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Issue 49 - November, 2008

Highlights of this Issue

* During the coming stasis period, around 100, 000 Lightworkers will be given special training, and some will receive new bodies.

* Alton, producer of the 1990‘s “On Eagles Wings” magazine, provides some very interesting information on his work since passing over 5 years ago. He is an aspect of Enoch and Thoth.

* Christ Michael will announce the change in global governance when the time is right. In other words, don’t try to outguess him. 

* There has been a worldwide change in consciousness and hope with the American elections finally over. However don’t hold your breath for Obama, he is also a clone! 

* Our whole solar system and universe is ascending, and Earth’s progression is locked into this overall plan by Christ Michael. 

*Much further down the track, species from all seven Super Universes will re-combine with the energy of Prime Creator in the Central Universe. So don’t get lost in the small day to day stuff !



Editorial;  James Tyberonn;   Jess Anthony;   John Pilger;   Sheldan Nidle;      Candace Frieze;   First Source Transmissions; Prayer to First Source; Humour Department    

This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free. 

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We finally get some intriguing information from Christ Michael through Candace about what is about to happen. However, timing is still variable. We may have to wait until the New Year for stasis, and then, perhaps even the Jupiter event first, later in January or early February. I don’t want to even think about another 13 months delay after that. Anyway, read CM’s message carefully.  Receiving a top class cloned body with super-human abilities sounds a great idea!

It was a pleasant surprise to find an article that featured a message from Alton (Brian Terril?) who taught his “Melchizedek Method” after his Sydney-based magazine, and then passed over suddenly around 5 years ago. A number of Australian readers would have known Alton.

There has been circulating some rather silly channellings saying Obama is a high being of Light. Perhaps the original was.  I reminded people months ago that Hillary Clinton and John McCain were clones and Barack Obama was a fraud. Now CM informs us Obama is a clone also.  He is being surrounded by the Zionist controllers. David Icke has summarised the Obama background in an article at Rense ( “Barack Obama- The Naked Emperor”.  It is about 8 pages long.  First paragraph, “I have watched with dismay this past three weeks as vast numbers of people across the world, including many who should know better, have been duped by the mind-game called Operation Obama”. The last paragraph, “But one day they (Obama faithful) will have to admit, by the power of the evidence before them, that they bought a dream and got a nightmare. What a pity they can’t see the obvious now and save themselves such painful disappointment.”

Candidates in America and in most countries are part of the “party” system. True independent candidates can rarely get elected. This is why new ways must be implemented to select new governments.

There continues  to be great energies directed at this planet for improved change. Monjoronson through Daniel Raphael on November 11, in his initial remarks said:

 “This evening I will speak to you in broad generalities:  What is occurring on your world and where it is going.  This will lead into the topic that has prompted this meeting tonight, which has to do with business - sustainable business. Your world is in transition, no news to you, huh?  The vibration of your world has increased tremendously; its frequency has elevated immensely, and each one of you is affected.  Even those who resist, who live in darkness, are also being raised in their vibration.  This is the movement towards oneness.  Your world is now fully populated, as we have said before.  This is the opportune time to bring your species, your consciousness, into active participation with a course and future of your world. 

Prior to this millennium, your world was not fully populated enough to affect the consciousness and direction of your world, but now it is.  We, the Administrators of your world, have increased the energetic vibration of your world, so that it moves much more swiftly.  Separation gives way to unity, harmony and oneness.  Of course you are seeing an immense dissonance or disharmony, a lack of harmony, in the processes of your world, as it moves forward into this harmonic.  This is the nature of growth.  This is the nature of breaking down barriers of separation, so that there is equality, the very essence that we will be speaking of this evening, for this is a process of supporting life, so that each has an equal opportunity to grow, to live, as any other person or being on this planet.

It is no coincidence that the medium of greatest flow of activity is your financial mechanisms on your world.  It is grimly disappointing to see how separation and inequality is causing the destruction of your global economy.  You, meaning you as a civilisation, must begin to appreciate and ask for the resources to develop a sustainable global economy.  Your world will continue to be rocked by financial crises, recessions, growth, deflation, inflation and all the other machinations of an unsustainable global economy.  The key to developing a keen and personal interest in a sustainable global economy will develop when each of you understands that you have more to gain by sharing, than by hoarding or withholding from others.  Those individuals in the world, who are worth billions, are finding that it is necessary to have you, the individual, the smallest economic unit of your world, within the playing field.  For, when you withdraw even a small portion of your wealth, the collapse is near.  What you are seeing now is the beginning to further difficulties in the financial and business sectors of your world. 

Yet, and however, there is much good going on.  There is truly an abundance of resources on your world.  Farms have not withered and blown away; there is still water to be used; there are the resources of individual help, patience and participation and a willingness to involve themselves as individuals in the larger scheme.  It is necessary for you to see yourself as individuals within the larger scheme of humanity.  Each of you has a consciousness that is valuable to contribute to the larger consciousness of your world.  You are not separate; you are no longer individuals in the sea of humanity, for each of your individual consciousness contributes to the race and global consciousness of your world.”

Thanks to those people from the hard copy circulation who sent in subscriptions/donations. I have also now reduced total circulation as I haven’t heard from some people for a while. 

Tony Wicks                 November 26, 2008                  Bring on Change!

Galactic and World News (Edited)


Article by James Tyberonn - from Issue #3 - The Earth-Keeper Chronicles

In early May of 2008 I began having an unusual series of meditations before I went into channelling state. In the meditations, in which I strove to obtain a state of tranquility devoid of any thoughts, I began to see a face. The visage was distinctive and unfamiliar, yet I felt I was in the presence of a trusted friend. The face was rounded, mustachioed and good-naturedly jovial. The man had thick blondish hair with tints of grey on the sides. I was initially unaware of the name, but the face continued to appear at odd times in my daily meditations. It then progressed to the dream state, where I was soon able to converse with him.

He told me his name was Alton, and that our work coincided. He explained that we were part of the same soul guild, and that we worked together on a higher level. He began speaking intently about the Platinum Ray. Interestingly, I had received a channel a few months early from Metatron on the Platinum Ray. I had in fact been compelled to buy a pure platinum coin, which I had bezeled to wear as a medallion. The pure platinum coin was from Australia, and had a koala bear on one side. I thought nothing of it at the time, other than being keenly aware that the vibration of the noble metal platinum was extremely beneficial and somehow very important for me. I began wearing the coin pendant and sleeping with it on every night. 

The dreams continued and I learned the man’s name was Alton Kamadon. I had heard of him, but never studied his work. Our dream sessions were so intent that I googled his name on the internet. I was surprised to learn that he had passed over five years ago. Somehow from my dream and meditation sessions with him, I had the impression he was still physically alive, as I sometimes have similar dreams in which metaphysical discussions occur, with my mentor, Ronna Herman, the renown channel of Archangel Michael, and matriarch of the 'New Age' movement in America. 

I called Ronna to tell her about this, and to ask her about Alton. She said she had not only heard of him, but in fact had met him. She said he was a wonderful warm man, who had developed a teaching called the Melchizedek Method. I was unfamiliar with it, and shared with her that he had been discussing the 'Platinum Ray' in dreams with me. We both agreed it was a very special occurrence. A few days later, about a week before the Earth-Keeper Crystal Vortex seminar in Arkansas, I dreamt intently of conversations with Alton, and when I awoke in the morning, I clearly saw him standing at the foot of my bed, wearing an open-collared bright yellow shirt. He smiled at me warmly, and then evaporated. As I am writing this now, I can sense his gentle presence and see his smiling face quite clearly in my minds eye.

The following week at the gathering of the Arkansas Crystal Vortex gathering, I was speaking with several of the attendees who had come from Canada. One of them mentioned that my work reminded them of Alton Kamadon. I was taken aback, and delighted to learn that she had been compelled in part to attend this workshop for that reason. I soon learned about a half dozen of the attendees had come for that reason as well, as if Alton had urged them intuitively to attend. 

