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Inc. Jupiter to become a Sun!

Earthbridge Newsletter

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Issue 33 - May 2007

Highlights of this issue:

* In conjunction with Earth allies, the Galactic Federation has decided it is best to wait 6 to 8 months after the fall of the current US government before public “mass landings”. Many ships will be seen overhead before then, as will minor selected contacts be made.

* The Illuminati are still causing delays to the Light’s plans to announce changes. Federation liaison personnel have been sent to referee specific events and to solve difficulties that may arise.

* All new systems in the future, such as education, health, and governance, will incorporate Mother Earth as well as sentient beings. Her well-being must be part of all considerations.

* The “Big Event” that will cause a re-alignment of Earth’s axis and earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic action in December next, is Jupiter becoming a nova, a second sun in our solar system! The general public will not be told of this until after the “big sleep” or stasis of three weeks, to come around two weeks after announcements of government and other changes of GESARA.

* The ignition of Jupiter is behind the whole rationale of the ascension of Earth and the solar system. People will need to be indoors for two weeks or more because of the strong light and electromagnetic storms of this event, and away from coasts and large lakes and rivers.

* Those wishing to ascend will become stronger in health after the Jupiter event, while those not ready will become part of the large population reduction over the next 5 years.

* Coastal cities around the Pacific Rim will need to be evacuated before December. Official confirmation of this is expected “soon”. Don’t panic, we will be given warning


Editorial, Sheldan Nidle, Updates and Items of Interest from Various Sources (from Liat Navz Aliya, Candace Frieze, Jess Anthony, Zilanthra), Humour Department .

This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free.

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If you have only just found out about the astounding news of Jupiter becoming a second sun by reading the highlights of this newsletter, you will now be reading about more incredible events expected to follow in 2007.

The likely collapse of a large portion of California, and the Earth changes brought about by the ignition of Jupiter on December 23, 2007, will bring about coastal damage worldwide, and particularly around the Pacific rim. Instead of moving into fear or dismissing this information, we can do positive things through meditation/prayer and visualising calming of shifting waters and land so that all activity in the future is for the highest good of all people.

There is more detailed information to come from higher realms, and also governments, on what to expect and what actions we should all take. Meanwhile, try planning what you need to do if it is necessary to move home temporarily or permanently. Lightworkers will likely have access to funds to move. It will probably be difficult to sell properties once news of pending events becomes well known and accepted. Some people of course won’t accept the situation.

A lot of information is circulating the Internet on possible sizes of tsunamis to come. The average height in past times has been about 10 metres. Suggestions of a mega-tsunami of over 1000 metres high from a California collapse seems far too high to me. This would take out the Dividing Range in Australia and about three-quarters of the population, over 15 million people. I don’t think the higher realms would allow for that. Perhaps there could be tsunamis up to 100 or 200 metres high. Who knows? We need more information. Tsunamis grow in height as they enter shallow water. On coastal strips under 200 metres high they could likely penetrate from 10 to 100 kilometres or more inland.

Sananda indicates many countries will use underground bases to place some people away from harm. Perhaps in Australia we can use Pine Gap near Alice Springs, or other bases in the Blue Mountains and elsewhere, wherever they may be. Sananda also said many coastal cities will have to be permanently abandoned. Rising sea levels will also play a part here.

The Galactic Federation and inner Earth people said they were bringing special iron ore to the surface to help build new cities. I can now see the logic in that!

At this stage, I intend moving to Toowoomba, 700 metres in altitude. At worst, to Parkes in NSW which is well above the 200 metre mark that the coastal plains and much of inland Australia are below. We have a very flat continent! Another option is Alice Springs and surrounding Macdonnell Ranges, over the 500 metre mark.

Don’t forget, Australia is surrounded by the volatile Pacific Rim of Fire to the north-west, north, and east. There is also potential earthquake activity to the south. Refer to the seismicity map at

Meanwhile, some extracts of a great message from the Spiritual Hierarchy and Councils of Light, through Lauren on April 11: “You are rapidly headed towards a time of great shifting and forward movement. This forward movement will be marked as a great historic period in your history of days and it will become the most heralded story of Earth’s history. The upcoming and soon to be distributed financial programs have great bearing on the united way of global thinking and relating. This globalisation process is the first step towards dignified foreign relations and the most important of all, relations of the heart. In addition to these financial programs and the distribution of fair wealth, there is also coming a great deal of technology which will suit your higher needs. The distribution of this technology will impart great ease among many areas in modern living. There will be many alternatives never considered before that will become commonplace. The currency of money exchange, for instance, will become mostly digitised and will have the opportunity of freeing up many previously blocked transactions worldwide. This is of great importance to the people of a rising nation for it will have ramifications in all areas of your lives.

We wish to include in this transmission that those of you who are to be the first level recipients of great wealth should take every measure possible to ensure that the Lightworkers of faith are duly gifted and given every opportunity to succeed in their ventures of the heart. It will be of more benefit to these funders to see to it that all Light workers are provided for, then to go out and feed the poor. This is planning in action and those who have roles to play as gift givers, shall ensure the distribution can accommodate all those with visions of great giving and restoration. We wish you much joy in your endeavours of the soul and the true expression of Heaven in your hearts. Your tears of joy will be abundant as you give of yourself to others, for all of your needs will truly be met. You will soon find that having is not nearly as joyous as giving, but that giving bestows upon you abundantly. When you need nothing, you truly have it all. Blessings bestowed upon all co-creators of divine action.”

(Full text at

Tony Wicks May 15, 2007

Galactic Federation & Spiritual Hierarchy through Sheldan Nidle (Edited)

(APRIL 10, 2007 - 13 Ahau, 18 Mac, 2 Ik) Greetings! In our last message, we began to describe the timetable for first contact. We intimated that we currently intend to wait about 6 to 8 months after the fall of the present US regime before making ourselves public. We are doing this for two reasons: First, we want to be the hidden hand that ensures that your unalienable rights and your massive abundance be delivered to you as promised. The Divine desires us to act as Heaven's true enforcers; this means, we are to make sure that the various programs we are deliberately telling you about come into abundant fruition. These things are given to let you to carry out the tasks given to you by Mother Earth. Your world is in a very sad way! All over, the profanity of your power structure's unclean hands is evident. Undoing this desecration is one of your top priorities. Another is to make your society and global governments truly "green." This will be the start of your mission to help your ailing planet.

The second reason for this delay is to give us time to prepare you for our arrival. At the right moment, we expect your governments to divulge our existence to you and to shower you with the release of documents that prove their involvement with various ETs even before the start of WWII. We did not appear out of the blue from 1945 onwards; our relations with your governments and our observations of you go way back into the twilight of your history, and this needs to be unveiled. Documents held by many governments reveal this in detail.

Next in the line-up of revelations is the fact that your governments acquired esoteric technology via illegal covert treaties with the ETs and back-engineered from downed space vehicles. They now possess quite an inventory of advanced technologies that is being carefully hidden from the public by special secret operatives. All these disclosures are to become the foundation for the immense amount of data that we wish to impart to you during the first phase of first contact.

This bringing-you-up-to-speed can be a big help in preparing you for our arrival. Moreover, these technologies, when taken together with others long suppressed because of "national security," can greatly help you in cleaning up your planet. These initial revelations can stimulate a curiosity in you about how and why you are in the midst of a great consciousness shift. Your adage "ignorance is bliss" is one that our galactic societies have never subscribed to. We prefer "the truth shall set you free." So, in accordance with this, all possible data is to be made freely available to you. We sincerely want you to fully understand your duties to Mother Earth, to be in possession of the means to fulfil these tasks, and finally, to comprehend our role in all this. We feel that this can clear the air and allow for no-holds-barred, interactive discussion between us. We want you to get to know us and permit yourselves to open the way to a new paradigm that sets the stage for you to create your own galactic society.

We do not consider first contact to be a "rescue mission"; we see it as a means to complete your journey back to full consciousness. The issue is how this is to be accomplished. A lot of specialised communication with your nations in the last decade produced a range of flexible options for achieving first contact. The one we are presently outlining to you is the result of lengthy discussions with our Earth allies. Naturally, we wish the operation to go over as easily and safely as possible, which means that your awakening to our presence must be done as seamlessly as is practical in the time allowed. The main challenge for us all is the negative press we have received at the hands of your governments and your media. Many untrue religious pronouncements about us also need to be set straight. These errors of perception arise from a variety of unfounded inner fears and prejudices, including an Earth-centric xenophobia. Converting this false indoctrination about divine Creation in general into a more spiritually mature outlook is essential.

