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Issue 81 - May 2011

Highlights of this issue

* There is continuing high radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear power reactors in Japan. Star Fleet ships are removing much of this. The site has been described as “Chernobyl on steroids”.

* Christ Michael and Mother Earth indicate we will soon be born again by the Wave into our deserved status of grand cosmic beings who we have always been.

* Mother Mary has given us a prayer to be used in these end times.

* Two spiritual icons have passed over recently - Jose Arguelles and Sai Baba.

* What the dark forces have started on this planet must be completed before further actions by the light forces can also be completed. Our choices determine our future, not the other way around.

* Esu attempts to allay our concerns about delays in expected actions by higher realms.

* Fault lines in earthquake prone areas of western USA have been relieved of pressure.


Editorial; Eve; Ayelet; Iran President; Johan; Peter; James Gilliland; Jess; Dianne Robbins; Leonette: Phoenix Journal: Hazel

This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free.

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Hello everyone. There hasn’t been much news that I can share in a newsletter, hence no issue for April. Following the advice of the Wave of Non-Time being here and increasing in intensity, we are already feeling its effects, some people more than others. It produces a lot of the “ascension syndrome” symptoms spoken of in the past. A “peak” in this advanced energy of love from Creator Source is due any day. We will likely only have to experience one or two peaks before going into stasis. However, Earth changes are continuing in the mean time.

Much energy was due to be released in the western USA in past weeks. Star Fleet/Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command ships however have been able to straighten out the San Andreas Fault and others to alleviate the potential for extreme quakes. This hopefully will save more lives and retain the beauty of areas like national parks. Scientists can see that much has changed in fault line pressures, but cannot understand why. Gulf of Mexico problems are eased.

As you would know, there have been lies and damn lies circulating in the media about Osama bin Laden’s death. How many times can they kill this guy? Someone mentioned nine times to date! Anyway you may remember he died quite some time ago as confirmed from higher realms, in December 2001. The new “death” reasons appear to be to try to shore up Obama’s re-election prospects (one of the dark copies) and to cover up some devious work in the Middle East. There is probably more information to come on this one.

The amount of radiation from the Fukushima power plants has been enough to kill the whole world population ten times over, and is increasing daily. Starships are being used 24/7 to remove whatever radiation they can suck up.

The Libya situation is another false flag attack by many nations. Gaddafi is a lightworker. He is prepared to take a stance and die for his people for whom he has done much. From an eleven minute video, here are some facts about socialist Libya, showing why the Rothschilds want to finish off Gaddafi:

GDP per capita is (in US dollars) $14,192; Unemployment benefit per week $730; each family member subsidised by the state gets $1000 annually; Salary for nurses per week $1000; Every newborn is paid $7000; Each bride and groom receive $64,000 to purchase a flat; Major taxes and levies are prohibited; To open a new first time personal business, financial assistance is $20,000; Education and medicine are free; Education internships abroad - at government expense; Stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs; Part of pharmacies - with free dispensing; Loans for buying a car and an apartment - no interest; Real estate services are prohibited; Buying a car up to 50 percent paid by the State; No Payment for electricity for the population; Sales and use of alcohol is prohibited; Petrol is cheaper than water. One litre of gasoline - $ 0.14. (;read=202824)

Eve recently received a message from the real Matthew who confirmed he has not given messages to his mother Suzy Ward for quite some time now. This we have mentioned in past issues also.

There are some interesting developments in growing organs. David Derbyshire on April 4: Scientists are growing human hearts in laboratories, offering hope for millions of cardiac patients. American researchers believe the artificial organs could start beating within weeks. The experiment is a major step towards the first ‘grow-your-own’ heart, and could pave the way for livers, lungs or kidneys to be made to order. More at

From - April 11, 2011: British scientists have created human kidneys from stem cells in a breakthrough which could result in transplant patients growing their own organs. More at

Tony Wicks May 13, 2011

Galactic and World News (Edited)

(March 14, 2011) ESU THROUGH EVE: (Japan Situation)

Eve: Esu, can you comment on Japan?

Esu: Okay Eve, short briefing. Japan is very serious. We are sucking off most of the radioactivity, shift working 24 hours a day. We have taken care of the souls who were victims of the tsunami and there is special care for the ones whose bodies were harmed by radioactivity. Japan is an incredible mess of harm and grief.

A catastrophe like that, in a place of such a high population density, is a pure apocalypse. The volcanic action underground near Japan is merely the beginning. We've told you before how hard Japan could be hit. A chain reaction is likely to follow from this. The whole place is like an open wound right now, and this is in fact unveiled, a drama when man sees what he has created.

