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Health, Ascension,
NESARA 17May05

Meet My Sky Doc Rafael #2
By Candace Frieze & Rafael

CANDACE: Hi, Everyone. I apologize for the time spent since the last message. I had several "down days" spent on the couch. I spent that time watching three DVD's about 911. The recent one put out by is particularly good. I, also, watched "In Plane Sight," and the Alex Jones film "911, The Road to Tyranny," which not only covers 911 but shows how the BBB&G’s have planned many wars to fit the need at hand. I am, also, spending increasing time with certain e-mail because the answers require more time. I have begun to spend time with some folks, who might be prospective members of my organization, AbundantHope. I needed some time off. Actually, I have put in up to 80 hours a week these last three and one half months. I was mentally a bit tired.

We continue on with the material about the excess phosphate and protein in our diets. As mentioned last time, Rafael wanted me to discuss the extra low phosphate diet I am on at this time. The purpose of this is to take in considerably less phosphate than my body requires, and thus, use some of the phosphate stored in my body. I recently raised my Guaifenesin ( Guai) to further enhance my kidney's ability to remove the stored phosphate materials. Rafael will make a further comment here of interest.

RAFAEL: Good day, this day of Tuesday, May 17th. I AM Rafael come again to add bits and pieces to this message. I made the comment in the prior message that if you wish to ascend your body, you will come off meat and dairy. Now, you do not have to do this suddenly, as I realize some people's bodies take a little time to adjust to change, and that, also, food habits and cooking methods take some time to change.
Some of you living long on meat and other high protein foods may experience digestive upsets with change. This is related to the bacteria you have in your gut, and the assorted digestive enzymes you produce. Cut back on the meat gradually, and gradually increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and the plants high in protein.

If you are sensitive to cooked dried beans and peas, simply add these gradually in small quantities. Do this regularly such as, maybe, twice a week. If you only eat the beans once a month and in a large quantity, your system will not change to accommodate them as easily. Small and frequent is a better way to go. Sometimes adding a pinch of baking soda to beans during cooking can reduce the gas formed from them.

A major reason to move onto plant food consumption only is that plants are high in photonic energy. They create some of their own needs by using photosynthesis [light] in addition to taking nutrition from the soil. As your body ascends you will gradually change from eating food made from animals to food made from plants [photons].Thus, your body will become a "Light Body".

When you eat meat the cow or other animal gets the benefit of this photonic energy. You do not. Your body that is gradually changing to Light needs this photonic energy of the plant. This is what the concept "Light Body" is all about. You are, indeed, building a body of Light. This is quite a time consuming process. It is not an overnight event.
During the beginning changes you may change your diet gradually to accommodate your tastes. I still want you to substitute organic meat, cheese and dairy if you can find it. Eating abused animals is not good and furthers the negativity on this planet. In the giving up of meat it should only take a couple of months to change your system and your cooking and buying habits. Fifth dimensional people by definition do not consume animal flesh, not only because of the nature of the changing body, but also because they abhor killing. Those choosing 5D behavior, choose life.

As you form your "Light Body", you will gradually increase, also, your ability to absorb what many label as "pranic" [life-giving, sun] energy. This is what plants basically do. They have "bodies" that make use of pranic energy. As your body changes, you will, also, notice that it takes fewer calories to maintain it. These are calories from both energy foods and protein foods. You have a little time to start the changing of your diet, but you do not have years. Earth is in the outer fringes of the photon belt now, and your sun has been in it continually since around 2000. It is time, my friends, to consider this.
CANDACE: I plan to prepare a paper that will include some cooking techniques and recipes for those unfamiliar with soy products, should you chose to use them. I will, also, include a tasty recipe for veggie burgers that tastes similar enough to hamburger that you will enjoy it with all the trimmings of a hamburger.

I spent several hours in two grocery stores, recently, looking at the phosphate and protein content of foods. This was quite an eye-opener. The mainstream grocery I used was Walmart. I haven't purchased meat for some time now. I discovered that all of Walmart's beef, chicken and pork with the exception of hamburger has added phosphate. This includes roasts and steaks. Many meat products have additives to improve color, also, as the red juices will prove. The labels indicated 10% to 12% added ingredients for moisture. You have to read the bottom part of the label to see that this is phosphate.