This undertaking can be compared to peeling away the layers of an onion: our task involves chipping away at layer after layer of untruths, which is why we decided, upon conferring deeply with Heaven, to delay somewhat the date of our open introduction to your world. An enormous amount of energy and detailed theatricals on the part of many compartmented intelligence agencies have gone into supplying your UFO researchers with mountains of bogus data concerning our activities and our intentions for first contact. These government agencies are given carte blanche to use their esoteric technologies to stage abduction scenarios and other atrocities with the intent of instilling great fear and distrust of off-worlders. These operations have been most successful in diverting ufologists from the truth. As a result, UFO literature is filled with fantastical and confusing claims about our nature and intention. Such tomfoolery must end.

The whirlwind of data released from sequestered documents, which we mentioned last week, will start the process of peeling back the onion layers. The ludicrous misconceptions about us that your public accepts as commonplace will quickly melt once the truth of many things comes out. In effect, a vast education project will be underway, preparing you for our capabilities and our role in the special divine procedure that you are currently going through. You will learn that most of your genetic code is extraterrestrial in nature, and that your various teachings on the subject quite misrepresent how you came into being. As you absorb the truth in myriad areas, your fearful worldview will be soothed. The technology now used to unstill fear, like "flying saucers," will take on a new light. We want you to regard us as your extended family, and indeed that is how we intend to welcome you.

Once what has been kept from you is absorbed, you can accept us quite naturally as human beings who represent what you are about to become; in short, we are your destiny. Such is the healthy state of mind of a people on the brink of first contact. Such a society possesses the prerequisite technology and has a grasp of the changes it is going through. This society is ready for our arrival and gladly anticipates the responsibilities we require. The currently agreed-upon plan aims to move you into this prepared state by instigating a global education project that is to remove the above-mentioned liabilities. Because your governments held back your natural evolution to such a degree, you must, in a sense, make up for lost time. You need to dig deep into your divine inner resources and bravely know and engage with a whole new world of truth as it becomes revealed to you from your secret archives. This is the challenge now before you.

The transformative process now underway can be seen as two "giant leaps for mankind." The first is the about-face in your current planetary direction and this moves you to the level of planetary human. This begins immediately upon the fall of the last dark cabal. Here, you focus on harmonising your global society so that you can work together and assume responsibility for the well being of your home world. The second leap involves the acceleration of this direction via first contact, in which you are opened to the world of galactic consciousness. This world, and our open arrival, will begin to interface with yours at the time specified by Heaven and Lord Surea. It is an integral step in the divine plan. At this point, we are to bring you the expertise needed to turn you into galactic humans. Remember, Together, We are indeed Victorious!

(APRIL 17, 2007 - 7 Manik, 5 Kank'in, 2 Ik) Selamat Balik! We return to discuss with you some auspicious developments on Planet Earth. At present your planet's secret cabal is in a tizzy over what is happening to their long-held plans to somehow stop us from arriving at our appointed time. We have duly informed their legal and diplomatic "hired hands" that we are preparing the means to back up our Earth allies and assure them that the ouster of the current US regime is close at hand. This latest initiative of ours is in response to the ignoble stance taken by these dark masters. You are in the midst of a great consciousness shift that cannot be forever ignored by those who still illegally control your world. Their perfidy is such that Heaven allows us now to instigate alternative ways to ensure that first contact goes off as planned. In accordance with this, we began at the end of the month of Ceh ( late March) a number of campaigns to make our messages to the dark ones more publicly known. As part of this operation, we are delivering this important message to you. The time for instituting a number of transitional governments on your world has come!

The series of documents, just released to the dark cabal, has a clearly defined, specific focus: Your world is on the edge of a divine window for first contact, and our task is now to expedite anything still outstanding to allow this grand event to manifest. Our goal and indeed the purpose of this sacred mission is to carry out first contact. To this end, we have supported our Earth allies and cajoled them into carrying out their mission. This supporting role allowed us to learn about and experience how your cabal and its opponents operate. We have gleaned new perspectives on your lives and on the way your various societies are circumscribed in their options to counter the arrogant manipulations of this dark cadre. We admire the way our Earth allies have been able to work around these limitations and thus come very close to a laudable, hard-fought victory. Our message today is also by way of being a resounding commendation for what they are accomplishing. Yet, we sit on the brink of all this potential manifestation with no dramatic results for you to sink your teeth into. We intend to see that these preparations now manifest, and do so quickly!

The way of this world is for you to wait for your infernal masters to lead you into believing that "whatever somehow comes about" is all for the best. This back-to-front logic needs a rewrite. The bounty of this world does not belong solely to the dark cabal; it is meant for everyone. And still you hang back, and whine only amongst yourselves to relieve your frustrations. Move beyond this, and intend en masse that the events you so deeply desire happen as divinely planned. Do not give in to the dark's insolence! We represent a powerful faction that is on your side, and as such, we wish all to know that this present reality is not acceptable to you any more. Make your own clear message ring out in unity with what we are doing to bring you to the verge of your new reality. First contact is to be a meeting of minds; it is the point at which your yen for abundance, freedom, and sovereignty melds with our own goal to alter you into fully conscious Beings of Light. The result, for you, is a new star nation and the fulfilling of your grand destiny. And this, in turn, leads to the unfurling of the divine plan for physicality.

What we are saying at this time is that a number of incidents have happened in the past few months that are testing our resolve to remain laid back and willing to tolerate behaviour that normally is unacceptable to our general protocols. This easygoing period is coming to an end. We have watched many brave attempts to facilitate the advent of first contact being thwarted by the actions of your cabal, and our willingness to reign in our response to aggression against us has now run its course. Many years ago, a game of cat and mouse with your global military started up, in which we either refused to engage their hostile behaviour towards our science scout ships or else had our defence ships disable these assault craft. Now, we have again been given the green light to give these primitive aircraft a brief taste of our capabilities. These encounters are prefaced with a warning to your governments, stating that these unnecessary and futile skirmishes are most distasteful to us.

Our new policy is to confront this cabal and its military when so required. We want your nations' air forces to know that we do this only to establish some basic precedents. These include your rights concerning the approach of first contact. We also wish to impress upon our Earth allies our desires on a number of important fronts. We are entering a "window of opportunity" for action and want to use our capabilities to ensure that action does indeed take place. First contact is such a monumental watershed for your planet that we intend to do whatever is required to make sure that it is carried out smoothly and correctly. The Divine decrees this, and in keeping with our sacred allegiance to Lord Surea, we intend to do what is divinely right both for you and for us. In short, we are informing you that the continuing interference and delaying tactics of the dark are to bring about their rapid end.

The present conditions truly favour our endeavours. Our Earth allies know how essential it is for them to succeed in what they are doing. Heaven gives them the divine go-ahead to move forward quickly and decisively, and this has really brought home to them the need to complete their assigned tasks and set the stage for first contact. We are seeing how all of us can work together to make first contact happen. This process has taken longer than originally hoped, but we are now in a time for something critically important to occur.

(APRIL 24, 2007 - 1 Ix, 12 Kank'in, 2 Ik) Your world remains in flux. Many things are happening that alter the way the daily goals turn out. This constant change makes it difficult at times to give a substantive analysis of what actually occurred. Such volatility can become quite an obstacle; nevertheless, the movement of our Earth allies has been only forward. The battle to overthrow the last dark cabal is getting to a stage where the final signed documents required sweeping away this miserable government can be procured. This particular struggle is only one of many that are being waged across your planet. Do remember that what is occurring is a grand war to end this regime's control of you in a legal and benign manner. In effect, our Earth allies are both legislating and adjudicating a new path for America and the world.

On other fronts, we monitor Mother Earth and assist her by seeing that the mounting pressures between tectonic plates are properly relieved. This procedure has greatly increased the number of six-plus-magnitude earthquakes measured by your world's seismologists. We are equally active in your planet's upper atmosphere. Here, we are "balancing" the stability of a number of layers that affect the amount of radiation leaking into your planet's surface area. This work is maintaining a degree of stability for your world as you move quickly to the brink of first contact. To us, first contact is the grand watershed that begins your actual transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This divine moment is something that the dark dearly wishes to delay, and it is our divine purpose to see that this magnificent moment goes off as planned. Hence, we are involved in a number of contingency plans, which unabashedly ensure your success!