So many of you have signed petitions for stopping that nuclear energy thing. They have not been heard. To build these kind of nuclear plants on volcanic ground makes it even worse. Chernobyl has not been bad enough, so it seems, to turn the tide. The NWO players have placed a big coup on this. Now they are trying to make you believe they had arranged this by HAARP, as a shock and awe scenario. Your Internet is already flooded by rage-filled indignations and statements, that HAARP had been used to intentionally make a mess out of this. Not so, beloveds.

The Japanese specially have long played with fire and now their house is literally burning down. In WW2, the nuclear bombs falling upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bad enough to prevent them from building these nuclear reactors. Japan is harvesting the grown-up seed now, and unfortunately not only Japan.

On the background information of availability and development of free energy and the technology of Tesla in the first half of the last century even, this whole nuclear thing comes out to be the crown of irresponsibility.

And I'm sorry, folks, this is merely the beginning. You now have Japan as a building ground of drama and what does mankind do if further building grounds will be added and become manifest?

Hopefully you will cry out for God to help you. I assure you, what we see in Japan is tearing apart our hearts. You have heard about the high number of missing people. It's more, dear ones. And it will get worse. Go on joining your prayers and empathy to this location exposed to the elements of nature, to Earth taking back her power, keep firmly anchored while [activities increase].

Yes, it's true, "It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark". But now the rain has set in and I hope you have finished your preparations. This is the final rundown. Esu. (

(March 12, 2011) ADAMA THROUGH AYELET:

Shalom, this is Adama, High Priest of Telos. In these days Mother Earth is actively cleaning herself, and so the changes are taking place.

The Far East is an area that calls for a cleansing process due to the dense and overloaded energy created by the environmental pollution which took place in the last few years according to your time. Japan is located in a very sensitive geographical zone. The fault deep in the ocean directly affects the island. This island, emerged to the surface many years ago, and has to cope with the changes caused by the rising of the sea level.

Indeed large portions of the continents of Mother Earth will be covered in the next few years by massive waves. The shifts of the lands continue.

Mother Earth is going through a change and with the energetic changes of the fifth dimension comes the geological ones. The surface of the planet will shrink for a while during a period of transition between the old and the new. Many souls, out of free will, are going back to the initial source of energy and from there continue their personal journey of growth.

You must understand, beloved ones, not all Light beings and souls on this planet choose to remain here at this period of time. Many will currently have to deal with the most difficult lessons and solve their biggest karmas in order to clean the soul and continue onwards their growth into the fifth dimension. Whoever does not perform the work of Light will stay behind. Please understand, the choices based on free will were made on the highest levels and Mother Earth initiated a process that will last about fifty years.

Most children born these days to your reality are coming with the intention to assist in the transformation and be part of the process. Some of them may choose to stay and build their homes in the fifth dimension. You, my dears, are the pioneers who spread the Light in order to accelerate the vibrations on this planet and help the Light beings in their efforts. Your gatherings contribute to re-balance the bodies so you are able to sustain the energies now penetrating the planet. The energies from the Central Sun are very powerful and strengthened so as to help accelerate the processes on the surface of the Earth.

That is how, my beloved Mother Earth is balancing herself, and additional events are expected in Europe as well. Tragedy in such magnitude which takes place in certain locations can shake up the ancient continent from its slumber. Africa is getting stronger and stronger as it is going through the cleansing process over more than thirty years now, a process that is reaching its final stages. The cleansing process will continue on and on.

Send Light to those places where changes are taking place, help the transformation to occur, send them the purple flame, together with the green and pink ones. Support the souls which are going through the transition. We are with you, dear ones, walking with you hand in hand towards the transition into the fifth dimension. Work with us as a team so we can continue helping the planet and its dwellers to go through the transition smoothly and with love and harmony. We are with you and congratulate you for the changes you are going through.

Farewell, Adama, High Priest of Telos. (

(March 15, 2011) HUMAN AWAKENING WILL COVER U.S. AND EUROPE - BY IRANIAN PRESIDENT MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: (Even though he refers to a wave of unrest, he also knows the Wave is coming.)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has cautioned the United States and Europe against the wave of “human awakening” that is spreading throughout the world. “The wave of human awakening will reach all parts of the world, including the US and Europe. Leaders of the US and European countries should not think that they will remain immune from this wave,” IRNA quoted President Ahmadinejad as saying on Tuesday.

“They should not think that they promote trouble in the world because they are more exposed to dangers of the wave than others,” he added.
Arrogant powers in the world and their allies are nearing their collapse, the Iranian chief executive pointed out.