In August of this year, I hosted an Earth-Keeper seminar in Mount Shasta with Dr David Mickel, the founder of Mickel Therapy. There through a wonderful series of 'coincidental' events, I met several people who also had worked closely with Alton Kamadon and followed his work. Two of these were brilliant musicians, Matisha and Paul Armitage. Another two were from Australia, and had been reading my Metatron channels and had come to Stewart Mineral Springs, after reading the channel on the crystalline springs. The two lovely ladies were Jasmine and Jenny from Sydney, also followers of Alton's work.

The following is a message that I have felt compelled to share from Alton. It is not a channelling in the usual sense, or in the manner that I channel Archangel Metatron. Rather it is a compiled summary and transcription of the dream state conversations and messages passed to me. It is my calling to channel Archangel Metatron as part of the Metatronic Energy, but I have agreed, and am most honoured to occasionally offer channelled messages from Alton Kamadon. We are both part of the Metatronic Lineage and as such the energy of Thoth and Enoch. Interestingly, while in the Shasta event, which occurred in late August of 2008, one of the attendees took a photograph of me that showed a remarkably clear 'orb'. The Orb was quite detailed (see photo). It contained three clearly visible concentric rings, inside the rings was a triangle and the 'Eye of Ra'. A symbol associated with Thoth and Enoch.

After returning from Shasta, I had the clearest dream yet with Alton, and I share herewith, at his beckoning. There is a channelling of Alton following the lucid dream description below:

September 2008 - Dream Transcription Alton Kamadon:

I am Alton Kamadon, and though we have not physically met, our work is closely related. I am working on what may

be termed the 7th and 8th Dimension, as are you, Tyberonn. From a higher perspective we are part of the same soul family, and from an even higher stance we are part of the same energy. The energy of Enoch.

I have been part of the Metatronic group that has been working with you for the past three years, in a sense assisting and preparing you for your channellings of Lord Metatron. I have been in part a courier for the period in which you channelled your higher aspect of Tyberonn, before you were able to carry the energy of Archangel Metatron. Although you are now retrieving Metatron directly, I was part of an entourage that worked to step down the energy into a format you were able to take from the 8th to the 5th dimension, during 2006 and the early part of 2007. 

This may be hard for you to accept at first, but let me share, that I gave you my calling card in your sudden desire to work with and understand the Platinum Ray. About a year ago you finally acted on an inner urge, and purchased a pure platinum coin. But not just any coin, you acquired, deliberately and specifically an Australian minted coin of pure platinum that has a koala bear stamped on one side (Alton winks and smiles). That was me, mate, that was my doing, and you're wearing that platinum pendant now. (He points to the pendant that I am indeed wearing, and have as stated put on every night before I retired, for the past year) .You have slept with it on for some time now, and our communications have been occurring through the platinum ray, the platinum vibration. 

Alton then steps forward and looks me closely in the eye, and smiles warmly. He slowly becomes a misty figure and is transformed into a bearded robed being, and appears as Enoch. 

Enoch Speaks: 

Enoch speaks and says, "What I say now, I say to you in thought, and you hear it as thought, because we are one. I am a root of Metatron and you are the same. Tyberonn of the Pleiades is part of Metatron, the Legion of Metatron. You are and were also part of the energy of Thoth, part of Enoch, the energy of Enoch. We are all Sons and Daughters of Light. The Light is the Divine Mind under the High Elohim. The Legions of Melchizedek, Michael and Enoch of Metatronic Source, are part of the Great White Brotherhood, the Adamic B'nai Or. You are part of this, and have always been so. Only now are you coming into the full frequency of the Metatronic Field, and your particular specialty is what is termed the Quantum Crystalline Field. You see as the concentric parallels of the Cosmos, as universes begin the alignment of 2012, the consciousness of mankind will once again become aware that the same astro-physical paradigms and parameters repeat themselves until finally the threshold is crossed. In the crossing, mankind discovers how to integrate into and go beyond the consciousness periphery that binds him into repeating cycles of rebirth. Accordingly, mankind must re-experience the cycle until he recognises the need to integrated sacred science with spiritual truth to achieve the wholeness that unlocks the key to the doorways of perception and its growth and expansion beyond duality.



Good Day Dear Family, and you are my true family in the keenest sense of the word. In your linear time it has been some five years since my spiritual transition to the higher realms across the veils that separate duality from the celestial plane. From my perspective it was only yesterday, within the timelessness of this realm, for I have never left your presence. 

I want first to clarify, that although to many it may seem my transition was 'early', or perhaps unexpected, the truth is that it was the planned time for me to rise into a higher work. I assure you I have been very busy here, and am closely involved with the work at hand, and that is with the Alpha-Omega Order of Melchizedek. But let me clarify that this order, and the work we have laid out in the Melchizedek Method, is from the energy of Thoth and Enoch, of the Metatronic Field, from which both I and the channel, Tyberonn, are sourced. It is and has always been around the Hologram of Unconditional Love and the Activation of the Light Body, or as Metatron via Tyberonn terms the MeKaBic and MerKiVic Quantum Crystalline Transition. They are the same, and in a manner of syntax, it could be said that the transition of the MerKaBah to the MerKiVah is Melchizedek Level 6 thru 9, level 6 representing the 12 pointed star and level 9 the progression to the 24. 

You are all now required to make these EMF to MerKaBah to MerKiVah transformations, and that is where I am coming in to work with Tyberonn. As you make your transition into KaBah and KiVah within the light body, you do so above the level of duality, above the level of 3D. So of course you go above and beyond linear sequenced time into the Alpha-Omega of the Quantum Crystalline Field. In Enochian terms you move into the 'wheel within the wheel', with no beginning and no end.

I acknowledge the wisdom and understanding of the Crystalline Field to Tyberonn, who as a Pleiadean Ascended Master manifested in the spiritual times of Atlantis, and did much work on crystalline energies, whereas mine was more related to hologramic mastery of Unconditional Love. But we are both, in the truest sense, parts of Enoch in combining the two. When I pass my information via the Tyberonn channel, it is filtered through the mind, knowledge and belief system of the channel, which in turn influences the interpretation accordingly with more of a leaning on his crystalline vision of the message. And that is a big part of the purpose in doing this, because these are the times of the Rainbow Crystal Field.

I have asked Tyberonn to work in having a Phi Crystal created that embodies the vibration of the 13-20-33, and he has agreed to do so. It will be called the Melchizedek Phi Resonance, done in the Vogel Phi  geometry angles. It is a frequency that will emit the Platinum Ray.

Phi Resonance 

Thoth teaches us that the phi resonance corresponds to the golden spiral and that it is connected to mankind on two levels, first in the spinal column through a refined version of the life force called chi or kundalini. This is where Tyberonn's teachings and messages around specific phi crystal and certain gems of the isometric crystal system can become the transducers or transistors that assist the human vehicle in rising to dimensions and hologramic realities above the linear time matrix. In other words, these are facilitators in connecting into unity consciousness with Creator God, with the true Divine Self.

The second phi connection to man is through the ultra-violet field into the subconscious. The subconscious mind, or 'back brain' as is oft referred to the other receptor and translation means of man’s connection to God. Thoth emphasises that all of mankind is already unity consciousness, and from greater perspective always has been. It is simply the polarity-dimensional filters that separate the ego mind consciousness and subconscious within duality that forms the membrane of illusion that we are not.

Rainbow Children & The Platinum Ray

Most of you are aware of the powers and intricacies of the Light Spectrum from the visible and ultra-violet fields. You are aware of the influx of a special guild of advanced souls called the Indigo's, and the Crystal Children brought here to change the paradigm.

This has been occurring for decades, and is because mankind has chosen to Ascend, and is returning to Crystalline Light. This is a multi-tiered process, and on this journey each of you must continue to work to raise your vibrations every step of the way. I am so proud of those of you that have done this, and much progress has been achieved. 

And so I tell you now that there is a newer and brighter influx of souls coming into the planet now, some as new born and some as 'walk-ins'. These are the Rainbow Crystals, the combining of the crystal children with the embellished spectrum of celestial light including the Platinum Ray. It combines itself with the Emerald Ray and the plant life of the Earth, will embellish a brighter green in its foliage in areas of this combination.

