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Alkaline Diet Q & A

Dr Robert Young and The New Biology

Dr Robert Young on CNN
(weight loss and alkalinity)
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Nutrition an Spirituality

Acid-Alkaline food chart (download pdf)

The Incredible Shrinking Fat Cell

Dr. Rob Beck and the Blood Cleaner
Amazing Colloidal Silver GEL !
The CAUSE of all diseases intro DVD - see CATALOGUE
The Amazing Alkaline Water Filter


Dr Robert Young says that over acidification interferes with live itself, leading to all sickness and disease. He also says there is only one sickness and one disease and that is the over acidification of the blood and tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking

This is what Dr. Young is calling the new Biology. One of his books is “Sick and Tired – Reclaim your inner terrain”. Dr. Young says that todays Australian diet is 90% acid and 10% alkaline. Some acidic foods are meats, sugars, cereals. And acidic terraine give us tired sick cells which give us low energy, obesity, fatique, unclear thinking, depression, poor digestion, aches and pains.  In short – sick and tired. The ideal diet would be 80% alkaline and 20% acid. Some alkaline foods are greens, vegetables, and sprouted grains. Pure water is also important because our bodies are 70% water and an alkaline terrain which produce healthy vital cells that give us lean trim bodies, clean bright eyes, energy, vitality and mental clarity.

 Don’t calorie count- alkalize, don’t use artifical sweeteners, and don’t get caught us in stress and negative thoughts. Fear creates acidity in the body also.

My interest in the New Biology of Dr. Young, made sense to me because of my connection with Dr. Robert Beck’s Blood Cleaning Device. I’ve been selling Dr. Beck’s Blood Cleaner for many years with much positive feedback - because it works. Dr. Beck says his device is the TREATMENT for all diseases and interestingly Dr. Young says that his research has discovered the CAUSE of all diseases. Which he has proven scientifically. So the two concepts go together.

Dr. Beck says his electronic device kills or disables all viruses, fungi, microbes, germs, pathogens, parasites – the cause of most diseases. Dr. Beck also says we are all loaded up with these and the immune system is tied up fighting these free-loaders. The 27 volt Blood Cleaner feeds a safe low current into two arteries on the same wrist. It provides effective treatment for cancer, aids, Epstein Barr, lupus, hepatitus, herpies, ebola, and other coming man made diseases.