President Ahmadinejad emphasised that leaders of arrogant powers, particularly the United States and the Israeli regime, are the main instigators of the killings, crimes and violating the rights of nations.

“Nations will not be deceived by their campaigns,” he said, noting that people hold the US and Israel responsible for crimes and violations committed against them. (

(March 16, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL AND NEBADONIA THROUGH JOHAN: (Welcome Home at the Finish Line)

Dearly beloveds, I AM Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, and I also speak for Nebadonia at this time. Together with Nebadonia, we made a decision to bless all of you, our truly beloved children, together with the incoming higher divine potential bestowed upon you by Source and ourselves and yourselves so that a perfect union between Creation and us, your Creators, and all of our Creation in Nebadon may light up this universe for all to see from far and away.

Mother Earth is ready for birthing her new self and without further delay this process has gone into the delivery status now.

You have seen through Japan ,and other places beforehand, what birth pangs are about, but please realise this labour of Gaia will be a difficult and particular hard and painful one. Not to the detriment of this beloved and beautiful soul, since only relief of pressure and pollution and negative energy will be the result towards the most precious gem she is about to become, BUT THE CONDITIONS UPON HER SURFACE WILL NOW QUICKLY DETERIORATE.

Through the Wave and the peculiar settings of your solar system already under the influx of the growing strength of divine Love and Light, both Nebadonia and myself wish to address and inform you, my precious dear little ones, that ALSO YOU WILL BE BORN AGAIN into your deserved status of the grand cosmic beings you have always been. This has been a step by step process, but now there is no longer holding back.

Like a wild river rafting, your graduation awaits you at the end of the trip that might rush you through many rapids and small waterfalls, OR MIGHT BE RATHER SMOOTH SAILING, according to the amount of divine Love and Light you have practised with! All will travel the same river, but the experience might widely differ.

This is the time for complete TRUST, push off and enjoy the company, as the now famous Hopi Indian [philosophy] suggests, do not fear and hold on to the sides. The stream will be too powerful for your arms and legs to counter the mighty flow, but trust your guidance and float with ease, and your short journey will be a blessing beyond your wildest imagination.

Finally I will be able to meet you, my children, at the finish line and greet you and love you, as no description can translate how much my fatherly and brotherly instinct and intuition has been longing for this moment. Even MY heart is rejoicing and I share this with my beautiful Nebadonia who wishes you only the very best.

No more words now, be prepared as good as you have received our instructions, and given heed to our many calls.

Welcome home, Warriors of Light, the mighty river of Love and Light is reaching you now, push off, let go, and go with the flow, it will bring you home where numerous numbers are rejoicing to meet you already. Great jubilation will follow great tribulation, but it has been so much more worth the effort and waiting as you hardly can imagine.

I am proud of you, my beloved children, and give yourselves all the reasons to be proud of yourselves. Welcome home. I AM Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, your Sovereign.

Johan: To help your soul with the coming situation, I have been directed to a prayer from Mother Mary in order to prepare you better.

"Beloved Creator, I call upon your sacred and divine Light to flow into and through my entire being now. Let me accept a higher vibration of your energy than I have previously experienced. Bathe me in your true qualities of unconditional Love, acceptance and balance. Allow me to Love myself and soul unconditionally, accepting the Truth that exists within and around me. Assist me in achieving my spiritual illumination from a place of peace and balance at all time, promoting clarity within my heart, mind and reality.

Encourage me through my deep and secure connection and eternal flowing of unconditional Love, balance, and acceptance, to Love, to accept, and cherish the aspects of the Creator all around me, while accepting my true path and mission on Earth and beyond.I ask with pure and true intentions that the unconditional Love, acceptance and balance of the Creator vibrates with power within the energy vibration and frequency of the Earth so that these sacred qualities may become the realities of all.

I ask that all unneeded energies, habits and false beliefs within and around me, as well as within and around the Earth and all of humanity, are now allowed to fall away, guided by the Will of the Creator. Let a Love that is a powerful healer and comfort to all penetrate the Earth, civilisation and my being now. Thank you and let it be."


I see so many of you, beloveds, struggling how to visualise your future. I feel your pain when you suffer under the uncertainty, and I tell you, that you have my greatest empathy as I walked through this myself not long ago.

Children, children of mine, that is what I call you, because as long as you live on me or in me, you automatically become embraced by my motherhood. In all its consequences I gave you shelter and nurtured you and I gave you protection like only a mother can give you. So children of mine, your struggle is easily explained. It origins in your old beliefs and morals, in the things you accepted as good, accepted as working.

