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Americans Failed
911 Test

(Americans Failed the 911 Test)

Candace: Christ Michael’s portion is firm and may surprise you. Esu’s portion will soften it a bit, I hope anyway. On Friday I was contacted by General Kevin Radetsky, otherwise known as Admiral Jhonka. He is an incarnate Arch Angel, in the higher military of this country, and you won’t find him on Google. He was formerly in charge of the American Military [base] on Mars. For those new to this, Americans and Russians have had a joint base on Mars for more than 50 years now. Anyway, the General informed me that it was expected that there would be several significant arrests by the military of major American political figures, and most likely, hopefully also the resident of the White House, Mr. Bush. Apparently this [past] weekend all fell through again, because of insider information and some hidden turncoats. There were losses to star fleet members who were incarnate, and some others.

Saturday night shortly after I went to bed, I “saw” Esu in full military regalia and weaponry. So I asked, and he said there would be a strong confrontation that would be very to the point. The fancy dress and weaponry on his part were for effect, not for use. I don’t know the results, he’s not sharing it with me at this time. Ok, lets get into the piece.

Christ Michael: Dearly beloveds, it is time to give an update mostly out of courtesy to you. It is also a message to the dark side. After a most difficult two weeks in which your government leaders were supposed to be arrested, there were major snafus and out and out turn-coating. This was a project conducted by General Radetsky and undercover military. It failed Friday [July 4]. We will not assist or attempt this again. I have decided to await the end of the northern hemisphere growing season, so food can be stored and then begin stasis, unless the expected earthquakes intervene. During that time, I hope the American people will awaken to the mess that is their government and their country.

We have totally discontinued any assistance around earthquakes in the United States and all quakes are now completely natural. In fact this policy went into effect some time ago. We are no longer relieving stressed areas to buy time.

The 911 test was essentially a failure regards the United States. We are most disappointed in the American masses. During this wait, you will see any future games played, until I start the stasis. There may be multiple bombings in the cities. These are NOT nuclear bombs, as these aren’t allowed, but your black ops leaders do have plenty of bombs and detonating materials. America must face its “karma”. What you create you must experience.

These ones simply must bear the responsibilities for their actions. We can’t further suffer losses to our ground crews, and know that any who are in service will be beamed out or advised to leave possible dangerous areas. You will be attacked dear ones, that now seems certain. And it is the doing of the sleeping people. There is exactly no intent at this time for the national conventions. The attacks are planned to install martial law before the conventions. Neither candidate is desired to be elected by the fools that run your world, and it was not intended to allow any election this year. They are giving up on directly attacking Iran, for they have learned they cannot.

The citizenry must experience the loss of freedom they have allowed. There are plenty of people who are not robots who are refusing to grow into caring for their country and their world. Any of you paying attention, notice the continued propaganda around the global warming that is being played out. There is global warming. It is not fixable by any of the methods being suggested around energy usage.

Know that there are two reasons for the high oil prices and the propaganda game you are seeing. One, the country is broke, and money is being skimmed to pay the bills. The other is that the rest of the world is very angry with the United States and is not selling them oil, and that is why you are seeing the idea of more drilling and the like. It is too late. To those of you who read here, I suggest while you can still afford the gasoline for your cars, you stock up some food and supplies because it may get a bit nasty in terms of fuel supplies and should another attack by the government on its own people be carried out. You will only be beamed out, if your life is at risk. Otherwise you are needed on the ground to serve during these times.
It is difficult to believe the American people en mass did not see 911 for what it was, the intentional demolition of buildings and the stupid, stupid stories told on television. We are not going to spend further time to “rescue” these people, with the exception where necessary of our serving ground crew.

If the earthquakes coming to California do unleash the LA event, we will start the evacuation of the Pacific Rim as previously disclosed and then move into stasis as the evacuation is occurring. Perhaps even before, for I have not made that decision fully. We may just begin putting the planet into stasis as it becomes obvious it will occur. We will not evacuate during any earthquakes which might manifest otherwise, with the exception of star fleet ground crew. You the people are going to be allowed to experience all that is coming in the next approximately couple of months. I know of no other way to stimulate growth of mind.

