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Father Christ
and the Mayan Calendar

A Message of Love and Universal Knowledge in Balance
That is the Golden Light of Unconditional Love

The warmest of greetings with love for all.

I AM Ahn, and I AM the Feathered Serpent.
I AM Ahn, and I AM the Sun of God.
I AM Ahn, and I AM the Father Christ.

It is of divine timing within the unfoldment of the Divine Plan of Creation, that I now reveal my true identity to our beloved Humanity of Earth.
Yes, as stated in earlier transmissions, I am the principal Elder in the High Council of Sirius, and also an Elder of the Galactic Federation High Council, and this Solar System is part of the Sirius Star Nation.

For hundreds of thousands of years, I have been visiting this sacred jewel, Lady Gaia, the melting pot of the Universe, at various stages in her monumental history----- a history which goes back through linear time a great deal further than you have been lead to believe. Many times have I witnessed the rise and fall of her great civilizations, and at times been directly involved.

Each of these civilizations throughout the ages referred to me with different names, according to their language, and cultural interpretations.

In the ancient Americas, I was known as Quetzalcoatl, Pacal Wotan, Kukulkan, Gucumatz, and Viracocha.
In ancient Egypt, I was known as Atum, Ra, Amon-Re, Ra-Horakhte, Horus, the Phoenix, Kufu, Akhenaton, and Aton.
In ancient Mesopotamia and Sumeria, I was referred to as An, Anu, Enki, and EA.

In ancient Greece I was called Helios and Apollo, and so on it goes, but I feel you are beginning to get the picture. And of course there are many other cultures across the planet throughout the ages, with varying interpretations and labeling of the same One Energy. Yes, I am the embodiment of the Father Christ energies, and I stand side by side in equal footing with the Mother Christ energies and all of you, my sisters and brothers.

I come now at this time as was promised and is written in every culture, that when the cycle to end all cycles was in its final days, I would return with my two beloved sons, Jesus, and St.Germain, as well as Yahweh, the embodiment of Christ Michael, and the legions of Universal Light Beings whom you know as the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, to cleanse this beloved planet of the Anti-Christ, and help guide humanity into the Golden Age.

Yes, it is true as I have stated; I AM the embodiment of the Father Christ energies. However, this momentous leap in human evolution is not about me.
It’s about You, and the Entire Universe.
Yes, I AM the Phoenix, but please understand that a part of the Eternal Flame is alight and flickering inside each and every one of you, awaiting for the appropriate time when any person, through the process of free will can choose to become a Phoenix themselves, by igniting the Eternal Flame, the Eternal Ether, the Christ within; empowering you and enabling you to rise up out of the ashes of the old dense material world, and into the birthing of the Golden Age, with a whole new version of humanity that has never existed before anywhere in creation: to become Physical Angels.

This is the experience, the process, and the game, that together we all agreed upon aeons ago, before any of these lower universes of physicality from the 7th Dimension down, were even created. We decided to venture down into dense duality for the purpose of gaining the experience , the knowledge, and the wisdom required , and to then rise into a whole new way of existing. Wow!
What an amazing ride and journey it has been.

I now have some important information to share regarding the closing of the cycle. As previously stated in transmissions from our Beloved Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation personnel, everything in the Universe moves in cycles, so please understand we are dealing with harmonics.

A key element to understanding harmonics are these two words:
correlation, and relationship.
We are are not dealing with the energy similar to computers, which is a polarity based binary mentality of 1’s and Zeros, or black and white. We are dealing with the cycles of life, celestial cycles, their heavenly bodies, and the relationship with life upon them and within them.

Of all the calendars in existence, it seems most of you are in agreeance that the Mayan calendar which we created, is the most accurate in use on your planet to date.

It is with Divine Timing that I now share with you the true calculations of the precessional cycle. Please note that after recent meetings with the Mayan Elders, and in fact all the indigenous Elders of Planet Earth, as well as scientists (both military and non-military), all are now fully aware of this hidden code within the calendar. This equation places the calendar out by only one equinox.
This was necessary to hide the true harmonic reasonance of this last cycle from the misguided ones.

The true precession of the cycle is not fixed at 26,000 years, but has a duration of 24,832 years, with an acceleration factor of 6.18% the Golden Mean/ratio.
I am sure many of you have noticed that the days seem to be getting shorter, and that is because the planet is now orbiting faster around the sun, and proportionally rotating or spinning faster on its axis. You will still have the experience of night and day, and years, but are passing through them much faster.

