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Judgement Day

Christ Michael through Adam
August 8, 2010

Adam -- I feel called. Is there a message?

Christ Michael -- There is.
I have called you to tell you this: the dark ones have exhausted my patience and they will be reined-in. This Drama has continued far beyond any usefulness. The Earth shall begin her cleansing. The Gulf of Mexico shall shortly bubble over and Florida will be no more. This will be the begining. The time has come. No more will the darkness have sway over the Earth.

Adam -- I understand. One question, though: shouldn't this message be coming through a more senior member of Abundant Hope?

Christ Michael -- This message will be given through multiple channels as a verificatin of authenticity.

Adam -- Ok, thank you. Is there anything else?

Christ Michael -- This is enough. You may entitle this message, "Judgement Day." That is all.

(Adam -- there was an impatient, irritated tone to this message that came through more clearly than anything else.)

Candace: This is real regards Florida, I attended a meeting on ship a couple weeks ago now, I am estimating and I remembered it all night long, constant repeating of the same Florida dream over and over, as I kept waking frequently. I did verify with CM on this message, about posting it.


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