I have a question, where are you in California? Your state is burning from fires being intentionally set. Why are you not pouncing on your elected officials about this? Well, I see, you are the ones that allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to become governor of your state. And again, Americans along the mighty rivers flowing into the Mississippi did not learn their lesson in 1996. Chemtrails continue and people protest not. Tomatoes don’t carry salmonella dear ones, they are sterile inside. Are you looking at this game? Or just thanking your government for keeping tomatoes off your plate?

I don’t use Candace like I did Dharma during the Phoenix Journals for news updates. Too risky, and besides, the games have become so extreme that they ought to be recognised from common sense without my holding your hand and leading the way.
During our reviews of what is going on in new age on the internet, we continue to see that many are putting out that it is all done on this [spirit or invisible] side, you have won, the new age will start soon in glory. It will not. It will be done by you or it will not be done. The ideas are created, but Earth human will manifest those ideas.

Candace has letters from many of you wondering just where I am! I am fine thank you, where are you? These letters contain whining about all that is going on in the United States and the world. The high gas prices, the flooding, the fires, the, the, the……….. Well dears ones, this is your creation. Living in flood plains and earthquake areas was not my decision. The use of carbon products that are killing your world was not my choice. Your New World Order governments were not my idea either. I did not give them support, you did. So you will likely see martial law installed this summer, for the duration until we start the stasis.

We must begin the stasis, for there is a team in place, and a full plan to take this Earth into the higher realms without starting over from scratch with a pole reversal. And in this I AM WELL PLEASED. For in the absence of action by the peoples of the planet over the last 200 years, this is the next best idea and will provide an abundance of experience for many.

It is NOT going to be all roses after stasis, to those that write Candace on why I can’t get stasis started and end the suffering. There will be an abundance of suffering afterwards. People will be dealing with massive sudden loss, a remodelled world and a TV announcement within this sudden situation from “strangers” in control of the planet. We will provide food and have the planet functioning afterwards, to reduce the chaos, for it will not serve to do this and only have the survivors have to battle with others for food and necessities.

But it will not be a pretty time. We will not make all new. We will provide food, we will have electricity on and the Internet working in the aftermath. But you are not going to have much oil left, and [will have] multiple other problems to solve for yourselves, as you will not be fed for years on end. You will be “getting your [act] together” and finding your ways to re-group and survive.

Star Fleet will be gifting you where appropriate to do so, and those who take up leadership will receive great aid. But it will be a trying time, for man does not grow in his earlier stages without substantial provocation to do so. This is an incredibly lazy society in the United States. Other western countries are only a bit better.
Many professionals are going to be figuring out survival. Their comfy lives will be gone. Since your travel will be limited greatly, you will be rapidly reforming companies and how you get things done. There is not going to be long distance travel of food, your planes will not be allowed to fly and many ships will be lost during the stasis period, which will include the sinking of LA if it doesn’t start by itself, and the Jupiter event. Star fleet will provide truly necessary travel for shipments of food and important necessities, until such point as you are able to develop antigravity craft.

We will sink LA, and take care of many other chores on our “to do” list in the early part of stasis and then I will ignite Jupiter and we will deal with what it brings. I want it again closer to the Sun for this, to limit the impact which would be very serious if I did it now. During this waiting, I was hoping some of you might check out when Jupiter is next behind the sun, and then assume perhaps we would be waiting a bit on that, in determining a time for stasis. [I think January 23, 2009 is next maximum, so mid to late December next would likely provide earliest protection by the Sun – Tony.]

If I blow it before then, the damage will be almost beyond repair, the axis change would be greater with great volcanic activity that would put so much carbon into the air that perhaps we would have to go ahead and allow the full cleansing of a pole reversal and your learning to be had of healing a planet while you occupy it would be gone. Plus the land movement damage would be huge, affecting your communications systems, heat, and electricity.

So that said, do the very simple process of figuring out when that might occur. It can be done really easily without the web to research it. I will give a clue. You orbit the sun every 12 months. Jupiter orbits it every 12 years. You should be able to figure out approximately when Earth will be on the other side of the sun from Jupiter again from that information. Another hint, Jupiter is closest to you now.
It is time to go. This is enough and I hope the dark brotherhood will think again because they cannot win this one and that should be obvious. I will allow Americans to have their next 911, for I hold no hope anymore that they will choose another route. They must learn the hard way and have this final chance to make a better placement for their souls during this time of sorting.

