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Talking Evacuation Rules

Esu and Candace

October 3, 2009

ESU: Hello dear ones, I started out for Candace above (intro moved to end), but let her write to help her get into the typing. By now most of you are aware of the increasing quaking in the South East Asia regions. . This is a direct response to the constant flopping back and forth of Gaia. There was no attack of any sort going on. She is soon to find the balance point and move into the reversal process. Candace can add some observation on this subject. There is going to be more and California is ìripeî at this time. (Candace, I am getting tired and need to post this, so any further commentary will come later.)

Now we have made another possible direction to take. The earth is really in struggle. And we must control the rate as mentioned in past pieces. The dark side has increasing plans of discord and wishes to solve itís financial issues by of course still attacking several cities in the US and again more agitating in Iran and Afghanistan. This will cause the reversal and then some and Gaia canít handle this. To you dark ones, we will simply if necessary proceed into stasis, the ships have long be placed, so we can control everything and you are left to ìdissolveî and no longer be. This is your end, during this process. I advise you think twice about your games, because in pulling off a game you have signed your death certificate. And that is a permanent death certificate.

Now, for you readers, if this option becomes necessary many of you in dangerous areas will be evacuated. Some of you can be beamed, but others most board by levitation beam. The craft comes down low and you step into the beam. Most of these craft are circular. Usually they will have green and red lights, but there is assistance by others to Ashtar Command, and so the lights may vary. Step into the beam, one at a time, and it simply carries you up and will feel a bit like riding an elevator.

If you find yourselves a beam to step into, PLEASE dear ones step into it. You will have no time. Do not worry, just do it. If at night, you will be awakened and taken outside to board. All are staffed by federation folks and they will have the trilateral insignia* of some sort, which varies in type. A staff person will come down the beam and give instructions. They have a list and will ask names if necessary, because you have a priority boarding ìpass.î Others will be taken depending on timing. There in some situations be a period of time to pick up folks, in others, if waves are coming, which affects you on coastal lines, just get on that craft. High winds are another reason. The stasis process does take a couple hours to complete. We have many craft now, for this purpose.

The purpose of this would be if the mother more suddenly begins the process, which could be ìjerkyî so to speak. Also during this final wait if you who have a boarding pass are in harms way of a quake, volcanic eruption, and any other dire situation, until we do go into stasis, will be lifted. We lifted a number of you in South East Asia and we will lift you if you live in California or any other dangerous area. Those of you who are staying or going to the new planet or elsewhere IN BODY will be lifted as needed.

If your soul is going, there is less concern and by that I mean, we will not endanger the process to attempt to come into situations where it is too late, or we must get our craft out quickly. Some of you have relatives nearby who are not necessarily needing to go in body, but we will lift these ones anyway to reduce the stress if we are able to do so. Some areas will face more evacuation that others. We normally will take pets, except in rapidly deteriorating situations. The person assisting from the craft will advise you.

If you are told to board NOW, board now, and do not look back. You beloved animals always reincarnate dear ones, and the animals are more tolerant of this than the rest of you. And animals dematerialize better, and if they are to be rescued they will be brought up by the beam me up Scotty method. (Candace, my cats have been placed back into my home for their safety all the time. Special treat by my guards. Some of them are so used to it, their faces just say, oh, well I am back in the house. NO concern.)

Some evacuations will be very specific, and you must accept this. There are some to not continue and while painful to watch, they arenít going. Your ìpassportî is your special chip that is implanted and you are in the computer on the Ashtar Command ship, The New Jerusalem, and it locates you constantly, and craft covering the area where you live have that information. If you have family with you, they go. But others may not be boarding. So just prepare yourself for the fact that others in the neighborhood may not be removed. There are some places where there are huge populations and many will be offered to go and if we pick up ìThugsî these will be dealt with later.

Now after pickup obviously you go to mother crafts, and everybody participating is well experienced in these processes. You will be asked to calm yourself, and if canít you will be put into a sleep state. Do not worry about your children if they are not with you. We will get everybody sorted and children are usually put into a sleep state, unless they are obviously fine and wish to help and many star seed children will immediately realize what is going on and pitch in. You will be pitching in where and when asked.

All the folks picking you up will be fully human appearing. We donít use other races during evacuation that are unknown to the races on the planet. Now some of you during massive pick ups who were intending to sleep in stasis, may in due time find yourself in stasis for a time aboard ship. When some of the changes are past, you may be returned to safe havens under the surface, many countries have built them and awaken gradually to begin to socialize in those environments. Which you will enjoy as this becomes available while work continues on the surface. Others in safe locations will just sleep unaffected.

