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Evolution of Mankind and Religion on Earth

This article by Tony Wicks summarises the evolution of mankind and the “later” evolution of religion on Earth (Urantia) as given by celestial guides from the spiritual realms in The Urantia Book (

We will briefly look at the establishment of life on Earth by highly intelligent beings. In time as we know it, the first scouting party came to Earth 900 million years ago to examine the planet and make a report on its adaption for a life-experiment station. This commission consisted of 24 members, embracing Life Carriers, Lanonandek Sons, Melchizedeks, seraphim, and other orders of celestial life having to do with the early days of planetary organisation and administration.

The Life Carriers were next granted permission to institute new patterns of mechanical, chemical, and electrical mobilisation with life transplantation and implementation mandates on the planet. Marine life was first to be developed from protoplasm introduced to salt water around 600 million years ago.

Ancient man suddenly appeared around one million years ago from a mutation within the stock of the progressing primates, the Mesopotamian dawn mammal. They were direct descendants of the North American lemur type of placental mammals. This occurred west of India and ceased the supervision of the Life Carriers who were instructed to not interfer in the evolution of mankind from that point.

So biological evolution had once again achieved the human level of will dignity, man had arrived on Planet Number 606 of the 619 inhabited worlds of our local governed system of planets, which is known as Satania (nothing to do with Satan).

The six coloured races mutated suddenly from that aboriginal human stock 500,000 years ago. On other planets, the coloured races are normally introduced progressively over long time periods, in the order of our chakra colours - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. (Remembered as Roy G Biv)

However, on Earth, all colours emanated from the Sangik family of the Badonan tribes of the northwest highlands of India. The Sangik children, 19 in number, were highly intelligent, five were red, two orange, four yellow, two green, four blue, and two were indigo. When they later mated with fellow tribesmen, the offspring tended toward the skin colour of the Sangik parent. The indigo race were eventually known as the black races. The so-called white races of Earth are descendants of the blue men. The violet race was introduced through Adam and Eve much later (no, they weren’t the first people on Earth).

The green and orange races were eventually wiped out in tribal wars; the red man held North America; the yellow man eastern Asia; the blue man Europe; and indigo Africa. India harboured a blend of secondary Sangik races, and the brown man, which was a blend of red and yellow. South America contains an amalgamation of numerous races.

Caligastia, the first Planetary Prince, arrived with his 100 staff at this stage, with headquarters in the city of Dalmatia, Mesopotania, Persian Gulf, which was the centre of the world population of almost half a billion people. They were assigned to teach, and advance the interests and promote the welfare of the human race. The 100 staff, 50 men and 50 women, were superhumans. They provided the city’s inhabitants with

The Father’s Prayer:

“Father of all, whose Son we honour, look down upon us with favour. Deliver us from the fear of all save you. Make us a pleasure to our divine teachers and forever put truth on our lips. Deliver us from violence and anger; give us respect for our elders and that which belongs to our neighbours. Give us this season green pastures and fruitful flocks to gladden our hearts. We pray for the hastening of the coming uplifter, and we would do your will on this world as others do on worlds beyond.”

For almost 300,000 years, the early races lived by a moral law known as “The Father’s Way“, consisting of seven commands:

1. You shall not fear nor serve any God but the Father of All.

2. You shall not disobey the Father’s Son, the world’s ruler (Caligastia), nor show disrespect to his superhuman associates.

3. You shall not speak a lie when called before the judges of the people.

4. You shall not kill men, women, or children.

5. You shall not steal your neighbour’s goods or cattle.

6. You shall not touch your friend’s wife.

7. You shall not show disrespect to your parents or to the elders of the tribe.

Now Caligastia’s 100 staff and 100 modified humans needed to eat the fruit of the Tree of Life, a special imported

shrub from off-world. This superplant stored up certain space-energies which were antidotal to the age-producing elements of animal existence. The fruit of the Tree of Life was like a superchemical storage battery, mysteriously releasing the life-extension force of the universe when eaten. It was useless to humans. Thus the leaders of humanity could live for hundreds of thousands of years. The Tree was well guarded and removed to a safe place during the subsequent Lucifer rebellion.

The Lucifer rebellion occurred 200,000 years ago, and lasted 7 years. After this, Caligastia was stood down due to his betrayal and involvement with Lucifer and his assistant Satan. Satan had introduced the Lucifer “Declaration of Liberty” to the Planetary Prince on one of Satan’s inspection trips to Earth. This declaration was a grab for total control over Satania, including Earth, against the wishes of Creator Son, Christ Michael (who many know as Father God).

Dalmatia sank beneath the sea following a tidal wave 162 years after the rebellion.