Perhaps some will awaken and guarantee they will not start over as cave men and might be allowed a continued journey on another planet with their knowledge of living intact. Be in Peace, and demonstrate the higher way, as you assist others who are less than happy about it all. I AM Christ Michael/Aton, Father God and Creator Son of Nebadon.

Candace: I wish to make a bit of short commentary here. I too am discouraged around 911 and Iraq. I have often helped at events around them, and the last time was two months ago at an event downtown, in which we handed out free DVD’s and literature during the rush hour. I came home so greatly saddened, because it seemed to me most people I observed had forgotten 911. Many were rude and telling us to go to hell and similar commentary.

I don’t think we turned on anybody new to seeing, and the DVD’s mostly went to those who already knew, or had doubts. There was one there with a bullhorn, pleading people to take the free DVD’s with 10 hours of 911 material, and otherwise please search the Internet for truth. There were a few large signs explaining a couple of obvious abnormalities about the 911 story. This is so disheartening to me. Our young boys and girls are in Iraq and Afghanistan for private enterprise taking the oil, not for anything about our national security. Except the security of an oil supply for Americans and lots of profits by those in that business.

I don’t want to go to one of these again. I had so much trouble with the vacant looks and apathy. [Actually] I don’t think it was apathy. I think from the looks of people they don’t care, and they don’t wish to make the time for it. I play around on a forum now and then, and the Christian attacks are horrendous, especially when they figure out who I am. There is so much disgusting material about new age and our space brothers, to turn off Christian readers to truth of what is going on. And many, many, especially evangelicals really do expect Jesus to return in a great light in the sky, riding a White Horse. I get this all the time talking with people, including “Jesus can come take me anytime”.

I have worked with a group on a forum recently, most of who live in earthquake areas, and the forum is devoted to earthquakes. The recent piece about the alert for the Pacific Rim I posted on the front site was mostly for them, and I left out personal portions that were for them, when I placed it on our site. I was pretty well mocked, with several preferring to wait for the real Jesus, than board a ship to take them to safety.

This is saddening to me, but all along I have been told that many will not board ship if it is offered to them, either out of fear and unknowing, or because they will wait for the real Jesus, and so it has been proved to me, via commentary. I had hoped that placing material in writing to be read would be more effective than talking with people. It didn’t help as near as I can tell at all, in fact it set it up for them to go search the web for material to dispute me.

And there remains a hefty support for the war in Iraq by many still. There remains a disproportionate dislike in Christianity, in my area, and observed on the Internet, for Muslims and for maintaining that the only way to God is by “believing in” Jesus. This is a wayward country. I know there is mind control, I know people are “busy”, but they do not see the larger global picture. Iraq is far away. They don’t see the effects of their automobile use and all the other poisons on the future generations or the planet. They prefer to believe we have many years to fix this and that somehow God is going to fix it, they don’t need to. I see little taking of personal responsibility for actions, other than simplistic ones.

In my contacts with others locally and on forums that are awakening, most do not see what is right in front of them, and also still think there is plenty of time to solve Earth’s problems. They mostly supply ideas around energy, such as corporations must turn off their lights on the buildings at night. I agree, but this is not even a tiny little drop in the bucket. There remains a general lack of awareness in the United States of how serious things have become. I find lots of people just loving this election process and much support for Obama, so something has NOT been learned.
The fact is, we are at the limits of what the planet itself can bear. The population is at least 7 billion and has grown its last billion in the last ten years. It has doubled since I graduated high school and there were too many people then. That doubling occurred in approximately 43 years. The next doubling, which would be to 14 billion would take considerably less time, since human growth is exponential. The planet will not allow this many people. It can’t be done. Ok, enough, on to Esu.

Esu: Hello beloveds, I am sorry that we must suggest more bad news. I need to make a few comments again, about the rules and regulations which we ourselves must follow. Quite some time ago, because of the galactic warring, it became necessary to set some rather strong rules in place. And the punishment for taking and enslaving planets or others can, and often does, result in annihilation of the species at fault. This is the result of what became necessary. This is a strict penalty. I myself and those with me, have not come this far to face such a consequence.