The Platinum Ray has now anchored itself clearly on the planet, and is primarily around the balancing of the male-female aspect. The Platinum Ray is in special connection to that of the Emerald Ray and Violet Ray in the qualities of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess. 

It has connected itself within the Earth in various localities and these include Glastonbury, Tasmania, Arkansas, Maryland, The Tetons, Mount Shasta Springs, New York, Holland, Moscow, Lake Baikal, Sydney, Uluru, Tanzania, Lake Titicaca, Salar Uyuni, Mt Fuji, Tahiti, Kona, Spain, France, Mt. Gotthard in Switzerland, Lake Louise in Canada, Tibet, India, Bali , Grand Canyon, Colombia, Chili, Argentina, Thailand, China, and New Zealand.

The Platinum Ray is effecting and influencing the Earth in many ways, particularly the polar regions, the oceans, springs and sacred lakes. Many of the 'living waters' are now imbued with the Platinum Ray of the Goddess. Through the bathing within living springs and the ingestion of living waters, the energy of the Platinum Ray is now circulated through the chakric and meridian systems of the body.

A Word of Encouragement

Now I will close with this message, and that is a message of encouragement. Dear Friends, Dear Family do not allow yourselves to become disillusioned by the marked duality that is expressing itself across the world. Do not think that progress is not being made, or that the Ascension will not take place. It will, and in a real sense, from my current perspective, it already has.

As long as you are in duality, there will be the polarity, the division of that you may consider light and dark, wisdom and ignorance, love and hate, strength and fear. It is the nature of polarity, it is the obstacle of chosen duality; and it serves a purpose. That purpose is resolve!

The naysayers have their role, and,'Goodness me, aren't they doing it well'. The opposite has a purpose in duality, and much of what you consider as dark events, events of greed and lust for power and control, actually serves to open your eyes and firm your will towards the Light. I experienced only too well in my physical sojourn on the Earth, that light attracts 'bugs'. And the paradox is that those that often attack, those that often accuse, do so in a fear-laden sense of misunderstanding and fierce self-righteousness. In the new paradigm we must recognise that Creator God is Love, Unconditional Love. And the message of LOVE is around the release of fear. That very concept is often seen as a threat

to the old energy patriarchal religions who feel that if you do not follow their dogma, then you are the enemy. Friends, the brighter you become the stronger will be that attraction, and accordingly the greater must be your resolve to glow even brighter. 

You will always experience the attempts to trip you, to sabotage or muddy your message and thwart your growth, and its role is to help you grow beyond. That was the message of the Christ story that the negative cannot win over LOVE, and that Love is stronger than any force. LOVE is the frequencial code of Lord Melchizedek, of Lord Metatron , of Lord Michael and LOVE conquers all. It triumphs even over the illusion of death. You cannot separate yourself from the Light, you may hide from it if you choose, but you are beings of Light, of Crystalline Rainbow LIGHT.

I am in a field of Unconditional Love, and the JOY of this essence is radiated from the Cosmos. The bliss and spiritual ecstasy of this realm is beyond your fondest dreams. I await you here, as we strive together to bring this energy to your Ascending Earth. I am but a whisper away, and I softly offer messages to many of you. I am working with Earth-Keeper, Gaiadon , Adonai and many others. 

I send my love to FAMILY, FRIENDS and All of you are family and friends. I am with you, I am here, I am a part of you and will ever be. God is Love, Unconditional Love. Fear not, we are all part of that field. We are One. We are children of God, co-creators with God, and LOVE is everything.

Cheers of Love and Faith, Alton/Enoch

This article is copyrighted to . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested at:

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(October 31, 2008)  ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY:

Stasis will be a time of learning and re-training for you. Much work will be happening on the surface. It is more practical and quicker for our experts to deal with the most dangerous and devastating damages you have caused on Earth. The movement of this part of the universe is organised around a sequence of events that are causative. The initial physical changes on Earth are part of this sequence, and it can't be left to traditional change to set them in motion in time. This typically would be the work of the inhabitants of a damaged planet, but it has been determined that Earth is an exception and we are stepping in for the better good of the whole, not just Earth.

I don't have a date to give you, but I will keep saying it is very soon. Much has triggered the chaos I spoke of. Look to the resolution happening quickly, and the political landscape changing drastically. The Story information is true, even if you don't see it on your news. The insistence on the deliveries and payment before regime change is a waste of time. They will not be placed in a bank before the bank is clearly operating in a new way. This aggravates the premise of deposit and indicates that those constantly harping on this preceding are due for a big let down based on reliable information they don't have, or refuse to acknowledge.  (

(November 5, 2008)  CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Election and Future Events)

Jess: Christ Michael Aton, I ask for commentary on the events yesterday, and I ask for insight into the events that will be forthcoming soon. Much has been said and much has been in disagreement. Speak this evening on the sequence of events and what will cause them to begin. Speak with specifics and clear guidance to those anticipating these events.

CM: Jess, I will speak to you to set the record straight as to what has occurred and what I plan to initiate. I will not announce the changes in global governance until the time is appropriate for me to do so. This has to do with removal of the miscreants that have manipulated the election to make it appear as if a new, fresh candidate has been elected your leader. This was a selection that caused a dissatisfied populace to flock to a candidate designed to appeal to their most unfilled needs according to their own perceptions. The solutions offered were superficial platitudes that didn’t address the reality of the issues, and did not focus on who was to blame for them in the first place. The typical causes touted by the media are not those that are at fault. The serious problems the Earth finds itself entangled with are those caused by the handful of powerful people at the expense of many others.

My perception of the direction Earth will move will determine how I can join in. My presence is naturally more encompassing and more insightful than man can comprehend. I have determined the nature of the problems you are having, and I understand how to resolve them. For that reason, I have stepped back and allowed man on Earth to search for solutions based on his understanding and creative ability.

You ask why I have done this. I have been exploring how man is able to function with little awareness of my presence. Man in his incarnation on Earth is the determinant of his actions. He chooses the path he wishes to follow, and this is by

my design for those living on Earth. This explores the capacity of free will choice, which will be the indicator of an individual soul’s grasp of his ascension process. Man’s experiences here have pushed the concept of free will to an extreme I had not anticipated when I created this experimental planet. I have learned much, and man is awakening to his possibilities as he begins to regain his balance in the equilibrium that is his chosen experience of incarnation. He is finally able to see the nature of his status and how he can change it.

The nature of this change is determined by the extent of his recognition of the degree his previous choices have aligned with my fixed Universal Law. The degree of his non-alignment indicates the extent of the journey he must take to become one with my purpose. Many on Earth are at odds with Universal Law. The lightworkers by their example and intent show an alternate way to self-realisation. The political turmoil that has come to a head recently is a visible image of the selfishness and lack of a sense of equality and compassion for all. Man categorises these actions as evil and judges them as suitable for punishment. They are only attempts to avoid being unified with my universal ideals that are inside each individual I have created. I judge them as aligned or not, and I determine if actions require punishment.

This punishment is uncreation. Until an individual chooses this option, they are still experiencing the path they have created to examine their life purpose. They are my creations still, with a spark of me in them, however much it is ignored. Rather than judge and call for separation based on his personal set of rules and expectations, man should first ask if I have a plan for how their actions fit within the parameters he has chosen. He should also ask if his parameters are following the path most effectively before he declares someone else’s action are wrong. They may be wrong in his view, but they are another option in mine. I love all my creation equally, although much does not return my affection. This is frustrating and disappointing.

It should be remembered that my love for my universe extends beyond Earth and the immediate concerns of those choosing to inhabit it. My vision and plan encompasses much that Earth does not comprehend, although Earth is a significant piece in the cosmological structure. My plans for Earth are connected to my plans for the ascension of my Universe. My plans for Earth’s progression are locked into my vision for the ascension of the solar system Earth exists in, and the quadrant of Nebadon that your local section occupies. The Universe moves in its own sequence, and Earth must accommodate the schedule of its progression.

