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Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun?

Astrophysicist, Paul laViolette has suggested that we are due for a wave of radiation from Galactic Centre, and has even connected it with the Maya 13-baktun cycle's end in 2012, but a recent interview on Mitch Battros's Earth Changes TV suggests that we may now be getting the first precursors of a galactic wave:
"We discussed what Dr. LaViolette describes as “super-waves (gamma rays) from the galactic core” which has a cyclical time-line of approximately 26,000 years. But there is also a subsidiary cycle which occurs approximately every 14,000 years, and the last one was “about 14,000 years ago”. That’s right, it would suggest we are due for another hit.

We did indeed discuss the most recent gamma ray burst which hit January of this year. It was so powerful it lit up the night sky more brilliant than the moon. I did ask Paul if this could have been a precursor (or first wave) to larger more intense waves to come as part of the 26,000 or 14,000 year cycle (depending on how you measure). You don’t want to miss his answer." (requires subscription)

Alfred Webre's website has posted an article that looks into this possibility in detail, including an article by LaViolette himself, in which he points out that the Indonesian earthquake that caused the tsunami was followed by a gamma ray burst and that the two events are almost certainly related:

"The 9.3 Richter earthquake was ten times stronger than any other earthquake during the past 25 years, and was followed just 44.6 hours later on December 27th by a very intense gamma ray burst, which was 100 fold brighter than any other in the past 25 year history of gamma ray observation. It seems difficult to pass off the temporal proximity of these two Class I events as being just a matter of coincidence. A time period of 25 years compared to a time separation of 44.6 hours amounts to a time ratio of about 5000:1. For two such unique events to have such a close time proximity is highly improbable if they are not somehow related. But, as mentioned above, gravity waves would very likely be associated with gamma ray bursts, and they would be expected to precede them."

Torsion-Wave Energy From Galactic Centre


The latest chapter in David Wilcock's [Edgar Casey?] Divine Cosmos online book - Chapter 9 - shows that researchers into pyramid energy noticed that the spherical energy orbs around their pyramids all disappeared on December 4th 1979, and this turned out to be a day when the X-rays from Galactic Centre had suddenly shut off. Russian research into torsion-wave energy indicates that this could be the factor involved here:

"This is another valuable piece of data, as it shows us that the center of the galaxy is actually our primary source of instreaming torsion wave energy. In this case, the torsion waves appear to be propagating in tandem with the X-ray wavelengths of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Even though the activity of the Sun can increase or decrease the strength of torsion waves coming into the Earth, without the input from the Galactic Center we will have much less energy available to us. This will prove to be a very important point that we will use to explain the importance of the Mayan Calendar end-date on Dec. 21, 2012 ."

The pyramid experiments of Joe Parr, as recounted by Wilcock, imply that the torsion wave energy can trigger a hyperdimensional jump out of our 3d space-time into "a higher aetheric density":

When pinch-off is achieved, the pyramids would either self-destruct or travel through solid objects, as indicated. This would also have the effect of causing extensive damage to the rotating arm and the entire inside of the Parr’s experiments, the pyramid would temporarily disappear from our known “three-space” reality....In 55 different experiments of this type, the pyramid would pass through solid objects such as the wall of the machine, which formed an enclosed shell that surrounded the path of the pyramid’s rotation.

Incredibly, Parr found that this "pinch-off" effect happens most often when Earth passes through an imaginary line between the Sun and the belt stars of Orion. This happens every year between December 13th and 16th. This is reminiscent of the revelations in Whats New item 133, The Romanek Mystery and the Cube of Space.
See Divine Cosmos Chapter 9

Solar System Changes Update

David Wilcock has been working with Richard Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission, and they have produced an updated series of articles on the solar system changes, using the latest data from NASA and other sources to show that Earth changes are part of something that is happening throughout the whole solar system.
See Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow series.