We make NO attacks on this planet in any way, nor would we wish to. We can defend ourselves and we do. We can defend our ground crew and we do. We mostly must work as much as possible through ground crew. We can remove by killing those dark entities that cause severe threat to others. We have “taken out” you might say a number of heavy boots with a heavy hand on nuclear bombs, because we have a right to defend ourselves here in space, and nuclear explosions by nature of what you call the “atomic” can reach into our space, and we prevent that which does. Small bombs, few in number, do not reach into space, but your larger ones can, and these are not allowed, and anyone with a heavy trigger finger can be removed and killed. These ones we are sometimes allowed to annihilate their very souls, but this is a rare, as we prefer, and that is of the nature of Orvonton, to allow mercy.

Not all life forms that develop are godly. And that includes “man” in his various forms. And these forms must be removed and are and will be, by the normal processes of nature and within that which is allowed by the rules set in place by higher orders. You yourselves have some insects and other lower life forms that are not in balance with nature, and it is your responsibility as stewards of the planet to study and deal with this. Sometimes the life has merely migrated out of normal boundaries, causing troubles only in the new environment and this occurs more often as global shipping increases and people travel and carry life forms with them to new areas.

It is your purpose, and it is the purpose of all life to survive. Without the survival instinct there would be no life! It would not exist. Mind is conditioned by survival with chaos to grow. If there is no challenge, life gets bored, you might say and either withdraws, or becomes destructive, and destructive is separate from that seen in normal survival.

You have on Earth abnormal mind patterns that did develop mostly because of those that were imprisoned here. Also there was the issue that this is an experimental planet and life forms here are very aggressive, or better said were, as many do not exist now in original form but still remain within the genetic structures. There was an attempt made as part of the experiment, to see if reasoning mind could be developed faster, and it did. The partial minds of dark ones were inserted into the normal mind evolving on the planet and the results have not quite been as hoped, and I imagine it is back to the standard now.

This is one of the reasons for the cleansing that is needed. This planet is never going to thrive with this abnormal overly aggressive mind that has developed. Thus is part of the reason for Shekhmet’s involvement here, being that she is an incredible geneticist and can greatly assist the return of the development of normal mind on this planet. There is too much reptilian on the planet within the DNA patterns of animal life. In this I am not referencing the reptilian people, but the reptilian brain structure.

All animal life on this planet over time will be reformed genetically, carefully by Shekhmet’s skilled team. There are other brain core types than reptilian. The reptilian core of the brains of most animals on this planet are too “reactionary.” Many of you incarnating at this time, come in bodies with the brain a bit different and this is intentional, this is how things are slowly changed. Some of this is added in by laboratory methods prior to your birth and the rest you do yourself, because your DNA patterns respond directly to your mind. This is one reason we are teaching control of anger and reaction on this planet, because all of you live on a planet with too many people (and animals) with overly reactive mind and you yourselves can adopt this as your experience here, so the teachings remind you to maintain your calmness, so that your DNA remains stable or improves, but does not deteriorate.
Had we left the planet to a pole reversal, our labs would be very busy repairing life and most of it would be removed, almost starting over again. But you and us desire this experiment of doing it without that, by remaining on the planet and aiding its transformation.

Now during stasis, a lot of people will be leaving and we truly have no idea how many. Many of these souls of robotoids in particular, which are not really souls in the fullest terms will be and have been as they pass, uncreated, because the mind packet is not normal. What happens with the robot that is created in the lab and unleashed upon the population to reproduce is that person has no previous connection with Earth.

His mind does not have the long history of starting as a frog which is the first animal in the evolutionary step. The little frog and similar animals have a really small little mind packet. The mind packet contains a lot of electrons that store information, about how to be a frog for starters. The mind packet is encased in an inert gas that causes it to be separate from other electrons forming the genetic mind which are not in packets. Plants do not have mind packets for example, and neither do insects. The mind packet is a creation of God, a gift of God to the lower beginning animal on a full evolutionary planet for developing new souls, called the seed planet, of which Earth is.

After these little new mind packets, and let’s just make the typing easier for Candace and use the term AnUmal or PUMA that have surfaced. Candace likes AnUmal, because it sounds animal so lets use it. AnUmal, when it has gained
the experience of being frog or similar, is then moved into a slightly higher animal form by angels who have that duty. AnUmal then acquires a few more electrons, which store information as it learns this new role. And so it goes on up the evolutionary ladder.

