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Galactic Time vs time on Earth

There appears to be much confusion regarding time lines from a spiritual point of view and how we perceive time on Earth in 3D.

Living in the three dimensions of Planet Earth we have become locked into the clock on the wall and the Gregorian calendar. Both of these concept are actually unreal as Jose Arguelles (Mayan Factor, 13 Moon calendar) discovered on visiting the Swiss Museum of Time.

These methods of measuring the passing of events is deliberately engineered to keep us disconnected from All That Is/The Universal Father/The Devine Plan. However measuring systems such as the Mayan Calendar are much closer to “True time”.

On the other hand, it appears the Galactic Federation, Spiritual Hierarchy and Spiritual Masters and Creators use an EVENT driven timing system. So they measure events passing or manifesting NOT time in a linear fashion, such as the clock on the wall or calendar.

The result of these two different systems is that TIMING communications between the two realities (3D and 5D approx.) is often skewed, inaccurate are misleading.

So when receiving TIMING information from other dimensions be aware that the information may be skewed or not happening for some time. Our perception can be very different from the source of the information.


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