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Spiritual Surgery and EM
by Brian Cattermole

It, more-or-less, began in the 1960's with the Hippies with their radical concept of "make love, not war". World War two was still a haunting memory and those people decided it was time for a change. Yes, the Great Shift was officially under way. Behind this Great Shift lies a Divine Plan.

In the past, we exercised our Free Will to do whatever we desired, including the way we used and abused the planet. It is obvious now that this approach created massive problems everywhere. Therefore, new strategies are required. However you may interpret this Divine Plan to be, it does have one outstanding quality - that of benevolence. The Great Shift taking place right now is a totally benevolent activity. War, greed, hatred, separation, power and other vices of the past have no place in the new structure. The fact that we could have previously followed the path of benevolence at any time is also important (again, Free Will). But because we didn't, this Divine Plan has been activated to help us restore ourselves into balance.

If you read the texts that are coming through the media, you will find endless references to "The Great Shift", "Earth Changes", "The Awakening", "The Golden Age", plus innumerable other labels. Even that old standard - "The Age of Aquarius" is apt. Another term often quoted says that we are going from "3rd Dimension reality" to "5th Dimension reality" - whatever that is. Whatever the label, a change is underway right now, and you are very much a part of it. A date of 2012 is unanimously quoted for the completion of these changes. So how can we verify this information? How can we sort out the truth from the illusory? Folks, it ain't easy. Were it not for one seemingly insignificant detail, I would probably dismiss it all as fantasy too.

Much is written elsewhere about massive global changes - usually with an accompanying high loss of life. Maps have been produced and endless (often contradicting) predictions made. Some of these changes may actually manifest, but I don't think they will be anywhere as catastrophic as we are led to believe. The minor detail mentioned above is that Spirit is for Expansion, not Contraction. In other words, to raise the consciousness towards Love and Acceptance, not drawn down into Fear and Destruction. To wipe out whole countries or cities just because they happened to be in the wrong place is simply not part of the Divine Plan. Besides, it smacks of punishment! These much heralded changes are about reclaiming the Divinity already existing within us. They have more to do with accelerating our path back to Unconditional Love, than anything physically happening to the planet.

The Great Shift has been implemented in such a way that Free Will and our right to choose our own destiny is not impaired or compromised. The Spirit World has been long preparing for these changes - nothing is left to chance. Even so, our Free Will still has precedence. That is why the endless array of predictions are nothing more than possibilities, and should be treated as such. The "rebalancing" will be so subtle and smooth you won't even be aware of the process. It will be done in such a way that you will think you did it yourself (which is true). At all times during these changes you will exercise choice through your Free Will. It is a deceptively simple concept.

You may choose to do nothing, and thus stay the same. Or you might choose to release the emotional issues that are holding you in FEAR. Viewing it another way, the Great Shift is nothing more than a letting go of fear-based emotional baggage. The lessons or experiences you came into this world to resolve are central to the whole process, because they manifest through your fear(s). In fact, EVERYTHING – Great Shift, or not, revolves around you releasing your emotional baggage. But that may not be an easy concept to grasp. Consider this: at least 80 - 90% of all dis-ease / illness occurs because there is an emotional issue driving it. The physical aches and pains you experience are only the obvious, end result of a long chain of command going right back to your Soul. Therefore, to gain insight into the emotional causes, the afflicted area of the body brings up pain, discomfort, or it severely breaks down. For instance, the knees represent flexibility and adaptability in our lives. When we are unable to "bend" our way of thinking (to accommodate new ideas etc) then the knees will most likely lock up or somehow cause pain. This includes: stubborn ego / pride / fear / not giving in.

In my work I employ two different, yet complementary, modalities: Spiritual Surgery and EM (Energy Movement). Spiritual Surgery helps address those physical aches and pains and is exceedingly powerful for what it does. The only thing stopping it from achieving absolute "miracles" on every occasion are the emotional issues that originally created the problem and still keeping the pain active. When people come to me for Spiritual Surgery, sometimes they get instant success, sometimes not. What I tell people is to: "aim for one session of say, an hour and then follow it a week later with another of half that duration. If there hasn't been a significant improvement after two weeks, then there will be almost certainly an emotional issue that needs to be resolved". For some people that may be the only way to get them to acknowledge their emotional issues. After all, there is something about pain that does tend to keep you focussed on the problem. That is where EM can assist.

