piece of land, piece of creation they were mandated to take care of. They are the holders of discipline as they lost it when they would have most needed it. Your suffering, my friend, is gold worth, and you suffered enough to be of service for the One and First Source. You are balanced enough to carry these messages which are just one more contribution to Michael's teaching mission as there will be people reading these transcripts. Remember, you are not the only one, but I chose you a while ago. I put you through the physical school of one of my grandest warriors and you had no clue what to do, and you did it anyway. It was also me, who brought you together with Monjoronson and Machiventa.
When I let you have read "Global Sustainability" I knew what would happen. You came here for that reason, that was what you were asked, and that was your decision to serve for the highest good. This is so much worth, children - if it's only one, it's better than none, ten are better than nine and a hundred will easy become five-hundred and thousand, hundred-thousand to all. This is how we work, one step at a time, one soul after another. We call you, it is good if you respond and it is good if you don't, for we knew if you would or would not, but still we allow possibilities and surprises, for the future holds things that we don't know. The teaching mission goes on, no matter if you follow, no matter if it fruits or not. This is a mandate beyond your understandability. Know, my dear ones, the good always wins, always.
Now, we are literally sitting up in the stars. How could we reach as many as possible human beings, where you are so important in this endeavour of the Divine Source and Centre, because every little thing you accomplish is counted as an accomplishment in heaven. You are part of the scheme.
Don't you understand that? So we need to reach you, one way or another, and we don't let any path untried. That my friend, is our relationship to you, nothing special, just you responded, and that's all enough for us to work with you and through you. That doesn't make you a better person or a more liked human mortal. But we celebrate each and every soul, hopping onboard the steady trucking train. We really do, as we would with any other soul responding to our call.
Peter, you responded on so many levels. Your whole being was resonating with the call, as you only waited for this to unfold, to present an opportunity to you. That's all, we present, we reach down - you respond and reach up - that's all, friends, that's all.
I, Grandfather, have spoken to many and a small number recognised me. The tradition I stand for is not as mainstream as others, so I am in the extraordinary situation of having a special force created to plow over Mother Earth and all the artificial ideas inhabiting her, to plow a pathway for Jesus to return. As many more souls plow that path the time will be for him to come.
Know, dear ones, you're all part of the same scheme. This one works with words, and talking can be understood by him, since his ears are educated to listen. His naiveté makes it easier for me to come through him. He knows that he knows nothing and that's a foundation worth building on. Take my words through him and don't concern the origin, for it is the words that counts more than the one saying them, and it is the meaning behind those words, which in the end has to be taken in, transformed into ones own reality.
You like established things. Well, all things have to be established at one point in time. Think of that, and it's always your time which seems less important than others, but it is not, because time has no importance. We can't fail and so don't you. Sometimes you just choose to fail and that includes growth possibilities, because only your free will creates the agony to overcome this very will to be able to join with the Father.
So take these messages as they come through whoever they come. Don't kill the messenger, spiritualise the message, suck it up, eat it, drink it, hear it, read it, feel it. How does it resonate with your heart and your indwelling Father Fragment? That should be your only concern. I will speak frequently through him, as he keeps being available, before he goes on with what his mandate asks him to do.
The correcting time needs to work with anybody open for change and this one always saw the necessity of this change of the paradigm, and now, after many years of grooming him gently and holding him back on all the other levels to not intervene with the divine plan and not to risk his life, his energy and his skills for a temporary success, he went through that without much whining and so good things are about to happen to him. He's consequent as a human being can be and he doesn't like being talked about in public for his humbleness is his character. But I speak anyway, since this is a lesson for all of you. Working with us should be the status quo. Nothing special, but we got to start somewhere and we sure didn't start with him, and we won't end with him either.
I am Grandfather. Go now and live and enjoy and be. Aho Mitaque Oyasin.
Peter: Thank you Grandfather.
(February 27 to March 8, 2010) MAITREYA THROUGH JOYCE: (Extracts from a longer piece at AH)
Let us speak of the collective mind, the expansion of the collective mind and your part in this. Do you realise that you both tap and feed the collective mind - constantly? Do you know that your capacity to consciously utilise this has been nearly shut down - compliments of the dark? Well NO MORE. Expect great ideas, expect greater realisation of oneness, expect to be intimately involved in receiving and manifesting these things in your day to day life. Oh how nice you say - yes, it is - challenging too! So none of you will be bored. It is time to start living again as it was meant to be. Strap on your seatbelts, take the steering wheel, and use the divine map that is ALWAYS available to you if you will but listen within. You may think of this as a perfected GPS driven by the collective MIND to navigate you through these moments.
What We Know:
We know that the plan will be realised for Earth and its caretakers.
We know that the light is impossible to stop.
We know that the Sun is ecstatic in his role as your father in this system.
