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NESARA 3May2005

By Candace Frieze & Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

CANDACE: Hi, everyone. Hatonn has a brief update, today, regarding the NESARA activities. I am working on another more regular message in which Sananda will have some comments. I am taking tomorrow (Sunday) off and will finish the message on Monday or Tuesday. Many are wanting more frequent messages. Understand that it is a waste of time to continually put out updates on NESARA, when each must basically say another problem solved or a day closer.

I had hoped at one time to do a message every two days, but find myself unable to do so. So, I need to quit suggesting that I might do this. I have no intention of going away, so please accept that I will put up messages as I compose them. I, also, have an elderly relative that I may have to attend for a brief time down the line. Should I need to leave, I will put out a message prior to leaving. In that situation I will not have a computer from which to work. So now, let's go to Hatonn.

HATONN Message, April 30.
HATONN: My Dearest Readers, it is I, Hatonn (aka Christ Michael), and I come today to give you another update on the situation with getting NESARA announced. We recently had an event with the finding of a couple of very destructive bombs. These are of a more advanced nature than of which your scientists are capable. These are obviously of off-world origin.

As a result, we are taking custody of several underground USA facilities in order to more thoroughly search these areas. We must have absolute safety of the world's peoples before announcing NESARA in the USA. This should take only a few days to accomplish. We have greatly increased personnel in these ventures. The good news is that the banking issues with the prosperity programs are totally under our control and can't be further messed with.

One of the bombs was to be used in Peru. The other was attached to your recent launching of the Titan rocket that was told of on your news. You were told it had a military payload. Indeed, it did. You heard recently that the shuttle launches had been grounded until summer on the grounds of weather issues. They are grounded, so they can't be used for nefarious plans.

Understand that the Titan launch was not a threat whatsoever to you. They hoped to take out a command ship of ours. It is most easy for us to interfere in this launching, and there was no risk to ourselves, either.

We announced the April 15 date for NESARA, as it was important to have a firm date from which to work. It is difficult to bring anything into fruition without a deadline in front of one. By announcing a timing we, also, created a deadline for our BBB&Gs (Big Bad Boys and Girls). It was time for a final engagement.

Admittedly, the final engagement has taken longer than we had hoped, but in the waiting we forced their hand and their games, and we solved the problems. NESARA must be a positive event. We cannot risk major war and weapon's issues occurring shortly after announcement. We do believe that the Dark are very close to using up all their options.

On Thursday night the United States citizens got to observe their President making an idiot out of himself. Some of you were not happy, as the mail reflects about this event. This is to our advantage that this man made an idiot of himself. It will help Americans further accept his removal. We have a more recent film made of this man and Mr. Cheney resigning. It would be difficult for Americans to observe an actual arrest, which it appears is going to happen, at any rate. With the announcement it will be shown that he resigned his office.

I know it has been two weeks now since April 15th, and you are on edge. As we said earlier, the announcement period goes on continuously. We are not pulling away and starting over. I would, also, like to mention that there are many on the announcement team, not only the ones doing the teaching, but the backup support from the TV stations involved. All these people cannot be held in a hotel, indefinitely. Most work in various locations around the country, and each time a serious attempt at announcement is made, they have to return to Washington, DC. Yes, the announcement is planned to come from that capital city.

We should be able to contain these underground areas rapidly. It is being done as I speak, in fact, it started three days ago. When we are comfortable with the results, we will again bring the announcement team to Washington, D.C. Rest for a few days, and do not be hanging on for another announcement from us. I know that many of you check your websites each day. Candace, after a period of not hearing from us, it seems to be around three days, gets mail saying, "Where are you? We miss you." We have gone nowhere. We are still at work.

It takes Candace a full day's work to take channeling, clean up her typos, and write out any of her own contributions to the messages. In the meantime she works the mail, often giving long and detailed answers to questions. On days of writing, she cannot attend the mail and gets further behind. While you would like to hear something every other day, this puts undo strain upon her.

She would like to write more, but working the e-mail is most important, also. I remind you that she does this by herself without any personal help. She is undergoing medical treatment rather frequently to prepare her body for more intensive work over the next several months. She needs the healing time.