We applaud you, especially given your frustration at how long this much-promised transformation has taken to manifest. First contact is something that we are fully committed to. We intend to bring it about shortly, either as a result of our own efforts or those of our Earth allies. The question is simply which party is to be primarily responsible for its completion. Either way, the goal is to achieve first contact as quickly as possible. We have set aside some time for you to put your various issues in order before our arrival, while nevertheless bearing in mind the prime imperative of the hour; namely, that first contact is inevitable. Our fleet is working diligently within certain restrictions laid down by us regarding what is to be done to "force" this event into occurring. Our intent is to transform this present reality into one that is more prepared to accept our coming. This is now our major objective. As noted, we are currently doing whatever is necessary to bring about this wondrous event.

(MAY 1, 2007 - 8 Imix, 19 Kank'in, 2 Ik ) The current situation on your world is a balancing act between the last dark cabal and our Earth allies. At present, our Earth allies are in the midst of a worldwide putsch, which is intended to topple the last remaining minions of the dark. In the last few weeks, a number of issues have been agreed to between these two groups. What has been causing untold delays is the dark ones' scallywag morality; whatever can be done surreptitiously to undermine any agreement, they have done. The list of those behaving deceitfully in these matters grows longer by the day! To move these actions forward, we have dispatched a number of liaison personnel to referee these events and solve any potential difficulties that may arise. We are providing our Earth allies with intelligence and advice with the intention of ending the impasse that, in our opinion, has held sway on your world for far too long. Your global society needs to be transformed swiftly and the present dilemma does not bode well for this to happen as fast as we desire.

As we develop operational alternatives, we are also involved in assimilating data concerning you and using this to move first contact to its final stage: the landings. This can be tricky. We want to involve in this process all those of you who are using your abilities, contacts, and resources to get our existence formally acknowledged, and, indeed, much is quietly being done to move this forward. Of course, what is needed goes far beyond this and requires a much quicker pace than the present one. We watch as the many tentacles of the dark squash any attempt to reveal the truth, which proves once again that only the substitution of the present regime by a friendlier one can resolve this insuperable obstacle. We have a number of tricks up our sleeve if current conditions stay as unviable as at present. We are also learning much about the degree of deceit extant on your world. All told, we know we require a strategy, which promotes contact while simultaneously transforming the present impasse into a formula for mutual success.

As we continue down the path towards first contact, it becomes obvious that getting there is much more challenging than could ever have been foreseen. >From this, you can see that your frustrations are equally mirrored by our experiences and actions on your behalf. Our intent, as ever, is to make first contact a reality as soon as divinely possible, and we are more than willing, literally, to move Heaven and Earth to achieve this goal. It is not as easy as many of you sometimes image for us to sit up here, far removed from your world and looking down on all that is happening to you. You deserve so much better than the suffering and trials that daily surround you. We take your problems fully into consideration as we wrestle with the situations imposed on us by the nature of the customs, morals (or lack of!), and perceptions that govern your global society.

(MAY 8, 2007 - 2 Lamat, 6 Moan, 2 Ik) Everywhere, your world is progressing towards the great transformation that we have been talking about. This need for change has created a massive interest among you in spiritual matters. These pursuits are just the beginnings of a journey that all of you have in some way begun in earnest. This search for new spiritual identity is moving Earth's peoples through huge upheavals, which are leading to a state of affairs where the spiritual revolution we have long described can actually become feasible.

This ongoing time of change is linked to the primal struggle happening in the secret places where Spirit and the dark have fought one another for eons. As this confrontation reaches its crescendo, the amount of pre-change chaos likewise rises. These conditions are at a point where something has to give. The pressure upon Mother Earth, the dark, and the Light to manifest a new reality is unrelenting. Thus the immediate future is pregnant with the potential for the emergence of a series of critical events.

To look at what is taking place on your planet and then to give mundane "climate-change" reasons to explain away the immensity of what is happening is quite ludicrous. You and Mother Earth are a single, entwined entity, that together make up this reality, and yet your philosophies have long ignored this connection. This is not only a fact of science; it is also a matter of the heart and of consciousness. Your reality is transforming, and doing so at a rate unheard of in recent natural history. Despite knowing about this, your political leaders have conspired to keep the lid on the momentous changes now afoot and their implications for each one of you and your global society. Because of what is happening here, we have stationed a Science & Exploration fleet in your solar system for some decades now. However, as you know, our purpose is not mere observation, but also involves a full-fledged first contact mission.

Our experiences with your world have taught us that a simple uncloaking of our fleet followed by an impromptu mass landing would be most unwise. Thus began the first of many projects to educate ourselves about your unique cultures with the purpose of eventually being able to carry out our divine task. We detailed a large crew of volunteers from our fleet to gather information from many places around the globe over the past two decades. Their reports, together with those of our liaison and diplomatic corps, have given us a working template of the way your society operates and an idea of how to proceed to accomplish our mission. Our evolving cooperation with your enlightened groups has forged the present joint game plan that is now moving quite swiftly forward. We are in contact with many on your world who desire our free and open presence among you. They are at the core of what we are now engaged upon.

Most of these individuals are very powerful figures indeed. Their willingness to cooperate with our mission is most encouraging. First contact requires that certain arrangements be in place, and this is now done. The next series of objectives is also in progress. Then, we can begin a massive operation to secure the essential ingredients that make first contact inevitable. Generally speaking, we are pleased with how things are going, but the speed of accomplishing each successive step leaves much to be desired. Your last dark cabal seems bent on resistance to the end, and yet, despite this, we can see how our projects are weaving together to obtain the victory that we long to embrace.

As our various projects progress, we closely watch our Earth allies work to remove, within the due process of law, the present US regime. This particular operation, because of the many legal requirements and nuances, as well as the perfidy of the current administration, is going slowly. Many plans have already been attempted, but failed. The current strategy now underway is one the Earth allies have full confidence in, and they insist it is to yield the results we all seek. Meanwhile, the dangerous direction your world is headed in persists. Against this background, our Earth allies maintain their course and wait anxiously for what is shortly to transpire. And so the grand push to remove the present US regime is indeed underway! As you can see, much is happening behind the scenes and in secret on your world. Concurrently, your continuing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation is getting to a point where the collective prerogatives of this reality force a new one to manifest. Heaven has forged a master plan, which is intended to reveal the divine plan. This divine plan decrees that you are destined to return to your natural state of full consciousness. [Full text of messages are at]

Updates and Items of Interest from Various Sources (Edited)

(March 7, 2007) METATRON THROUGH LIAT NAVZ ALIYA (The Point of Separation of Parallel Energies): Greeting beloved one, I am Metatron. I wish to show you the visual of the separation of the parallel energies present on Earth at this transition time - namely the lower vibrational energies running parallel to the higher vibrating energies. The lower vibrating energies represent all dimensions lower than the 5th dimension and encased in all of this is the current 3rd dimensional system set up for planet Earth. As these energies co-exist side by side, you feel the pull of both until you have consciously aligned yourselves to the higher vibrational matrixes of the New Earth.

The fear factor that still exists is part of the lower vibrational energies that you feel, and the chaos and confusion that is currently very apparent on Earth, can be seen in your 3rd dimensional realities. The point of separation where the old separates from the new and the New Earth begins to shine like a star in space is, beloved ones, where you want to be. This is your goal.

For the time being now, you must live with both energies fluctuating. Eventually, the higher vibrations will separate and those still living in the lower vibrations will no longer be able to visually see those vibrating higher. The New Earth will be born. This is none other than the planetary ascension. The snowball effect of the Light is unstoppable and the work around the planet both on and off planet by the Galactic Federation is intensifying. We know that you are not able to see yet the effects of all the work being done by the higher realms, but we say to you, that the events for planetary transition of the greatest leap in consciousness is about to occur

Align yourselves to higher vibrations at all times, project love into your futures, for time is really an illusion on your planet. Project love backwards through all your lifetimes, through your every lifetime you ever had on planet Earth. Bring this love back into the present time. Just by doing this, raises the vibration of the whole. This is your goal, the ascension of that part of you called the Higher Self. Clear your emotional parts of you that hold you back on this path, you do not need to hang on to them.