Just about every crunchy snack food with a seasoning or coating added had phosphate somewhere in the ingredients. They, also, have many other additives such as MSG. Many of the rice and noodle mixes have added phosphate. Another source of phosphate is sour cream. The only brand of sour cream not having added phosphate at Walmart was the Daisy brand, which is actually just sour cream and nothing more.
Another common source of phosphate is baking powder which is, of course, in the packaged baking mixes. I do not like baking powder, as I find it very bitter. It is even in many flour tortillas. Lately, I have noticed that flour tortillas have many additives. What ever happened to just flour, water, a little fat and salt in them? Now, they are full of "dough" conditioners and heaven only knows what all the other stuff is in them.
At home I use baking soda in muffins and quick breads and even in my "baking powder" biscuits. The flavor is much improved. When you make homemade muffins and breads add the baking soda as the last ingredient. The batter will puff up quickly. Do not stir it down but pour it directly into your pan while puffy.

Milk is very high in both phosphate and calcium. If you like creamed soups, add dilute cream to them, instead. Most of the phosphate is removed in the making of cream and butter. Cheese-spreads, Velveeta cheese and similar products are pretty fake, and usually have many additives.The same goes for frozen dinners. There seems to be little real food in frozen dinners.The labels are filled with ingredients that I don't recognize as food.There is much phosphate in many of these, also.

Don't forget your pop as a source of phosphate, especially the cola type. I forgot to look at pop to see what is on the label. It is time to quit drinking pop and Kool-Aid type products. It is time to quit the Jell-O and other non-foods. It is time, also, to re-read the two messages we called "To Your Good Health" about the use of oils and sugar alcohols and sugar. It is time to eat real honest decent whole foods.

How much phosphate do you need? You need between 1000 to 2000 mg (milligrams) a day. The labels that list the phosphate content of food as a percentage of diet are based on 1000 mg a day. If the label says 10% phosphorus, this means 100 mg. Your requirement varies by your size and your physical activity. You should not need more than 600 to 800 mg of calcium a day, either, unless your body is damaged, as mine is. I need to supplement my diet with 1000 mg of calcium a day over and above what I consume in my food to avoid muscles spasms. I tried to gradually reduce my calcium last fall without success.

You need whole grains. This means brown rice and whole grain breads and pasta. A great messianic idea for some of you might be to start up a decent neighborhood bakery. We have a few in my city. The one I buy bread from grinds their flour daily. You would not believe how wonderful bread is that is made with fresh ground flour. Try cooked grain "berries," which are whole seeds cooked as cereal. I use a mixture of several grains, which tastes great.

The whole-grain flour in regular stores has usually gone rancid. It is bitter. Grains have a small amount of oil, and they get rancid over time after grinding. My bread store makes quite a few varieties of breads and, also, cookies, muffins and bagels. They make white bread for the few customers than prefer it, but I was told awhile back that as people try their whole grain breads they are changing to whole grains.

I buy refrigerated flour for baking from my natural food store. It has lost some freshness, and my home baked goods are not as good as the bread made from fresh ground flour. I want to own a counter top flour mill someday. There is a huge difference in fresh ground flour. Those of you who might start a bread shop should, also, offer fresh flour for home baking and fresh tortillas. Some of you might consider a tofu shop or other neighborhood shops for fresh food.

Now, on to my special eating plan at the moment, which is very low in phosphate. I eat fruits and vegetables, some tofu and some soymilk. I supplement with a small amount of protein powder, no grain, no nuts, no seeds. A little phosphate is still necessary, so I get a bit in my tofu and homemade soymilk.

Guess what they often add to store bought soymilk? They add calcium, and in some brands, phosphate. Some brands of soymilk contain calcium carbonate (Tums). I can't use these brands, as my gut hates calcium carbonate. I get heartburn and cramping from it. The other brands have Tricalcium phosphate in them. I had several people write to me that they can't handle the new whole grain cereals by General Mills. This is probably due to the calcium carbonate in them. We do not need this kind of supplementation in our grain cereals. Vitamins, however, are useful as supplements in these grain cereals, since they are grown on low fertility soils and produce grains that lack natural vitamins.

