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Beloveds, I AM Aton, Christ Michael, by which ever name you are comfortable with, making a brief New Year's address to you. Together we shall do a great deal for Earth this year, and there will be no more delays of measure. My folks on the ground were finally successful in late December, overall with the banks, except for some small details, around establishing proof of the money games. That was taken care of on January 1, with the installation of the new banking software that I mentioned before. The software has now completed its testing as to how it is functioning in place, and the results are fine indeed.

There was help from some of your star visitors who know a great deal more about the programming of computers of the type upon your world. This software is now proving the guilt of many, and it will also begin to allow distribution of a variety of funding packages. When each is funded, no matter the source, there is coding in the software that will prevent it being stolen and moved about without your permission. That is good news. As you have seen with the Leo Wanta story covered so very nicely by Christopher Story, funds missing in one place show up in another, in the games played. This shall be no more.

So now, what is the game plan? We continue to move forward, and await only a bit longer for the software to do its magic and supply sufficient information to prove a great deal of financial guilt. This should swiftly bring about the next steps of my plan. In December, I did give the go-ahead for more direct intervention behind the scenes, as we must be about the Father's business on planet Earth. Your business! You and I are the Father in action, I continue to remind you of that fact.

I have been informed that in the Sheldan Nidle report of last week, and also this persists in numerous other reports flooding the websites at this time, that it was suggested that First Contact will be a way off. This remains most incorrect, as I also spoke of back in my little message about the SaLuSa report that was not accurate. Just another game being played by the resistance, to try and cause Light workers to form thought-forms that would serve their purpose to delay. Don't assist them! [Sheldan’s message did not give an actual delay time - Tony]

The plans remain as we have described previously, in that there will be the television coverage in the USA and some of Europe, which will be picked up around the world, for approximately two weeks. The length is flexible, as those participating must still cover news of relevance during that time. Hopefully we will have no major earthquakes or other adverse events that will take coverage time. There are journalists on the announcement team to handle the daily news of importance.

The first part, consisting of more than a week, (and we aren't taking weekends off for this), will cover all the misinformation on your planet regards politics, 911, and related material. At the beginning of course will be the resignation of the old leaders and installation of the new government temporary leaders of the USA, and Britain. It will also be covered, about the use of clones and other difficult subjects. Our show will run a few hours each day, or evening, and then be repeated during the other 24 hours, so that those at work can catch it all, and those that wish to see a repeat to better understand can do so. These will be "taped" and portions can then be shown as repeats over the next many months. These will be placed in other languages, usually with subtitles so the world gets an education.

After this, we will move into announcing and discussing the changes related to NESARA, and it will be discussed that this is a worldwide program in development. And yes, the Federal Reserve is out of business, as part of the coverage of the changes in office. What the world can expect, in addition to the United States will be covered. The temporary President of the USA will sign into law certain provisions in the USA and also restore the original constitution. Under this "NESARA" portion, the idea of common law will be brought forth, and many related topics. It will be told that the USA and quite a few other countries will have rebates of tax and interest that has been bilked from the consumer over time. Of course, as we have said, the rebates do not begin immediately as there must be more preparation of this, not only of the banking systems, and the recuperation of stolen monies, but also an education to the public, about this wealth and what it is to be used for.

The third portion will begin coverage of your star visitors and their purpose, and their more recent history of involvement on this planet. Both the dark ones confined to the planet, such as the negative little Greys, and others, will be covered. It will be told this has been a prison planet. Sananda and Candace will be formally introduced during this time period, and a beginning coverage of spirituality and what God is will be provided. This education will cover how organised religion has been used in antichrist activities.

In the fourth portion, the Second Coming process and event will be covered, so the public has a preparation for this large first contact activity. AbundantHope will be covered in this, the public exposure is needed, and also the announcement of who the new Planetary Prince is, and his role. The 3rd and 4th portions are inter-related. Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara will provide extensive material of the upcoming plans, including the Magisterial Mission of Monjoronson.

Since the public much enjoys video material, there will be video material presented in support of all that is to be covered over these 2 weeks. If anything intervenes in the meantime, we still retain the coverage of necessary news, and then we will return to the teaching program. To assist Earth in accepting the star visitors, we will tell many stories of what we have assisted with and also prevented, such as nuclear war. There will be the coverage of the current condition of the planet and suggestions made for how to bring about some important changes in energy use that will help heal.

The coming cataclysms will be covered and the reason for their necessity. We have many programs completed and new ones being written now, that will be shown frequently for some time after we relinquish the cable TV system back to its respective owners, that can be shown as specials on a variety of channels for months to come.

After this process is completed, we begin the preparations in more detail for the Second Coming event, which will occur in roughly a couple of weeks afterwards. Recently in Colorado, you had a preparation event, covered up as a Russian booster rocket re-entering the atmosphere. Not so. I have personally reviewed a copy of the film shown to you, from the local news station in Colorado that made a video of the event. It was caught on tape by a morning newsperson, from a helicopter. We will be doing many more shows of this type, quite frequently while we await going into announcement, during the event and for some after the fact also. These will often be done during the morning and evening rush hours when many will notice them. We shall see how the news and people handle this.

What was seen this morning was a clever group of shuttles that travelled together and then made an abrupt 90-degree turn, for the attention of it. This is why some that viewed it before the turn thought it a large piece of space debris breaking up. Many reported a large light as from an aircraft that suddenly turned into many lights. This performance was done by 12 shuttlecraft. One or two would have not been so well noticed. The gentleman who made the video was quite excited at the scene.

As to the event today, for such a large supposed light, had that really been a meteor or a piece of your space junk, we would have blown it up considerably sooner. The light was huge, not typical also of either space junk or a meteor. In the reading of the report, and covered on the news is the exclamation by one who stated that the meteor looked just like the ones in the movies. Really now! Your movies always tell the truth? I think not. I suggest especially in the USA that you who like to watch the skies be about watching them during the morning times before dawn, and after the sun sets at night. You might see some more interesting shows. Please do call and report them to your local news.

Now, one more short comment. We are not evacuating the planet. The only pole shift coming is the gradual one that occurs as the planet moves into monopolarity, the result of which you will not have poles to shift. The current movements of the North Pole are gradually towards the equator, over a long period of time. There will be no reversal, in which the Sun would come up in the west instead of the east [this would not be a pole reversal, but a spin reversal - Tony].

The story has changed from the probabilities of a several years ago. Please do not pack your bags or prepare your relatives falsely for this. We have created a new story, in this on-going play upon the Earth. Use your thoughts to create positive thought-forms that serve the new story. That is why AA Michael encouraged that for the intention meditation today. About 10, 000 of you showed up! Continue in your planning and meditations to support your chosen role in creating the new story of Earth! I AM THAT I AM, Namaste, Christ Michael.