You are lovingly aided at each step you take, and the support you have through your guidance teams is ever ready to assist you and show you. Soon you will have the consciousness to be able to remember who you really are, and your connection to us will be instantly visible. The separation of these energies is what is causing major chaos around the planet as the Dark try their last tactics. They will not succeed. There will be a time shortly that you shall be glad that you experienced these things, for there is not a planetary ascension "‘every day”. The memory of this you shall carry for eternity and it has been done by each of you with the greatest love of this experiment for the All is One and for yourselves. Each of you is a divine magnificent galactic being of Light. Honour yourselves. I am Metatron.

(Liat Nava Aliya was born Lianne Pittaway on September 19, 1963 and is a Planetary Grid Master. She is here, among other things, to assist humanity and the Earth in the ascension process. She became a walk-in on December 8, 2005 when Lianne‘s soul left the body voluntarily.) (

(April 11, 2007) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH ZILANTHRA (Restructuring Systems): At this time, our legions of Light of Nebadon stand at the ready in preparation for tremendous change taking place. We prepare to come closer to those who are open. We would ask that all of your group and also those who are capable of communicating with us be at the ready. For those who stand at the ready, please know that we wish you to work with us to further the changes that will occur rapidly.

We ask all who wish to participate to step forward to carry out tasks which will require your assistance in many departments. There will be ground crew required in all the new ways. I speak of the systems that require restructuring and rebuilding. In each country, beginning with the Americas, all the systems of old shall require beginning anew. There are those at the forefront whose task has been to begin these systems anew. Many are required to assist the new ways to come on line.

Those who have talents in these areas are asked to participate. A call has been sounded. We ask that you follow your intuition and be guided to what feels right for you. The systems that are now outdated lie in all areas and the new systems require not only new definition, but education for the masses. There will be many new jobs created with the restructuring. Earth will begin anew. History shall begin anew. The new history shall be infused with what is good for all. Everyone is to be included, and all will receive the benefit of what is to be built. We see the future of these important systems in their true glory. All systems are to be based on Truth, on Peace, on Brotherhood and will be designed for the greater good of all humanity.

Those who are to lead will be brought others who will also assist to carry out the work. The new systems, such as education, health, and governance will all incorporate Mother Earth, not only sentient beings. Mother Earth’s well being is part of all considerations. As the new guidelines are formulated, in the design and building of the new systems, her welfare shall be paramount. There will be those who bring messages from her that will be included in the design. In other words, her input will be received and be included, or written into the mission statements of all the new systems.

There will be new systems that require to be brought into existence, ones that do not exist yet and were not even part of the outdated establishment. It is time to broaden the horizons of humanity. Bring into your awareness that this is to be part of the new Era. Some are manifesting the new way in the department of education. It is the time to visualise, to see what the young ones require to learn in the new Era. It is time for new curriculum. There will be important subjects and fields that the young ones will require to learn. The young ones will carry a plethora of ideas that all will benefit from. Education will become hands on and a joyful experience for all concerned. It will be very different.

Governance requires a complete restructuring. New Governance will be a simpler way and will involve participation of all citizens of Earth. As old ways fall by the wayside, many old laws will be written out. The Constitution and the Declaration [of Independence] carry all that the land requires for new law. Those who will become leaders will stick to the simple ways of Truth and Wisdom. Governance will be in partnership with all, with Peace, Freedom and Sovereignty for individuals at the fore. The health of the people will take on a new meaning and this system will be reborn anew with many wonderful changes. Many who have been practising alternative ways will be able to share and practise their knowledge. The birth of all mutational and health services will be extraordinary to witness. Well being, welfare and health of all humans will become paramount and will be exercised by every individual, as it is the natural birthright of human beings.

As all changes, and humanity realises that harmony and balance can be reached, all aspects of the new Era and the changes for humanity will integrate. It will be as a natural process, where individuals begin to relax and feel the peace and freedom within. This will allow all aspects of your lives to become positive. There will be joy and happiness where once there was desperation and hopelessness.

The Justice system is one that will experience great change. The laws that man has built require a 360 degree turn. New law will be about brotherhood, respect and honour for one another. This is where personal sovereignty will birth, as individuals recognise that all are equal in the eyes of Creator. Brotherly love will birth and camaraderie will bring even more new ways. Humans will see with new eyes and hearts. The birthing and structuring of the new systems will be a joyous task for those who participate and become involved.

We have touched upon but a few of the changes. Please put thought into what you, as Lightworkers, and as newly awakened beings feel within. Your desire is for Peace and Brotherhood, what is it that you would like to do? How can you express and input your talents and skills into the new Era? Do you see yourselves becoming builders of the new Era? Do you see yourself contributing in a way that brings you a renewed sense of joy and belonging? Do you know someone who would like to serve in this capacity? Can you apply what you already know towards structuring of the new systems? Where do your interests lie? Do you have a desire to serve to bring the new Era from a stage of birthing into growth and action?

Ask yourself these questions. If you can answer yes to any of them, you may be a candidate in the rebirth of Earth and humanity. We ask that all who desire to contribute and to express to step forth and bring that part of your self into creating the new Era. I Am Christ Michael and I bring you tidings of what is to come.

(April 10 to 13, 2007) CHRIST MICHAEL AND ESU/SANANDA THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE (Birthing a New Sun - Jupiter)

Christ Michael: Hello my beloveds in service to Nebadon. Over the next 1 to 1 ½ years you will be heavily tested, and I expect all of you to pass grandly and make good progress in your journey to Havona. We have long known this event, the igniting of Jupiter into a sun would occur, and this is behind the whole rational of the ascension of Earth at this time. For it is the ascension of the entire solar system in which you live. Hints of this have been given through “science fiction”. You are going to run into some who will debunk this and state that this is not possible, but most surely it is, and the time is ripe. A number of years ago we thought the event would not occur prior to 2010, and possibly a bit later, but everything evolves and changes and so has that timing changed.

We have put out little in updating recently, because we have been in many a conference to discuss what our scientists have learned and who to deal with it at this time, as related to our other activities. It has been decided to assist this ignition at a time more opportune for you, which is when it will next be “behind” the Sun, from your viewpoint. Since Jupiter’s cycle is considerably longer than Earth’s, there is about a 6-month leeway period. The ignition will be less intense for you, if the Sun is “in the way” and will buffer it. Nevertheless, it will not be easy. I will leave you to read the rest that Esu has done through Candace.

I have been informed there are some problems for some of you in understanding the latest Sheldan Nidle reports. When I started this work with Candace, we were hoping the planet would have come a bit further, assuming the assistance of the dark side coming into cooperation, but that has not happened quite as I wished, as all of you “waiting” are aware of. His reports are essentially correct, in the timing of what he labels “first contact.” What he has left out is the detail of Jupiter in the mix. There is more going on than “Mother Earth is anxious to get on with her changes.” In fact the entire solar system is anxious to get on with the changes, as are you who are aware.

We are getting into a timing concerning the pollution too, but we will fix much of this, during the “big sleep”. My, all of you do enjoy your abbreviations! We do have to be moving along. A number of years ago, prior to 911 we pretty much figured we would have to “throw in the rag” so to speak, but afterwards, a sleepy planet began to awaken. I have been more than a little disappointed in the United States however, in this, because the people have not been able to get attention to the fact that 911 was a scripted event.

Too many still will not look at a devious government behind the scene. You remain in the Iraq war, with extensions planned into Iran, and yet the people mostly sleep, and will not put pressure upon the political cartel in sufficient numbers to create some action. There is still the belief that Islam has a problem, and it is much of Christianity that has the bigger problem. I remain saddened at the issue of the rapture that so few who follow that idea will see past. They put out many thought forms into the mass consciousness that say “bring on Armageddon, so we may rise up to see the Lord”. As a result of the continued war activities without adequate confrontation by the people, the planets vibrations have lowered some, rather than moved up. However, on a good note, there are many who do know, but know not what else to do, who will stand up given the opportunity and we can make great progress.

Now, back to the Nidle report. We will have the announcement period as we have said, as soon as possible. But it may be in May at this point, for we are still in some planning. And the presence of God and star visitors assisting God in the end times will be taught, and as has been said, Esu will be on that team, for some portions in the second half. Right after the first discussion of star visitors presented to the public, there will begin nightly flyovers, increasing in duration and intensity. At that time, the world military forces will be stood down, so as to not interfere.

