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World Governments-
Calm before the Storm!

The Storm Before the Calm
By Patrick H. Bellringer

To those who are spiritually awake enough to care, the out-look for our world seems never to have been more bleak. There are more people than ever before who are living in poverty and homelessness. There are more people sick and dying from disease. Millions are suffering and dying from depleted uranium (DU) spread abroad by the U.S. wars. Never has there been as much starvation of the elderly and of the children of our world.

Mother Earth continues to shake and burp with ever increasing intensity, causing fear to strike in the hearts of many people. Millions are suffering from the effects of tidal waves, earthquakes, mudslides, flooding and intense winds. Many have lost their families, their homes and all earthy possessions, their health, and their means of making a living. Many areas for farming have too much water or not enough water to grow crops. Our food supply is in very short supply worldwide in both quantity and quality.

The governments of most countries continue to march forward with their One World Order to control the people and the wealth of our planet. Taxes increase, energy costs increase, prices for goods and services continue to rise and healthcare costs are “sky-rocketing”, while salaries and small business profits fall. There are more bankruptcies then ever in history, and more and more people are losing their farms, their businesses and their homes and property to the government and the bankers.

It appears that the Darkside is winning, big time! There seems to be no proof anywhere that NESARA is really to happen. There is no evidence that the prosperity programs exist, let alone that they would provide any funding to the people. A decade of waiting has brought hopelessness and despair to many, while others have left the planet without their “reward”. All seems to be doom and gloom. The darkness has never been so dark. “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

The darkness deepens, as the winds of greed and power swirl around Earth Shan. Many are falling before the ferocious gale of evil. Never before has evil wrought such terror upon the people. Indeed, this is the storm of all storms, for the Darkside is panicked and fighting to the death for control over the Light. These are the “end times”. These are the “last days” for evil to reign on Earth Shan. The storm is fierce because the Darkside are losing badly and know their end is near.

All is not as it seems. I have painted a very dark picture of the evil storm that is raging on our planet at this time. One must look more closely at the picture to see the streaks of Light, to see the Sun shining behind the storm clouds. Look closely and you will see fear and even terror in the eyes of the “controllers”. They are living in desperation, knowing that the Light is about to burst through their dark clouds and win our planet back to Love and Light.

The proof of the reality which lies behind the lies of the Darkside is found within each souled human being. Our God Spirit within us knows all Truth. We need only to go within to find our answers.

The Dark Clouds have obscured the pathway to Truth of many of our friends and family. At times even we, who are more enlightened, fall into the shadows and confuse those who are searching for Truth. The many channeled and often conflicting messages from higher spiritual entities are of concern to many Truthseekers. Many write with questions and ask for clarity. One Hatonn says this and another Hatonn says the opposite. One Germain says NESARA is now and another Germain says NESARA is months away. One Sananda says he has nothing to do with NESARA, but another Sananda says that he is in charge of NESARA. Why do we have all this confusion?
In our communication today with Hatonn, Anne and I asked for understanding in this matter of channeling. Part of Hatonn’s answer to us is as follows. “Nancy Tate does not speak with me, but to lower ones whose names she does not know, but puts my name to the message. Since the Stand Down Message was delivered by Star People to the controllers, what she said was true. She does have a large readership, and thus, the message that the “Message” delivered is true. I let this go through so as to awaken many people. Mike Quinsey is as Nancy Tate. The entities he speaks with are not St. Germain and Sananda, but lower ones, yet, some of his messages are true.”

It is not my intent to discredit another’s work, but to bring clarification to those who ask for such. Nancy and Mike are good and sincere people and are doing much to assist in the Ascension of Earth Shan and her people. These ones have the ability to channel as many as twenty different higher spiritual beings. The challenge is to identify correctly each of them separately, and to bring through a message from that entity accurately.
The channeled messages from Lord Sananda on April 6, 2005 through Sal Rachele is another matter. This is a deliberate discrediting of other recent channelings of Sanandaby other receivers. We need to understand that “Sananda” is a title given to ones who have achieved a certain level of wisdom and spiritual understanding. For instance, we use the title, “Doctor” (Dr.) (PhD) for one who has achieved a certain level of education. Note that the Sananda who brings messages through Candace Frieze calls himself Sananda Immanuel. The Sananda working with Sal Rachele is addressed as “Lord Sananda”. This is a whole different entity.

Again, I quote Sananda Immanuel. “I assure you that there are many, who claim to channel, that do not. They make it up. Many of these work for the BBB&G’s and deliberately confound both those involved in organized religion and those in New Age or spiritual persuasion. . . I nearly always advise that even though it was not I who gave the channeled material, there is something to be learned one way or another from the reading of it” (Finding the Truth in the Matter, through Candace Frieze, 4-7-05).

Many people continue to raise questions about the Jennifer Lee Reports. First, we must understand that Jennifer Lee has nothing to do with these written reports posted on the internet. At one time she had her own report, but later her report and name were usurped by Mr. A and Mrs. A. If you notice, they call their report the A & A Report but still use “Jennifer Lee” as a cover. This report is mostly compiled by Mrs. A, and as Hatonn has said earlier, “contains many tales”.