Many planets do not have reptiles. These generally are on hotter dryer planets than Earth. But on Earth, to simulate a bit more aggressiveness, some reptile “mind” was included in the packets, because reptiles are aggressive. We probably won’t try this experiment again, here in Michael‘s universe anyway. Live and learn. It wasn’t my experiment though. But I have long dealt with the results.

The original DNA patterns were also damaged from meteor collisions carrying material from other planets that had exploded and the resulting meteors traverse space, particularly if the sun is lost. Such happened in the Sirius system, a sun was destroyed by wrongful playing with scalar energies, and its planets lost the gravitational/magnetic fields. One planet was blown to bits, and since the sun was lost also, this is the cause of many of the meteors in space in this region of Nebadon.

Man and his toys. He realises not what he does. Your planet Maldek was exploded and it became the asteroid belt, because your Sun was left unharmed. However, the bits and pieces remaining were guided into the current orbit, beyond the life bearing planets.

The DNA patterns on Earth must thus be rebuilt. There have been too many things gone awry and that includes genetics bought by people migrating from other planets and mating with local peoples that were developing. Your stories of the root races of man refer to colonisation by man from elsewhere.

The continued violence on this planet has continued the downhill degradation of the DNA. Dark beings know this, it is a main way they destroy planets and/or other races. Your DNA reflects you and it is important for incarnate star folks to keep their DNA in top notch shape, for you gift this to your children. These memories of who you are, are so easily lost on this crazy place.

Anger is difficult to control at any rate. I can become angry. I was this past weekend. But it must be controlled. The anger states something terrible is wrong, but it must not become reactionary. The emotional package that comes with DNA serves great purpose in evolution, but when coupled with an excessive reactionary mind packet, you have trouble.

The robotoids, let’s get to back to what started this, do not have a true AnUmal soul. They have life force, but have not taken that long journey and the mind that forms in this case is absent the experience of living. These ones do reincarnate, because a mind packet is formed, but the learning is slow and often these ones learn nothing or little from life to life at all, especially on a planet such as this where education and ethics are at such a low ebb. They do much better on other planets.
These ones, unless they are overly aggressive and without a conscience, are generally taken to young planets or incarnate after a cleansing of a planet, to start the cave man journey and thus they do grow and develop. They are not “ready” for a modern society, they do not cope with the fast pace and freak out easily, to use that term. These are easily moulded by religion and have no sense to stop being moulded, it is not there. “Good sense” is acquired by the evolutionary process, and these ones are essentially cave men, minus the long evolutionary experience, forced into an advanced world.

They don’t even make good cave men, because they have not taken the long journey of fending for self. Sometimes they are incarnated into lower animals by those with this over control of evolution. Unless something is really defective, it is allowed its evolution. Those on planet Earth that have no conscience and make easy killers are often simply uncreated by intense plasma energy, which scatters the astral body and is electrons. Your astral body is your soul/mind packet. The electrons have everything about living stored in them. The physical body of the robotoid will generate an astral form, from the memory within the DNA.
The robotoids will be cleansed, and there are so many of them. It is unlikely many will survive the stasis, the mind packet will not handle it. Many will completely disperse. Those that “hold together” will be moved to begin a cave man journey somewhere, and some could as we have suggested be educated aboard ship, if they have experienced a better life on this planet. They will not be placed back into the Earth. Many of your indigenous peoples on this planet, that still live within the jungles and the like, are former robots from previous civilisations on this planet, and these ones did manage to survive some of the pole reversals and the like, if they already had say farming and hunting skills.

These ones will never understand events like 911. Our problem is that there are plenty of reincarnating “real” people on this planet that can but aren’t [understanding 911] because they are still attracted to war and violence. While we have had many return to lighted behaviour, others have not. These ones will also in general become cave men again elsewhere and their memories will be cleansed of excess violence remembered from Earth.