You see the progress being made on other planets, if you look beyond the official government news releases. They are quickening in their own vibrational frequency and beginning to restore their natural features that had been lost or intentionally destroyed many eons ago. This cycle of resurgence includes the changes that should happen on Earth. Man has destroyed so many of the natural elements on Earth, however, that its ascension needs assistance. Man is not able to tackle these problems fast enough alone to be able to assist Earth to progress in sequence with the rest of the solar system. That is why there was until recently a decision to allow the poles to reverse naturally to wipe the slate clean and enable the planet to be reborn on its own.

The wishes of enough of Earth’s inhabitants intervened to cause those overseeing Earth’s progress to change their opinion and allow Earth to pursue a new option for ascension that would allow man to participate. This led to a re-thinking of the geophysical parameters that could take place and still allow man to survive. This re-thinking has necessitated Earth being helped with off-world assistance to steer the direction and intensity of the changes that are continuing to happen.

The notion of what you now call a “stasis” was formulated three years ago by your time, to provide a window of opportunity for major reclamation and cleaning that man was not able to do on his own. The cultural attitudes on Earth towards open galactic assistance still are largely antagonistic and in opposition to this type of help being provided. Those in control of the governing decisions are the ones most opposed to this new reality being embraced. For this reason, we have been working on many fronts and assisting in many ways that are unknown to the general public in opposition to those publicly opposed to us. This has grown to hundreds of thousands of galactic forces working within the structure of the opposition. They are the ones who have guided the decision making process that has led to what happened yesterday.

The candidates running were not the means by which these changes are being made, but the ideas being discussed. These discussions and investigations are causing a whole new sector of the public to open their eyes to a different reality. The intent for change was reflected in the election results. This level of intention was necessary to guide the visions into manifestation. It was not an intervention, but a steered series of choices that were based on clear insight and factual information.

This election was the necessary step along the path Earth’s inhabitants must take to realise the unity and broader vision that characterises a higher level of spiritual development. This is not leading to the “promised land” overnight, but it is laying the groundwork for more awareness and personal insight.

I have not spoken of the sequence of what Earth should expect to happen, although elements of this progression have been suggested and described in some fashion. The Magisterial Mission overseen by Monjoronson has begun and it is laying the groundwork for evaluating the preceding cycle of duality that was the characteristic trait of the Third Dimension that Earth had existed in for nearly all of its recorded history. He was sent from the Central Universe with

the charge of guiding Earth to its next level of spiritual awareness. His announced presence and recorded teachings have initiated this shift in direction. Monjoronson is focused on guiding man into this new level of awareness and he is not preoccupied with the actions taking place to bring closure to the cycle that man has created up to this point. He is looking at the larger picture of where Earth is and how best to move away from this perception.

I am concerned with moving Earth into the position where Monjoronson’s work can begin in earnest. I coordinate the process this uses. This is a very complex game plan and the variables at play are beyond your comprehension in terms of their complexity. The financial debacle is but one aspect of this tangle of created ideas. The defence posture is another, with man’s culturally ingrained fear of the unknown and his emotional preference for violence and attack. 

The political structure is a means to allow these concepts to flourish, and this governmental system is controlled by only a few with access to the one thing that drives all of Earth’s decisions—its money.

These elements are what must be changed and removed in order for man to realise his place within the universal body that is connected with the Earth. He has been prevented from recognising his true identity and hearing the guidance I provide to allow him to exist in harmony with his surroundings. Man must be able to do this to ascend with Earth.

To that end, I have determined a sequence of events that will take place. As man begins to assimilate the concept of change he has triggered with the election, he must be conscious of how this starts to be structured. He must exercise his awakened ability to discern his own path and actively seek to implement these ideas for change. He cannot again fall asleep, or his intention will not be realised.

This groundwork is the necessary foundation man can provide to assist with the events that will be taking place to Earth and with the help of Earth. His intention for change brings him into alignment with Earth’s desire to change. In order for Earth to change, however, there has to be a physical re-shaping and a massive cleaning and raising of its natural vibrational frequency to synchronise with what is happening in the solar system and in the galaxy.

Earth is already being bombarded by energy from the Photon Belt and from increased energy reflected through the Sun. This is raising Earth’s frequency by increments, but it is being obstructed by the lower level of energy vibration created by the manifested ideas that have attempted to counter alignment with universal frequency. These heavier energies caused the events and physical realisations that have shaped your past history. These must now be removed to allow Earth to progress with ascension.

This was the reason a stasis event was determined. This pause in man’s activities will raise the energy level of Earth enough to allow the galactic workers to resolve some of the major problems quickly. Those continuing with Earth’s ascension will be taken to other sites for training and reconditioning. This will not be just a “sleep” but a change in internal vibrational frequency.

It will start with a group of ships circling the Earth and beaming energy at a particular vibrational level that causes higher level mammals to pause in their organic cycle by re-tuning their natural frequency. This causes Earth inhabitants to be outside of the progression of time as they know it in a form of physical stasis. While this is happening, Earth will be allowed to undergo geophysical changes that must happen to renew the planet’s structure. Those ascending inhabitants in stasis in those areas will be taken to safety.

The other major event that has been spoken of is turning Jupiter into a second sun. This will indeed happen during the stasis event. The ignition of the planet will cause havoc on Earth if it happens without some barrier preventing much of its burst of energy from reaching this planet. This is planned to happen when Jupiter is behind the sun in January.

The reason for this ignition is to provide the additional energy needed to continue to raise Earth’s vibrational level to bring it up to that of the other planets in this solar system. The others are already functioning at a higher frequency of energy circuitry than Earth, and in order for Earth to move to that level quickly, additional energy must be sent from a second small sun. This also sets up a higher frequency of energy interaction within the whole solar system that allows it to synchronise with the higher energy frequency being introduced by the Photon Belt and other surrounding star systems. The simple idea of two different energy frequencies synchronising to the faster one is at the core of all these changes.

I have waited for a year to set these events in motion to see how man would cope with the financial revelations and the political realities that have been presented. The warning last year was in part politically motivated to spur on change faster. It didn’t work as successfully as it could have. Man’s desire for change was not triggered sufficiently to cause the cultural shift to take place in their ideas and intentions. The results of the election and the revelations of the fiscal upheaval are indications that man is ready to take the next steps in his progress of ascension.  Christ Michael Aton.

(Posted at


In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger writes that the lauding of Barack Obama has a history and that 'historical moments' ought to be less about their symbolism and accompanying histrionics than what they really mean. The question is: what is Obama's true relation to unchanging American myths about the imposition of its notorious power?

My first visit to Texas was in 1968, on the fifth anniversary of the assassination of president John F Kennedy in Dallas. I drove south, following the line of telegraph poles to the small town of Midlothian, where I met Penn Jones Jr, editor of the Midlothian Mirror. Except for his drawl and fine boots, everything about Penn was the antithesis of the Texas stereotype. Having exposed the racists of the John Birch Society, his printing press had been repeatedly firebombed. Week after week, he painstakingly assembled evidence that all but demolished the official version of Kennedy’s murder.

This was journalism as it had been before corporate journalism was invented, before the first schools of journalism were set up and a mythology of liberal neutrality was spun around those whose "professionalism" and "objectivity" carried an unspoken obligation to ensure that news and opinion were in tune with an establishment consensus, regardless of the truth. Journalists such as Penn Jones, independent of vested power, indefatigable and principled, often reflect ordinary American attitudes, which have seldom conformed to the stereotypes promoted by the corporate media on both sides of the Atlantic. Read American Dreams: Lost and Found by the masterly Studs Terkel, who died the other day, or scan the surveys that unerringly attribute enlightened views to a majority who believe that "government should care for those who cannot care for themselves" and are prepared to pay higher taxes for universal health care, who support nuclear disarmament and want their troops out of other people’s countries.

Returning to Texas, I am struck again by those so unlike the redneck stereotype, in spite of the burden of a form of brainwashing placed on most Americans from a tender age: that theirs is the most superior society in the history of the world, and all means are justified, including the spilling of copious blood, in maintaining that superiority.

