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(from "Blue Blood, True Blood")

At this time, a Federation of Lyraen descended worlds was forming at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. These were the same group of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people and red-haired, green-eyed people that destroyed Sodom and Gemorrah after the AIDS virus ran rampant there. This was the group of people who sent the "angels" that appeared to Lot and his wife.

With Sirian cooperation, they were working to gently push the post Atlantean remnants back into Lyraen culture now that the Reptilian hybrids were taking over. Of course, this isolated Lyraen group did not realize the current treacherous Sirian Earth involvement. When someone is friends with everyone, they really are friends with no one.

The primary purpose of this group was to thwart the insidious Draco. Unbeknownst to them, the Sirians were taking advantage of both sides. They were helping a messianic prototype to be under Reptilian control. Toward this goal, they were creating a prototype for the next phase of human development. This group abducted a young woman from ancient Israel with extremely pure humanoid genetics, implanting her with a fetus genetically designed for a specific purpose. Today, this woman is known as Mary, and this is why it is claimed that she was a virgin.

Some authors and researchers now claim that Jesus never existed, and that the entire New Testament was fabricated. Others claim that Jesus existed, but say that he was a political activist whose feats and miracles are misinterpretations of ancient Hebrew or Aramaic terminologies. Both schools of thought are simultaneously correct and incorrect.

These people are also either willingly or unwillingly being used by 'the Illuminati to undermine current world religions. The Illuminati eventually plans to replace current world religions with a new world religion that will have to be followed by everyone.

There really was a Christ figure on the Earth at that time. Personally, I know this as fact because one of my jobs at the Montauk Project was to go back in time and extract a vial of blood from his body.'

There was a persona named Emmanuel. He was a product of the mixture of Mary and a Lyraen descendent. Mary was physically abducted and implanted. She said that she was visited by angels. As a young man, Emmanuel was removed from his mother, and taken to the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau. Here, he was taught ancient Lyraen/Atlantean/ Egyptian principles for twenty years.

He was also taken aboard the Federation ships and indoctrinated in ways to steer the masses away from the Reptilian influences. His orders were to inculcate the three strains of humanity that had the purest Ari-an genetics on Earth. These were the Hebrews, created by the Sirians; the Germanic tribes, created by the Aldebarans; and the Northern Indian Ari-ans who now lived in the foothills of the Himalayas. All three peoples used a lion as their symbol, and were descendents of the original blondehaired, blue-eyed Lyraens.

Most of this information can be found in a 2,000 year-old, resinencased document uncovered in Jerusalem by a Palestinian researcher. This researcher translated some of this document, now called The Talmud of Emmanuel, into Swiss German. This manuscript is no longer available in the United States, and is difficult to find even in Switzerland. The Illuminati had the Israelis murder the Palestinian researcher who found the document before he finished deciphering it.

It is true that the New Testament has been completely altered. The New Testament was rewritten to support the Roman Empire claims of superiority, as well as to change the perception about God and mankind. The Pisos, a Roman family related to one of Rome's Emperors, were commissioned to rewrite vast sections of the Bible. They were instructed to make the masses feel unworthy and lowly, and to eliminate any reference to their true heritage as spiritual beings.

Sections relating to reincarnation, aliens, the true creation of Emmanuel, and the true story of the crucifixion were completely removed. The sections dealing with the Apostles and the heritage of humanity were completely changed to allow for a "slave" mentality to occur. The Romans decided to use the cross as the symbol for Christianity because in ancient Hebrew, the word for cross is Tslav. This is a linguistic homonym for the Latin esclavo meaning, "slave." The first influx of Christianity came from the eastern part of Europe, moving westward from Israel and Greece. Those people were called "Slavics" because they followed the sign of the cross, and were slaves within the Roman Empire.

The entire crucifixion scenario was staged. The Christ figure was drugged before being placed upon the cross. Then he was removed, revived, and shuttled off to India by way of Damascus. His mother went with him, and he lived for a very long time. His gave can be seen to this day in the city of Srinigar, in the province of Kashrnir, a hotly contested territory between India and Pakistan. The grave is tended by a Jewish family. There are researchers who dispute this claim in order to nullify the importance of the true history of Emmanuel.

In the hills of the lower Himalayas, the small villages have legends and histories concerning Emmanuel, who sojoumed there for many years. These stories say that he lived until the age of 117, when he "gave up" his body. The villagers do not believe he really died then either. Many people in remote Himalayan villages report that he bleeps in and out of physical reality at will, and is able to literally manifest such things as food and clothing out of the air.

This was reported to western civilization in the late 1800s and early 1900s by a researcher and his entourage who stayed in the area for a couple of decades, and wrote a series of books on the subject. In fact, this researcher lectured all over the United States before he died in the 1940s. His research encouraged Hitler to send teams of explorers to the area in the 1930s. The researcher, Baird T. Spalding, reported on time travel technology and magical events associated with the appearances of a Christ-like being.

The doctrines of Emmanuel are very different from the Jesus of the known Testaments. He encouraged self- analysis, and said that material gains were fine as long as one received them honestly. He said that lesbianism was acceptable, but stated that male homosexuality was not because it wasted genetic material. Emmanuel married Mary Magdalene and had three children with her.

Current New Age disinformation states that Emmanuel was from the Order of Melchizadek. The Order of Melchizadek did not exist at that time because that was a political office, nothing more. Melchizadek comes from the Hebrew words, melech tzedech, which means "charitable king." Melchizadek was a title bestowed on the director of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. The Sanhedrin was the court system that made laws for the people. The holder of this title also acted as an advisor to the king. The title of Melchizadek was passed down from father to son.

Emmanuel criticized the holder of this title, accusing him of oorruption. For this, Emmanuel was ostracized. This placed him, his children, and Mary Magdalene in physical danger. Mary did not get a long with the Apostle Peter and did not want to stay in Israel. The

crucifixion was staged as a way to secrete the entire family out of Israel to a safe place. Emmanuel went to India with his oldest son to remove some of the danger from his family, and also because he was being placed under Reptilian control. For the rest of the family going through Central Asia was too difficult for them, so they were sent by boat across the Mediterranean to an area that was hilly and fertile, yet difficult for the Romans to occupy due to local resistance.

Mary Magdalene and her two youngest children, along with Joseph of Arithamea, Emmanuel's brother, set sail for the South of France.