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Flight 447
and UFO rescue

For the past week the news media has been reporting their developing story/spin on the disappearance off radar on Sunday, May 31, 2009 of Air France flight number 447 over the Atlantic Ocean, enroute from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France with 228 people aboard. We have been told various stories.

The plane disappeared and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean during its flight through a high electrical storm. A huge oil slick on the oceanís surface was proof of the crash. Debris but no bodies were found. No debris was found. The oil slick was caused by an Iranian submarine that fired the missile that destroyed flight 447. Two bodies have been found and a suitcase with an airline ticket in it of this exact flight. The plane exploded in mid-air and burned, therefore there was no oil slick created by this plane crash.

With such media spin, what really is the Truth of this incident? Given the history of past airplane crashes, we immediately suspect foul play. Who was on this plane that was working with good intent, that the Darkside needed to have removed from the ìplayî? No official passenger manifest has been released to the public, so again, much speculation is rampant based on individual research and personal contacts.

In the Christopher Story Report of Monday, June 8, 2009 we learn that ìMichael (Butch) Harris, a top geologist with Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corporation and his wife, Anne, had been on the aircraft.î

A spokesman for the company, Chip Minty, confirmed that Harris was a geologist working out of Devonís Rio de Janeiro office. The late Mr. Harris had moved to Brazil from Houston in July 2008, according to Mrs. Harrisís sister, Mary Riley, of Lafayette, LA, in an interview with the local newspaper, The Advertiser. The couple, married for 16 years, were originally from Lafayette and had lived there until 2004.

Mr. Harris was a Clemson graduate and a brilliant geologist. The ëJack 2í well drilled in the Walker Ridge area of the Gulf of Mexico 175 miles off the coast of Louisiana, is located in about 7,000 ft. of water. Chevron, which has a 50% stake in the oilfield, has two partners for this project, both of which have a 25% stake: Statoil ASA (Norway), and Devon Energy Corporation of Oklahoma City.

Fadel Gheit, an analyst with Oppenheimer & Co., said on 4th June that ërelative to its size, Devon has one of the greatest exposures to the deepwater Gulf of Mexicoí. Devonís shares rose by about 15% on the New York Stock Exchange following news about the ëJack 2í oilfield.
Before moving to Brazil, Michael ëButchí Harris and his wife Anne lived in the Woodlands area of Houston, which ëjust happensí to be where George Herbert Walker Bush lives.

We speculate that Mr. Harris was en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris where he was to realise a brief from Bush Sr. to leverage Devon Energy Corporation's 25% stake in the ëJack 2í oilfield with the corrupt ëKissinger-Bushí bank, Paribas, for an enormous credit line, enabling the desperate Bush Crime Family to ëstart overí with a pile of cash for the usual leveraging and hypothecation purposes. We further ëspeculateí that Air France 447 was sabotaged, to close off this option.

That George Bush Sr. would have no compunction in arranging for one of his associates to run the risk of being murdered in mid-air given that the whole world (with the sole exception of the crime networkís remaining cornered assets) is intent upon removing the Bush Crime Family from the chessboard, goes without saying.

The sole motivation of this criminal group operating outside and within the US Intelligence Power, the White House and the Treasury, has all along been to retain control of the levers of Fraudulent Finance at all costs, without regard for collateral damage. Given the unconscionable level of their arrogance, these people never expected to encounter any opposition to their activities, and have accordingly received the overdue shock of their lives.

Christopher Story Report: June 8, 2009,
Here is another bit of information. ìHuge Alienships Fleet was caught by NASA MODIS satellite over crash site before incident.î The end of this YouTube video shows the starship fleet.

So, what is the Truth in all of this confusing information? We know the Darkside has fought for years to establish their One World Order. They have fought against the banking change to a global gold system, that would remove their fiat money Federal Reserve System by which they are presently trashing the whole world and stealing all they can for themselves. We know they are desperate, for they are ìout of moneyî to continue on with their plan for world control.

We know they are losing badly. We know that George Bush, Sr. and Henry Kissinger are key players, and that the Bush/Clinton/Obama Cabal are deeply involved in stopping the NESARA Mission and in establishing a One World Order with them in control of the whole world. These people have demonstrated over and over that they will do anything to win.
So, what does this have to do with the ìcrashî of Air France 447? If Michael Harris was ìtheir manî on this flight and was completing a most vital step to provide the means to keep going with their evil plans, why would they ìtake him outî by destroying the airplane on which he was a passenger? They didnít! We did, that is the Good Side did it!

ìOh, but why?î you ask. How could the White Knights and our good people kill 228 people to stop Michael Harris? They didnít do it, and no one died! Let me explain.

As in the ìcrashî of the Columbia shuttle craft and in the destruction of the World Trade Towers, the Forces of Light under orders from Hatonn moved in with their starships and beamed aboard those people, who were in harms way. The seven crew members of the Columbia, the 20,000 persons of the World Trade Towers and the 228 passengers of Air France flight 447 will be returned to bear witness of what happened in these incidents.

We can now sort out the spin in the news media. No bodies from flight 447 were found. The two bodies reported yesterday and the suitcase were ìplantedî purposely to give validity to the official story. The airplane was vaporized by the technology of the Star People, so no debris and no oil slick and no black boxes from flight 447 were found.

The evil would-be world controllers know what happened and are furious about it, for this was a certain last step in their plan to win. They could not thwart Divine Intervention. They have lost, and the Light has won---again! Know it!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer