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JUDGEMENT: "Judgement is invalidating everything you prefer. When you invalidate something, you become equal to it, and thus what you do not want you become." Seen from a Hermetic standpoint, when you focus on something you bring it into your life. If you focus on what you do not want, you become resonant with the frequency of its reality and manifest it. The answer to all of this lies in the apparent paradox of Hermetic Law, wherein you must see the reality you prefer as currently existing in the moment, despite the apparent contradiction of its immediate lack of presence. Hard for most people, but not impossible to do. Furthermore, "every being has their own way of exploring the idea of existence. It does not mean you must judge the way they are living as invalid. If you are busy judging that what they are doing is less than what you think they could be doing, YOU are the one maintaining those effects and those realities in YOUR reality. You are focusing upon them."

Want a real challenge? Consider Reptilian Draconians eating human children and maintaining a 4 billion year history of tyrannical behavior, and attempt to attain a state of non-judgement while at the same time focusing on a reality YOU prefer to exist. YOU may move to a parallel line of existence where these guys do not exist ... they won't be shifting their perspective, so YOU are the one who must do so.


No matter what your mind or beliefs tell you, you never get more than you can handle. If you find that you have arrived at a point in your life where a certain situation is "dropped in your lap", and you find yourself recoiling from it, relax. Take heed.

You are never given anything that is beyond you, because that would be pointless. The universe has no pointless or extraneous creations. Everything f its. Anything that interacts with anything else interacts because it belongs in interaction with it, to represent a particular belief that is being lived out. Everything f its. The universe works. Let it work. Allow it to work. Allow yourself to work by doing what excites you the most.

Know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, if you do find something that excites you, something that you know is "what" you are, that because it represents your "truest" self at that time, it will automatically provide you with all the abundance you need in whatever form you need it, to allow you to keep on being "that" you, because every single reality, every single belief, whether "positive" or "negative", always comes with its own built-in self-perpetuating mechanism that makes it seem like "that's the only reality that exists", and "that's the only reality that works".


When you know you are complete within yourself and attract a relationship to share as true equals, each being in the relationship being complete, then an individual can come and go in the relationship and will feel no loss. If an individual comes and goes, it is an accurate reflection of the completeness of the relationship ... and it serves a purpose in the relationship and is not an interruption in the relationship."

"People assume that you need a relationship to be complete, so what you are always going to attract to yourself is a reflection of your own (self -perceived) incompleteness. You will attract someone who will act incompletely, to remind you that it is what you believe yourself to be."

" Individuals in your society say that if they could only find their soul mate, everything would be wonderful ... but understand that you only attract what you are the vibration of."


Because every single reality, every single belief, whether "positive" or "negative", always comes with its own built-in self-perpetuating mechanism that makes it seem like "that's the only reality that exists", and "that's the only reality that works.

This is why when one person finds "one thing", they think that "that's it! , and they will go around trying to force everyone to believe that one thing, or else they feel they will be "lost", or "damned", or "doomed".

The idea is that this is the nature of the structure of creation. Every idea is self reinforcing. Otherwise, if it were not, you would not be able to experience the pristine and pure nature of any one singular reality. All possible realities would be jumbled and you wouldn't know what to do.

The idea is that when you lock onto a belief in physical reality, it will always attract the circumstances, situations, opportunities and objects into your life that will reinforce that circumstance.

When you "change your mind" or "prefer something else", you get all the tools that reinforce that belief. It doesn't invalidate the last belief before that, because the last belief and reality is just as true as it was before, because all truths are true. That's the nature of All That Is. It's all real. You cannot imagine non-existence. Anything you can possibly conceive of is "somewhere", "somewhen", "somehow" a real experiential reality. Maybe not immediately applicable to this particular physical universe, but it doesn't mean it is not real.


Allow yourself to understand that the relaxation you experience when you "go with the flow" is not "giving up control", it is "taking control". It is just that the natural control you already contain doesn't meet with resistance. Our civilization has only been taught to see "control" when it contains resistance.

In other words, "I'm in control because I can feel it resisting me". This gives the illusion that if there is no resistance, there is no control. In fact, it is the complete lack of resistance that let's you know you have arrived at your center of perfect peace, where all possible realities are equal, and it is easy to choose the one you prefer, because no reality has any more importance than any other one. There is no defensive "I'd better do this, or else

There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That's how powerful you are.
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