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World Governments
asked to standown!

Stand Down & Stand Aside UPDATE
By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel


Dear fellow LIGHTBEARERS, all of whom are about to be a part of the Second Coming event, we have an update today from Sananda as to the general results of the "Stand Down" order in the last message. Before I paste in Sananda's message, I want to discuss an issue.

The issue I would like to cover is that of Germain recently stating that NESARA will be announced by April 15. At the time I asked him a couple times, if he really did want to give an actual date. I discussed that I am the one with the public e-mail address, and I will be the one receiving the letters of disappointment and anger. He still insisted on it.

SANANDA: My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I AM Sananda, and I come this day to inform you of the progress since the "Stand Down and Stand Aside" order issued on April 3, 2005

All is going well behind the scenes. We have actually had quite a number of BBB&G’s that have re-thought their positions and decided it is in their interest to come into compliance and stay with Earth.
There are some, of course, that did not make that decision, and they will find themselves in one of two possibilities. They will either go to the new planet and start over there, or they will be arrested by the planetary representatives of their home planets and face trial there.

Those choosing to come into the Light and stay with Earth will, in many cases, face arrest and judgment by your established courts. Thus, they may face the consequences of laws that they have set up and have claimed to uphold.
To stay on Earth and be given the opportunity to ascend with the Earth, these ones will be required to make full disclosure of their unlawful activities in a very willing manner and serve the appropriate sentence.

In general we hope the courts will not carry out death sentences, as it is important to begin on this planet to honor all life. Many of them may die in prison, but they can be reborn into the planet. Many are clones, and these, of course, will, in all likelihood, die in a relatively short time, as they aren't ready for ascension, nor are they members of a galactic society, nor are they suitable to be removed to the new planet.
Please consider their families and the extreme duress that they are facing at this time. Send all your blessings and prayers to them. You will not see action until the Pope's funeral is over. We desire not to disturb this process, as much love is coming into the magnetic grids of the planet from this event. To intervene before hand will produce much negativity and fear.

Some are asking if there will be a new Pope. That is undetermined at this point, but I would think doubtful at this time, as many in the Catholic hierarchy also received the "Stand Down and Stand Aside" order, and have had to make important decisions. Those left may or may not decide to elect a new Pope. The Vatican is a nation unto itself at this time. We have Galactic Federation people within the Vatican at this time, but there is no one who will be stepping forward in a temporary position in the Vatican.

Some of the clones may be kept a bit as figure heads as we make the changes. This has not been totally determined. This is a worldwide event and not just a United States event. We consider the whole world. Did we not say in previous messages that since the Federation took over the announcement of NESARA that it would be world wide, rather than taking many years to progress from country to country?

This is a major improvement for Earth and much benefit to the planet. We will institute some of the changes a bit slowly to allow for acclamation of the peoples, with some countries announcing sooner and some later. The United States will be first on the list. The regime of that country has been the most difficult to bring into the balance of things.

Most other major nations are fully in compliance with the ideas of NESARA and are ready to move at a predetermined rate. Mr. Bush and friends found great rejection from the major powers over the last several months.
You may still see some chemtrails and a few other issues that were already in motion. We have to handle more important matters at this time. The changing of many governments takes precedence.

In some countries there are citizens of that country that will be the temporary presidents and fill other government positions. In some countries there is no one suitable for the temporary positions, and these will be filled by Galactic Federation personnel until the countries in question are stabilized enough to have an election.
We will start with the changes over the weekend. We had to leave the plans a little bit open, as we did not know until the time was up who would be on board and who would not. We are actually pleasantly pleased by the number that chose to stay with Earth and take their lumps, you might say.

Some have felt themselves in bondage and continued activities against their natures because of fear of death and injury to family members, and are happy to be out of that situation. Please send your love to these people. They need it. It is hoped your courts will take individual situations into consideration when they pronounce judgment.
The trials will be short, as we and the ground crews have accumulated all the necessary paperwork and proof of evidence these last several years. You will not see long drawn out media events in these trials, such as what you see with the Michael Jackson case, for example.

Those going through your courts and living up to their agreements to state the truth of the nature of their crimes against humanity, will become, when ready, eligible to stay and ascend with Earth, either in this life or the next, depending on circumstances. God is giving much grace these days, and I hope that the citizens of Earth will be able to show the Grace of God, also.

Be patient. Our plans had to be made after the determinations of those receiving the messages. These bore the Universal Seal of Nebadon on them, and thus, the recipients knew their time was, indeed, up.

I am giving a bit of information here, as I suspect some readers did not understand some of the material in the last message.
The name of our universe is Nebadon. There are many universes. Each universe has at its head a Creator Son of God. These Sons are all called Michaels. Nebadon’s Michael is named Christ, his personal identification. That is why the use of the terms Christ conscious, Christed being, and others.
When I came 2000 years ago, Christ Michael accompanied me in that incarnation. As such, it was a "double incarnation." Christ Michael with myself paid a personal visit to this sorry little planet. I agreed to undertake this mission with the Christ, long before the actual event.