Tofu can be fortified with either Calcium salts or Magnesium salts. Personally, I find Tofu made with the Calcium salts bitter tasting. The best tasting tofu is that made with "Nigiri" which is made from sea water. It is the magnesium salts in the sea water that does the trick. Tofu is just a cheese-type product made from soymilk. Tofu made with Calcium salts does have more calcium in it, but this is within acceptable limits.
The reason I don't get to eat the nuts, grains, and other seeds is that seeds are moderately high in phosphate. Anything that grows rapidly is high is phosphate. Mushrooms are, also, a bit high in phosphate for that reason. However, seeds are far lower in phosphate than milk. Watch your yogurt. It may have extra dried milk in it which increases the calcium and phosphate.

You do not have to go on a diet as restrictive as mine. I chose this because my arthritis is so severe. It won't be permanent. I, also, have cut oils way down in order to consume more of my calories in the fruits and vegetables. I remain on my flaxseeds, as the oil in it is important to my health. See the previous health messages on this. This plan was custom-designed for me by Rafael.

Fruits and vegetables are high in many healing ingredients. Besides vitamins, there are the pigments, which are antioxidants. One of these best known to many of you by name would be the carotene group. You should eat a variety of color everyday. Try to consume something red, purple or blue each day. These colors are especially good for eyesight. Even "white" is a color when you are talking about whole plant foods. By this I mean onions, cauliflower, bananas, apples, etc. Eat the skins that are edible for their fiber and other nutrients.

I am required to consume lots of salad-type food, and I was asked to grind up my salad in a blender and sip on it over the day. I use a head of assorted dark colored greens such as Romaine lettuce, Swiss chard or red lettuce. I add some parsley or cilantro which helps remove heavy metals, a couple of tomatoes and one half pound of carrots and some fresh beets to provide "red." I don't like onion in this mixture. I sometimes add some spinach or kale.

I add some water so it grinds better. I store this in the refrigerator. Rafael wants me to increase this until I can consume a small head of the greens each day. So far this is a bit too much. I add real sea salt, as well as using it in other food. Sea salt should be beige in color, not white. Minerals can be missing in your food in this manner. If this mixture is a bit bitter, I add a few drops of Stevia. Greens, also, provide chlorophyll, which is highly beneficial.

One reason to puree the salad and some of my fruit, as well, is that the vitamins and the colors are better absorbed. Also, Rafael, somehow, figured out that I bolt my food down and I tend not to chew it well. I have not managed to break this habit.
I, also, puree several varieties of fruit together of different colors. I add protein powder to a serving of this. I am on egg white protein powder because it is very low in phosphate. The phosphate in eggs is in the yolks. I was using soy protein powder, but I discovered it has calcium and phosphate added to it. There is no reason for this. I, also, make vegetable soups and puree these. They are delicious.

I, also, use brown rice protein just for variety. Brown rice has the lowest phosphate content of grains. I miss grain, so I allow myself one small serving now and then, if I really desire it. I tried to keep a loaf of that nice bakery bread in my freezer, but I love it so much that I had to stop buying it. It was too tempting.

If you like whey protein powder, read the label. Some have added phosphate and calcium. Whey does have some natural phosphate. If it does not have extra phosphate added, then an ounce of it has about 50 mg. of phosphate. It would be acceptable as a protein powder. You should not need protein powder if you consume high protein plant foods such as soy and the legumes.

Many of you have written about how to get protein from only plant foods, as well as calcium and iron. There are plenty of all of these in whole foods. Eat variety. In the plant foods there is a balance of what you really require without overload. All the seeds have abundant protein. Soy is the highest of the beans. You need between 40-60 grams a day, unless you exercise in the extreme or have a severe injury to heal. The Inner Earth societies feed their meat-eating animals, including the saber tooth tigers, soy steaks. These animals live very long lives on this diet. The Inner Earth people will teach us other methods of using soy. Nobody eats another in these societies. I am short of stature and Rafael says 40 grams of protein is plenty for me even with my healing needs. All whole foods have at least some protein. Fruit has the least protein. I get several grams of protein a day just from the pureed salad. I get at least one-half of what I need in protein even on this restricted diet. I do need to supplement my diet with some protein while I remain on it. One-half cup serving of many ordinary vegetables will contain 2-3 grams of protein.