We know that the Mother is anxious in her willingness to move forward as she absorbs and reflects new energy from the father.
We know that there is much to celebrate. It is already done in the higher realms.
We suggest that you face the Sun with closed eyes, raise your palms, and open your mouth widely as a baby bird, and let the Sun shine on the back of your throat for a few minutes each day.

(Chile 8.8 earthquake) Well - now you can expect more and more of this about the ring of fire with unexpected zones being affected as a result of these movements - and so on and so on. California will be one of those areas greatly impacted - as she has gone well past her timing on this. Expect the volcanoes in the upper west to be awakened as well.
People - do you not hear me when I say that change will come whether you are ready or not? You will! Once the many - and we mean MANY changes become evident - you will become a believer. Preparation is key. Do what you can now to align your thinking and your actions with the upper light to ride the waves of these changes. What changes you ask? You already know of some of the portended changes such as earthquakes, and related changes initiating mostly around the Ring of Fire.
But what will catch many unprepared are the weather-related changes. All of this is very far-reaching in its impact on food and travel. Many systems will grind to a halt forcing many to turn within for that centre point of stillness to maintain their balance. Many geographies that thought that they would be unaffected WILL be involved. So, everyone should be preparing by establishing a firm contact with the stillness within. It will be like roller coaster ride (and we know how much you like them, my dear). So fasten your seatbelt, expect to have a bumpy ride, and smile from the inside out knowing that all is well in the divine plan at work. Truth be known, it would be advantageous to the US to be shocked into truth by events coming to the California region. You can expect this sooner than later, as it is already in motion.

Prosperous times ahead! It is clear that I've surprised and confused you with that one. What is meant by "prosperous" is that invaluable truths will come to light, invaluable raising of mental constructs, invaluable realisation of oneness - these are the riches I speak of! These are the things that will fill one's spiritual piggy bank and one's spiritual belly and craving for an unknown satisfaction.
All else leaves you spiritually malnourished - and you know it - but you have not - until this point - been able to break through to experience these truths in a more tangible way. Get ready! I have already started the outflow of this premium quality nourishment for my children. Open up ( saw the open baby bird mouths again) to receive it!
Well what do I do with it when I receive it? - you might well ask. DIGEST IT. Extract the perfect nutrition from it to grow on all levels of your expression. That is what it is for, my children - you will be starved no longer!
THIS WILL END! The peace and turmoil spectrum of duality that has worn workers to the bone - THIS WILL END. It will not happen overnight - but it will end. And a great step forward is happening now to that end. I have NOT forsaken you! Let it NEVER be said or thought that I have forsaken my children as it would be impossible for me to feel their dulled agony and turn away. Intervention is my prerogative - and I shall use it liberally to clean house! Loss of my dear ones to despair is NOT an acceptable loss. Many have been beaten by the system into submission to the point that identity has been questioned, alignment with the light has been questioned, GOD has been questioned - even after a millennium of work in the light. This is unacceptable. I DO extend my hand to you, I DO offer you passage on my ship of souls, I DO NOT FORSAKE MINE OWN. To those that are so war torn, I say that the time is now. Raise your vibration in intent to be with me - and it shall be so.
Think. Think of those times when you have been most vulnerable and low. And now think of those times when you have been most deeply joyful. What has made the difference in your experience? Choice! You choose this. Therefore we say to you to choose the joyous vibration as it is not only a much higher expression - but also serves as a protective shield. How wonderful! Sovereign choice is so different that the day to day free will that you speak of. Choice comes from the consciousness and empowers the lifeform to do what he is meant to do - EXPLORE! EXPERIMENT! ENJOY! There is such abundance that has been closed off to your experience until now. Welcome to this most joyous realm of sovereignty!
John: Christ Michael? I sensed you wished to speak.
CM: Hello John. Thank you for your willingness to communicate in this way once again on this fine morning. Know that in the proverbial blink of an eye we will be able to converse face to face my old friend. Yes, the time draws near.
More photographic evidence will begin to be seen and there will be no question that there are blessings shining down upon your planet, a new star now visible in your skies. The intimate details of our plans will become clear in the days to come. You can rest assured today that transitions are underway, your active role in our scheme begins shortly.
To those of a nefarious sort who continue to straddle the fence, may I suggest that you pause, go within, and make your choices clear. Stand with that which on a daily basis becomes more and more obvious and clearly inevitable: the greater universal power of light and agape love; or, with what you have known up to now, that which continues to disintegrate and fall away before your eyes. I suggest you choose the former. Be the prodigal sons and daughters, I will welcome you home with open arms, but I cannot make this choice for you. Choose wisely, the window of opportunity before you today may not be open tomorrow.
Namaste, Christ Michael.