Many of you think now like I did, that we would need to bridge a certain amount of time of the cleansing period, to be finally able to go back to normal and start to rebuild. But this time it is different, this time there is nothing to go back to, nothing will be normal or known. This time, survival means more than having stored your daily rations, this time survival means to be reborn.

Rarely a child leaves my room voluntarily. Most of the time, through-passing souls have to be pushed out. I am pushing you out now, as your actions and non-actions pushed me to having no other possibility than to do so. I wish it could have been done differently. I never wished harm to any of my children, not even to those which bring me sorrow and make me weep.

I am pushing you out into the unknown, children, but it is equally unknown to both of us, and we will be together if you desire so, and if it fits into your carefully-crafted destiny. I am without fear now. This is new, because you have to know, I am an Agondonter myself. As to the quarantine, I also was cut of from the rest of the universe, and for the sake of my service as a planet, I surrendered to what was perceived as reality. I am without fear now, and so should you be, as those who stay with me are with me.

Nothing is hurting me more than seeing my little ones suffering and scared. Nuclear is not so much of a problem for me

than it is for you, but it saddens me still, to not being able anymore to provide unto you my very best. My very best is what you get, now and forever, so what you see is all I have in those moments of being in labour.

Forgive me, for I have to take this moment for myself. I cannot babysit you in the meantime, but there are many who matured. They make me proud as a mother and they bring joy to my soul. Those will help you, my children, those and the many other sisters and brothers who came from afar to be the groom's best men.

So forget about visualising the future, just be with me in this moment and hold my hand. Maybe you can dry my face from sweat every once in a while. Help me now as I helped you. We don't know what is going to be, we are just assured that it is the right direction taken, as it is the direction to Love and Light.

Get ready to be reborn.
Get ready to discover everything new.
Get ready to forget the old and forgive the past.
Get ready to let go of everything you ever thought of, dreamed of, desired, even your most idealistic ideas are based on old experiences.

Nothing will be old anymore, you will be creators in real time and you will learn as you go, and so will I.

Children of mine, there is more labour [to come] which will shake me and shake you. Don't be afraid, little ones, you are being taken care of. Help those around you as you can. We will be through this in no time at all. And don't you cry about those who wish not to be part of my children anymore, or who's destiny might bring them to different planes. There will be a mother embracing them, there will be a heart to listen to theirs.

Thank you for keeping up with me for so long. Thank you and blessed be you, my children of mine. I am Makhá (Gaia), Mother Earth. Aho.

(March 19, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL: (Targetted message to the dark ones. Channeller not given)

The artifacts in Libya are not yours to have. If you continue in this fashion you will force us to put you down. Our powers are guarding what you covet most. They are not yours to have and would destroy you anyway. They are of the Light and will not tolerate your darkness.

Turn back from your intentions now or face the consequences in full measure. In the Father's name, turn back before it is too late. You have been warned about this for the final time. Christ Michael Aton, Supreme Universal Ruler of Nebadon and the Galactic Fleet that surrounds my planet, Earth Shan, Urantia, Gaia.

(March 22, 2011) GAIA THROUGH JAMES GILLILAND: (His third message of higher truth in recent months]

J: I had a conversation with Gaia. We speak often. I told her to stop telling me about all the insane actions of man, what they are doing to you and the consequences. She asked why? I said because the Powers that Be get real angry at exposing their reckless greed, the new-agers get angry, call me doom and gloomer, then blame me after the event for creating it. The whole world pretty much thinks I am crazy and the herd consciousness does not want any interruptions in their status quo or change. The fundamentalists think you don't exist and I am devil worshipping with no responsibility or accountability for their choices and actions. They blame God or the devil for everything. It seems the modern world has lost all connection, respect and empathy to the very source that gave them form.

Gaia said: This is true but there is a solution. I asked what is the solution?

Gaia said: I will shake all their beliefs and misperceptions along with the Creator, which comes in many forms they worship or ignore altogether. They will experience the reactions to their actions, the consequences of their choices, the fallacies of their beliefs. The world they created will come to an end. A new world will take its place. What is out of alignment with universal law, what is self-serving, what is harmful to humanity and the Earth, will come to an end.

I asked Gaia: I understand universal law, action/reaction and karma yet these mega corporations and the scientific oligarchy now controlling the masses are so embedded, humanity is so infected and willing participants in actions against even themselves and the planet, how will this unfold? These psychopaths have weapons to generate massive quakes [not necessarilly correct], manipulate weather, mind control, and their lust for power and wealth is insatiable even if it means their own demise. They are guilty of so many despicable acts now, the people have become the enemy because if the people knew what they have done and are doing surely they would hang. How will this be addressed?