That is the subtext of Barack Obama’s "oratory". He says he wants to build up US military power; and he threatens to ignite a new war in Pakistan, killing yet more brown-skinned people. That will bring tears, too. Unlike those on election night, these other tears will be unseen in Chicago and London. This is not to doubt the sincerity of much of the response to Obama’s election, which happened not because of the unction that has passed for news reporting from America since 4 November (e.g. "liberal Americans smiled and the world smiled with them") but for the same reasons that millions of angry emails were sent to the White House and Congress when the "bailout" of Wall Street was revealed, and because most Americans are fed up with war.

Two years ago, this anti-war vote installed a Democratic majority in Congress, only to watch the Democrats hand over more money to George W Bush to continue his blood fest. For his part, the "anti-war" Obama never said the illegal invasion of Iraq was wrong, merely that it was a "mistake". Thereafter, he voted in to give Bush what he wanted. Yes, Obama’s election is historic, a symbol of great change to many. But it is equally true that the American elite has grown adept at using the black middle and management class. The courageous Martin Luther King recognised this when he linked the human rights of black Americans with the human rights of the Vietnamese, then being slaughtered by a liberal Democratic administration. And he was shot. In striking contrast, a young black major serving in Vietnam, Colin Powell, was used to "investigate" and whitewash the infamous My Lai massacre. As Bush’s secretary of state, Powell was often described as a "liberal" and was considered ideal to lie to the United Nations about Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Condaleezza Rice, lauded as a successful black woman, has worked assiduously to deny the Palestinians justice.

Obama’s first two crucial appointments represent a denial of the wishes of his supporters on the principal issues on which they voted. The vice-president-elect, Joe Biden, is a proud warmaker and Zionist. Rahm Emanuel, who is to be the all-important White House chief of staff, is a fervent "neoliberal" devoted to the doctrine that led to the present economic collapse and impoverishment of millions. He is also an "Israel-first" Zionist who served in the Israeli army and opposes meaningful justice for the Palestinians – an injustice that is at the root of Muslim people’s loathing of the United States and the spawning of jihadism.

No serious scrutiny of this is permitted within the histrionics of Obamamania, just as no serious scrutiny of the betrayal of the majority of black South Africans was permitted within the "Mandela moment". This is especially marked in Britain, where America’s divine right to "lead" is important to elite British interests. The once respected Observer newspaper, which supported Bush’s war in Iraq, echoing his fabricated evidence, now announces, without evidence, that "America has restored the world’s faith in its ideals". These "ideals", which Obama will swear to uphold, have overseen, since 1945, the destruction of 50 governments, including democracies, and 30 popular liberation movements, causing the deaths of countless men, women and children. None of this was uttered during the election campaign. Had it been allowed, there might even have been recognition that liberalism as a narrow, supremely arrogant, war-making ideology is destroying liberalism as a reality.

Prior to Blair’s criminal warmaking, ideology was denied by him and his media mystics. "Blair can be a beacon to the world," declared the Guardian in 1997. "[He is] turning leadership into an art form."

Today, merely insert "Obama". As for historic moments, there is another that has gone unreported but is well under way – liberal democracy’s shift towards a corporate dictatorship, managed by people regardless of ethnicity, with the media as its clichéd façade. "True democracy," wrote Penn Jones Jr, the Texas truth-teller, "is constant vigilance: not thinking the way you’re meant to think and keeping your eyes wide open at all times.”



The solar system is changing at a most amazing rate! The orbits of your planets are starting to become slightly more circular than elliptical. This change is most noticeable with Mercury. This planet, once thought by your astronomers to be a dead world, is currently considered one of the most active places in the solar system. Venus is likewise undergoing signs of changing herself for the better. Everywhere the solar system is in the midst of a profound series of changes.

This is yet another sign of just how far your reality is advancing to its shift point. You are advancing towards this shift point at a quicker and quicker pace. Your reality is actually imploding and its grids are cracking. This phenomenon is further making the reign of the cabal more and more difficult. We are assured by Heaven that this progress towards first contact is progressing along as planned. We are told to prepare fully for the landings and to continue on with the necessary preliminary rituals. These sacred conventions are at the completion point. The next step is follow the unfolding of our prime scenario and carry out first contact.  (

(November 21, 2008)  CHRIST MICHAEL/ATON THROUGH CANDACE FRIEZE: (Preparing Your Way)

Dearly beloveds, it is time for an update from myself. This has been a tumultuous month for all, including my fleet. Many of you who read at AbundantHope are undergoing intense bodywork at night, in preparation for two purposes. One is so you can be dematerialised to craft rather than having to be stood in a levitation beam. The other is that many of you will during stasis be gifted with new cloned bodies, looking exactly like you, based on your current DNA but improved as to what many of you label “psychic” skills. This body will vibrate considerably higher and thus be in better resonance with the planet when you return. You will be free of disease and in many cases looking a bit younger, depending on your current age.

Before you can assume the cloned body, current aberrations in your DNA must be cleared, both from genetic damage and whatever you contributed through stress that you do not wish to carry to the new form. Many of you are exhausted and confused as the result of the bodywork. Many of you have also downloaded during this month, if not beforehand, your higher self, either your monad or your morontial soul depending on your status at this moment.

Those of you who are angels or Ascending Sons within Nebadon have a morontia soul. Those angels from realms beyond Nebadon, and those ascending graduates of  Nebadon or other universes have a monad. Not to worry so much about what is what here, you will understand more during stasis and we will have appropriate teaching after stasis for the planet around these topics.

Candace, for example, has a monad. She downloaded this years ago, she can place the date (Candace: May 2002). She is an Ascending Son and a graduate of Paradise, being a Mighty Messenger. The entire AbundantHope team is a mixture of Ascending and Descending Sons from Havona. Some of you may be also, but it matters not, it matters the service. What matters also is that you are embodying your soul, regardless of the source of your soul. This simply means that your body has been prepared to accept your soul living within it.

Your soul will affect your current DNA patterns, remodelling them and this is important to be finished before you enter your new cloned body, if that is what you will be doing. Some of you who are 40 or younger may have “come in” with already improved DNA and assuming a cloned body if you are otherwise healthy, may not be necessary. You can be remodelled a bit if necessary. Most of you 40 and older, even if you brought in some higher DNA are probably going to be offered a cloned body.

Most of the readers of AH have chosen to be “stay behinds,” a term Candace likes, to counteract the term “left behinds” of that series of novels. Stay behinds chose this with intent to serve after stasis. Those of you living in dangerous areas will be removed before the ignition of Jupiter to ship or underground for your safety. You might “sleep” there until it is time for you to awaken for the training that will begin a period of time after stasis, Jupiter, and the sinking of LA is complete.

If you live in a safe area you will be brought aboard wherever your angels and guides have determined for you in advance, when the time is appropriate to do so. During the above events and the clean up afterwards, the main crew of AbundantHope, some of whom are still to be selected, will prepare the plans and the teaching.

Those of you to have cloned bodies will continue to be prepared for that during your sleeping during the early part of stasis and even after you are lifted. It will vary for each individual when the time is right to enter the new form. Those of you who do not need a new form will continue your “remodelling” which is in the hands of your guardian angels. I thought it appropriate at this time to let you know of this idea so you can ponder about it. When you return you will also have on your chests a Christic Circle, which identifies you as being on this team. You will learn more about that later, it is not for the details of this process to be exposed at this present time. But know and ponder about it, some of you will know of what I speak, as you will stand out loud and clear to those “left behind” as opposed to those staying behind.

The stasis period may last as long as two years. It will last what it takes, and this is related to the clean up and some massive Earth changes that will occur during it. Rather than putting mankind through a lot of different episodes of Earth changes over say the next 100 years, we will do at least that much during stasis. The Earth needs this to prepare for the eventual entry into monopolarity.

There must be considerably more changes than will be assisted during stasis, but this allows perhaps at least 25 years before more major ground upheaval, and thus man may properly prepare in advance. This allows thus also 25 years to get new technologies and the like in place that are necessary to the actual ascension when it occurs. By actual ascension in this case, I refer to going into the state of monopolarity and we estimate maybe 50 years but that is highly flexible. It would be best to have had enough axis change and lands going up and down to balance the land masses around the equator before monopolarity, but that is not a necessity. The necessity is the state of mind on the planet, and the technologies consistent with monopolarity.  