To survive the Great Shift requires us to shake out the proverbial skeletons stuck in our closets. To release our emotional baggage so that we might find unconditional love, instead of fear and hatred. And to heal the body as best can be achieved by bringing it into a state of function - not dys- function. When we have done that to the best of our ability, then we will be more comfortable in handling the energies of the future. Those who choose not to change and adapt, will simply not survive (a fundamental law of nature. Those Souls will somehow find a way to exit this life and return to Spirit. There, they will wait until conditions are more suited for their particular needs. Spiritual Surgery has been specifically designed for the times we are in. I watched this process grow over the last eleven years and know that it has a very important role within these changes. The evolution of Spiritual Surgery ran a parallel path with the Great Shift. When I do my training or give public talks, I am often aware of an unseen audience. Anything up to 50,000 Souls sit in and listen. I feel their energy and am sometimes overwhelmed by the love they radiate. But I digress.

To see us through this transition, we are going to need every healer we can muster. But there is a catch. There are currently a lot of healing techniques available in the community. Some have been around for only a short while; others are hundreds of years old. Whenever a healing technique first appeared, you can be sure that it was designed for that particular period in our history. Unless the technique evolved with time, it may no longer be effective with these new energies. This is not an attempt to denigrate existing techniques - just a harsh reality and a fact of life. Spiritual Surgery has been specifically designed for the Great Shift and is absolutely perfect for getting us through. EM also appeared at this time to help people achieve a raising of consciousness, through release of their fears.

Please bear in mind that Spiritual Surgery works in harmony with Divine Law but does not interfere with Life Purpose (i.e. the reason(s) why you are here). EM is totally concerned with Life Purpose. On that basis, EM is considerably more important to humanity than Spiritual Surgery. Besides, emotional issues cause dis-eases, not the other way around.

When you have fear in your life you will not find love, because fear overrides love (the saying: "Love conquers all" is in a different context). By releasing the fear, love will come in automatically. The more fear you release, the more unconditional love you will experience. But it may be that the best way to reach the maximum number of people initially is through their physical aches and pains, rather than directly accessing their emotional issues. I will continue this particular line of reasoning in a future article.

Once the changes are completed, the world will still look much the same. But new forests will be planted, and not chopped down or burnt. Food will be supplied freely to everyone. Money will effectively disappear (there simply won't be a need for it). Nor will the military (and all it represents) be needed. People will actually respect one another. There will be only one law - the Golden Rule - "Treat others as you would like to be treated". An age-old philosophy - still just as relevant. You can expect all the established rules of society to change. And you will feel different within yourself in a way that is almost impossible to describe, unless you have already reached that stage. Then, no words are necessary. Lest you think I am dreaming, here is how I justify these statements: Two years ago I had an "out-of-this-world" experience. It was a cloudless June night and the sun was in bed. I stepped outside and instantly observed a strong moonglow on the ground. When I looked up, there was a new moon - bright and clear. There was only one catch - it wasn't supposed to be there. At that particular phase of the moon's cycle, it was waning, not waxing as I saw it. It was also supposed to be over the horizon and out of sight at that time. There were lots of other observations, but what this experience taught me is that nothing is impossible, where the Spirit World is involved. Yes, they planted a hologram image about 300 metres above me - just for my benefit. I learned that night just how the Spirit World can easily manifest things like "The Great Shift". When I saw that harbinger moon I immediately felt a strong sense of Majesty and Serenity. Divine Law, coupled with compassion that literally "shone" at me.

In my work as an EM Practitioner and trainer, I constantly see within my clients the huge differences of before and after a session. Their lives are changed instantly - and always for the better. To collectively release our emotional baggage is the greatest challenge facing Humanity. But just wishing or hoping for a change is not going to work - you actually have to do something! The Great Shift provides us with powerful tools (and energy) so we can more easily achieve this transition. The best time to reclaim your Divinity is RIGHT NOW! The Great Shift is a journey you may choose to be part of, or not. Progress will not be easy, but it is only the very first step that is the hardest. To conclude this article, I shall quote one of my most powerful statements: "The ultimate expression of life is Unconditional Love. Achieving this quality is the Divine Law that is the Human Condition".

Brian Cattermole is a Spiritual Surgery Practitioner / Trainer. He also works in the field of emotional release using EM (Energy Movement) as an accredited EM Practitioner / Trainer. Brian can be contacted at 15 Swindells Rd, Waikuku Beach, North Canterbury 8254, New Zealand. His phone / fax number is: international + 64 3 3100 408. The website is: and his e- mail is: