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Virgil Armstrong

Selection from chapter 2 - The Seed

As you review illustration, you can see that the game plan of the Creator is subtle, unique, and yes, even devious. The Creator wanted to learn about and master negativity and Its shadow self.

From my vantage point of understanding, it is doubtful that the Creator was entirely honest with Its sons.. It was up to a point, but It enigmatically evoked a secret, unseen energy of consciousness which was designed to monitor and grow progressively as the battle between the two adversaries, Michael and Lucifer, was taking place. It was designed to incorporate within itself the outstanding and beneficial aspects of the lengthy struggle. Inherent in this struggle was the ultimate emergence of a pearl, now called the New Seed of Consciousness!

For a moment, let us hypothetically replay what probably took place between the Creator and his Suns/Sons. "Gentlemen, as my most beloved and trusted archangels, I need your assistance in conducting an experiment with the forces of darkness and light in order to better understand them, live them and master them. The emphasis will be -on darkness and negativity, for it is the least understood aspect of myself. To do this, we must agree upon a game plan, and here is what I propose. Michael, your role will be, as it has always been, to play the protector of real and eternal life! You, Lucifer, will be the lord of synthetic life. Your assignment, using the negative aspects, will be to create something better than real and eternal life. Although you are brothers and love one another, in the interest of this experiment, you must set aside all sibling and filial love and understanding and assume the role of adversaries."

Obviously the two brothers agreed, and the great experiment began. Initially, the two energies, negative and positive, were eons apart, but, as they struggled in opposition, they unwittingly began to come more in accord through their experiences. (See illustration ). See how the space between them becomes less and less as they approach Earth, their ultimate destination, where the assimilation of their adversarial energies will occur. Also note the middle line which represents the accompanying and developing New Seed of Consciousness, which is directly aligned with the Creator and planet Earth. Ostensibly, the Creator knew all along how the game would end.

Notice how the two extremes, Lucifer and Michael, progressively come closer to each other as they gravitate toward the Earth, until they become one and the same energy. Initially, by agreement, they were adversarial, dramatically opposing each other. Notice, too, the New Seed of Consciousness (the ultimate future), which secretly accompanies them in their struggle. It is obviously a monitoring aspect of the Creator. Through the struggle between the two Lords, this previously unknown aspect called the New Seed of Consciousness was assuming the good values which were inspirational and spiritual in nature, thus creating a new and higher consciousness. In the process of the two Lords becoming one energy, the New Seed (God's consciousness) was learning to experience and master negativity in order to bring the two aspects into harmony with self.

From the book, "The Way Home" by Virgil Armstrong. Go to Virgil's catalogue. (see the New Millenium and You)

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