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Arch Angel [of] Michael through Johan - April 5, 2012 - A Great Time Lays Ahead of You [Edited]

I am Arch Angel Michael. Beloved masters, On behalf and upon request of Christ Michael, it behooves me to address you, Light Workers, Star Seeds, World Servers, many of whom have not fully awakened yet to their full potential in the Divine Plan of Christ Michael, your Sovereign, for his beloved Final Bestowal planet.

At the appropriate time, codes and packages will be opened and give some better understanding and insight in the choices and soul agreements some of you made before engaging in your task, especially THIS life time you engaged in.

Now that Christ Michael has come forward with the cosmic courtesy of letting you know what is to transpire upon the surface of your Mother Earth, also seeing and knowing what is already manifesting within, it is my task and full responsibility to coordinate much of what souls in comparable circumstances need - assistance, guidance, and inspiration, usually through Higher Selves and other close spiritual companions.

All stand ready to step forward, to step up and do as they are inspired and instructed to do. Some of you MIGHT be leaving a little before all rolls into Stasis, and other souls will be guided accordingly. Many of your guides eagerly await to cooperate and be the liason between us and yourselves.

A great time lays ahead of you, My beloved masters, after all the dust has settled and all air purified, and all restored to your Creator's satisfaction, some of you will find the renewed planet, called Gaia by you, a delight and most heavenly, however premature in the new beginnings.

Glad tidings and blessings to all of you, I am Arch Angel Michael.

Candace: Now remember for those that don't know or have forgotten, AA Michael is the Arch Angel of the Resurrection on this planet. His name is not actually Michael, it is a job description, he is the AA serving the process of the resurrection on this planet for Michael of Nebadon. Any planet going through this process has a representative Arch Angel TO Michael of Nebadon. To those familiar with Revalations, Michael (and his angels fought the dragon story), that Michael is Michael of Nebadon, NOT AA Michael. That story is about the Lucifer Rebellion.


Candace: I am addiing a message here from the Forum that may be useful to some people since this suggests some will depart before stasis:

(Unnamed) Indeed. For instance, as far as my situation is concerned, Mama Maria has been urging me, over the past month or so, to focus 110 percent on getting my house in order - both physically and spiritually. Apparently, and I speak about myself here and not anyone else, according to both my Laoshi and Mama, my time here has finished. To quote her words: "sort your bags out, my dear child, as you will be leaving soon, lock, stock and barrel; even before the bell tolls.". Day by day, I know with increasing certainty, that she meant I should concentrate fully on getting "psyched up" in order to move on, leaving this body behind.

And that is precisely what I have been doing. Even though I have been continuing our daily meditations, and as the content of meditations have been too personal to be posted, I have not been posting: ie: been concentrating on getting my "bags packed".

For those, like myself, who might be leaving Mama Gaia in this manner, I think it is best to look at this situation through another viewpoint. Maybe, Papa [Creator Source] has decided that we would be better placed in another position where our assistance can be a thousand times more efficient than if we were here in our present Earth human bodies. Mama has often reminded me (to help me overcome my impatience) that this whole situation is very fluid and developing moment by moment. Papa is constantly evaluating the whole scenario as it's played out, and even though the "button has been pressed", the implementation of the final play has to be done in such as manner as to benefit the whole of his creation here.

All in all, we know that the wonderful time is almost here, but I would also suggest that, we take into account that what is destined to come to pass, will come to pass. Que sera, sera.

The story just beginning.

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