While Esu and Ashtar identified about one million really advanced souls capable of participating in the stasis training period and returning to lead afterwards, one million is actually too many, so the cream of the crop will be around

100, 000 selected from this group. Those not attending “stasis” planning will work however at the soul level and will have a sense of serving when all is said and done, but these ones will generally be working at a lower level of responsibility. All of these 100, 000 will be directly members of AbundantHope, working under the Regional Directors. The other “stay behinds” who will not be part of AH specifically, will however migrate easily into service under these ones.

One of the reasons for not selecting one million is to allow man that stays behind or is left behind, to more fully participate so they can grow out of sheeplehood. Man must determine the direction. Too many “bosses” would produce following instead of becoming sovereign. We still do not know how many will be left on the planet after the stasis period is over, that is determined by soul choices and the effects of the increased energy activity on both the people and the higher animals, as to whether the physical form survives or not.  

Actually, all life forms on the planet will be affected by the increasing light from Jupiter, enhanced vibration, and removal of the ozone layer. Some of the advancing robotoids will also be “left behind” because this can greatly increase the numbers who receive Thought Adjusters.

Now, on to a couple of other topics at this time. First, “Sorcha Faal” has put out something regards Operation Plowshare and the supposed nuclear bombing for oil in the arctic. This is a completely false story, we allow NO nuclear bombs anymore; the planet can’t handle the frequency increase they cause. It would greatly shorten the ascension process, and this is a no no, and it has been artificially shortened already by the use of these detonations. Operation Plowshare had exactly nothing to do with hunting for oil in the Arctic. It had everything to do with the dark attempting to reverse the poles of the planet and hopefully change the axis at the same time.  

In the Phoenix Journals we covered about the attempt to do this back in 1908, which was the event in Russia at that time. They didn’t calculate correctly but the calculations are very good now and would have been successful if allowed. It was not allowed. I have no idea why those behind Sorcha are putting out this bit of nonsense at the moment. I discussed this with Candace back when she was placing the piece from the Phoenix Journals on the AH site.  

There are rumours circulating on the net about lots of stuff to come in December. We do not know all that will fully manifest between now and Christmas. There is a consideration of just prior to going into stasis, a large show and tell, and this is NOT guaranteed, so don’t manufacture any dates. By this I mean the show, not stasis, but do not manufacture any exact dates for stasis to start either. We have some interesting ideas about how much to expose before stasis, and that depends on man and the games played during these next weeks (Candace: show means flyovers 

Regards stasis, I will take the planet into stasis related to the current Jupiter ignition. And I could let this ignition happen as we proposed last year prior to the stasis. People MUST wake up. But the planet is terribly polluted and we must be about healing the planet and this can’t be done at the present time in front of the people.

The governments of Earth remain highly resistant to any show and tell, but if you have paid any attention lately, we have increased the sightings and we shall see how the dark ones respond. Regards this idea there are many lighted ones who think the Earth is not ready yet, regards the religions, but when will they be ready, NEVER at this point? The hold is so tight. The Catholic church will only admit there must be other life on other planets and it could possibly be visiting its followers and we are pressuring the current pope and his staff to move further along in that regard, and little is occurring. These ones would rather keep their people ignorant. The evangelical groups are completely sheepled and serving the dark and know it not and most of these ministers that lead will not enlighten their flock to the great Satan they have assisted. Islam will do considerably better than Christianity in this regard.  

Now, as to what my fleet has been doing over the fall [spring in Southern Hemisphere] months. A great deal. We placed some replacements you might say into the Earth banking groups. This means we removed some influential darks ones, it is their judgment after all, and replaced them with our clones of them, so that work might go in a more positive direction. They would have been murdered outright and quickly if there was much “change” brought about, so these worked carefully in what was taken to be New World Order banking but with “improvements” that better lead to what we expect to have in progress when the planet is brought out of stasis.

This includes distributions similar to NESARA expanded to GESARA (Candace: globally, instead of US only) as we have covered before. This would include the “settlements” which were off the Wanta monies and converted carefully to global monies for a higher purpose than rewards for various agreements and the like that were not exactly spiritual in intent. Wanta basically without his full knowledge was used to collect a great deal of money at the expense of the Russian people via trading down the Russian Rupple. Enough said at this point on the banking issues. We dare not expose more than what is known to the dark side at this point, and this should be considered “hopeful” by you. A global banking system must be in place as part of lifting the planet, and although this is less than perfect, it is a springboard for the future.  

Obama??? Well, on the Internet many supposed lighted beings told you to vote for him. Those that did, voted in a considerable antichrist personality. This is not even the real Obama, he too was cloned many years ago by the dark to guarantee service to the New World Order (Candace: compare current pictures to ones before he gave that speech in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention). However, to the American voters, who can not yet fathom voting for anybody but the two individuals presented to them, this was the better choice. The old McCains [clones] were but a ploy to guarantee Obama would appear to be elected. Was he truly elected? No. Games played always.  

The people just think they voted for him, and yet only the “electoral college” determines such and most Americans learned little during this long period about the obvious manipulation in front of their face. The votes for him were assisted by the large non-white population who wished of course to see a mixed heritage man in office. Why you label mixed heritage people as black is not of course correct at all. But so be it on planet Earth. We did appreciate Obama calling himself a “mutt” on television. Some honesty there but also carefully chosen words to appeal to all of mixed genetic heritage in the US of A.  

What else is going on with our help behind the scenes? Oh so very much beloveds. We are everywhere possible PREPARING YOUR WAY. This is not for us to do all the work, it is for the planetary peoples. We just prepare your way. You who will lead need a level playing field, and we have created that. There are so many dark ones who are just not themselves anymore as to fathom the mind. We did not however replace Obama. Had we attempted to put a nice guy back in, it would have been immediately noticed and done away with. We are as such sort of allowing some of the New World Order plans that prepare your way with some modifications that will come online, and in which quite a few of you who have been pre-selected will carry out when you return after stasis. You know not the plans consciously at this point, nor should you.  

Some of you have dropped away. This is saddening to us, but we hope you will return to light service after stasis, we understand you are confused. Your higher selves and angels know your intent. If you are supposed to remain, you will. Apparently some have run out of patience. We have covered this before. It was necessary to announce stasis and Jupiter a bit early in hopes of getting cooperation. Government MUST cooperate, and where it has not, on a global level with this, there have been selected replacements as above.

Even if there had been cooperation, we would have delayed to provide the time necessary to carry out any forthcoming plans. This team of AH did NOT know at their conscious level of this so that the words would indeed be “real” to the dark. The light has to be on the sly always beloveds, in operations against the dark. The dark in fact always lets itself be known, because it slips up and many times out and out id’s [identifies] its activities which are often then not recognised by the peoples of Earth for what they are. The people do not want to believe it or don’t know because they have not been taught about how games are played. An example is the use of look-alikes and clones by the dark. The masses will just not accept that possibility, especially in mind-controlled America.

Now, regards the material concerning the 42 months coming out on the net and we may have covered before. This is in Revelation. It is NOT the period before ascension. It is the big clean up period, and it is NOT covered under stasis, time wise. This period started at the beginning of 2008. At the end of December [2008], all who had not before made a firm decision must make that decision about whether to stay and ascend or continue their life streams on other lower physical worlds still not yet even 4D. As we have stated, you are 4D at this time, which is the "get off the fence" dimension of severe testing.

So at the end of December, you are 12 months into the so called 42 months of massive change. That leaves 30 months, give or take a few, for the remainder of the prophesied 42 months. When you come out of stasis, the count picks up again. It is stopped during stasis. So if I do take the planet into stasis, say on January 1 (Candace: no guarantee of this), that means after stasis, there is 30 months of huge trial left. We do not pull one tooth at a time out of a mouthful of bad

teeth. There is thus an approximate 42 month period of huge change. The end of this period is not the date of ascension. It is simply the end of a 3 ½ year period of intense work. If not for stasis, this period would need to in fact be far longer.