Christ Michael has maintained a personal interest in this world since then, and that is why he is the one issuing the order. You have in your sayings on Earth, "only the Father will know when the Son will return". Christ Michael is the Universal Father, and He is the one responsible, ultimately, for the timing of the Second Coming event, the return of not only myself, but of all you participating in this project, whether enlightened Earth souls, my original 144,000 Christed Beings, Earths Ascended Masters, or the Star people of various natures incarnating on the planet over the years since my First Coming.

This is why I said it is for all of us. Many of you have been schooled to believe that when the 144,000 awakened Christ's were awake, this would be the Second Coming. Well, there are now millions of Christ conscious and Christed individuals awake to varying degrees on the planet. My personal Second Coming kicks it off, you might say.
I remain the contact of Christ Michael, and I carry his personal blessings in this event. He will remain very active in Earth's events through myself for some time to come. There are somewhat less than 3 1/2 million inhabited planets in this universe alone, and when it comes into completion a long way down the road, there will be around 10 million. Nebadon is still a young universe.

The Milky Way Galaxy is a Superuniverse having 100,000 universes within it. The total number of eventual inhabited planets of this vast "galaxy" will be around one trillion! There are seven Superuniverses, all approximately the same size. This should give you an idea that all of creation is huge beyond comprehension. It does not stop here. There are more universes forming in the outer space regions. Creation marches on into infinity.

Consider the magnificent blessing of Earth by the visit of Christ Michael personally 2000 years ago, to this one little planet out of nearly 3 1/2 million for which He is responsible. This planet did have very serious problems, hence his visit.
Many Christed individuals, such as Buddha, have visited Earth, for example. The reason my visit received so much attention was because of the attendance of Christ Michael. This is why I was reputed to have such a glow. This is why my Mother Mary at the time was inseminated with DNA from Archangel Gabriel. The Christ needed a highly advanced body for the incarnation.
Mary came into the world with some higher DNA for the mission. My brothers and sisters had benefit of this, and passed this DNA on to their children and, thus, into Earth. Earth has received many increases in DNA in this manner. Many star people incarnate with a bit higher DNA, not only for their missions but to insert the DNA into the population.
A number of things occurred to the planet behind the backs of the owners, to prepare the planet for these amazing times ahead. Amazing, they are going to be! This planet has received a special dispensation through Christ Michael. Its' ascension is by his personal order. Be in joy for this. There will be much new teaching over the next couple of years. Actually, much is already available, but just not enough are aware of it. Many will not read the information. They have been taught that it is sinful to do so.
I would highly recommend the reading of the Urantia Book. You will learn much about the Creation from it. Urantia is the registered name of the Earth in the Universal records. This book does not have one author. It was given as a series of papers to some asking questions back in 1934 and 1935. The papers were written by many assorted Universe personages.

In the last 1/3 of the book you will find great coverage of the Christ's visit through me. At the time of the Crucifixion the Christ departed. I went into an intentional coma state to appear dead. I was given healing in the grave, and departed to India shortly, thereafter, in secrecy. That part of my life's story is not covered in Urantia. The story of my visits to the Apostles during the 40 days until Pentecost were visits actually by Christ Michael using a Lightbody. My mission was to continue to journey and teach in the world after his departure.

So now, go in peace and await the unfolding changes over time. We still expect to announce NESARA by April 15, and I certainly hope sooner than that. We have worked hard over the years to bring changes without having to have a "Stand Down", and in fact, could not do so without Christ Michael's personal approval. When you have heard the expression of the Universal Christ, or the Cosmic Christ, this is Christ Michael. Namaste, Sananda.

CANDACE: I would like to end this today with a bit of teaching regarding the Urantia Book. It is quite long, over 2000 pages. It is available free on the Internet, Urantia,( but I suggest purchasing the book. It is complex. You will not find information about the Galactic wars other than the Lucifer Rebellion, or Atlantis and Lemuria, for example. It is more about the structure of the Creation called the Master Universe and its many personages. It discusses the evolution of our personal universe and of Earth. It covers Universal government and the schools involved.
I want to give a very brief explanation about the eventual rewards of Ascension. I have mentioned that we are Ascending Sons of God (as is Sananda). Throughout the long process of our Ascension, we will attend many Universe schools, then move on to the Superuniverse schools. When we graduate from these, we are taken to the Central Universe of Havona and attend school there, also.

Upon our graduation from this long journey we get to go to the Paradise Isle, home of the Father of All, and stand in His personal presence. This is the story behind "sitting at the right hand of the Father". We will all get to sit at the right hand of the Father one day. A few of the authors of Urantia have completed this journey. Then after this, we go back to the work of Universe building and management!

So, I hope you find joy in the bit of teaching in this message, and I so desire that all will choose the eternal journey. Oh, I just remembered, I forgot to mention something about clones based on questions asked. Yes, clones can receive a "soul", meaning a Father fragment, if they show some potential for it. Indeed, Sananda told me the Pope's clone, whom John Paul was able to connect with over the years, received a Father fragment and is eligible to start the Ascension journey. Do not be judgmental about this clone. Remember that the Vatican is very controlling, and it is to this clone's credit that he was not replaced, also. So, we will consider this clone a person in his own right! Some of the other clones in existence at this time might, also, receive a Father fragment. I don't know the rules. Take care, Candace