Now, if you BBB&Gís* pull off any of your plans with weapons, we will at our discretion remove you immediately from the planet. You are not going to mess this up and endanger others, and cause us to have to speedily come to action. At any time, for any reason, we will initiate stasis so we have full control of the reversal process. It is possible Jupiter will not expose himself, as the planet Earth is as you can see, is having increasing difficulties. If we can work it a day or so before stasis, he can be seen, as those that believe in the great light in the east can have that satisfaction. And I will of course NOT being coming across the sky riding a white horse!

Now we are removing also some people here and there before stasis for other reasons, so there may will be some ìrapturedî people as those in certain churches believe. However, these ones will be brought by levitation beam or dematerialization with whatever they are wearing, or not wearing, and there will no neatly folded clothes left behind. I find it just astounding that some cannot see these things they are taught, it takes only a bit of thinking it would seem. If these are scene there maybe rapture stories circulating.

If you are coming up in these special situations, your mate and children will come up also, as above, so no one is left behind in fear about where the others went. For those who know Christians believing in the huge lies, the word will get around. Seek to correct them as you wish at this point. So say if another quake is coming some will disappear, and there may be craft visualized, just suggest that angels of the lord that are removing people from harm. Or use something that seems appropriate in communication. Keep it simple. There are MANY beloveds missing in these quakes and tsunamis that are not going to be found because they are already with us, so simply expect more of this which may make the news, or at least the internet.

We do not know the actual timing of stasis. It is all on the mother and our observations of the situation. We have considerably less than one month so it appears at this time. Please keep adequate food and cash around. Stay a little ahead. There is always the possibility of damaged cables, and of your controllers calling a bank holiday or carrying out something else nasty. Have some CASH. And keep your tank full. You can skip a meal at McDonalds to provide the cash. Teller machines will not produce cash for you. Perhaps take most of your money out of the bank and hide it safely and spend it as needed without waste if you are one a ìbudget.î

Now to one last topic. If you are suffering the physical problems, get more rest, and use whatever works for you. If you have a system like Candace, where you are laid back nearly completely, do get in touch with guardians who can get you attention. There is not a one of you that cannot do that much. Do not talk loudly, THINK IT, this goes better. Many of you who are sensitive are probably going to have more troubles, so talk to them. Use a sick day now and then if needed. You can expect anger and impatience, headaches, nausea and other GI problems. You can expect to be anywhere from a little dizzy to not being able to stand up.

This is quite similar to being severely drunk, and your systems have several stimuli that can affect them. The same system of balance with the inner ears is affected by both movement and drinking. I suggest this is NOT a good time to drink. Pamper your self, KEEP HYDRATED but do not over drink of liquids if you develop vertigo, because that can affect the pressure system in your ears. You may also experience earaches and increased pain. If your temper is running short, do something about it before you kick the dog and hit a child. This is going to be very sensitive on sensitive children and you do not need to make it worse on them, and they may require a lot of attention if they feel ill.

Step out and help others. If they are not going to understand a pole reversal just say all the earthquakes are causing problems of this sort. And believe me, LOTS of people are wondering why they are having these problems, as they have no idea. You are likely to have many at work complaining of similar symptoms and many are going to need to stay at home. I think some employers are going to see many staying at home. But people driving and working with heavy machinery should be staying at home. Watch out for these ones at work, because many will be very crabby and itís not a good time to pick a fight with them, because they may respond very negatively.

Many people are affected by this. There are some of low energy that are not, and it depends on the body, like Candaceís inner ears. There is also going to be some more confusion, because the dark ones have succeeded in leaking out a severe flu type illness. This is causing the gaunt of symptoms in the respiratory and GI tract. This is now rampant in the Middle East and other such countries. If you see somebody with this, might be a good idea to stay out of reach and not carry it around. Be washing the hands.

We just watched on TV a few days in the US of A, that people are being told that hand washing isnít useful after all. And I donít think I have to tell you why. Just like in the days of AIDS you were told you could not catch it off of water glasses, kissing and the like, and this is because they were wishing it to spread. They were wishing to allow people with AIDs to be able to continue work. Most of you have been immunized against many of the diseases coming forth, but I would not count on your luck on this in every case.

Stay away form sick people, especially if they appear to have this new ìflu.î If this is making rounds at your schools, please try to keep your kids at home, and put pressure on the schools to send sick children HOME. This one is deadly and itís not the Swine Flu. But it will be harsh on children and older people in particular. How did this one get put out there? It was developed in a couple underground labs, and TESTED there against disliked employees who then took it home to their families. You have no idea how many citizens work underground, at several places. When it tested suitable, it was taken through the tunnels and carried in vials and dumped in public areas where people are always touching. You get it by sticking your fingers in your nose and mouth. PLEASE for yourself and the sake of others who tread after you, be about washing your hands. This virus is not likely to be used to quarantine folks for ìmarital lawî. They want this to spread.

Now that Candace is better, she should be in good shape tomorrow, except maybe a bit sleepy from losing some sleep, we will probably be posting more, and she should start catching up on unfinished business. Good Night! Esu.