This all has much to do with Christ Michael selecting this planet as his bestowal planet. It is the taking of some personal responsibility for the mess. It is also related to removing the excessive violence from all causes that has invaded Nebadon and other universes in Orvonton. About 10 percent of the advancing universes have been infected and this must all be removed. It is Christ Michael’s responsibility as “big cheese” to participate and direct this. He does not have to participate so directly as he is here. He can delegate and he has delegated regards the other planets that entered into the Lucifer Rebellion. But this is his chosen planet to directly participate, because of his personal learning to be gained from the “hands on” approach. And as we have stated, or he has at any rate through these messages, no other Creator Son has personally taken this hands-on approach and returned in this manner to the planet of Bestowal.

Most planets are prepared by previous magisterial missions for the bestowal of the Avonal Son, and Creator Sons do not tend to have their physical bestowal on a totally depraved planet such as this. This is the result of personal desire to experience what went wrong and what the solutions might be of a vast problem. Now understand, this issue here on this planet of trying to establish reasoning God Mind faster is not what has caused the universe-wide problems of Nebadon. The problems came from other universes and infested Nebadon, but nevertheless, Nebadon must deal with its problems.

Earth man must deal with its problems also. This is simply how it is. You are expected to solve your problems. Even those problems that came from asteroids which brought DNA patterns from other places. There was some attempt to rectify this, but it appeared that to rectify it would mean to start over, and thus it was chosen to allow man who was developing to use his mind to find the solutions. This process is still too much in its infancy, the understanding of genetics, and so that is not really an option right now, because of the pressing problems of overpopulation and dwindling resources.

Understand that the decision to go ahead and allow another possible 911 attack on American soil, is a wise decision at this point. The problems of universes are always large and must be explored and solved. To interfere with a sleeping population and fix it for them does not encourage the needed learning of cause and effect. There are many in America still absorbed in war is ok. There are many who will keep their comfortable life, come hell or high water, so some hell and high water is needed to arouse them.

They didn’t learn much from the last high waters of the Mississippi it seems in 1996. It is completely unconscionable for these ones to continue to allow the devastation in Iraq following 911. Conscience is learned by the experience of experiencing the lack of consciousness of others. And those in Iraq in general are there at this time, to have that other side of the coin experience. These ones, not all of them mind you, but many plundered others. But God did not create America to plunder Iraq. This occurs enough as it is, amongst those peoples themselves (in Iraq) to plunder each other and learn from it. America was to light the world. It did not. But it will in due time, perhaps.

You reap what you sow, and now it is time for Americans to reap what was sowed. Other places on the planet have experienced this as needed. America reaped what it sowed with the Civil War. The early settlers of New England, the dark ones purposely exploited the Indians and provided small pox soiled items in barter. These settlers from Europe eventually experienced the Civil War for the taking also of slaves. This has continued by these ones who have incarnated here since, and within Europe to plunder the world.

This plunder is going to end. And in its final days, American masses who have grown less than the European masses may experience again an attack from the very European Khazars that enslaved them. How else will Americans begin to realise the enslavement? And the effects of their plundering? And this is good training for ground crew yet unaware they have been enslaved, for they will experience what it happened on their watch and this will be a lesson not forgotten in the future.
The enslavement will not last any too long, we will not allow it to get out of hand. And it might not even occur, we await to see if the dark will play the game or not, and if the quakes materialise on the western coast or not. Martial law is likely to be installed with the quakes as the excuse. You of star fleet, many of you, did not awaken because you didn’t see it coming because of the “good life”. This will be the learning, for those who did not awaken.

The pollution to this planet is severe, and it is more related to depleted uranium and poisons than the oil use itself, although that is extreme also. The carbon does eventually settle back to earth and is recycled. But the process does cause a lot of other problems as it does so.

Those of you drawn to this material are here for management training, in general. Each star seed has his own purpose in growth. Planets get into lots of trouble. Always. This is common. Developing mind makes lots of errors. You are on a planet with problems about as bad as they can get. And this planet would no longer be here this time around if we were not interfering with the toys that could destroy it. We are allowed that.

But YOU must do the learning and the saving, in cooperation with us. I am asking you to not be dismayed by the message and determination of Christ Michael. Those of you in the United States who write Candace the letters of complaining, please realise that the problems here in the United States are far less than what is experienced all over this world. Mind grows from problem solving; it can’t grow otherwise. It does not happen by fiat or magic. You are here to direct operations on the ground.

