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Sananda and Ashtar on behalf of the equinox ~ Lauren

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sananda: “The tide is high and the winds are strong…breaking against the shores of humanity is the swell of change. Transformation and bewilderment are the two themes to your new era. Everywhere you turn like-minded people will gather. Strong forces of change are behind the actions of the free ones. Others and I are with you to speak on behalf of the equinox and the coming changes in your world.

Gather yourselves my brothers and sisters to welcome the coming sun. The new sun is teeming with galactic power and has the strength to uplift the mighty and quash the greedy. The new rising sun is one of indelible strength of which your planet has never seen. Those beginning to rise from slumber are being lifted from their sleeping tombs to embrace the new liquid force that is feeding the entrance of a new and mighty era of peace.

Congratulations for believing in yourselves, a marked period of oppression has ended. It is now that I would like to connect you to a member of your galactic society who has many important things to tell you of upcoming events.”

“Greetings benevolent one”

L: Morning Ashtar.

“Behold the new day, for it has dawned. Welcome to the beginning of the end, the end of struggle. The time of great unfolding is with you now. The marked changes in your historical literature will have nothing on the quantum leap at hand. For one and all, this moment marks the entrance to a new history in the making, one that will change and alter societies everywhere.

Before each of you now is the gateway to higher intelligence, a portal to divine grace. We are asking that those who are ready and prepared begin to enter now into this divine portal to awaken your spiritual and galactic gifts for the new mankind. This awakening process has been a step-by-step, conscious entrance into your fully embodied awareness of divine heritage. We are asking that each of you who feel the call in your heart space to consciously take this final step into your full power.

Your intent to do so will bring you to the final phase of reconnect. Your DNA templates have been suitably prepared and your rising consciousness has triggered the proper receptors necessary to invoke your full power of galactic embodiment. The type of intelligence that you possess depends greatly upon your active duties of service and your origin seeds. What will make each of you successful in your specific roles is to gather with like minds and suitable frequencies to employ your missions. Now that your reconnections are completing, many of you are beginning to attract your mates of heritage and many more will be making themselves known to you.

The next phase in your evolutionary advancement depends on you. Each of you now holds the pyramid structures of your light body merkabas in tact. The activation of these vehicles of light is based solely on love and service to Creator. Your complete activation of these vehicles is for you to realize in your own timing, at your own pace. When, however, you have fully activated your divine birthright, you will have unlimited access to the universe and powers that be. This lightbody is monitored and controlled by your ability to understand universal laws, apply them and most of all to use love as your guiding and motivating force for all. Timing of activation is encoded in your specific wiring and as always, is in divine perfect order.

In the activation of your light body templates, many will be given extra-ordinary powers that will seem otherworldly. It is our intention to make these things known to you for the ease of your transition to powerful beings of light. Your new vessels of divine connectivity will hold the energetic blueprint of human perfection. It is in this state of total activated awareness, grace and perfect health that each of you will begin to utilize your gifts for the good of all and for planetary salvation. Had you not been driven to assist others in these times, activation would not be possible. Therefore, be at peace with your profound gifts of love knowing that you are well deserved recipients from hard earned sacrifice, discipline, and divine will.

My peacekeepers of earth, this is the beginning of your life. This in what is known as re-birth, salvation and divine dispensation. This time has been allotted to you to create and restore the planet as you see fit. Fear not your plans of creation, for they are written in your codes. What you deem to be paradise shall be. What you serve up will be feasted upon by all. You are the enlightened ones, the givers of God, who have resurrected the original blueprint of Earth Shan. The Dead Sea Scrolls have nothing over you, for you are the true seers, the believers and the frontrunners of the new world.

The command and all of the Galactic Federation of Light would like to formally welcome you to the new paradigm and insist that you celebrate your entrance to the Golden Age. As you lift the veil that is so easily removed, notice the memories of struggle as the seemingly disappear into the joy of new creation.

The skies have opened, the earth has risen and all of humanity shall rise together. It has been a long run, but an eventful one and we are diligently focused on the rewards that are due. We have much to share with each of you and we are well aware of those who sacrifice for the betterment of all. No one goes unrecognized in their quest for truth and no one is denied the fruits of their hard earned labors.

Welcome earthlings, we are eternally grateful for your service. Stay tuned for more developments….over and out.”

L: Thank you Ashtar.