Candace: BBB& Gís is a term I coined long ago, and which we havenít used much lately. Big Bad Boys and Girls.

Trilateral Insignia: Usually a triangle with 3 equal sides. Different colors and schemes on them. Most space commands use this type of insignia. Many are going to be glowing, of higher vibration, and this is most useful because they are seen as angels in this world. They will identify themselves.

Dematerialization: This is the beam me up method Scotty method. You are disassembled and then re assembled on the craft.

Levitation Beam. This is like the little cartoons you see a lot nowadays. You stand in the beam which feels something like a vacuum cleaner and you are sucked up into the craft. These are always down low enough for breathing comfortably. Donít freak out, it isnít any harder than riding an elevator. You will not fall out of the beam. Be brave and show the way for others watching.

I hope to begin catching up tomorrow, I will get some long awating translations and some more PJ chapters first. Then anything with WB that might be ready. My house is disgusting and I am definitely going to finish some chores. I am feeling MUCH better tonight. We did work on this in three sessions and it may be a bit choppy.


ORIGINAL INTRODUCTION (moved from top of page)

Hi all, well, Esu and I are doing a piece. Christ Michael is on call with a problem and he and I as I improve will do a very interesting update, based a bit around Danielís recent piece with Monjoronson, about his changed duties, and giving more responsibility to Monjoronson and Machiventa.

Now this piece with Esu started out in a difficult manner like the last one I tried with Christ Michael because of my tremendous vertigo and other problems related to Momma GAIAís temper tantrum. My, temper tantrums are catching! I have been throwing them for a week now. This has being hugely frustrating to. My ability to spell and hit even a few correct keys had gone south.

How many of you feel really awful if drunk? I have never understood why people will drink themselves drunk. I have done so at most, less than the fingers on one hand, because itís so awful. I have been seriously ìdrunkî almost a week now from the vertigo which got even worse when the quakes hit South East Asia. I donít cry very much at all, but the tears keep coming when I canít type, and I trip often. I have had little balance.

Andrea has helped a couple times, and finally I begged my Sky Doc AA Rafael for some help. I have been so ìdrunkî I guess it didnít even occur to me to ask him. He came in now earlier today and examined my brain, and helped rebalance my fields because I canít even remember to try this. As I felt him working on that, which feels exactly like I do when I rebalance my fields, I then remembered what I do. I call it ìrunning energyî, and I get a bit relaxed either sitting up or laying down and open my crown and draw ìChrist energy, white energy, God energyî into my head. You can feel your crown opening, your imagination makes it so! It will tingle of sorts.

Then I draw the energy down through my rear chakras, the back of the spine, down to the bottom of the spine and then run it up the front chakras. You donít have to fully understood the locations, you can feel the energy stream though them. Then exit the energy out your arms and surround your self with it, like being in a big bubble. You can flow it down to the feet do and give some to GAIA. Play with it. AS you relax you get a pleasant tingly feeling through you body that certainly beats being drunk or drugged in some way. It can work way better than a cup of coffee. And I had not even thought about it, until I felt exactly what Raphael was doing.

This is great to do with nice music, but itís not necessary and once you learn it, you can use it for even a few minutes to break a stress. Donít just run it one time, keep it going for 5 to 30 minutes. It WILL help you relax and to get into a meditative state. If I have a short night, or canít sleep, this can really help relax the body, so you wake up better. I run energy also to help me raise my vibration before we do the beam me up Scotty thing if I am awake. Maybe later I will go into that some more. That is what it does, it raises your vibrations and while you run energy if you are angry, you can clean that up. It is really hard to run energy and be pissed off at the same time!

Anyway, Raphael did something to rebalance the pressure in my inner ears. So I am feeling better, the ìdrunkî is gone and I finally was able to do a bit of needed housework. Tonight I go to his ìhospitalî ship to have an implant placed that will help keep this away. This has been problem with motion since I was a small child. I always had to deal with motion sickness when traveling in a car, and still do if it is a large car with air shocks on it that make it feel like a rocking boat. I havenít ever taken a cruise for this reason. I do not ride roller coasters and the like.. And I used to travel with a barf bag, sometimes even on public busses. When I was going to nursing school in Denver and my husband to be was still in Boulder where I meant him, he would borrow his pastors old Volkswagen, and come get me for the weekend, and this car didnít produce vertigo and nausea! Needless to say, our first car was a Volkswagen. I donít know if I was born this way or suffered an injury when I was little or perhaps both. It is surely a problem now. I get this during phases of ascension syndrome for years now, but itís short-lived and NEVER this bad. I had some episodes last March when Jupiter was being dragged out and GAIA was over responding., but it was NOT like this. So now that my fingers are warmed up and its going better, I will let Esu take over

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