Being beamed to ship for treatments is taxing to earth bodies, causing at times, symptoms such as nausea, tremor and shaking that persist for several hours upon return. We had planned this work for this time, as we assumed we would be post-NESARA, and she could take a little break before beginning more intense work. She continues to struggle with the mail, regardless of how she feels. She is dedicated to this event.

We saw some angry letters and communication circulating amongst some of you, which was, probably, initiated by Dark people trying to discourage the Lightworkers. There were several complaints about our choosing Candace to be the only channel of our work. Excuse me, but who I use for my channel is my business.

Candace is far more than just a channel. She is a working, planning member of the Second Coming Event team. She is involved in meetings with us frequently, such as time spent today, talking about how to bring this message in an effective manner. You do not need to use your discernment, as is being so widely stated in these messages. We took the discernment part away by only using one person at this time. Candace is receiving letters, taking of her time, which are again asking if something posted on the Internet is from the real Hatonn or Sananda Immanuel. If it is not through Candace in these messages, it is not from us, period.

Continue to try to be in peace. Actually, it is better not to "try." Do be in peace. We are not going away. We shall see the mission accomplished. Write Candace intelligent questions. She gets many questions, but do not waste her time with any more of the above mentioned issues, of correct channels, and asking and begging for interference.

I am very well aware that many of you suffer from financial difficulties and from physical illnesses, and are awaiting help. If we play our hand incorrectly, we will have problems beyond your comprehension. I am advising Candace to simply delete the mail and put rejecting of addresses into her system of those that continue to repeatedly beg and harrass her. This is most uncalled for, and I advise her to use her own discernment of those that send her rude and complicating messages. She need not answer them.

I think it is now time to return to the duties at hand. There are many. Again, put yourself into peace with the process and allow it to happen. Christ Michael (aka Hatonn) at your service.

CANDACE: In a recent message I mentioned I had some surgery. I did get more behind with the mail for a couple days after this procedure. This was done aboard Starship, and I return every three or four days for a tune-up. The mail has been more difficult since our last message. There are many BBB&Gs pretending of the Light who are putting out very conflicting material to their lists and discussion groups. Anything from the one called Ahn is not true, period. Any material that states the Christ energy would only come in Love is a total falsehood. Love does not remove our BBB&Gs. Others have stated that the Masters are beyond error. They are not. One is never totally perfect.

We have said in an older message that Sananda, himself, said he was not perfect and that Christ Michael is still in learning mode. Christ Michael is actively involved in this project and in the affairs of our Universe. Universes are not perfect. Many ask why God just can't wave some sort of magic wand. They can't understand the problems at hand. We have been pretty specific about the problems and the issues awaiting the proper time for various events.

You have asked for periodic reports with details. They have been provided by the request of our readers. Still I receive letters begging for interference. That would not be proper and would create bigger problems. Recently, Hatonn suggested that you send your solutions and advice straight to him and not through me. We are not able to see all of the bigger picture from our location.

I do not want to see war activities as the consequence of the lack of judgment. Use the waiting time to dream of ideas and plans, rather than acquire an ulcer. The major point of doing these messages in the first place was to awaken you to the new possibilities coming, to awaken you to your skills you have and to awaken your efforts in making the coming changes easier for mankind, who is in ignorance.

We did not have to do any sort of public announcement of the Second Coming. This is a gift to the world, and the world will benefit from your Light and from this knowledge. Hatonn discussed the void or balancing of the Light and Dark, as necessary to the success of the Second Coming. By announcing the Second Coming event we increased the Light to create the needed balance. In this manner there has been great success.

Many Lightworkers have written of being disillusioned and ready to give up hope. As a result of these messages, your hope has been restored, and not only just restored, but you are dreaming in a bigger way than you thought possible before. You dream of being a messiah! You are looking for ways to be more. These messages have encouraged you to be more than you are. There is a song that many of you have heard of by Secret Garden from their album "Once in a Red Moon". It is called "You Raise Me Up". I am going to type up three of the verses from this most motivating song to end this message.

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still, and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.
Your raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up....To more than I can be.
There is no life-no life without its hunger;
Each restless heart beats so imperfectly;
But when you come and I am filled with wonder,
Sometimes I think I glimpse eternity.
You raise me up, to more than I can be.

It is our goal with these messages to raise you up, so you can stand on the mountains and walk the stormy seas, and create hunger such that you might desire to be a messiah, and find a glimpse of eternity and wonder in the journey. Namaste, Candace