(March 10, 2010) DAVID S333 THROUGH VINCE: (The Dark Ones and Two Suns)
Hello Dear Ones, in the coming days, look up into the sky and you will see your new second sun, and you won't have seen that before. It's already been photographed, and soon you can view it with the naked eye; and then you will see this great present from the Spiritual Hierarchy. This is the sign that big changes are coming to your reality, and it isn't going to be the same on your planet ever again. That means your ‘normal' life isn't going to be ‘normal' any more, and that will be a very big change indeed.
Faced with this sign of major changes, the Dark ones have decided to play their mind games with the AbundantHope website, and with certain individuals. The stage is set, and the die is cast, and this process of change will happen whatever the Dark ones try to do, as it is a Divine Decree. That means it CANNOT BE STOPPED.
Now, faced with that, wouldn't you have thought they'd try and do something positive, instead of playing these negative games? Well, that's what fear does for you; don't try and get accepted back into the fold, just saw off the branch you're perched on, and it is very sad to watch.
But we've gone past the point of bothering very much whether they are saved or not, as they seem to be sowing the seeds of their own destruction very well, as we move into these great changes; and one can only guess that they are going to be delighted with over 20, 000 years of successive incarnations on a lesser planet; and the worst of them face un-creation, the ultimate sanction. Perhaps when the coming geological events happen around your planet, and the massive adverse weather systems halt food production in many places, some of these folks are going to get the message, time's up fellas.
For those of you who are wired into the Source of All That Is, there's going to be a very exciting opportunity of building a new society based on spiritual principles and free of conflict and war, which is such a prominent feature of your existing reality. All that will be possible soon after the Dark ones are removed from Earth.
They should also be advised that a Scorched Earth policy carried out by their operatives will not be tolerated and we have measures in hand should this be contemplated. Remember, we and our allies who are multi-dimensional, are invisible to them, and so when they are making their plans, we are by their side listening to every word, reading every document electronic or otherwise. They cannot escape our view; and they cannot win. But because they have refused to accept our existence and Divine Law, they just carry on their games regardless of the coming changes, and their inevitable fate. And so it is......
(March 10, 2010) ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Prepare for Changes)

Jess: Esu, we have spoken about a new message on preparation. What should we expect and how should we best prepare? What sequence of events can you project reasonably? I am curious about the mystery schools you mentioned, but perhaps that is premature to describe. Speak this evening for those questioning.
Esu: This is Esu. It is good to speak again. You ask about the sort of preparations that should be made. This is a topic with many answers that address many sorts of people on Earth. Those who have an awareness of changes to come will prepare in one way, and those who have turned against any guidance will find they are facing an unexpected prospect. Some also are fence straddlers, to use that expression, who are waiting for the best opportunity as they see it. They think they can go either way, but they will be surprised when their indecision becomes their decision when other options are withdrawn. The future of this planet and its inhabitants has been determined, and all human decisions must either agree or disagree with the determination.
To speak of the timetable is to begin to categorise decision making. Christ Michael Aton prefers to let events reach their peak on Earth in the context of a galactic timetable that is ongoing. Man's efforts to counteract this stream of galactic events are pointless and will be futile. Geophysical changes are happening on Earth despite the platitudes and assurances of calm the government officials broadcast. People numbed to possibilities and eventualities are easily manipulated. Manipulated populace will work and sacrifice for those manipulating them without any recognition this is happening to them. This servitude will provide a work force and resources for the benefit of only a few.
The level of manipulation is so extensive that it seems impossible for man now to break out of the straightjacket he has been placed in without help. We have debated on the best way for this to occur for the last five of your years. Our assistance has always been contingent on man's willingness to recognise his situation and ask for help. The numbers of those becoming aware has increased each year, but there has never been sufficient to act on their own as a revolutionary force and overthrow the controls. Part of the seduction has been a perceived need for comfort along with a lack of any true power to make decisions on the nature of their existence. Man has been taught that comfort and satisfaction is the status quo provided by those shaping his existence. He has forgotten that he creates his existence and that he has the power to change it. Those controlling the nature of his existence are only doing so because man has allowed this to happen. Man has given up his control and opted not to maintain an ongoing dialogue with Christ Michael and his spiritual guides.
This perception is changing as third dimensional existence on Earth has moved into a higher frequency of energy input. Man's perceptions are shifting their focus to take into account the broader universal truth of Christ Michael's vision of Earth as a seed planet. The time is now for this to move into its next phase of evolution. Unfortunately, the changes that are beginning on Earth are understood and embraced by only a percentage of its current inhabitants.
Most will not see the necessity of vast geophysical realignments and cultural changes. This group will either continue their current experience elsewhere, or opt out of the process completely. It is always the individual's choice, although alternative possibilities are restrictive and final, in some cases. The geophysical upheavals and unpredictable weather scenarios will allow many to leave their existence here. This is not a punishment, but an inevitable evolution that must occur on Earth. Man's choices have determined his ability to grow with Earth.