At the end, there will be a bigger show. Many people don’t want to believe the ships are many of the stars in the night sky, and these bigger ships will put on a bit of a show. Imagine the Big Dipper moving about out of form! However, there will be no big landings at that time. We will begin gradual small contact activities to get people more used to the idea. Helena will do the event in Denver with Candace that has been long planned, and there will be similar ones around the world.

As soon as I determine the timing, the Earth will be put into stasis, or the “big sleep” for at least three weeks, so that we can work without observation and resultant fear. The big sleep will also correct your seasons some, which are off because the year is 360 days now. The ozone layer will be removed. Some pollution will be remedied, and we will be working with many, in their higher selves at this time, to promote awareness. We will increase the energies even more, as we have been doing in the past. We did that a year ago, but the planet has slid a bit. These energies will further awaken the DNA in those on the planet, and help set up the conditions for more significant contact.

So you get the flyovers, but not the major contact we had previously planned. After the big sleep, the facts of Jupiter will be presented, and preparations begun in earnest. As good news, most governments are being cooperative and will work to assist their peoples for this. Those that have been reticent should change their minds. The monies will happen, the banking will be in place, as it must be for preparation, and the American administration is down and out of place at the time the announcement activities begin. We have made some changes in the plans for what some of you have labeled “the rebates” of taxes and illegal interest. Some of this will not be released until after the Jupiter event, but some of it will, to those who will manage it well.

Since Jupiter is coming upon you early, and by our timing to assist you, many will not be ready to have such large finances at their disposal. The monies need to be in the hands of those that will use them properly at this time. More can be released after the event when the planet is stabilised a bit. There are simply too many, who if they had this money, would “just take this job and shove it” and otherwise use it irresponsibly.

There remain the huge massive trusts that will be released to those of merit, and those who invested in the prosperity programs. There are very strict instructions with the release of these large humanitarian funds. They are not to be “blown off.” In the United States, the decimal will still be moved over one place, so that goods and wages are 1/10 of former cost, to restore a goodly portion of damage from inflation. Debt forgiveness remains part of the plan, and this alone will moderately increase prosperity for many, allowing them to begin to store and prepare for what is to come. I do not want Jupiter to ignite at an inopportune time, it is better to assist rather than have a greater tragedy.

The Pacific Rim will suffer greatly. There will be weather issues, and I assume Esu has covered much of this in an introductory manner with Candace. It is time beloveds for you to come into the leadership you are capable off. Many of you have had your ideas rejected by your circles, but I say to you, that you will find yourselves sought out now, in these coming times for your knowledge, after all. You will be able to say “I told you so”, but in saying this, and you should say it, go into leadership and assist your peoples to plan carefully. There will be much chaos, and this can be reduced greatly by local leadership. Many of the star seeds will fully awaken with the announcement period, and if that doesn’t do it, the announcement after the big sleep should do it, they being prepared more at soul level.

So, now I return to the Nidle reports. Over the months until ignition, the star peoples will assist much behind the scenes, more education will be given, there will be enabling events, such as Candace’s and Helena’s, and more and more exposure, to prepare people for the assistance to be given during the trying times. It is a time when each and everyone on the planet is going to stand up or fall apart. It is difficult to know how some of the religions will handle this, because the dark side has done much to prepare them to reject us as the dark ones, who have come to bring the tribulation and they will await the real ones. So be it.

You are asked to help as these ones in your circles. This is the final time to make the choice to ascend or not. I have waited and delayed long for ones to make that choice, and I await them but a bit more. Some just have to have it placed thoroughly in front of their faces before they will finally make the choice. This is the time for my “fallen angels” to return unto the lighted grace that awaits them that have not yet made their decision. It is my wish that they have until the last minutes to do so. For many, it will take the cataclysm to do so. I need to let Candace go, so she can rest and finish this piece tomorrow. I bid you adieu, Namaste, Aton of Nebadon.

ESU (SANANDA): Beloveds it is I Esu and you can refer to me by that name without a problem, for we in the higher realms are not “stuck” on title. Since last summer we have been setting up a new story upon the planet, as a part of her birthing into the higher realms. We have been telling on the planet for a time now, that there would be an event. The time for that event moves ever closer. You have heard that some planets have two or three suns. These are planets that have moved higher up in creation. This is a natural process. So what is the story we have been leading up to, since Monjoronson began his tales with the Teaching Mission last summer of the coming catastrophe, that can’t be avoided?

It is beloveds, the birth of your Second Sun. Times marches on, things change, and re-birth and renewed life continue in the cycle. After eons upon eons of formation in your solar system, and the many, many times through the photon belt, your solar system is growing up some more. That is the reason that it is this time in the photon belt that is the end of evil upon this experiencing sector of the universe, your solar system. Also, it is a time when all in photon belts everywhere are being much uplifted, for all of this galaxy (Orvonton, Milky Way) is moving up a notch. The rays coming through are most intense, as different from more recent history. You recall that last October 17, was the big conjunction of many systems that was predicated to occur in 2012.

In fact the rays are more intense from their origins because all involved closer to source in this galaxy have “moved up” and now this energy is spreading through the monastic systems unto many places. There will be no 3D planets or lesser shortly within Nebadon. All evolutionary planets, unless they fall will be at least 4D. This comes from simply experience, time, and growth in this yet fairly young incomplete universe. Graduation time for many, plain and simple, for the many have gained their lighted experience and this will filter down to the younger planets within Nebadon yet to come.

Each trip through the monastic ring, or photon belt, causes many changes in a solar system. Since you are far from your Central Sun, Alcyone, the process takes longer, as you are in the photon belt for far shorter times, than you are out of it. You spend long ages, quite literally “in the dark.” So the time has come, after these eons of change, that Jupiter will ignite into a sun. It is Jupiter’s “graduation” also. This is why this is the final battle of evil, because the intensity of living with two suns, prevents the dark energies from being able to exist. This means you will no longer have the lower astral or “hell” realms, sometimes called the Bardos. These negative beings and thought forms that can influence your behaviour will be gone forever. However, let it be said, that evil is not gone from the evolutionary planets of Nebadon, because 4D is a very trying stage, in which no one sits on a fence anymore, and thus your troubles at this time.

In the Phoenix Journals we, or more particularly Hatonn as Christ Michael or Aton, told that in a number of years you would have an event that must be prepared for, faced by all. That is Jupiter, becoming a new being, a Father Sun, and its moons will begin to beget new life also, thus becoming Mother Planets. Just as in physical life, a new family is born. Birthing of one sort or another exists throughout all of creation. Always the birthing involves a Father and a Mother. Jupiter might be seen, for those of you who have studied the Phoenix Journals version of the Trinity, the One Light, that divides into the Father-Mother Light, which begins the process of uniting the twin Father-Mother Light back into the one.

And in time, this new system about Jupiter, this new Father-Mother, will find its way back into unity consciousness, just as your current solar system is doing. Creation expands in this way. There are other methods of expansion or growth, this is but one. This is the birthing of a “child” solar system; you might want to call this new system the grandchild of your current Sun, its planets being its children. In time, a very long time, another of these outer gas planets of Earth might, and probably will, do the same thing.

Your Sun has been aging, a normal process, but all of this represents renewal for it. It will not die now either. Only suns without solar systems are prone to die. For this new grouping of suns will cause the re energising of each other, which will also be continued by the “photons” that come periodically from Alcyone. It is possible in the far distance future, that your Sun might even become a true central sun. With the Jupiter event, it does become a central sun, having at least one sun encircling it. In time, if a third sun should ignite, other suns from nearby systems might become attracted to this system of suns, and in the process grow some more. And one day, there might become a huge new sun from all of this performing similarly to Alcyone. You have had hints of this in some of your sci-fi stories. On occasion it has been suggested in material from “channellings” and under hypnosis. So now you have it, on the importance of this age.

Now, we must get serious, because this event is not without some difficulties. You are aware of sunspots, and other solar activity that can affect your electromagnetics, and produce even earthquakes. You are aware that this activity can affect also your satellite transmissions, and interrupt electrical output from your electric grids. And so shall this do so, rather “big time.”

The reason we are saying 6 to 12 months, [December 23, 2007 is now the updated time - Tony] is that we are going to assist this a bit, so that the event takes place when Jupiter is far from Earth, on the other side of your Sun. Otherwise, if allowed totally its natural time, the journey into this could be considerably harsher upon you. Ideally it should be directly opposite you, but this is not totally necessary. Your own Sun will diffuse the energy produced during the igniting and the distance is also useful.