Gaia said: In their cleverness they have forgotten wisdom. The cleverness comes from the ego that thinks it can outwit the soul. The soul will always create the conditions and lessons to bring the ego back into alignment with the soul. The soul is in alignment with spirit. The spirit is the Creator and is omnipresent within all Creation. There is no escape from the soul and the lessons, just as there is no escape from the Mother who gave of herself for the form to exist. That form can be taken away at any time if the ego and the form have become completely disconnected from spirit. This will happen individually and collectively.

I asked: Why does it seem to take so long before action/reaction or karma to kick in. If allowed to go on, these psychopaths will kill the very platform for life, taking a lot of good people with them?

Gaia said: I am not alone in the multiverse. Great beings are observing on many levels. Neither they nor I will allow this. Some grand lessons will come along with some grand teachers. The world the controllers have created is not sustainable; it is unnatural, void of spirit and out of alignment with universal law. The action/reaction and principle you call karma will be accelerated. There will be a quickening. What took years will take moments. I will shake, blow, wash, burn, do whatever it takes to cleanse. The Sun will also do whatever is necessary to end the network and foundation of tyranny. There are other great beings and energies at play; which have been known for millennia; which will also come into play and I too shall go through a grand rebirth. It is part of my evolution and those who listen and are connected to me will evolve very rapidly to the next level. They will flow with these changes. Not all will make this shift, for they have chosen a different path.

I asked: Why are you telling me this? We are back to the same problem. The beast and those who serve the beast get angry about being told their future. The new agers get angry when telling them about what will be necessary to bring about the demise of the beast, accusing me of creating it or being a doom and gloomer. The hypnotised status quo does not want change or the status quo to go uninterrupted. The fundamentalists will say I am talking to the devil. It seems but a handful will understand and act on this message.

Gaia said: I will speak from here on out, and in some cases very loudly with an undeniable voice. If you feel guided and it is appropriate you can speak for me for we are very close. Just know what you have spoken will come to pass despite their beliefs and attachments. I am moving forward in my evolution they can join me or go the way of the beast. If they are going to join me they must learn to listen, live in harmony with each other and nature. All other paths will come to an end. So it will be. (

(March 23, 2011) JOSE ARGUELLES PASSES OVER: (Forwarded from The Prophets Conference)

Last night we received a message that our dear old friend Jose Arguelles (Valum Votan) had just passed. His partner Stephanie South told us a couple of days ago that he was channelling the planetary shifts through his body. We are heartbroken. May his prophetic teachings be our guide into something wonderful. He is surfing the rainbow bridge.

Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles departed this Planet on Solar Moon 17 (March 23), Red Spectral Moon, at 6:10 a.m (the exact same time that he was born in 1939 in the Red Spectral Moon year). After a short illness, he slipped away in complete peace. We are asking for those who loved him to hold a synchronised vigil and/or ceremony on his behalf at 12-noon (Pacific daylight time) on March 25, Solar Moon 19, Kin 91. Send him your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey – and also visualise the rainbow bridge and the Return of Light.

Note that he departed 58 days after his 72nd birthday. Kin 58-White Rhythmic Mirror-is the excarnation date on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. Between his (Jose/Votan's) birth kin (11) and his death kin (89) there are 78 days. 78 (6 x 13) is the sum of the tones of the clear signs on the tomb of Pacal Votan. Note: the tomb lid of Pacal Votan was closed and sealed a few moons ago in Palenque, a clear sign.

The message that he wanted me to convey to kin is that everything is now the responsibility of the people who have heard the message. There is much work to be done. He said to tell all kin: "EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! Love everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone." He will now be assisting the closing of the cycle from the other side of the veil. "Perfect was my time of coming. Perfect was my mission. Perfect was the time of my going. Perfect is the discovery of my prophecy ." Telektonon 11.67 . I extend all of my love to everyone in this heartbreaking (but miraculous) time, Love Red Queen/Stephanie/Kin 185 . [Also note, Sai Baba passed over on Easter Sunday, April 24.]


The events occurring now are chaotic and impossible to assess from your standpoint. Many streams of resistance are drying up. Many players are without resources or support. The routine continues even though there are no acceptable alternatives for them, and they realise the end result won't be what they desire. This is a pointless continuance of effort, but their actions have to play out. Once they have begun something, the action must be completed. The challenge for us is to prevent them from choosing to pursue further resistance. This prevention comes through presenting other options that seem more attractive or secure. We can't choose for them, but we can work on the context for the options they see in the hope they will realise that an alternative is better for them.

