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by Raithe Handiman

Earthing the Christ consciousness also means, mastery of the 3 Keys.

1. Wisdom. We are to perceive the innocence and perfection of all of life. Of course we might observe that we or others get it wrong sometimes, but immediately our focus comes back. to the Reality of perfection. We don't judge, the error, rather we focus on the fact that the soul is acquiring experience for its evolution, and that all of life is God.

2. Power. There is only one power, the power of the Christ, the God within. The ego has to rob energy from others, as it has none of its own. Study the games people play, if you haven't already done so, and you will see nothing but control dramas within the Illusion of Separation.

When you step outside of the games, and into your True Power, you can expect your life to change. Old friends may fall away, as you set them free and they can no longer feed off you. There aren't that many genuinely powerful people around, but you'll find them, and their numbers are growing rapidly.

3. Love. Notice how relationships are changing, dissolving, clarifying? It's everywhere. The old games of co-dependency are becoming unsustainable. Human love is nothing more than the energy that brings us together for growth. The love of the GodSelf asks for nothing. It is unconditional. The Shift is teaching us, each one of us, how to love this way, so we might as well get used to it. And from my own experience I know that, if we hold onto our human attachments it hurts. How much can you love?

Can you love your oppressor as much as your benefactor? Can you love the molester of your child as much as you love your child?

The Christ energy never judges or takes sides. It faces the world of illusion full on and radiates healing into it.

Can you watch the News, presented by God with a poker face, portraying the many faces of sensational victimhood, and rejoice in the opportunities you see there for human experience and evolution?

These are hard questions, and they are not designed to make you wrong. Never judge (deny love to) yourself. We are getting there and it takes practice. My job is to focus on where, precisely, we are going.

We are moving into the Age of the Union of GodSelves, an Age in which we can joyfully and selflessly serve each other. Exercise Wisdom, from your position of true Power, and you can do nothing other than Love. You become Love, Universal, Christed Love. These 3 Keys define the journey into Christ consciousness, a journey we are all making as we surf the Cosmic Wave, together.

You may have already discovered' that the Shift in consciousness, when you decide to make it, can become confusing. Whereas once you would just bumble through situations at the mercy of your old patterns, now you start having conversations with yourSelf. You might start questioning whether it's all real. "Am I going crazy? After all, those around me probably aren't doing it., and they survive, don't they?"'

So it can seem like a form of identity crisis, until you get to feel, know and trust your true Self, and sort out who you really are. Fortunately, once you've made the connection, everything starts working better. You feel better, clearer, more productive when you hand the reins over to your true Self, which never makes mistakes and can do anything.

You begin to realise what a weird world is social consciousness, and you can see how you were part of it once, boots and all. Once you've stepped outside of it and into Reality, there is no turning back.


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