Currently Jupiter is still visible in your skies. But soon it will begin to wander behind the Sun, from your viewpoint. Remember that you encircle the Sun much more frequently than Jupiter, so that decreases the window of timing.

Aton in his Hatonn form visited your many leaders and continues to do so, so that the people may be prepared for this event. You do not want it to occur without some assistance of governments in place, and as stable a monetary system as can be obtained. Otherwise the anarchy would be incredibly huge. I suggest re-reading, or reading Monjoronson’s message on Candace’s main site, about the coming Cataclysm and what you might expect. I would also suggest you get into thinking and pondering this and the ramifications (link to first piece on this topic by Monjoronson last summer: ) .

This will affect the magnetics enough to shift your poles to a new location, meaning your axis will change. This changing axis will only take at most a few days. This is survivable, but you must plan for it. In the United States, we have taken over the underground areas and are preparing them for use to make this easier, because the government has made no previous plans for you the people. Russia and China are well equipped to handle their populaces, and plans are being made for other areas of the world.

Before I detail our plans, still in the making because of the approaching time, and the refusal of the Illuminati to stand down, (now you know the reason for the stand down [request] of April 3, 2005), the planning changes. We will take over the USA if required. Most other countries are in compliance and are willing to serve. This is the reason we have 25, 000 plus people on the ground working behind the scenes. After some recalculations of a couple years ago, it became apparent that Jupiter was going to ignite, maybe a couple of years prematurely. And this is the main reason Christ Michael chose to go global with the NESARA idea that has become a very enhanced GESARA now. Please the final “A” is for actions, not act. Time is of the essence. In this “wait” that has made some of you uncomfortable, much of necessity has been accomplished.

Now back to what to expect in terms of physical Earth changes. The axis change will be small. You have experienced axis changes in the past of up to 90 degrees. This is 5 degrees. Part of that reason, is the choosing of timing to assist, and part of it, is that the planet has moved forward spiritually, thus a less chaotic event. We will add some stability also during the process.

The Pacific Rim will be most affected, but all will experience problems of some sort. Some volcanoes will erupt, and many oil wells will close, because this will cause the spaces in which the oil used to be, to fall in. You have already created many of your recent quakes, simply because of oil and gas removal. One of the reasons for the situation in Los Angeles is related to ocean water, under higher pressure, seeping through the existing faults, and filling in some of those spaces in which oil has been removed, thus worsening the issues there. Some of the caverns, not all, are simply “empty” oil caverns. So be it, you all did it.

Many incarnated to bring energy unto you, as you entered the industrial age, that would not use fossil fuels, and it was rejected. While that seems not the little man’s fault, you are involved in that every time you get into your car. Many know this, but it did become very difficult with suppression of literature in various formats for you ones to organise effectively, especially as textbooks were changed and scientists murdered or bribed. But you could have had free energy, had the leaders that stood up in the 60’s and 70’s stayed in action, and had not “run away” to develop nice candles to buy, and enter into new age commercialism.

College campuses, normally the place for mind to work its magic, were very suppressed, so you do not bear all the blame. The beast has pretty advanced weaponry and people “freaked out,” especially after the murder of Kennedy, and Kent State. It seemed easier to attempt to help through commerce for many. Some of this has been most useful, but you would be so much further to have kept up the pressure of the pen, rather than riots.

Why didn’t we intervene? We have been, and in great measure over time I might add. You have your Internet for example and other technologies, which do service you and make your life easier. But the beast always counts the dollars to be made and limits. We have to go through your leaders and governments, no matter how bad, because on dark planets like this, the small guy gets “deaded”, making change difficult. That sounds like a contradiction to the above statement, but in numbers with powerful pens, you would be further along. But nevertheless you have moved forward, especially with the event of 911. Some of you wonder why we “allowed” 911, for certainly we could have prevented it. Yes we could have, and you have not had another 911 of that nature, including this past Easter weekend. It was in fact 911 that finally awakened this sleeping planet, and the goodness that has come from it started the glowing of the planet. You visually glow, from where we sit, beloveds, just as Venus and the Moon glow in greater brilliance right now. They are glowing in part from a brighter Sun, but also are glowing themselves. This is move up time for the entirety of your solar system.

It is appropriate at this time, despite my little complaints, to extend a grateful hand to the star seeds who have come and endured for so long to assist the lifting of this planet from within. Many have suffered far more than I did in the travail of the cross. Many times over in some cases. For you shall have your reward, which differs for each of you, depending on your journey and what you came to do and learn.

So back to those physical changes I seem to drift from today. The [Pacific] Rim of Fire as I said is the major issue. It is likely this is the time when LA falls downward and raises up great tsunamis from the displacement of water. The sudden axis change, even spread out over a few days, will cause great fractures and thus quakes, which will cause other quakes etc. A ripple effect. The Pacific Ocean is kind of like, going to slosh like a pool full of people. This will occur even if no earthquakes happened. So in this case the waters will have both this effect of sloshing, and displacement from some quakes, along fractures that produce displacement of water.

You recently observed in the Solomon Islands a great quake, which lifted the islands up, exposing corral reefs, and extending the distance out to sea of the shore line. In some areas this was as high as 10 feet. Apparently this didn’t cause much attention in the media in the USA. Candace is only aware of it being on Yahoo news. This should have caused great consternation and teaching in the United States. That it wasn’t as “big” as the quake in Indonesia 2 ½ years ago, is in part the reason. The death toll was such much less.

During announcement time, you will be taught the truth of other recent events since 911 upon the planet that have been dark side attacks covered up. There are many. Not all may be covered initially, but some will. Over the months more details will come forth.

For a few days especially during the ignition of Jupiter, you will have great electromagnetic disturbances. If it were to ignite while in your skies and not behind the Sun, you would have blinding light that might cause great vision damage, if not inside and preferably underground or in basements. Your televisions and cell phones will not work during this time, nor radios, so you are sort of on your own, in determining your actions. You will most likely have no news whatsoever. During this time, we are going to assist, in a manner of “martial law” in keeping of some peace, and folks will be told this beforehand. You will have some types that will take advantage, and in fact some people will be very confused from the electromagnetic impulses upon the physical body.

You must have planned shelter. Those of you with basements will be fine in them. Although the light will be considerably less than if the ignition took place in your view, it will still be bright, because of these electromagnetics. I need not give a big description here, use your “common sense.” You must buy strong sunglasses; actually goggles would be better if you need to be outside. Some who work emergency services will be able to provide such. Your autos should work, for emergency use at this time. Portable generators should work. How the grids act, is a wait and see for the most part, and you should assume they will not.

You need supplies such as flashlights etc, to last up to a couple weeks, while the solar storms settle down. You need food and water stores for that period, as service will be scanty, folks will be “holed” up. Water is particularly important if your water delivery requires electricity. You should have preserved food for a longer period, just in case, because there will be delivery problems for food, and much spoilage of food for lack of refrigeration. Those of you having large freezers should be eating that food before then, and replacing it with dry or canned foods. I am not going to do further teaching at this time, because I expect you readers to be able to use your own minds and figure out what will be your risks and needs wherever you live.

This event will be announced publicly after the “big sleep,” the period of stasis that was announced in a previous piece. The big sleep will occur within a couple weeks after our two-week announcement period. The presence of our star visitors will be announced also, as we have stated during the announcement period, and I will be on television, but after all the other “news” and truth to be presented, to also add Jupiter to that, would be more than the psyches of most could handle. We will have flyover activities as we near the end of the two-week television event, to further prepare people.

During the big sleep, which will last about 3 weeks, we will do much cleansing, remove the ozone layer, and bombard the planet with more rays of energy to help lift it and the people up vibrationally a little more. We desire to be able to lift folks off in some areas, and many of you still can’t be lifted in a light beam. There is hardly the point of lifting if one would not survive it. We will get to the teaching of this event publicly shortly after the awakening of the planetary surface, because much must be prepared for. People will be told they are in the hands of God in this, but must assist also themselves. Most people in the world live on the coasts. All will have to get back, because all the water will slosh to some degree everywhere. Not a good idea to be near lakes and large rivers either.

