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How Can One Tell A Human Clone From A Souled Human?

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From: DG
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 2:34 PM
Subject: Hello Central
Hello Patrick, I read your update last week in regards to what Atonn was explaining to you about the population of the drones are without souls and there was only a small percentage of souled beings of about 50 million. That really sounds a very small amount of souled beings and I wondered if I have any friends or family that would not have a soul. Can a person tell them apart (drones), and can they procreate with a person with a soul and have child born with a soul? This is the first I heard that they were cloned since the days of Noah and to have the world population to hit over 5 billion, yet only 50 million people with souls. I personally dont know of one person whom does not know right from wrong and I only hope my family and relatives are not clones. What about the other people out there that may read this article and they may like to know whom are clones or not.
Thanks for your time Patrick.
Love and light
FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
DATE: Nov. 5, 2007
Dear DG:
Finally, I am answering your letter. Thank you for writing. Others have asked similar questions. How can one tell a human clone apart from a regular human? As you know, Creator Source created humans and gave each one a fragment of Himself, a spark of Light, for Creator Source is pure Light energy. This fragment or spark is the soul or God Spirit within each human being. It is the real you that is sheltered and given physical expression via the 3D human body. We, our God Spirit within, wear our human body as a suit of clothes or a uniform, and leave it when we move on in physical death to other dimensions.

Human clones are made by other humans from the DNA of a single cell, where a replica of the physical body is reproduced. That clone is only physical and has no soul, therefore, it has no God-connection. Clones can mate and reproduce clone children. A clone and a souled-human can mate and, again, only reproduce clone children.

Humans have no means to create a soul in another human clone, therefore, human clones have no soul and no concept of right and wrong, no conscience and no compassion. They have survival instinct and are greatly concerned about their own death, but not the welfare and death of others.

This explains why so many people today have no values, no morals, no ethics and are prone to violence. Clones make great soldiers, policemen and policewoman and other law enforcement people, attorneys, judges, doctors, teachers, preachers, priests, etc. They are more easily programmed through our mind-control type education and military training than are souled-humans with a freewill. Clones have no freewill, only a sense of survival, and will act accordingly through conditioned behavior.

Clones have no aura, thus, a souled-human with an aura has no sense of repelling or attraction, as is the case with another souled-human, though you certainly would sense the low frequencies of a clone involved in evil activities. The eye is the window of the soul. In the eye of another souled-human you can sense the Light emanating from the soul, the God Spirit within. As I said earlier, the human clone has no soul or God Spirit within, so there is no God-connection to the eternal Light of Creator Source. Therefore, there is no spiritual discernment. The eyes of a human clone may appear dull, blank, hollow, dark, vacant, lifeless, empty with no vibrancy or Light. They have no reaction to or understanding of spiritual energy, concepts or conversation.

The human clone acts robotically and is incapable of changing programming or thinking outside of "the box". Repetitive work and actions are not a problem. A human adult clone today can be made from a single cell in less than thirty-six hours. I am not joking. Russia had perfected cloning by the mid 1970's, and the Rothschilds were close behind in cloning technology.

All is not lost, if one is a human clone. Creator God can give a clone a soul. He can change a whole army of clones into souled-humans with a freewill to choose. Quoting from Phoenix Journal #24, p. 92 "Even a robotoid (clone) who comes within the Lighted place of God Truth, shall be given soul by that Grace abounding". From Noah's time on cloning was done for evil intent, but Creator God can change the potential outcome by giving clones a God Spirit, a conscience and a freewill to choose differently.

There are several references to cloning in the Phoenix Journals. Four are as follows:
1. PJ #24 pp. 93-94