I know you are concerned about timing and sequence. Even though we tell you on Earth to consider everything as an immediate reality, you still question the sequence of the future and feel you have to determine your actions based on what you think will happen. I have told you before, and I will say again here now, that your choices determine your

future, not the other way around. The future is not set in any sort of predetermined sequence. Reality is the result of choice, and you create your reality. When you adjust your thinking, you began to see that past and future are nothing but contexts for the moment you are in as you think. That moment is all that exists. Everything else is context.

Everything else is how you perceive that one moment. That one moment is all there is because that is all you can prove. That moment is unity with me and that is all there is.

The events you see playing out are reports that display the focus of the reporter. Nothing is complete. Everything is slanted to the interests and understanding of the observer. Reading the news requires filtering and discernment. Most information is based on a truth of some sort, but the agenda of the reporter is always a factor to understand. What is said and why? How does this play on your personal emotions? How do you react to what you read or hear? How much does this information cause you to lose your focus on your own purpose?

It is very easy to assimilate a sequence of stories and reports to affirm an agenda. The Internet is an amazing invention providing the option of supporting any belief with seemingly researched and approved information. Any point of view can be made convincing. The task of the reader is to weigh everything in the scales of a personal alignment with me and my intention. This is not as narrow as it may seem. I am the Creator of all, which means I created the individual purposes I want explored. I didn't limit my creation to one perspective or one set of rules for behaviour as outlines for individuals to examine. I want a full range of experience to be reported on.

Now there are certain parameters I chose to work with as I was creating this universe and this Earth. The fundamental laws I selected are by default the most supported by me. I am more strongly unified with a member of my creation that seeks to embody these chosen parameters. This is why I say some behaviours are aligned and some are not. The nature of creation unfortunately means that anything not in alignment will cause friction and imbalance. The nature of man has become one of not seeing the imbalance and blockage as he lives his life. Your task as lightworkers is pointing out the inefficiency of certain choices and behaviours in terms of spiritual growth.

I don't plan to cast myself in the Hollywood role of a wrathful God judging the less successful incarnates with damnation and anger. Those behaviours are based on memories and emotional perceptions of previous experiences. They are man's interpretations of what he thinks God is like.

God is love. God is always holding out the option of return to a unity with him. However, for reasons beyond the circumstances Earth and man find themselves in, it has been determined that no choices can be made beyond a certain point. I have acceded to these wishes, and the steps leading to the next phase of ascension have been started in accordance with the wishes of Source.

The infusion of the wishes of Source will manifest in what you are now calling the Wave of energy that will change the Earth. This always was the determining factor in what we have been undertaking the last twenty years, but the circumstances of Earth's acceptance and rejection of our overtures have led to what is happening now. These seeming random bursts of political and geophysical upsets are the last examples of resistance set against our attempts to direct Earth into a more accepting perspective. The depth and complexity of these endeavours are beyond your comprehension, and the level of resistance is also beyond what you can imagine. We have both sides in control, but certain rogue elements continue to be a nuisance that prevents final closure.

I don't want to tell you when the Wave will arrive in its initial peak of influence. This first crest will be as much as you can assimilate on your own at this time. Other more radically changing waves will follow, but the plan is still to put the Earth into a stasis that allows these energies to effect the changes without interference from man. Man will adapt to these Waves, but he won't understand how this happens until after the fact. This is for man and Earth's protection primarily, although the higher energies are easier to assimilate without any sort of interruption.

I will tell you all to prepare by preparing yourself. Examine your life and see what obstacles need to be removed. This requires no more than self-assessment to determine the causes and then a request to me for removal. You will feel a sense of joy when these blocks are removed from your perspectives. This self-cleaning will do more to stimulate change than any behaviour you can undertake. The example you show will influence others more readily than falling back into a pattern of protest or attack that plays to past political control and manipulation. Break that cycle of action. Re-think how to interact by changing yourself first.

Once you start this, the sequence of events or schedule of dates lose their potency. You realise that you are not controlled by your perceptions or other's emotional interpretations of what seems to be happening. You are separate and solidly connected to me.

These are my comments this evening. You may post as you will. Aton.

(February 11, 2011) ADAMA THROUGH DIANNE ROBBINS: (Catch the Wave and Be Prepared to Meet Us)

Greetings from the subterranean city of Telos. I am Adama and so pleased to share this time with you today. We come bearing the fruits of wisdom and bringing you the elixir of life as you join your hearts with mine. I am an Ascended Master residing in Telos, and wish to connect to the hearts of all our loved ones who came from Lemuria and are now residing on the surface.