Huge amounts of dry and canned foods must be stored up. Many countries are preparing as I speak for the protection of their peoples. I have ordered that star visitors make replicated foods and manna for storage to be used in places where there has been inadequate food supply. All countries on the Pacific Rim will have to permanently abandon their coastal areas. The tsunamis are going to make the coasts unusable, and in many cases the coasts will be remodelled.

Each cooperating country, which does not include the USA at this time, is making provisions already for this. Those that have safe underground areas will use them. The government underground areas of the United States will be used. These ones all have ability to grow food beneath, and we are including the stores of dry foods.

It is important to start migration shortly after announcement is made of the impending event, for it would be very catastrophic to wait until the last minute. The regions needing to do this will be informed. Now I want you to think, in the United States, exactly what the coastal areas of your western states produce, and what destruction of these business and agriculture is going to cause. You, beloved readers, must make decisions and start thy planning, NOW.

The electric grids, as the solar storms decrease will work again if not damaged. You must study your utilities in each area you live, so that you properly prepare. Many people are going to hopefully accept our advice and move inland. This will tax those of you living inland. We are talking millions and millions of people, in the United States alone. ALL countries on the Pacific Rim will need to close down. Period. Yes I said that, I say it again, for you must “get it.” Whatever businesses in those regions that exist now, will not later. Your shipping will be disrupted for some time to come.

Now, also you will face windstorms, and shelters, no matter where they are, must be sturdy. Folks in structures like frame and mobile homes will need to vacate them, or live in the basements of those that have such. There will not likely be enough wood to board over all windows, so take this into consideration. There will be tornadoes, and probably hurricanes, dependant on season and other variables. Again, I must state, shipping and transport of all sorts will have issues for quite a long time. Even as the initial solar storms pass, airports near waters may be unusable. There may be road damage, and shipping ports will be affected. In this so will distribution of oil. Quaking may break oil pipelines in places. Oil will be expensive afterwards, and I suggest the acquiring of bicycles for those able to use them.

Although we are saying 6 to 12 months, around January of 2008 seems the most likely. The Northern Hemisphere will be in winter, and thus you need additional preparations. We will see to it also, that your “concentration camps” which were constructed, and old military bases will be used to handle the population moving inland. You will need to offer your homes, if you have extra space. And once the time comes for this event to actually occur, you will be living in close quarters in protection, and you must mentally prepare for that.

When we started this project with Candace, we told that you would need to become rocks. Now do you not see why? Many of you have been rejected by your families, in part for what you know, but after announcement of this, you will be seen as dependable leaders, so you must step into that role. Hopefully the announcement activities will awaken the star incarnates more, and they will step into place in leadership. Without leaders everywhere, who can maintain calmness and control, this event would get totally out of hand. You must stand in place. This is a time to grow into strength and give up your fears. This is the time to be in compassion for those who will not handle it as well. The first two weeks will be the worst. You can go outside if the winds are calm and you have eye protection, but you must also be careful of those who will step into their darker selves to take advantage. You can and should go out in groups during calm periods and walk and move about.

Batteries should work fine, and I suggest that if you have CD players etc, that these be used and shared about for the calming that music can provide. In this time, you shall begin to relearn the value of community that has been lost in modern societies. Those places that have been used to strife will do much better. Those living in prosperous societies are no longer familiar with survival techniques. So in the months preceding this event, it will be time to learn some, and begin to build community wherever you are, so that you will survive this better. It is always chaos that encourages growth. There will be some who will become more criminal and shall lose of themselves for it. There will be controls in place. I said that already, I am reconfirming it. For you must have control. Local police and military will be used. In the United States, you desperately need your soldiers to come home, and this includes from many of your bases around the world, not just the theatres of war.

Life is going to greatly change. Calmness will return, but still the problems of supplies and challenges in the aftermath will persist for some time. Many will exit the planet, despite the greatest of preparations. In some the fear will cause this. Now, Monjoronson brought up the seemingly difficult subject of de-population, and those on the forum and in other related venues did not desire to face this reality.

You are going to be in great light now. When your new sun appears in your skies, from behind the older Sun, you will not have night. When during the cycles it is back behind the larger sun, you will have some night again. Many will not be able to survive in this light. It is very cleansing. Many will pass from conditions that will be similar to radiation damage, for it is radiation damage. Those of you in ascension will continue building your Light bodies and be fine.

Many aged will pass, aging faster, simply because their bodies are beyond renewal, both from deterioration, and the inability to consider one could reverse age from the use of their mind. You are what you think, much more than you are what you eat. In fact this will begin in earnest when your new sun appears in your skies. It is nature, and there is nothing that can be done, except to compassionately help those in transit. This may seem harsh in statement, but most of the population reduction will occur within 5 years, and it will be very high. All will be made new. This is the time of transition, because it is the time a new sun shall birth itself.

I am going to back off now and finish this piece, because it is intense. Many of you will be highly curious and others will feel not so good, and all of you must find a happy medium. As the various prosperity funds are delivered, I think you see what they must be used for. You should not be going on vacations, building new poorly built homes and the like. You will put it into service and preparation. Many have worried that some folks would quit their jobs when money began to flow, and I think now you see that this will not happen in great numbers. Some will, and they may find themselves not obtaining enough growth to ascend with the planet.

Many of those are passing because of DNA issues, whether inherit in their lack of lighted living, or because they are star folks that walked into the existing DNA structures, and the body doesn’t heal. Do not be judgmental and assume everyone who passes is dark. Some are going home, and others will return and continue their growth in the new babes to come. We made a suggestion somewhere, that reproduction would be greatly reduced. It will be, this huge increase of photons and radiation will cause that. There will be many miscarriages also. But this will pass and fertility will be restored in time, as the DNA codes change.

We will all bring forth more teaching to our readers. For in knowledge comes the removal of fear. In fact, after the first couple of weeks are over, many people will feel renewed from their ability to deal with the issues and survive. Much great love energy will come forth as people find community and start doing the real business of living, rather than existing tied to a job and paycheck with little true growth involved.

This “event”, that will seem tragic to many, will however jump-start the birthing of your new world. Be calm in that idea. Many have suffered so long throughout so many incarnations, and this event truly signifies the end of that long era. Many will find their sovereignty and the value of living, truly living. Your new world will not be free of error, but it will increasingly become free of intentional evil. In time, as we have been teaching, you will enter into the hallowed state of Light and Life, and into monopolarity. Only souls who have reached a suitable level can incarnate into your world. Like attracts like. It is universal law. This has been such a dark planet, for exactly the same reason. Those of you, who came to assist, drew the dark increasingly up into the Light, by voiding the dark. Light and dark VOID each other, not attract. So you have been “voiding” the dark, step by step, and you will be greatly assisted by having a beautiful young second sun in your skies.

The water vapors [the two layers of the Firmament] will be restored in time, and the planet will return to being a plush Garden of Eden, and fulfil its lost role once again, as the seed planet of the Michael’s dreams. Whoever chooses to live upon it, will truly be its caretakers. And in time, as the other planets are restored, and new life implanted, so can you expand to other areas of your solar system. Overpopulation will not be anymore an issue once you obtained galactic status as citizens, for you simply move and begin anew the cycles. In this way you begin to become the Gods of nearby planets. And so on and so forth. I AM THAT I AM and SO ARE YOU. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia, and son of the great Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days spoken of in your bible.

Candace: I myself have been on a bit of an emotional/intellectual journey the past couple weeks or so since I learned this was the cause of the coming axis shift. I have shifted between excitement and intrigue and “oh s--t.” I expect many of you to do the same, or have whatever are your own appropriate reactions to it. But we must all come into balanced being about all this, so that we may serve well during it. Now is the time to face and engage your fears, so that when the event does occur, you are past your fears and can serve in leadership during it, and in fact during preparation for it with your circles. Become the rock that you know you are. Study all aspects of your emotions around this, and your own knowledge of your skills in the next few weeks, so that you can form a real and useful game plan.

Forgive those who have not believed you in the past, for it is always true that the prophet is a stranger in his own land. It is time to truly say, “forgive them Father, for they do not know what they do”. You shall show the way, of what to do, and help many come out of fear, from lack of knowledge. You are blessed for your service. Take care, Candace. (

April 9 to 11, 2007) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JESS ANTHONY (Confirmation of Jupiter Sun):

Jess: I heard last weekend that Candace was preparing a message with Esu about Jupiter becoming a new sun. I decided to go to Christ Michael myself to ask for information. He spoke with me for three evenings to explain the the sequence of what is going to happen and provide some explanations. I want to point out that I heard this explanation before I read Candace's message. In my opinion, this makes it a very forceful confirmation. I have combined the three messages into one.

