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Esu through Eve - March 14, 2011 - Comments on Japan Situation

Eve: Esu, can you comment on Japan?

Esu: Okay Eve, short briefing. Japan is very serious. We are sucking off the most of the radioactivity, we are shift working 24 hours a day. We have taken care of the souls who were victims of the tsunami and there is special care for the ones whose bodies were harmed by radioactivity. Japan is an incredible mess of harm and grief
A catastrophe like that - in a place of such a high population density - is a pure apocalypse. You see the volcanic action underground of Japan. This is merely the beginning. We've told you before how hard Japan could be hit. A chain reaction is likely to follow from this. The whole place is like an open wound right now, and this is in fact unveiled, a drama when man sees what he has created.

So many of you have signed petitions for stopping that nuclear energy thing. They have not been heard. To build these kind of nuclear plants on volcanic ground makes it even worse. Chernobyl has not been bad enough, so it seems, to turn the tide. The NWO players have placed a big coup by this. Now they are trying to make you believe they had arranged this by HAARP, as a shock and awe scenario. Your Internet is already flooded by rage-filled indictions and statements, that HAARP had been used to intentionally make a mess out of this. Not so, beloveds.

The Japanese specially have long played with the fire and now their house is literally burning down. In WWII – the nuclear bombs falling upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bad enough to prevent them from building these nuclear reactors. Japan is harvesting the grown-up seed now, and unfortunately not only Japan.

On the background info of availability and development of free energy and the technology of Tesla in the first half of the last century even, this whole nuclear thing comes out to be the crown of irresponsibility.
And I'm sorry, folks, this is merely the beginning. You now have Japan as a building ground of drama and what does mankind do if further building grounds will be added and become manifest?

Hopefully you will cry out for God to help you. I assue you, what we see in Japan is tearing apart our hearts. You have heard about the high number of missing people. It's more, dear ones. And it will get worse. Go on joining your prayers and empathy to this location exposed to the elements of nature, to Earth taking back her power, keep firmly anchored while [activities increase].
Yes, it's true, "It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark". But now the rain has set in and I hope you have finished your preparations.

This is the final rundown. Esu.

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