The conditions on Earth are very different now, and you have made great strides in lifting the consciousness of yourselves and humanity during your lifetime. It is time now for all to rejoice, for the moment of our emerging from our cities underground is about to occur. There is less than a year left to 2012, and by that time our meeting face to face will have occurred for all those light servers who have yearned for our presence. We are joyous beyond joy knowing that at last the reality of our meeting is cemented into an actual third dimension time frame.

Mt. Shasta hosts a city of Light above our mountain, that soon will become visible to your eyes as you expand your consciousness and periphery of vision as the Creator’s energy continues to pour into your dimensional realm. Just open to receive all that is coming to you in quantum waves of Light and Sound, pouring forth from the heaven worlds to bring you the bliss you have all been yearning for. For bliss is the key to enlightenment. When you are in bliss, then you are in an expanded and heightened state of being, and can access more of ‘All That Is’, right here from the physical location where you are.

We are here to serve you, and to encourage you to reach to us in your expanded state and we will reach back to you, creating a union of hearts that you will feel as assuredly as if we were touching you.

Know that our time to meet is at hand. We will come to you. You don’t have to go anywhere. We will reach out to you, and you will find us suddenly standing before you. It will seem magic to you, and very real as indeed it is. Actually, we are standing right before you now, only your eyes cannot yet quite fathom our appearance. Just a few more notches up in your level of vibration and we will be there for your eyes to see. For in actuality, we are always standing here before you. We can see you clearly, and soon your eyes will be able to hone in and see us clearly, as if you are looking through a telescope.

We look forward to this day with great anticipation, and it is now speeding towards you. So catch the Wave and be prepared to meet us face to face, as we embrace in joyous reunion. We are your lost brothers and sisters, who you have been yearning for. Lost only to your sight. I AM Adama. (

(April 24, 2011) ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Easter Update)

Very much has happened, and many good and positive things are taking place. We are pushing forward with as much care as possible, and our efforts are paying off. I know you are feeling nothing is happening and that progress is at a standstill, but we have made significant changes behind the public scene.

I want to talk first about the delays that people are frustrated over. As you know timetables and dates are "works in progress" and even the most definite seeming schedule is really only a potential. The wording we allow to describe them serves several purposes. First we want to create the sense that the imminent event is categorised in the terminology that man on Earth expects to see. Man won't take action about anything unless he feels the date is set and the clock is ticking. This has been his preconditioning and is caused by his grasp of how to deal with a time that he understands as a linear sequence. Man needs to hear a measurable period of time to trigger his thinking about preparation.

As we allow these statements, we also have a sense that the event could actually happen, based on the parameters we see as likely. So our projections have more probability than a guess would. We can foresee it actually happening because the elements it needs to occur are already in place. The only reason it doesn't materialise is the fact that not all the potentials are ready. This is because everything moves in a fluid continuum of completion and the layers of readiness don't always line up as they need to.

A third component is the fact that we are always trying to improve a situation, even if all the necessary variables are already in place. There is always the chance that it could have a better outcome. There is always the chance that more people will be affected by it positively. This is why we are "tinkering" with the components constantly. And you really have no concept of how we can manipulate a situation to achieve a better outcome. Our goal is always the best result possible, so we don't feel the need to be bound to a set of parameters just because we have said they will most likely occur. If something is better, we always go for that.

I understand that there has been some discussion about breaking our word. This is more of a human characteristic than a situation that is applicable to a higher dimensional perspective. I don't mean to say we don't enter into agreements, but the concept of limiting choices because of preconditions in fluid situations is counterproductive to the most optimal resolution.

I will speak now about what we are working with and how that plays into the projected schedule that has been given you. As you heard, we have been experimenting to see how we might alleviate some of the geophysical stress that would lead unchecked into more catastrophic disasters such as what happened in Japan. The North American West Coast has been reacting significantly to the aftershocks in the Far East, and the most threatening sites have been increasing their activity. This has the potential to be a series of quakes more severe than anything the United States has experienced within memory.

The galactic crews are actually straightening out some of the more precarious slippages and reducing the built up pressure by actively moving the landmasses causing the stress. This has been reported as unexplained phenomena by the scientists reporting in the media. The hope is this will allow less damage to the states when and if quakes do occur. We hope to save some of the natural areas that remain and stave off some of the worst population disasters by lessening the potential intensity of the quakes. I would like to see more of the truly beautiful portions of the West Coast be protected, if we can work this out. This lessening takes a space of your time, of course, and the possibility of it being initiated sometimes doesn't present itself until very near the end of a projected timeframe.