Back in the early 1900’s the duration of the cycle was calculated at 25,800 years. In the 1990’s it was recalculated and the figure had now changed to 25,920 years. As you can imagine, this anomally created much confusion amongst your scientists, and to their amazement this has now been explained.
The final duration once maximum speed or spin is achieved, equates to
26,366.618 years. Please note the Golden Mean/ratio on the end of the duration. This is the result one would end up with when recalculating the precessional cycle on the 21st March 2013

As you can appreciate, the harmonic equation of the Grand Plan of Creation, the cycle to end all cycles, can be very complex, so I will attempt to keep my explanation as simple as possible. The cycle will close on the first equinox, that is, the 21st of March 2013. On that day there will be nothing left of Lady Gaia as you know her, below the 5th Dimension.

During what was known as the Montauk projects of the late 60’s and early 70’s, scientists under the influence of the misguided ones, experimented with time travel technology and hit a time wall on that date. They could not travel beyond that day on earth in linear time, because earth no longer exists after that day in the lower realms of linear time.

Another aspect of this equation I would now like to discuss, is the duration of 24,832 years. This was chosen because it is a recursive, or compounding equation, also referred to as a seeded fractal. Recursion is the mathmatical expression of wisdom. Please note, if you take the first number 2 and multiply it by itself, you get 4. And if you multiply the 4 by the previous 2 you get 8.
Then if you multiply the 8 by the previous 4 you get 32, and so on it goes with many continuing aspects to the equation.

But generally what the equation is saying is this: You have an experience which you learn from and remember. You then move on in life, and soon find yourself having another experience/challenge. How you approach this new experience/challenge should take into consideration what was learnt from the previous one. Once this new experience/challenge has been resolved, you can then move forward into another, bringing with you the knowledge of not only this one, but also the two previous experiences/challenges, and so on it goes.
Learning from our experiences, and taking the knowledge forward and applying it in an appropriate manner with love, is called wisdom.

These energy patterns were an absolute must in setting up this last cycle, so that all could incarnate into an appropriate and suitable environment for learning and growing, with an element of retaining the great wisdom of duality within your soul.

Our aim now is to reawaken the level of consciousness one once embellished in the Higher Realms, blended with the new experiences, understandings, knowledge, and wisdom of duality, attained during the voluntary, and I do reiterate voluntary plunge, into the lower realms, and especially of this last cycle.
We are to integrate all as just stated, and re-emerge into a new separate reality within the 5th Dimension, as a whole new version of Humanity: Physical Angels.

The equation of the last cycle also locks in harmonically with the 9/11 gateway which represents the ending of the cycle between the two pillars of polarity. It also locks in with the numbers 666 which in truth represent the Holy Triangle of Light, 60 degrees, 60 degrees, 60 degrees, the equilateral triangle, the harmonic unification of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the total Oneness of All.
This equation locks in with the Planetary Merkaba Lightbody being activated in the first equinox of 2013, and it also locks in with the exit from linear time at 90 degrees into no-time on the same day.
This same equation also locks in with the boundaries of this reality, the speed of light, the gravitational field, and the speed that a body mass requires to leave.
It also locks in with the five platonic solids, and their pictorial representation, in a universal symbol known as the circle and the cross.

So please, anyone is welcome to play with this equation, and you will see it unfold before your very eyes.
We of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation of Light, bring forth Universal Knowledge and understandings for all to share. It is by our fruits that we shall be known.

Yes, there is another who claims to be the Father Christ, but these imposters only serve a senario for you to better discern between Universal Truth, and deception. Please remember, we are here to empower you from within, and release you from the shackles of ancient dogmatic religions and rituals. This also includes the combination of off-world dogma used during the Orion conflict, mixed with the earthly dogma, currently being presented to you as the Urantia.
This material is being used to capture those awakening, and maintain the status quo of mind control within the New Age movement.

The understanding of who I am is common knowledge to the entire Galactic Federation First Contact Fleet, Spiritual Hierarchy of Creation, and any Being existing in the Higher Realms where the Universal Mind
is accessible to all.

We are all God. Everyone and everything is God.
And the Truth shall set you free!

In the Golden Light of Universal Love and Knowledge in Balance,
I/we thank you for listening.