Adam and Eve of the violet race, came to Earth almost 40,000 years ago, as the new rulers. They were Material Son and Daughter. A great Garden of Eden was formed on a peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean for them to live, teach, and produce upgraded DNA humans. The architectural plans for Eden provided homes and abundant land for one million humans. Only about a quarter of this was ready when they arrived. Never before this time, nor after, has Earth harboured such a beautiful and replete exhibition of horticulture and agriculture. The Tree of Life was re-established in a courtyard near the temple dedicated to the Father. Adam and Eve periodically partook of its fruit for the maintenance of their dual forms of physical life.

Unfortunately they did not heed advice from the Melchizedeks to produce at least half a million of their own family before initiating the program of racial uplift and blending. There was much confusion since the downfall of Caligastia who was still on the planet but invisible to the eyes of mortals. With the help of his unknown scheming, yet in good faith, Eve departed from the divine plan. Eden was eventually invaded by the Nodites, and the Tree of Life was destroyed. Adam and Eve and many of their children and grand-children, plus associates, eventually would now perish, as mortal humans did. Their mission was defaulted mainly by their impatience, but their contribution to the human race did much to advance civilisation on Earth. Some younger offspring, under 21, were removed from Earth to an advanced planet at this time.

Adam and Eve and their followers, the Adamites, moved east and established another Garden of Eden between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia. Adam lived for 530 years, Eve had died 19 years earlier. They were both buried in the centre of the temple of divine service in their colony. By this time, the first Garden of Eden had sunk into the Mediterranean Sea. This second Eden was the cradle of civilisation for about 30,000 years. Then Egypt became the headquarters of the most advanced group on Earth.

Numerous advanced civilisations have come and gone over the ages, often the catalysts were magnetic pole shifts, axis shifts, local and galactic wars. Two of these civilisations were Lemuria (Pacific Ocean) and Atlantis (Atlantic Ocean). Both main lands later sank below the sea. The Urantia Book does not cover them. Visitors from the stars were very much a part of such civilisations, as they have always been on this planet. Great cities of Light were established within the inner Earth by survivors of these societies.

Ancient religions and mythology faithfully portray the beliefs and traditions of peoples long since lost in obscurity. The olden cult practices persist alongside newer economic customs and social evolutions, and of course, appear grossly inconsistent. Always remember, the cults are formed not to discover truth, but rather to promulgate their creeds.

Religion has always been largely a matter of rites, rituals, observances, ceremonies, and dogmas. It has usually become tainted with that persistently mischief-making error, the chosen-people delusion. Various ideas go back to the early times of promordial ghost fear.

Primitive religion is nothing more nor less than the struggle for material existence extended to embrace existence beyond the grave. Evolutionary religion makes no provision for change or revision. It does not provide for its own progressive correction. It is not strange that progress was slow; in ancient days, to be progressive or inventive meant to be killed as a sorcerer.

Evolutionary religion is born of a simple and all-powerful fear, the fear which surges through the human mind when confronted with the unknown, the inexplicable, and the incomprehensible.

Religion enmothered much non-religious culture; scupture originated in idol making, architecture in temple building, poetry in incantations, music in worship chants, drama in the acting for spiritual guidance, and dancing in the seasonal worship festivals.

About 3000 BC the concept of God had grown very hazy in the minds of men. The higher realms arranged for Machiventa Melchizedek to materialise on Earth to carry out a spiritual mission of revelation of the truth of the reality of God, before the prophecised arrival of the Creator Son on Earth (Christ Michael/Jesus). This was more an emergency mission following the downfall of Caligastia and the default of the Adam and Eve mission. Melchizedeks are high in the administration order of our universe of Nebadon and have great wisdom.

He gathered around him a group of pupils, disciples, and believers who formed the nucleus of the later community of Salem in Palestine. This country was chosen because it was now the centre of civilisation and trade routes. Machiventa was soon known as the Priest of El Elyon (God), as the Most High, and as the Sage of Salem. Among some of the surrounding tribes he was often referred to as the Sheik or King of Salem. Salem was the site which after Machiventa’s disappearance, became the city of Jebus, and subsequently called Jerusalem.

Machiventa’s body resembled a human male but was of a special construction that did not carry the life plasm of any human race, so he could not have offspring. He never married, and stayed on the planet for 94 years before his body started to deteriorate.

During these 94 years, Abraham attended the Salem school three times. He finally became a convert to the Salem teachings, becoming one of Machiventa’s most brilliant pupils and chief supporter. He had been previously chosen as a likely successor to Machiventa.

Abraham served briefly as the commander of two very successful military expeditions for a relative on the Egyptian throne. He returned to his family at Salem but then pursued ambitious shemes to control local tribes from his capital of Hebron. Machiventa finally persuaded Abraham to strike a covenant to follow a spiritual path. This covenant represents the great Urantian agreement between divinity and humanity, whereby God agrees to do everything; man only agrees to believe God’s promises and follow his instructions.