When I return to "normal" eating, I will not have a protein problem. A single slice of whole grain bread will supply 4-6 grams of protein. That is 8-12 grams in a sandwich plus whatever else you have between the bread slices. One-half cup of cooked dried beans supplies 6-10 grams of protein depending on the variety. Nuts have less protein but more oils, that are beneficial and provide calories for energy as well. Three-fourths cup of brown rice will supply three or more grams of protein. Other grains supply significantly more protein than does rice.

There is a misunderstanding about protein. There is the belief that you need "complete" protein, which contains all eight of the essential amino acids. The essential amino acids are those amio acids that your body does not manufacture. Animal foods have all of these essential amino acids. However, they are all available in plant foods, but only a few plant foods have all eight. Soy is one of these. The grain Quinoa is another. However, anytime you combine legumes (beans, peas, lentils) or nuts with a grain, you will get them all. A great example of this is a bean burrito. You do not need all eight essential amio acids in every meal.

So, let us now discuss arthritis and ADD/Hyperactivity. If you do not, yet, have any signs of arthritis, you may be fine. Just get the excess phosphate out of your diet. Take the excess phosphate out of your children's diet, regardless if they have any symptoms. If you have any of the following symptoms, you have a problem ,and it may be time to use a little Guaifenesin for a while. I may have to take it for several years.

How do your muscles behave when you exercise? Do you tire more easily than your friends? Do you have difficulty jogging for more than a short distance? When I was growing up, I was never able to ride a bicycle uphill, even a 10-speed bike. I didn't have the exercise endurance of my friends. Do your muscles hurt too much with repeated exercise? Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? This means that you have multiple tender points and chronic fatigue and pain. Do you get brain-fog easily? Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastric Reflux, and/or Interstitial Cystitis (grouchy bladder)? Do you tend to pace and have difficulty focusing on tasks? Do you have gritty eyes? Do you have built-up deposits on your teeth and need to brush them several times a day?

Do you get muscle cramps [charly horse] easily? During my first pregnancy I had severe problems with muscle cramping. My legs ached badly. The more I complained, the more my doctor told me to drink more milk. About six weeks before my due date this doctor quit his practice, and I went to a new doctor. This one was abhorred at the advice I had received. He took me off all but one glass of milk or one ounce of cheese a day. He put me on calcium pills. He explained that the phosphate in the dairy was the problem. I recovered rapidly. I did not have muscle cramping the second time around because I decreased by dairy right away.

I had assumed that this was just a pregnancy problem. My second child has phosphate problems, also, and, when he was a baby, the doctor limited milk and dairy to two servings a day. Not one of these doctors told me that my problem (and my child's) with phosphate would lead to debilitating arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I developed all the correct symptoms of Fibromyalgia many years ago. I am having difficulty getting my children to understand that they, also, have this problem.

My guides told me to cut back on dairy products several years ago because of the phosphate. I didn't drink milk as I have never liked it, but I do love cheese, and I did use milk in coffee and on cereal. Remember, one ounce of cheese, (a one inch square), is the same as a glass of milk. With the cheese on pizza and in lasagna you might consume the equivalent of several glasses of milk! I can sit down with a piece of good cheese and a knife and eat away! How about cheese and crackers? You always stop at one ounce, right? NOT!

How much of that nice and healthy yogurt do you feed your kids in addition to their milk and cheese and the junk food and the frozen dinners and the easy-to-fix rice and noodles stuff? Then there are the hot dogs, bologna, baked goods with baking powder and pop, to say nothing about the nice tender moist meat full of phosphate. Please get your children off all this stuff. No one can tolerate this much phosphate.