If any of these attacks do materialise, you will be the ones to gently but firmly say, “I told you so,” and you should say exactly that. You should tell those around you that the people of the United States by their inaction have supported all this mess, and now they must experience what they created. If they say they didn’t create the car, well, they drove them didn’t they? And they bought bigger and better ones, did they not? They allowed the Iraq war did they not? And the list goes on.

I ask you all to be most confrontative, and ignore the new age baloney that says to always make peace and love, in a way that results in inaction. For that attitude itself has allowed much destruction to take place. Hugging and kissing does not produce food on the table. It does not solve problems. You do not need to rant and rave and throw rocks and the like, just continually stand in the truth and confront and lead and help out. Keep your cool, and demonstrate that concept to others who need to learn it. There are many star seeds who will come into action very rapidly that are unaware they are star seeds. This is their nature.

This will not be prolonged, and you people will not be allowed into the concentration camps. It will not go that far, for we are not going to allow you to be taken into them. You will be protected. We still suspect that the earthquakes will manifest first. Mother is resting again from a few serious ones, and your Sun will find its ability shortly to produce the missing sunspots and other activity. We shall see to that.

This must be started, there is a time limit, regards stasis and the planet because of the pollution. But the placement of these souls is what is important during these waning days. By their responses to this, so shall they grow or not and thus choose where they will go. Those that grow will be candidates for moving in current body to the new planet. This is their test. We can’t move warring people who care not to the new planet, nor people of the opposite who can’t deal with anything at all. Tough people will move there, but the toughness will be in the persistence to develop new societies. The people will not be caveman, but they will be farmers! And battling for turf will not be part of that process. So those that show they can cooperate are candidates for that place, for only cooperation will work on that new and wondrous place that has been prepared. No Satan’s drummers will be placed on that planet.

I will end this with the reminder this is your time to shine and to learn the skills of solving widespread planetary problems. It is what you came to learn and/or do. You are to remain in peace of mind, but be mindful of the actions needed to be taken. You are to be strong. You must lead. And you must also not spend time on those that will take you down in the process. Use your skills in ways that will allow progress. Turn away from those that would control you, for you have work to do, and leave them to their own problems and their own learning or not.

This is the time of separation of the wheat from the chaff, which includes personal wheat and chaff. This is the sorting time of a planet prior to ascending it, and you must allow the sorting process. Use your talents where they will bear fruit, and let those who do not bear good fruit go their own way. I know this can be difficult especially within families and at work, but so it must be.

There are many who will drag you down, and this might well include the robotoids, for they have little survival experience and will be in great fear. Send them to church perhaps if they already attend one and leave it in the hands of the pastor. This is not the time to get into arguments of right and wrong and whose opinion is to be valued. It is time to perform your own knowledge, to make crisp statements of truth and walk away when finished. It is not time to argue endlessly to no avail. Move on. It is time to go, Candace has been with me a time now, and let her get this out. Namaste, Esu.

Candace: I am ok with this plan. This is nothing compared to what the people of this planet have repeatedly experienced and is part of the evolutionary process. I would remind you that normally the Descending Sons (angels) manage planets and systems, and it was decided, since the creation is getting older, its time for the ascending sons to take the reign and thus Esu’s current work with this planet for his growth in planetary management.

I would like if it were reasonable and possible to instantly get rid of the suffering here which seems so extreme and for so long in the history, the recent available history since the last trip through the photon belt 13,000 years ago. This planet’s woes are made worse of course by the over control of those beings who captured this solar system long ago and destroyed much of it and many now find themselves incarnate to experience the other side of the coin.

I will play a major role in the reconstruction of this planet to get it into light and life. When the planet is in light and life, and monopolar, the dark ones can’t detect it. It is as if it is always cloaked. This is occurring throughout our solar system right now, and the making of Jupiter into a sun helps guarantee that process and is part and parcel of it.

At some point Earth man will assist in the development of new life on Europa, the Jupiter Moon. That story was nicely suggested in the movie sequel to 2001, a Space Odyssey. I don’t recall the title. This new sun to be Jupiter is part of the story of expansion and growth.

Many solar systems in light and life have more than one sun, and these are usually suns having origin as gas planets. Creation is always expansive, this is but an example of expanding. I have no idea how long it will take for Europa to be ready for life implantation. There is much for Earth man to look forward to!