Before this, it had been believed that salvation could be secured only by works of sacrifices and offerings. Now, Machiventa again brought to Earth the good news that salvation, favour with God, is to be had by faith.

Machiventa continued for some years to instruct his students and to train the Salem missionaries, who penetrated to all surrounding tribes, especially to Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Asis Minor. Next they penetrated all Europe, even to the British Isles, Iceland, China, and Japan. However, the task was so great, and the tribes were so backward, that the results were vague and indefinite, except in Palestine.

So the original Melchizedek gospel had been almost wholly absorbed in the beliefs in the Great Mother, the Sun, and other ancient cults. Without printed works, how easy it was to lose sight of a new doctrine from one generation to another. A new revelation is always contaminated by the older evolutionary beliefs.

It was shortly after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (carried out by off-world celestial forces) that Machiventa decided to end his bestowal on Earth. His surrounding tribes and immediate associates were now regarding him as a demi-god and as a supernatural being (which indeed he was) and with undue highly superstitious fear. He also wanted Abraham to continue teaching of the one and only God. So Machiventa retired one night to his tent at Salem, having said goodnight to his human companions, and when they went to call him in the morning, he was not there, for his fellows had taken him.

The loss of Machiventa produced a sadness in the heart of Abraham that he never fully overcame. He left Salem to live in the south at Gerar, and again became a great military leader in Palestine. Yet, in time, he also became a spiritual leader to all the surrounding tribes. He returned to Hebron, where he died. His son Isaac carried on the Salem teachings, but within 500 years many regarded the whole narative as a myth.

What the Old Testament records describe as conversations between Abraham and God were in reality conferences between Abraham and Machiventa. Later scribes regarded the term Melchizedek as synonymous with God. The record of so many contacts of Abraham and his wife Sarah with “the Angel of the Lord” refers to their numerous visits with Machiventa. Machiventa continues to provide advice to mankind on Earth today, from the spiritual realms.

As a summary, the Urantia Book indicates there have been many events of religious revelation, but only five of epochal significence:

1. The Dalmation Teachings by the 100 corporeal members of Prince Caligastia’s staff.

2. The Edenic Teachings of Adam and Eve.

3. Melchizedek of Salem revelations.

4. Jesus of Nazareth (incorporating Christ Michael).

5. The Urantia Papers, channelled material in 1934 by celestial beings, published in 1955.

There have been many ebbs and flows of the tide of religious truth and spiritual faith, and each renaissance of Earth’s religion has been identified with the life and teachings of some religious leader. In the post-Melchizedek era, there were Amenope, Ikhnaton (Akhnaton), Moses, Gautama (the Buddha), Confucius, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, and Mohammed.

In Ancient Egypt, Amenope exhorted mankind to turn away from “the words of men” to “the acts of God’. His teachings, translated into Hebrew, determined the philosophy of the Old Testament Book of Proverbs. Translated into Greek, they gave colour to all subsequent Hellenic religious philosophy.

Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt, and married to Nefertiti, continued to teach the Salem concept of One God. Never in all history did any leader so methodically proceed to swing a whole nation from polytheism to monotheism. But he went too fast; he built too much, more than could stand when he was gone. At the end of his rule, he disappeared just as Machiventa had done. Ikhnaton’s son-in-law, Tutankhamen, went along with the disgruntled priests and returned Egypt to the worship of the old gods.

The 15th century after Christ witnessed two religious movements; the disruption of the unity of Christianity in the Occident (West) and the synthesis of a new religion in the Orient. In Europe, institutionalised Christianity had attained that degree of inelasticity which rendered further growth incompatible with unity. In the Orient, the combined teachings of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism were synthesised by Nanak (1469 - 1539) and his followers into Sikhism, one of the most advanced religions of Asia.

The future of Earth will doubless be characterised by the appearance of teachers of religious truth - the Fatherhood of God and the fraternity of all creatures. But it is to be hoped that the ardent and sincere efforts of these future prophets will be directed less towards the strengthening of inter-religious barriers and more towards the augmentation of the religious brotherhood of spiritual worship among the many followers of the differing intellectual theologies which so characterise this planet.

Modern man is adequately self-concious of religion, but his worshipful customs are confused and discredited by his accelerated social metamorphosis and unprecedented scientific developments. Thinking men and women want religion redefined, and this demand will compel religion to re-evaluate itself.

Modern man is confronted with the task of making more readjustments of human values in one generation than have been made in two thousand years.

Reference Material: The Urantia Book - Papers (chapters) 62, 64, 66, 67, 73 - 76, 78, 92, 93. [November 2010]

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