What should you expect over the next weeks? Doubtfully the removal of the US government, but possibly. There will be no distributions of funds until either a few days prior to stasis, or after the return from it. It is highly unlikely there will be sufficient control of the banking to distribute funds. If there are distributions, they will be quietly made to specific entities to begin some needed changes.

If you are reading what Huber and others are putting out, ignore them. Huber works with the A & A’s which should be obvious from his messages dear ones. Shekhmet does not work with the A & A’s; this is a lie. You should perhaps review Candace’s work with her in the early days of this project. Candace observed personally the fake channelling of Shekhmet, she knows. (Candace: yes I do and a shock it was when it happened as I sort of liked the A & A’s, but was asking a lot of questions about them.)  

For those of you who have strayed, or are straying, because the various channellings do not match the work through Candace and Jess, please understand many are NOT knowledgeable of our plans, and some are fakes. AbundantHope is our ground team partners dear ones, and they are the ONLY ground team partners.

And dark side is out there too, like Huber, deliberately putting out false material. There will be NO NESARA in the US of A. It is GESARA of the whole world being laid out. It was discovered by reading the Akashic Records that Dove had been misinformed about Clinton signing NESARA into law. He did not. That was rumour. Do not blame her, for her service has been grand, and the NESARA plan was real, it just never manifested and will not manifest as originally hoped. We gave it up, time is of the essence regards the condition of GAIA and her life, and either we evacuate the planet and start over, or we do this intermediate plan. We are doing this intermediate plan!

Please continue with your ideas for missions after stasis, and of course the initial work is around stabilisation of society, and then other mission work can start. Any of you attending during stasis will also be planning mission work during that time.  

At the time, should there be any announcements of star fleet, do what you always intended to do, and re-assure the people in your circles that you have long followed this and the star visitors are here to help, and this is indeed the Second Coming Process. Namaste, ATON.

Candace: The A &A’s were once on Nancy Tate’s website. They have their own site now. If you have never heard of them, don’t worry. They sell fake channellings from Shekhmet. My work with her is from 2005 sometime and is in the list of my messages.  I learned something that night about the A&A’s. Before then I didn’t realise they were total fakes. I learned a lot more later too. They apparently prepared their daily reports a few weeks in advance, including all that stuff they report from the radio shows. They accidentally put some up once and got caught red handed by their readers. But they continue on, last I observed still wanted $160 on a pro-rated basis for a “channelling” from Mother S.

Regards the comment by CM on my being a Mighty Messenger, you can go to, and use the search to find the coverage in the Urantia Book. The main chapter in which Trinitized Sons are covered was written by Shekhmet in fact, and she is a Mighty Messenger herself, but much, much older than I am, having come from one of the earliest Universes in Orvonton. I am a recent “graduate.”  

Henning also announced recently that he is a Trinity Teacher Son, a Daynal. You can also research that easily in the UB. I will leave it to the individual discretion of my team members to announce anything about themselves. I was informed by First Source [from Paradise, inside the Central Universe] personally in June 2007 of my status and I confirmed it with my Destiny Guardian Andrea, and Tom my soul mate, who is my personal guide in this incarnation. Plus of course Christ Michael and Esu. Esu is a Mighty Messenger also, and for longer than I am.

As above, I downloaded my monad in May 2002. I have the exact date in a journal somewhere, I think May 15, but I am not sure. When you embody your higher self you become a lot smarter! And more confident. And those of you doing this are to have a place of importance in rebuilding this world and preparing it for ascension into light and life, otherwise you would not be embodying your soul. Your body had to undergo some ascension changes before this became possible. You had to link up some of that “junk DNA.”

Now the possible time frame of 50 years to ascension is an estimate as stated. There is NO ascension on December 12, of 2012. That was simply an end date of a calendar by the Mayan’s. In fact the calendar was off, because it never matched the Gregorian calendar which is off by about 8 years in the first place. That date was reached on October 19, 2007.

[So we are really now into the equivalent year of 2014. And each year is now shorter, being exactly 360 days. I know some people are unsure of the information in this channelled message, but I feel it is leading edge information. The offer of a proper cosmic cloned body is great. These bodies do not break down like the Illuminati ones that have been made on this planet over the last 60 years.  Please accept one if offered!  - Tony.]




First Source Transmission 1: My Central Message

I convey this message to you whom I have stirred with the sound of my voice. These words are my signature. You may bring your doubt, your fear, your faith, or your courage; it matters not, for you will be touched by the rhythm of my voice. It moves through you like a beam of light that sweeps – if only for a moment – the darkness aside. I dwell in a frequency of light in which finite beings cannot uncover me. If you search for me, you will fail. I am not found or discovered. I am only realized in oneness, unity, and wholeness. It is the very same oneness that you feel when you are interconnected with all of life, for I am this and this alone. I am all of life. If you must search for me, then practice the feeling of wholeness and unity.

In my deepest light I created you from my desire to understand my universe. You are my emissaries. You are free to journey the universe of universes as particles from my infinite womb with destinies that you alone will write. I do not prescribe your journey or your journey’s aim. I only accompany you. I do not pull you this way or that, nor do I punish you when you stray from my heart. This I do as an outcome of my belief in you. You are the heirs of my light, which gave you form. It is my voice that awakened you to individuality, but it will be your will that awakens you to our unity. It is your desire to know me as your self that brings you to my presence so perfectly hidden from your world. I am behind everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel, and believe.  

I live for your discovery of me. It is the highest expression of my love for you, and while you search for my shadows in the stories of your world, I, the indelible, invisible light, grow increasingly visible. Imagine the furthest point in space – beneath a black portal, cast in some distant galaxy, and then multiply this distance by the highest numeric value you know. Congratulations, you have measured an atom of my body. Do you realize how I am unfathomable? I am not what you can know, or see, or understand. I am outside comprehension. My vastness makes me invisible and unavoidable. There is nowhere you can be without me. My absence does not exist. It is this very nature that makes me unique. I am First Cause and Last Effect connected in an undivided chain.

There is no supplication that stirs me. No prayer that invites me further into your world unless it is attended with the feeling of unity and wholeness. There is no temple or sacred object that touches me. They do not, nor have they ever brought you closer to my outstretched hand. My presence in your world is unalterable for I am the sanctuary of both the cosmos and the one soul inside you. I could awaken each of you in this very moment to our unity, but there is a larger design – a more comprehensive vision – that places you in the boundaries of time and the spatial dimensions of separateness. This design requires a progression into my wholeness that reacquaints you with our unity through the experience of separation. Your awakening, while slow and sometimes painful, is assured, and this you must trust above all else.

I am the ancestral father of all creation. I am a personality that lives inside each of you as a vibration that emanates from all parts of your existence. I reside in this dimension as your beacon. If you follow this vibration, if you place it at the core of your journey, you will contact my personality that lives beneath the particles of your existence. I am not to be feared or held in indifference. My presence is immediate, tangible, and real. You are now in my presence. Hear my words. You are in my presence. You are within me more than I am within you. You are the veneer of my mind and heart, and yet you think yourself the product of an ape. You are so much more than you realize.

Our union was, is, and will be forevermore. You are my blessed offspring with whom I am intricately connected in means that you cannot understand and therefore appreciate. You must suspend your belief and disbelief in what you cannot sense, in exchange for your knowing that I am real and live within you. This is my central message to all my offspring. Hear it well, for in it you may find the place in which I dwell.  

(Candace: This is an excerpt from Chamber 23 – One of three written elements from the body of work known as the WingMakers, ascribed to First Source, from the WingMaker's site.  Those of you who have paid attention to the Urantia Book, know what this is, First Source. For those who haven't, this is THE FATHER, of all Creation, who lives on the Paradise Isle of Havona, the perfect Central Universe around which all of creation moves - the 7 Super-Universes. In you, he dwells as the Father Fragment, called the Thought Adjustor in the Urantia Book. Not in your body, but in your mind. And your mind is not an organ of your body, but separate from it, and under which your body is controlled.)

