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Link to: I Command article (for all Gods in Amnesia)


Subtitled "A guide for the person on the street to why everything is changing so rapidly", this brand new book is both timely and useful for this amazing period we are living through. It presents practical information and helpful advice drawn from many respected sources.

The book draws together ancient knowledge and modern interpretations in an easy to understand way that has probably not been done before. A careful balance is made between the light and dark sides of our existence on Planet Earth with plausible explanations to show how this duality is a very powerful learning tool. The New World Order, banks and people who try to control us are also discussed and put in perspective. This truth will set you free!

The author also shows how most of what we experience happens on purpose, not by chance. The Mayan Civilisation of Central America was perhaps the best at documenting this by showing the many interrealated cycles by which we live. The book includes a detailed Mayan "Echo Wheel" diagram with explanatory notes that shows how events correlate across the wheel every 572 years. It is therefore possible to predict many major and personal events. The full significance of the year 2012 is also detailed.

Perhaps the most personal chapter is "How's Your Self Esteem?". This chapter presents much useful information and "tools for the new millennium". The author suggest that self esteem is the single biggest hurdle we have set ourselves. If the majority of us had healthy self esteem, many of our individual and collective problems would vanish. We would demand better politicians and no wars! The chapter also covers our "four gifts" in detail and aspects of our ego from "A Course in Miracles".

It is also a short course to obtaining wisdom about who we are and why we are here. It gives you new millennium tools to make your life run smoothly during these chaotic times of transition between worlds (1987 to 2012).

The chapter titles are:
1. The Truth will Set You Free
2. What's Going On?
3. Reincarnation
4. How's Your Self Esteem?
5. The Quickening and Zero Point
6. What is the New World Order?
7. Organised Religion
8. Intuition and Spirit Guides
9. Extraterrestrials and UFOs
10. Heal Yourself and the Planet
11. Gods in Amnesia
12. Summary of What's Going On.
Appendices A to H with diagrams (including our new chakra colours)

BOOK. 100 pages approx. Code GIA. $A15.00 (Australia: postage included or $A6 Express Post)
Link to: I Command article (for all Gods in Amnesia)