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Your finale grande

By Eve
By Christ Michael thru Eve
Mar 23, 2009

CM, would you like to give further comments on the pole reversal?

Yes, Eve, you're very welcome. With some people this pole reversal story impacted like a bomb. Especially with those who are not completely aligned with AbundantHope. Yes, this is indeed generating fear. But much of the fear is also being generated by the dark ones who feel that there is no way to escape. Most ground crew members and AH members are brave hearts who are in peace with all of this but there are also some turning away from AH calling it a mess. Candace has more than once been verbally hit in the face, so to say, and so have been others. But neither of you faithful ones would slip away their own hand if it was able to bring one of these on board again. The members of AH are strong souls who are able to face the facts and to present my concept to their fellows and they can cope with verbal attacks. . .

Now, there is fear even among the members of AH who have families, small kids and beloved ones of whom they are not sure whether these will make it or not. You feel like you have been wandering through the ages following a star telling you that you would someday reach the promised land and now you see the promised land there with the ìcanyonî of a pole reversal between. How many among you have diminished the hope for ever being able to see the finale grande. You have heard all kinds of stories about and some of them were telling you that the road could get uneasy for a while. This is your finale grande and somehow you have to make it through the canyon of the pole reversal. So be in good faith!

Well, dear ones, I ask you ñ just for a little while right now ñ to be compassionate with mother earth, who has been suffering so long and greatly yearning for her relief. So, maybe you could lay your fear and wearyness a little bit aside and be in joy that there is going to be relief for her. I'm not trying to suggest that this pole reversal could be a fun trip for you. But I'm suggesting that there is a point of view ñ from where you could take a lot of heavy feelings off from the pool of fear. See, in any way the bucket must get empty to be refilled again with fresh potential. And there is no ther way for all of you who are on board of ship earth.

We always try to guide you with practical advice. When I suggest you to get batteries and blankets this does not mean that I do have a business contract with companies producing batteries and blankets, or that I was kidding you. You do not need to stock batteries or blankets, if you prefer to freeze your buns off in the darkness. My main issue is that you come along well and in best possible condition, as you who are going to stay will be the basics of the new sustainable civilisation. Some of the readers have blamed Candace as she once recommended to purchase these radio lanterns and these have not been able to see the love and compassion in that suggestion. Either some of you readers are not able to see love and compassion in the pole reversal and are blaming me not to be a loving creator. Your choice, your perception.

Look out of the window with open eyes. When your eyes see that it's raining outside and your parents come along and advise you to dress in your rain suit and to take your umbrella with you Ö. will you decide to ignore what you could see there outside the window and reject to dress adequately Ö and whom will you then blame if you finally get wet when going outside? How many will afterwards turn to your parents with a cold, arguing ìYou could have told me how to dress?î

The only reason ever why things announced have not yet been delivered is that there is something better to deliver. To decide what is likely to be delivered and when is my priviledge as a creator son and your Big Cheese. Believe me, folks, and trust in that. I simply ask you to be in peace with the pole reversal approaching ñ you are safe in my hands, under my umbrella.

We told you that Jupiter was going to be a sun and this is what Jupiter is now, even if we still keep him a bit ìtiedî behind the sun, for your own sake. The deep singing inside your heart will prove to you that this is true unless you will be able to witness with your physical eyes .

Amidst the many strange things which occur on the surface, with attacks, claims, blamings and messing up ñ reflecting the challenging and disturbing ups and downs of energies - always ask your heart which means ask me directly in your heart to feel relief and brightness showing you where the truth dwells. The point of no return has long been passed by, no way to step back. The only walkable way is the one leading forward, trust that you WILL make it. YOU WILL MAKE IT! No accident that you are there where you are, exactly in the location where you are placed now, builders of the new earth. Believe me, you are in good hands. This is CM, always keeping a guarding eye upon you!

Candace: Eve sent this to me several days ago, and I have so busy chasing the sun each day and working with AH members over this, I forgot to publish it, but here is the perfect place anyway for it anyway. This was if I understood correctly a piece she wrote to her list of folks. Here it is:
Besides, there have been some reactions of readers which could have been foreseen - such as "YOU from AH have stated that there would be no pole reversal...
and now....!!!!!!

What has happened is that the circumstances have changed, that things go different ways than expected and as this is so, some people are once again grabbing into
the box wherein the nails are stored, in order to nail somebody to the cross - AH in this case.

The main issue is NOT what other sources state or what has been announced by AH concerning the potential - every single one among us does† his work according to his best
abilities and knowledge - as well as Esu, CM and the staff of celestial VIP's . Unfortunately many† people measure trustworthyness just by verbal statements and not by careful observing
and watching the circumstances around us.

What we are talking about here is an actual reaction of earth pushed by Jupiter and by many other factors - which has officially† not been named so far as a likely potential. Earth is highly instable, and several people have noticed that this is so - by watching the sky. Earth is wobbling around its axis which results in that we see stars and our main sun "wandering up and down", changing locations, Venus seems to be here and there and even the sun differs from running the course we expect.† The magnetic field of the earth is more than weak. Today - in the early morning I took look out of the window and had the moon directly in front, with a red edge, something a friend had previously observed with Venus. And I bet that this red edge was not there because Esu did some painting on it last night. All of these phenomenons result from the heavy changes which are going on in our solar system an with our planet. There are still many people who deny to see whats going on directly in front of their eyes.

I have always been a friend of metaphores, so imagine that there is somebody - earth in this case -† who sufferes from nausea and there is a phase where it's not yet sure if he has to chuck up. One tells - well most probably he won't upchuck, but one can never know - and now mother earth suffers from nausea and her chucking up is likely to be the pole reversal and she is "grabbing for the bowl". Just look around what's going on around you, around the world. The world is completely out of order and control, civilisation is, relationships are, etc. etc. etc. WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY!!! Mother earth is likely to "chuck up" and we cannot measure this emergency state by factors of an old paradigm.

But there is no need to fear, as we KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE.
In either way the bucket must get empty to be refilled with the new paradigm.
So, why not just open the own eyes, carefully observe and see what's 2 plus 2.
While remaining in balance.
by heart

Candace: This is a still from a 30 hour video from STEREO Behind, showing, to quote one person on the net, the "Sun Eating Jupiter. I did not watch the video. CM has told me Jupiter was deep in the corona and they had to move it back a bit because it's activity was too much. on the earth.
I guess we can thank NASA for recording it being moved back a bit, as I read that it disappeared into the occulting disk. And this video was from about March 16. And Star Ship Jupiter continues to shine in our morning skies! It was there yesterday, we had clouds and rain this morning here.
Those watching the video†said they even observed the motion of the moons as it backed up! Notice this little sun is brighter than the CME!!!!! And apparently the moons are just fine. Don't forget this little sun is really far away right now, and that's why it's still pretty tiny to our view.