CM: The announcement period, as you call it, is scheduled at this point to last for two weeks. We are planning to illustrate everything that will be going on as part of the television programming. This will not cause chaos, and the results we expect from it are minor cosmetic alterations of Mother Earth's visage. We are projecting this step to occur before the Jupiter flaring up. The new sun will rearrange the base alignment of the planet, and will cause the seasons to begin to merge into one restful, calm extension of ever-ripening food. The most dreadful consequences will be for the Pacific Rim. The fault lines and the overlapping plates will cause unbelievable chaos and trouble. This will be a cataclysmic event that will be recorded and preserved in Earth's archives. We are expecting to correlate the activities during the stasis period shortly after the final flyover event during the announcement period.

There is some confusion that has cropped up about the timing of the return of the hosts and the masters. There will be a vast array of different types of spirits and entities that start to make an appearance visibly. However, as you surmised, and as Sheldan indicated, they have determined that they prefer to have you on Earth raise your level of energy vibration to a dimension that is closer to the one they are most comfortable with in meeting you. They would have to lower their energy embodiment to a level that has some limitations for them if they approached all the way to your current level. This is the reason the "Second Coming" in the traditional sense has been postponed until you have acclimated yourselves to the initial influx of energy after the "big sleep." The time I have called the transition period is the logical time frame for this to happen. They will be introduced in concept as you undergo the intensive education period after the announcement, and their role in the "big sleep" will be described.

The transition period will also be a time to familiarise the people with the fact that a wide range of different physical types of beings exist. People will be intellectually prepared as they are physically re-tuned. This will be happening in increments all during this transition period. It will start during the "sleep" and it will continue through the whole time of house cleaning that will occur during the several months before the Jupiter nova. Their role in protecting Earth and helping to condition the inhabitants will also be outlined in detail. It will actually be more feasible for them to appear visibly at that point to assist with the catastrophes that will ensue from the new star. Some landings will occur in various places and the concept will become more acceptable to the majority of people.

I see the arrival of the galactic forces and the Ascended Masters as happening in stages all during that time, and there will be a grand celebration after we have dealt with the disasters that are looming as a result of the Jupiter transformation. This transformation has been developing for many years, and we have known its potential for occurring, but we felt that it would happen a little later in your time. The output of new energy from Earth has begun this transformation process sooner than we had predicted. The re-establishing of the energy grid around Earth and the every increasing power of your own energy usage has amplified the level of energy in the solar system and tipped the process in Jupiter to a new level of action.

Everything in this process of change and initial stages of what will be ascension on Earth, has interacted with everything else. It is a living process, and a change in one area forces a reaction in all the others that are connected with the one that changed. The balance of the energy shown throughout the world indicated that the earlier projections were not happening as predicted, and the decision was made to shift the direction of the change to a more global template. The schedule of when events would occur was also modified to reflect the rates of progress in various sectors of Earth. America was not moving ahead as fast as had been expected, so the decision was made to reverse the order and accomplish the last events first. Everything would be in place and ready to begin operations once the official American strangle hold on free will choice was circumvented. We keep modifying the order as the facts of a change in American government continue to be delayed.

The timing of these events was also impacted to a certain extent by the natural transformations that were going on in other planets near you. This was all part of grander scheme of ascension and Earth had to tailor the schedule for its change to the larger picture. The time scale of these events is flexible enough to allow for us to keep delaying the start of the ascension process to allow as many inhabitants as possible to awaken to the reality they were facing. The more involved the better and more have returned to my universal oneness.

(May 3, 2007) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: This is a troubling time, to use Esu's words last night. We expected to be able to move ahead with our plans, and we overlooked an unexpected possibility that has cropped up. Esu described much of the chaos that has manifested, and we also have to juggle increased demands by the Earth that we allow certain geophysical changes to take place now. This schedule is tight and unyielding. A confluence of energy streams and decisions has produced a situation that is determining actions right now.

You ask again why we haven't moved ahead and interfered. This must be your decision on Earth. We have pushed you further and guided your choices with an overweening strategy. Events were set in motion thousands of years ago, quite frankly, and now is the time they must have resolution. There are layers of participants with various responsibilities in this shift to ascension, and they sometimes intersect and sometimes are at odds. This seems odd to you to hear that it is your decision, but, in fact everything is based on decision. Everything in your life of lives is based on your decision to explore another aspect of yourself. Nothing is by chance, in the sense of accidental happenings that you are not aware of. You always have some higher sense of your life pattern, and you allow yourself to participate in actions that you may not anticipate in your 3D/4D lives at present.

When I said we were caught unexpectedly, I meant we had examined even the possibility of something similar happening and had dismissed it because of our trust in the ability of our allies on Earth to prevent such a thing from happening. The potential of such an event occurring was so small that it didn't seem an option that would be selected. My situation in all this is unimaginable by your standards of observation at the present time. I am involved in everything going on and I am sending love to each participant. Much of my love is rejected or misunderstood. What is misunderstood can still be turned into a reawakening of my connection. What is rejected can still be accepted at some point.

However, I have made other decisions on other levels that supersede the options I still am holding out to you on Earth. For that reason I can delay no longer. I will end the delay, and I will begin the clean up of the worst toxicity that has been created. This will have noticeable results and will result in a new, fresh perspective and understanding of the need for unity and compassion. Many events are scheduled to happen as part of this cleaning. The manifestations of these energy shifts are unavoidable at this point. We will give you information and take charge of coordinating the activities you are not able to. This will be a collaborative effort and you will contribute your part. You will see the intervention we bring when it is appropriate for you to see it in terms of your mass consciousness. This will be within a matter of days. Be ready. Aton, Christ Michael of Nebadon. [This is another “soon” situation, nothing has been disclosed in over a week - Tony].

(April 30, 2007) SISTER CLARE THROUGH ZILANTHRA: You are wondering about drastic changes for humanity with the events of this year. We can tell you that there will be turbulence for humanity and for Gaia. With the work of the awakened ones, the pathcutters, the Workers of the Light, much has already changed regarding catastrophe and devastation on Gaia. There will be more such assistance required for balancing and realigning, however there does remain realigning that Gaia requires. As always, this will occur with the least harm possible. People will be forewarned and as this is to happen after the real shift begins, many will heed this advice. They will heed the advice mostly because they will be offered Truth that will come to them, that will be brought to them and for them. Those who recognise this as Truth will be happy that they have been forewarned and will leave the areas that may cause harm.

As always, the energy shifts on a moment to moment basis, therefore all is not written in stone, but that Earth requires realigning is Truth. This will happen at the appropriate time. You may see your loved ones on the coast as joining you. Anything is possible and when Love is involved, all things are possible. Hold them in your prayers with those you wish the best for.

Ultimately, it is their choice and you will be fulfilled in knowing that you did all that you could to ensure that they have this choice. Your powers are profound, please use them as you are guided. You will never regret it and you will be rewarded. Our chosen ones are capable of this and much more. Your time to shine is here. Your future years on Earth will be of radiance. Please continue with the diligence that you have displayed. Jupiter will be an influence in Gaia’s realignment. It is also in preparation for the Sun’s evolvement. (

Humour Department

A burglar broke into a house one night. He shon his flashlight around, looking for valuables; and when he picked up a CD player to place in his sack, a strange, disembodied voice echoed from the dark saying, “Jesus is watching you.”

He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and froze. When he heard nothing more after a bit, he shook his head, promised himself a vacation after the next big score, then clicked the light on and began searching for more valuables.

Just as he pulled the stereo out so he could disconnect the wires, clear as a bell he heard, “Jesus is watching you.”

Freaked out, he shon his light around frantically, looking for the source of the voice. Finally, in the corner of the room, his flashlight beam came to rest on a parrot. “Did you say that?” he hissed at the parrot.

“Yep,” the parrot confessed, then squawked, “I'm just trying to warn you.

The burglar relaxed. “Warn me, huh? Who in the world are you?”

“Moses”, replied the bird.

“Moses?” the burglar laughed . “What kind of people would name a bird Moses?”

“The kind of people that would name a Rottweiler Jesus.”

(End of newsletter)