Then we have the Capricorn messages from Captain Helena of the Starship Capricorn, also known as the New Jerusalem, through Lavar in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dates have been given and deadlines have been passed, resulting in hurt and confusion to the readers. Our Star Friends are as anxious as we are to “get on with the show”. Bear in mind that many aboard these starships are only a little higher than we are in enlightenment and soul growth. A starship commander is one of the “lower” jobs of the Higher Realms. Captain Helena may be a very sincere and dedicated person, but may lack the capacity to give all the information that we “earthlings” demand.

Candace Frieze has stated publicly and quite emphatically that she does not want to get involved in the “channel wars” on the internet. How can you go swimming without getting wet? To place your “channeled message” on the internet is to expose yourself to criticism. If you present Truth, of what is there to be afraid? Truth stands on its own merit. Candace is a kind and loving soul but she is timid and reticent about confrontation. Anne Bellringer is the same way. It is one thing to go looking for trouble, but quite another when trouble attacks you. When we present Truth, we must be willing to defend it when challenged.

The name of the game in these “Last Days” (Daze) is discernment to find Truth, wisdom to interpret it for our use, and faith and courage to stand against the “storm”. Know that the “storm” will soon be over. Help has arrived! The rescue teams are here and hard at work! Soon we shall have calmness and peace, unimaginable! Let me explain.
On Sunday, April 3, 2005 Christ Michael, Creator Son of God of our Nebedon Universe gave a “Stand-down and Stand-aside” order through Sananda Immanuel to all the dark illuminati One World Order controllers on Earth Shan. These orders were hand-delivered by some twenty thousand Star People, who are assisting us at this time, to all these evil controllers worldwide. They were given a twenty-four hour time period starting at noon on Sunday, April 3, 2005 to comply with these orders.

Surprisingly, many have agreed to comply. These will remain on Earth Shan, be tried in our courts for their crimes and accept the consequences. Those who refused to comply with these orders will leave our planet and return to their home planet to stand trial for their crimes or go to another 3D planet to start over in their lessons of soul growth. Since Monday noon, April 4, 2005, when the twenty-four hour decision period ended, the White Knights and the Forces of Light under the direction of Sananda Immanuel and the Ascended Masters have been very busy replacing these Dark Illuminati with Star People. Some of the Illuminati clones are being kept temporarily in certain positions, but their soul matrix is replaced with that of the Star people.
People ask, “If Dark Illuminati are being replaced, why do we not know of this happening, or have reports of missing people?” Please understand that Star People have the ability to shape-shift and appear as anyone in 3D. To some this may sound absurd, but it is true. You are about to see and experience things that are beyond your imagination. The Light is shining through the storm clouds, and complete victory over evil is at hand.

This week the Forces of Light have been busy setting up a new “One World Order” of government under Galactic Federation law in all countries on Earth Shan. The Dark Illuminati killed Pope John Paul II on Friday, April 1 in an effort to stop the announcement of NESARA. His death was not reported publicly until the following day, for, as Sananda Immanuel said, “Satanic practices don’t allow the death of a Pope on the ‘day of fools’” (Stand-down and Stand-aside”, through Candace Frieze, 4-3-05).
Will the Pope’s death delay NESARA? Again, Sananda Immanuel answers this question. “You will not see action until the Pope’s funeral is over. We desire not to disturb this process, as much love is coming into the magnetic grids of the planet from this event. To intervene before hand will produce much negativity and fear.” (Update to the Stand Down Order, through Candace Frieze, 4-7-05).

The timing of the NESARA announcement to the world is of great concern to everyone, for it is the trigger to the commencement of our Golden Age. On Wednesday, March 30, 2005 in a “list message” to Candace, Violinio Germain said “The announcement will come about, before your tax date (in the U.S.) of April 15. So, if you are in the owing of money, do not send it. Only file for refunds.” Today, April 7, 2005 in a message to my wife, Anne and me, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn said, “Yes, it is planned to have the NESARA announcement made prior to April 15. We are still on schedule. We have not divulged all the information of what is happening, but know that we are in charge.”
Again today, Sananda Immanuel spoke these words through Candace. “We still expect to announce NESARA by April 15, and I certainly hope sooner than that. We will start with the changes over the weekend.” (Update to the Stand Down Order, through Candace Frieze, 4-7-05).

My friends, we have waited long and endured much in these last Dark Days. April 15, 2005 is only one week away! Our prayers have made the difference. The Darkside has been defeated. Weapons of war have been neutralized. We have been promised by Sananda Immanuel that there shall be no war on Earth Shan ever again! HAARP has been dismantled, and we have an end to weather control and to mind control. Have you noticed the difference in people around you? Chemtrails are now converted for benefit to the people and to our planet. Miracles are happening everywhere. Dark souls are turning to the Light! Rejoice, and know that change to goodness and Love is here. Peace shall be declared, abundance shall be ours, and the bells of freedom shall ring as never before on our Mother Earth.

I leave you with a final question. What will you do after NESARA is announced in these next few days? Will you have weathered the “storm” to graduate to the Golden Age of Peace and Calm or will all be for naught? Will you choose to leave Earth Shan to return to another 3D lifestream of storm and darkness? My friends, I pray that you awaken to Truth and choose the “calm” and not the “storm”! AHO!