First Source Transmission 2: My Central Purpose

The blueprint of exploration has an overarching intention; you are not the recipients of divine labor and meticulous training only to ensure that you may enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a purpose of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If I designed you to take you on an eternal excursion into nirvana, I certainly would not construct your entire universe into one vast and intricate training school, requisition a substantial branch of my creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this enormous universe school of experiential learning. The furtherance of the system of human progression is cultivated by my will for the explicit purpose to merge the human species with other species from different universes.

As it is my nature to be seven-fold, there are seven universes [Super-Universes] that comprise my body. Within each of these, a species of a particular DNA template is cast forth and is nurtured by Source Intelligence to explore its material universe. Each of these species is sent forth from the Central Race into the universe that was created to unveil its potential and seed vision. Your species will converge with six other species in a distant future that will reunite my body as the living extension of known creation. While this may seem so distant as to have no relevance to your time, it is vital for you to understand the scope of your purpose. You can think of these seven species as the limbs of my body rejoined to enable me/us total functionality within the grand universe. This is my purpose and therefore your own as well.

Your freewill is not taken from you; it is merely united with my/our own. In the deepest chamber of my existence issues the will to expand, explore, unite, synthesize, and in so doing, reveal yet another layer of my/our purpose. What is this purpose you ask? It is not expressible in a language that you can now understand, but it is related to the concepts of universe discovery and self-evolution. It is the expansion and synthesis of cosmic experience.

The ascendant beings of time are converging to my central abode. All are drawn to me for the purpose of my/our will to be expressed throughout the grand universe in order to cast another grand universe, and to deepen the skin of my/our personality. This is the hidden purpose of my/our will: to create new worlds of experience that stimulate our continuing evolution.

Without you I am unable to evolve. Without me, you are unable to exist. This is our eternal bond. It was and is my desire to evolve that gave you existence. We, collectively, are the conjoint vessel of creation and exploration. We are the boldness of the uncharted journey and the imaginative energy of the out-picturing of new realities. We are the image of an ascending, infinite, expanding spiral that is created segment by segment by itself. We are inseparable – each the window of the other. My blessings to you who find these words, and listen in the clearness of your personality.

First Source Transmission 3 – My Central Revelation

You evolve inwards, ever in the direction of my creator soul. This is the province of myself that does not indwell you, but indeed is separate from you as the stars are isolated from a deep cave. This place is the source and destiny of your existence, and from it, you descend into the cave of your animal-origins where my voice falls silent to your choices.

My plan for your ascendance embraces every creature in all dimensions of all worlds. I do this by divesting myself of every function that is possible for another of my creation to carry out. That which I create is given the power to perform my role, thus I am hidden from your view because you have come to believe that I am that which I have created.

I am First Source, and your knowing of me is a thousand times removed. I dwell in the Central Universe so distant from you as to make space an unfathomable abstraction, and yet, a fragment of my self is set within your personality like a diamond upon a ring, and it will endure as certainly as I will endure. While there are those who believe I am a myth, I express to you that my world is the beacon of all personalities in all times, and whether you believe in me or not, you are unerringly drawn to the source from whence you were created. 

I would prefer to be known to you at all times and places, but if I did this then the evolutionary journey of my creation would break down, and the teacher-student ordering of my system of ascendancy would falter. I have cast myself into numberless orders of beings that collectively constitute the evolutionary bridge of your ascendancy into my realm. There is no step of your journey that another has not already taken on behalf of those who follow.

I have formed these words with the help of my inmost creation, known to you, through these teachings, as the Central Race. Their record is placed upon your planet to catalyze – within those of your kind who are ready – an awakening of me as I truly am. This record will last for many generations, sometimes hidden from view, sometimes abstracted into symbols, sometimes collected into doubt, but always it will be my voice revealed upon your planet.

While it is not the first time I have spoken to your planet’s people, it is the first time I have spoken through my inmost creation and left an indelible, multi-dimensional record. On the surface of this record is a mythology of the Central Race, but if you find my voice within this mythology, you will see another facet to this record, of a personal inflection, that speaks directly to you, my child. It is this intimacy that I have encoded into this record that is symbolic of my hand reaching for yours, and it is this intimacy that will persist within your mind and heart when all else fails you.

My voice will help you reconnect with me. It will enlarge your vision of my domain, purpose, and my unyielding love for each of my creation, no matter where or how you live. When I have spoken before to your planet, it was through a prism of personalities that bent my voice and colored its tone. My mind’s voice will not travel to your world unless it is transmitted through my creation and translated into word-symbols your mind can grasp. My heart’s voice penetrates all worlds without translation as a sub-photonic light and inter-dimensional vibration that produces sound. 

I am revealed to you in hopes that you will reveal to others what you have found in me. Not by sanctimonious words, but rather, by redefining our relationship and living in accordance with this new clarity. In so doing you will release what I have long ago stored within you – a fragment of myself, a dagger of light that renders your self-importance a decisive death.

Truly, this is my central revelation. I am here, beneath this mythology, to awaken your animal self to our relationship so you may slay your vanity. This is the distortion between us. It is not space or time that separates us and diminishes our conscious relationship. It is your desire to excel within the cave of your existence and derive gratification from this and this alone.

I will leave to others to define the psychological wisdom and common sense behaviors of success. My words penetrate elsewhere; to a place within you that is susceptible, innocent, faithful, and ever listening for a tonal hint of my presence. When it is found, this part of you – like an instrument entrained by a powerful resonance – will vibrate in accordance to my voice.

All of your religions teach the worship of a deity and a doctrine of human salvation. It is the underlying kinship of your planet’s religions. However, I am not the deity that your worship falls upon, nor am I the creator of your doctrines of human salvation. Worship of me in coin or moral consideration is unnecessary. Simply express your authentic feelings of appreciation to my inmost presence within you and others, and you broadcast your worship unfailingly into my realm.

This is the feeling that you should seek to preserve in the face of life’s distractions. This is the revelation of my heart to your heart. Live in clarity. Live in purpose. Live in the knowledge that you are in me and I am in you, and that there is no place separate from our heart.  (End)


Here is one of  seven prayers from other worlds, similar to our “Lords Prayer” from - paper 114, pages 1621-1624. Esu/Jesus gave these to his apostles as examples of  “parable prayers” without revealing their origin.

Our creative Parent, who is in the center of the universe,

Bestow upon us your nature and give to us your character.

Make us sons and daughters of yours by grace

And glorify your name through our eternal achievement.

Your adjusting and controlling spirit give to live and dwell within us

That we may do your will on this sphere as angels do your bidding in light.

Sustain us this day in our progress along the path of truth.

Deliver us from inertia, evil, and all sinful transgression.

Be patient with us as we show loving-kindness to our fellows.

Shed abroad the spirit of your mercy in our creature hearts.

Lead us by your own hand, step by step, through the uncertain maze of life,

And when our end shall come, receive into your own bosom our faithful spirits.

Even so, not our desires but your will be done.

Humour Department

STUD ROOSTER - A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says,  'OK old fart, time for you to retire.'

The old rooster replies, 'Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens.  Look what it has done to me. 
Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in the corner?'

The young rooster says, 'Beat it: You are washed up and I am taking over.' 
The old rooster says, 'I tell you what, young stud. I will race you around the farmhouse. Whoever wins gets the exclusive domain over the entire chicken coop.' 

The young rooster laughs.  'You know you don't stand a chance, old man. So, just to be fair, I will give you a head start.'

The old rooster takes off running. About 15 seconds later the young rooster takes off running after him. They round the front porch of the farmhouse and the young rooster has closed the gap. He is only about 5 feet behind the old rooster and gaining fast.

The farmer, meanwhile, is sitting in his usual spot on the front porch when he sees the roosters running by. The old rooster is squawking and running as hard as he can.

The Farmer grabs his shotgun and - BOOM - he blows the young rooster to bits. The farmer sadly shakes his head and says, 'Dammit.....third gay rooster I bought this month.'

Moral of this story? ...  Don't mess with the old farts - age, skill, wisdom, and a little treachery always overcome youth and arrogance!                                                                                            

(End of newsletter)