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The Harmonic Concordance
Is 2003 = 2012

The Harmonic Concordance and The Lightness of the Heart EDITORIAL by Drunvalo In the ancient Egyptian tradition, Lightness of Heart was absolutely paramount to a Spirit's ability to transcend into the higher worlds.

The papyrus in the picture that illustrates this article (also see diagram at left) shows the human heart of one soul being weighed on a scale against Ma'at's feather in the opposite tray. In the Egyptian pantheon, Ma'at stood not just for truth but for balance, integrity, and the order of the universe. In the Egyptian tradition represented here, if the heart is lighter than Ma'at's feather, then the soul can proceed to the higher realms.

If not, then the soul must reincarnate on Earth, hoping next time to live a life that will bring this all important Lightness of Heart. The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 Here I am again, going out on a limb. What I am about to say may not happen. But sometimes one has to do that in order to stay in integrity.

And I feel that the signs are too strong for me to remain silent. On November 8 and 9 in just a few days there will be in the Northern Hemisphere a total lunar eclipse. And during this eclipse there also will be, worldwide, a most remarkable event in the heavens: a Grand Sextile of planets. The Grand Sextile is the six-pointed star, sometimes called the Star of David, and it will be formed during the lunar eclipse by five planets and Chiron. And after a great deal of introspection, I have come to believe that this Harmonic Concordance represents an interdimensional opening of unparalleled importance to the human race. I believe that this moment in history is the time when the 4th Dimension will begin to open on Earth and the parameters of life will be extended beyond what we have previously thought possible. The Concordance and Modern Prophecy It was John Mirehiel, on August 28, 1998, who discovered this unique astrological chart and named it the "Harmonic Concordance of 2003." It was he, also, who first realized this was not the chart of an individual but of Mother Earth herself (see The Harmonic Concordance of 2003). This chart, as John Mirehiel related it to me directly, depicts a potentially amazing time when the human race can change the external reality into one that is new, hopeful, and beautiful. This moment represents not the end of life but a new beginning. When John presented this information to me, I had no context for it no other facts against which to weigh what I was hearing. But with the recent predictions of the Maya and the Hopi, that has all changed.

Concordance and Convergence From John Mirehiel's point of view, this November 8 9, 2003, is actually related to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which was announced to the world by Jose ArgÃ&Mac185;elles and his wife, Lloydine. And from what I have read, both of these researchers also believe that November 8, 9, 2003, will mark the beginning of the last galactic spin cycle that ends on December 21, 2012. But there is a growing body of researchers who believe that the Gregorian year 2012 does not line up with the Mayan Calendar date of 2012. In my research back in the mid-1980s, I discovered six places where, for political and religious reasons, the Catholic church changed the date of the year, holding it back. From my understanding at that time, I could prove that according to the Mayan Calendar, our current Gregorian year of 2003 is really at least 2009. But others say that there were three other times when the year was held back. If that's true, then right now, in the year 2003, we are actually at the year 2012 of the Mayan Calendar! And if that's true, the recent predictions of the Mayan elders (that between August 16, 2003, and December 15, 2003, our world will undergo massive changes) makes total sense. This rereading of the year also agrees with the calculations of the Hopi elders, who believe that this same time period will bring the Day of Purification. I spoke of the Hopi and Mayan predictions in the October newsletter (Letter No. 10). But they are not the only ones. There are medicine men and women from several traditions around the world who also agree that this time is the time we have been waiting for. One set of facts that comes out of Egypt is extremely interesting when placed beside the Mayan and Hopi predictions. It concerns the Great Pyramid's stone calendar. I don't have the precise information before me anymore, but in the hallways that move through the Great Pyramid there is a series of parallel stones that have long ago been decoded to represent, year by year, the Gregorian Calendar. They could, of course, be decoded to represent any calendar. But if they relate to the Gregorian Calendar, they would represent a period of time beginning at about 10,500 BCE and extending through history to end in December 2003! What might the ancient Egyptians have known about this fast-approaching date? And what does all of this mean? If my interpretation of all this data is true, then the Mayan date of December 21, 2012 the End of Time date that we have all been hearing about for so many years is actually going to happen this year![1] ) Any interpretation or prediction beyond that is up to you and whomever you are listening to. But what's clear is that, if it is accurate to readjust the Gregorian calendar downward by nine years (and I think it is), then the time we are now living through is no ordinary moment in history. One last point. Sometimes people think that when December 21, 2012, is reached, the world will end or abruptively change forever. But I have spoken with the Mayan elder and shaman/priest Hunbatz Men, and with Don Pablo, who is the Mayan people's elected spokesperson, and they both agree that December 2003 will mark the end of a very long cycle, not the overnight emergence of a new world.

Realistically, it seems probable that the change we're anticipating began about 100 years ago, and that it will continue for some time in the future. In other words, the shift is not going to be an abrupt event. The Harmonic Concordance and Lightness of Heart I have been following the Hopi and Mayan predictions and studying ancient Egyptian knowledge for most of my life. And I feel that the time has now come to talk about why Lightness of Heart is essential for moving into the higher worlds. Let me relate this understanding in as few words as possible. Like the worldwide shift itself, Lightness of Heart is not something that happens abruptly or automatically. It is achieved only over a long period of time and many, many lifetimes. But if you are ready, you will understand what I am saying, and the change will begin within you. If it does not, there is nothing to do but continue working toward this goal. When we enter into the higher dimensions the "Fifth Sun" of the Mayans or the "Fifth World" of the Native Americans the thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and actions that radiate outward from us become powerful waveforms that manifest directly as the outer reality.

We will create our reality directly by who we are. If we radiate fear, then we will create a reality of fear. If we radiate love, then we will create a reality of love. And if this is true, then it becomes obvious why our inner state of consciousness is immensely important to our experience in these higher worlds. Lightness of Heart is a state of being that is achieved by non-attachment. And that is achieved by an inner realization that all of Creation is whole, complete, and perfect, just exactly as it is in this moment. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go! Another way of saying it is this: When one knows that God is present at each moment of life, and that God is whole, complete, and perfect, then, and only then, can this state of non-attachment be realized. Once this state of non-attachment is realized, Lightness of Heart follows automatically. And when we have reached Lightness of Heart, we have nothing more to gain or lose in life. In this state, we are one with God, and our lives become part of the Sea of Lives that is the matrix of Creation. You can do this. Let go of the stress. Let go of the worry. Realize that God lives within you and all around you. And know that whatever you emit from the inside of your being will become the external world you live in and experience. After November 8 9, 2003, I believe this fact of life is going to become more and more obvious. Let this New World begin with you. In love and service, Drunvalo