Those opting to stay will be protected and taught how to adapt to the new environment that will be created. The scenario for this to occur will be approximately as outlined in earlier discussions of preparing for stasis and the changes that will occur during this period. The new event will be the introduction of a visible Jupiter to begin a period of revelations and emotional turmoil. This evidence will cause many of the straddlers to make a decision.
The time is now to look for the new Jupiter. The second sun will begin appearing in the sky around the time of the other sun's appearance. The small burning orb will be seen in tandem with the larger, more vivid sun your solar system revolves around. This Sun now seems brighter because it is sending out waves of increasingly powerful energy. The hydrogen gas that has provided its light traditionally is becoming the more atomically stable helium, with greater intensity of energy it can release.
The plans that have been developed call for a definitive sighting of Jupiter first, followed by commentary that speaks of its origin and source and the reason it is necessary to speed up the changes on Earth. The outline of Christ Michael's intentions for this planet will be introduced, as well as clear explanations of the many reasons they have not been achieved thus far. The broadcasts of this information will be coordinated from aboard ship, not on Earth, although assistance and links to the global system of broadcasting will be utilised to maintain the continuity of the sections.
Once man begins to see the depth of the depravity he has been living in, he will, in larger numbers, begin to make changes. Self reliance and personal responsibility will begin to be a consistent mode of thinking, rather than a belief that someone else is controlling the situation and making all the decisions. As his expectations for existence become harder and harder to satisfy, man will begin to fall back on basic necessities. He will realise that personal preservation is more important than external acquisitions.
The timetable of events you wonder about is inevitably in flux, determined by natural reactions that are uncertain. Earthquakes can be anticipated, but not completely predicted. We have the ability to work within the limited timeframe that is available and provide assistance where it is needed. We expect certain stress points to give way with the increase of energy that Jupiter will provide, but the sequence of occurrences is unknown.
You should be prepared for great changes to begin. The outline I will give you is tentative, based on a variety of factors such as man's reactions, the Earth's response to increased pressure, and the state of the magnetosphere. Jupiter's visibility and recognition will trigger a public questioning that will allow us to begin to provide answers. This will be accompanied by a collapse of criminal public institutions and an end to economic manipulation.
Evidence of theft and global fraud will be presented openly. This disclosure will be the prelude to an extended period of stasis to allow a galactic intervention to moderate the necessary changes without a typical period of destruction and starting again. Plans for coordinating this phase have been worked out, and Earth's inhabitants will continue in the locations and dimensional levels they have chosen. The decimation of population that has been talked about is the result of conscious selection by the inhabitants, not as the outcome of some kind of punishment. The ascension of Earth requires certain parameters, and the inhabitants here now with the ability to choose have chosen whether they wish to stay or relocate. Compassion and support for the decision are appropriate.
I will speak to you again when more definite actions are required. At present, prepare yourselves individually to be balanced and open to the enormous new energy and ideas that are surrounding you. Esu, through Jess this evening.
(March 18, 2010) SOLTEC THROUGH LUCIA: (Translated from German through Eve)
Things are starting to tighten up. Soon you will be able to watch Jupiter with your naked eyes. This morning you received an elusive image (Lucia was watching the Sun through sunglasses and she perceived a small ding on the circle of the Sun).
We are investigating "blowing" Gaia slowly and in a controlled manner, somehow in a way of slowly intensifying her contractions. Prepare yourself for an immediate start. For us it's a big effort, as otherwise Gaia would break open at all corners and cause much havoc. It will not work without havoc. Pain will be heavy in the areas effected. Send love there and light, and remain balanced. Do not allow yourself to be frightened by the collective mass conciousness. Protect yourselves inside a bubble of Light and love. Call on us, we will help you. That's it. Soltec.
Jupiter is gently moving towards the outer solar rings. The outer solar rings are less intense in solar particulates, so even though you are yet to see Jupiter with your eyes, you are beginning to feel the impact of its energies. This has been happening over the last few days of your time. Some of you who are most sensitive have been feeling these energies for about a week of your time but you have mistakenly attributed that to the emissions from your main Sun. I must tell you now that there is a real possibility that your axis will wobble to several degrees more than it has in the past. We have cosmic scientists with great abilities who are monitoring this situation. It must be handled delicately.
We are attempting to have everything ‘dovetail' in a manner that will allow for the experience to be rewarding and enlightening to all. But I must alert you all to the fact that you will experience some elements of situational discomfort such as ‘blips' and downtime in communications, electrical and radio-wave activities. Now you may not be able to communicate with each other for a time during the ‘blips'. So it will behoove you to recognise the signs and know for yourself that this IS IT. We expect that you will act in accordance with the exclusive information that has been rendered unto you as