War Declared on the
Illegal Australian Government

Edited message to Australian newspapers, overseas newspapers and many other contacts, including Australian and other governments, from the Principality of Camside.  

We have been deliberately quiet about the progress in the UK Court arena, as has been requested by UK counsel, so that we do not alert the terrorists that are currently running the Australian Government of their pending convictions.  

The wide spread information tentacles of the Camside worldwide network of contacts, alerted and caused some interference in UK court set priorities, unfortunately dropping the priority of these matters from priority 1 to priority 4 . The 11, 600 incoming e-mails received from all over the world were evidence as to the international interest in the invalidity of the Australian government. This no doubt was also reflected in the statistics of the hit rate at our website for the month of March 2003, reaching the alarming level of 9. 1 million hits for the month.  

International treaties signed by Australia are invalid! Why wouldn’t the rest of the World be concerned about the invalidity of the Australian government, when they learn that some 3, 000–4, 000 international treaties, signed by Australia, are all invalid?  

Australia never declared war on Germany or Italy in World War II. Would you too not be concerned, when you find out that Australia was never commanded into World War II by Britain, rather, Australia did not even enter into a Declaration of War with either Germany or Italy? No doubt you are all wondering how many more lies, from the defunct abdicated Australian government, are soon going to be known to the citizens of the World.  

Australian government officials were advised of their illegality. We have been advised, and have evidenced in personnel discussion, that the majority of senior Australian government officials have been advised by the abdicated Australian government, that the People of Australia have caught the government out, and that there is a very serious issue with respect to the government’s current and past illegal status of some 70 years. However, the majority of the senior Australian government officials have not been advised as to the specifics of the government’s illegal status. Nevertheless, they have been cautioned to be careful in discussion with any citizens that may appear to be more knowledgeable of the Australian government’s illegal status, than that currently known to their officials themselves.

Every day in Australian and UK, there are meetings and activities associated with the long awaited action to finally convict Australian government officials of their treasonous activities. Not everything that has to be done on this issue takes place before UK courts. Vital meetings are held daily with UK QC’s, judicial officers and select British Government officials. Apparently the first wave of Warrant lists have been drawn up, and the warrants will soon be executed on the perpetrators within the Australian government, and its public service departments, initially and particularly for those who’s names appear on the first of many yet-to-come Warrant lists.  

The Principality of Camside demands removal of senior government officials. Consistently with the above activities, the Royal Principality Interior Ministry Security Police of the Principality of Camside, on 2nd March 2003, served three “Orders to Surrender Office and Present Self for Trial,” on the purported Governor-General Dr. Peter John Hollingsworth, the purported Prime Minister John Winston Howard, and the purported Minister of Defence purported Senator Robert Hill. These three documents can be read at our website.  

The “Letters of Demand” were forwarded to the above purported ministers, so that with respect to matters before the High Court of England, no Australian government official or public servant could say that they had not been officially informed of their treasonous activities. As a result of the de facto abdicated Australian government choosing to do nothing, hoping that these long time matters, as to their total illegality would just “go away”, on 6th March 2003, we executed the Principality’s Declaration of War on the Australian Government, on behalf of the many citizens of the Principality of Camside.  

As expected, this document was also ignored, however, when the incompetent and illegal lawyers engaged in the services of the purported Australian Federal Attorney-General’s Department, actually choose to study the British Law, with respect to Declarations of War, they will see that the Principality of Camside has already won the war, for the abdicated Australian government defaulted, by not turning up for battle. It’s too late now Australian government, why didn’t you learn your lesson when Prince Leonard of Hutt River Province successfully did the same thing to you some 34+ years ago?  

On the following Saturday 8th March, the abdicated Australian government gave instructions to the totally government-manipulated Australian media, torestrict the freedom of speech, and to not give any media coverage to anything that is being done by the Principality of Camside, in the so-called “best interests of the Australian public!”  

By the end of the following Monday 10th March, the major Australian media outlets had been satisfied that they had been conned by the de facto Australian government, and they all requested that we forward our “Press Release CD” to their News Desks. Whether they do anything about the valuable data contained on those CD’s is yet to be seen.  

The long and short of the current situation is best summarised as follows: Any purported Australian government governor-general, governor, minister, senator, commissioner, judicial officer, police or public servant, and basically anyone in Australia who claims to be an officer of the Crown, or who claims to be operating under the directions, documents or laws authorised by the Crown, commits the heinous crime of treason. In so doing, they will soon find themselves warranted to appear before a British High Court, to explain to the satisfaction of that Court, as to where exactly they claim to have received their so-called Crown authority.  

All consulted UK QC’s have made it perfectly clear, that no Australian government official or judicial officer, will be able to satisfy the court, as all Executive Authority over Australia by the United Kingdom and its Monarchs, was extinguished upon appointment of King George VI to the throne in December 1936. Therefore, with particular reference to the current “public servant” Queen Elizabeth II, all Executive Authority over Australia was removed, possibly before she was born, during the reign of her father, King George VI. Any mention by these Australian officials, as to their claim to have been operating or representing the Crown, upon their arrival in England, through to and/or during their court appearance, will necessitate them being immediately arrested by the UK Department of Public Prosecutions.  

Those public servants, judicial, and officers of the Crown, (in particular any members of the Australian Taxation Office), that can be shown to have executed threats against any citizen of Australia, physically, financially or by way of actual or threatened incarceration, will be looking at prison sentences ranging from 10 years through to life imprisonment. Personal fines in the vicinity of 10 million pounds sterling, payable out of their own private assets, and those of their families, are highly likely to be imposed. One of the penalties for treason is that upon conviction, they and their families must be stripped of all of their earthly possessions.  

(http://www. principalityofcamside. cc)