Now, let us return to the Guaifenesin. If you chose to use it to eliminate your build-up of plhosphate, as Rafael said last time, start with 400 mg every 12 hours. If you find yourself stiff and crampy before the 12 hours is up you can use it every 8 hours. There is a good book out by a doctor that did figure out the relationship of phosphate consumption to Fibromyalgia. He falls one step short, however, in that he says to take the Guai the rest of your life and don't worry about your phosphate consumption. Rafael strongly disagrees with this! Fibromyalgia is a genetic problem, and you must get your phosphate intake under control. As said before, this may be enough if you don't, yet, have arthritis or Fibromyalgia symptoms.

The book referred to above is called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia," by R. Paul St. Amand, MD. He, also, has a website Much of his information is on his website, but I advise getting this book, if you intend to try the Guaifenesin. He covers well the many symptoms associated with this condition and the symptoms involved with using Guai. He just doesn't think restricting phosphate is necessary. He actually encourages dairy consumption and diet drinks with Aspartame! Rafael frowns on this big time. On his protocol one would have to stay on Guai for the rest of one's life. It is better to lower your phosphate consumption, than to use a pill the rest of your life. The only reason to go on Guai is to cause the removal of the stored phosphate in the body! Also, besides ADD/Hyperactivity with children, they, also, get Fibromyalgia, and this is covered in this book in a special chapter.

Dr. Amand, also, covers hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), as he has found that 60% of his patients have this problem. Hypoglycemia is caused by an excess of insulin. Excess insulin will, also, further decrease the ability to remove phosphate from the body, and people with both the phosphate problem and hypoglycemia will suffer increased problems and must treat both problems. We will deal with blood sugar problems in the next paper. There are sites recommended at his website for Guai. I get my Guai at (

Be sure to choose a brand that is pure without additives or artificial colors. Before making a decision to try the Guai you need to, also, learn about substances called "salicylates". You must avoid them for the Guai to work, and you should reduce consumption and use of products with these compounds, anyway, as an excess can, also, interfere with the removal of phosphate from your system. YOU MUST READ about this, and Dr. St. Amand's website has a pretty good description of what you must avoid. There is too much on this subject to cover in this message.

In our messages"To Your Good Health" Sananda discussed that it is necessary to take vitamin mineral supplements because the food supply is depleted of minerals and vitamins. Please review those messages for further information on this subject. On the web I read an article recently that compared the vitamin and mineral contents of a number of plant foods with information from the 1960’s. The foods tested were from 30% to 50% lower in many nutrients including calcium and magnesium.

Because of this fact, and if you give up dairy, you may need to take some calcium supplement. Normally, green foods have quite a bit of calcium and iron in them, if they are raised correctly on good soil. Cows get all the calcium and iron they need from grass! Many nuts and some grains, also, have calcium, as do almost all of the dried legumes. Soy is higher than most. Iron is in all seeds, as near as I could tell from my trips to the store to study labels. I probably have six hours of time into label reading for this message.

In the next message we will cover blood sugar problems and answer several other questions that you have asked, including organ and limb replacement, the use of adult stems cells and any other questions we have space to fit into the message.
In ending this message I would like to make a comment about beef eating. There is so much beef consumption, now, in the world that the Amazon forest is being cut down to grow cattle feed, primarily soy beans. The world could be better fed if the people ate the soy beans and grains grown for cattle. We need the Amazon rain forests for oxygen and climate control. I am including a link here to a good article at I saw a few days ago. It is entitled "The Rape Of The Rainforest... And The Man Behind It" (

I will be out of town over the Memorial weekend. I will try to get the next message out before then. I have more time now, plus most of that message will be by Rafael. I had many hours of reading in preparation for this article. Here is a website I found that discusses phosphate as it relates to ADD, and it clearly tells what foods and additives you must avoid. It is entitled "Attention Deficit Disorder and its drug-free, dietary management" (

Take care, and have a nice Holiday weekend. NESARA is still being planned for, and we still have enough time to do the Second Coming by June 30, but I admit, it is getting a bit close. Sananda will discuss this in the next message, also. Take care, Candace.