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Joe Vialls behind
Port Arthur/Bryant

Joe Vialls was right
From: Andrew S. MacGregor
(author of Deceit & Terrorism-The Massacre at Port Arthur)

Joe Vialls (author of Deadly Deception at Port Arthur) has always stated that the Port Arthur Massacre was a Mossad operation. I have always denied that scenario because there was never any know links between the Port Arthur Massacre and the Israeli Intelligence organisation known as Mossad.

However, this latest ground-breaking news from the 'Shooters News' site,
brings into focus that on the point of Mossad involvement in the Port Arthur
Massacre, as per Joe Vialls, Joe was right and I was wrong.

You see Joe Vialls was also at one stage known as Ari Ben Menashe, and
even wrote a book titled 'Profits of War' under that name. What this book was
about, was the supposed autobiography of the author, Ari Ben Menashe, or Joe
Vialls if you prefer, and his involvement in certain Mossad and other Israeli
covert operations throughout the world. In other words Ari ben Menashe boasted
of his exploits as an Israeli intelligence agent, prior to his settling in Australia as a last point of refuge. Ari ben Menashe then becomes Joe Vialls, and whether or not the name Vialls originated from birth or from some later stage in life, all Australians were introduced to Ari ben Menashe as Joe Vialls.

Joe Vialls' understandings of the Port Arthur massacre were unique and
comprehensive to the extreme. Joe Vialls even had knowledge of the actual
gunman that was denied to all other Australians. He demonstrated this knowledge when after reading Graeme Collyer's police statement, and referring to the remarks made by Graeme that the gunman had a pitted or ance-marked face, and Joe stated, "no, not acne, chicken-pox". The question was always, "How could Joe differentiate without knowledge of what Graeme Collyer actually saw and remarked about?"

But now, Shooters News has revealed just how Joe Vialls, or Ari ben
Menashe actually had that information. Joe Vialls was actually at the Port
Arthur Historic Site at the time of the massacre and was involved with others
known to be employed by the Australian government at that time.

Now let us go back to Joe's statements that the Port Arthur Massacre was
a Mossad Covert Operation. How would Joe have known about this as most of the operatives involved in the massacre were Australians. The answer is easy. The Port Arthur massacre was run by a Mossad agent by the name of Ari ben Menashe, or for Australians, Joe Vialls. That is why Joe would have been on the verandah of the Broad Arrow Cafe after the event, because things had gone so badly wrong and Australia had lost 7 Intelligence operatives. There was an emergency meeting of the top surviving operatives to discuss the problems and how they were to be overcome. That Shooters News has now named Hans Overbeeke, Constable Justin Noble of the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Intelligence) and Joe Vialls as the
persons holding that emergency meeting. If this is factual, then just what
position did Joe Vialls hold during the massacre? Please remember that Joe Vialls has always stated that the massacre was a 'Mossad covert operation', and since Joe was the only known Mossad member of these three men, then the only position Joe could have held was that he was in overall command at Port Arthur.

And that explains rather simply just how Joe knew that the Port Arthur Massacre was in fact a Mossad covert operation, because he ran it.