The new option hadn't previously been considered as a possibility. This means, of course, that time frames are changed, as a result, and the course of action is a modification for the better. Honestly, what is wrong with that? You just have to be aware that such changes are taking place constantly.

The "worst case scenarios" are hopefully becoming more manageable. We have painted the picture of a difficult outcome to prepare your thinking for such a possibility. You have to be resilient and open to living events. This organism you are a part of that you call Earth is active and changeable. You tend to forget that the universe is as many-layered as its Creator's thinking. It is a manifestation of his concepts and continues to evolve as his vision progresses.

I have been actively involved in the events taking place. As the material Planetary Prince, I am overseeing what is taking place on Earth. This means going to areas where disasters are pending, as well as coordinating galactic interventions in places where catastrophes have taken place. I am like a spiritual CEO, and I observe my very good teams working for me and Christ Michael Aton. We are helping to alleviate some of the radiation concerns in Japan. We are shifting the land masses on the West Coast to alleviate some of the pressure building up. We are massaging the Gulf to ease some of the toxic build up there.

Other teams are working with economic and financial situations. We are helping to create a more solid monetary foundation that will benefit all, not just some. Some groups are also working directly with the political situation to attempt to lessen the potential of further attacks. We have been turning the heat down to prevent the hot spots from boiling over into full fledged conflicts. This is coming about by changes of attitude among some leaders and a shifting of priorities in the face of new circumstances.

I want to leave you with this message on Easter morning. We are working very hard on making the world the sort of place you should have to continue your growth as spiritual beings. This involves treatment and healing, and help is coming from the Source of All. Your role is to be open to this infusion of healing energy and focus your efforts on getting stronger and being examples to others. Amazing creative power is yours. Take it on and re-create yourselves. Resurrection is here. Esu.

(April 28, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH LEONETTE: (The Guidelines)

Beloved ones of the Eternal Flame which glows inside each of you who hearkens to these words of advice, you are needed to ‘feel' what is going on within the energy world of which your physical and emotional selves are significantly attached.

You are asked to allow the following guidelines for short periods, preferably in what you call your times of early morning, midday and late evening. It is suggested that you NOT entertain these guidelines before your most profound sleep period which may be at night for most of you. Reflections emanating from such guidelines may prove difficult for some of you to have deep and restful sleep, when you need it most.

However these guidelines can be entertained around short naps as you see fit. You will have better results if you are in a setting that allows for contemplation. Contemplative settings could be a Zen garden, or a bed, or an easy chair, or a shower, or sitting on a commode or as some would call it ... a toilet ... (smiles), anywhere that allows the mind to ‘quiet the chatter' a bit.

Your physical body should be ‘at ease' as best you can! If some contemplative settings are not conducive to one's body being at ease, then other settings can be chosen. Some of you may have ‘difficulty' in achieving contemplation while doing ‘toilet duties' (smiles). Humour is employed here although there is much seriousness in what is being asked in spite of the very imagery that accompanies the said humour.

Remember you are being asked to do this occasionally. You are not being asked to give up your ‘daily fix'. However, you are being guided to utilise your physical and emotional bodies in a way that will help you to MONITOR what is happening around you. This you will do by ‘picking up the signals' that ‘ping' off your physical and emotional bodies.

The more diligent you are in these efforts the greater your understanding will be in how energy works.You will be able to ‘know' when the energy ‘builds-up' and respond accordingly. Remember your physical and emotional bodies are a part of the material existence that also informs the make-up of the planet and her surroundings. Once you understand how energy works then you will realise that ‘time' as you know it is of little consequence in the momentum of ‘cosmic movement'.

Great and momentous times are upon you and it will auger well for you to be ‘in tune' with what is happening. To do so will put you in service, not only to yourself but to those around you.

The Guidelines.

Best done early morning, midday, late evening. Avoid at times when you want a sound and restful sleep.

Remove yourself from your stop watches, time clocks, calendars and other ‘time measuring' paraphernalia.

Detach yourself from your sources of news information which includes your Internet and social networking media.

Relax and ‘listen' to the ‘feelings' within and on your body. Initially you may feel ‘nothing'. Give it some time.

You may feel ‘tinges' , tweaks, swirls or twirls, (light-headedness), flutters, buzzing and the like within the body especially in the hands, the feet and the crown of the head.

You may feel wafts of air gently around your body, on your skin or you may feel heat for no apparent reason.

Initially you may feel nothing. Give it time.

Do you see or sense the changes in the atmosphere and environment around you?

Does your body respond to the atmospheric pressure changes around you?

That headache, sinus pressure, neck and upper shoulder pain, aching joints especially ankles and knees (grounding energy) seemed to have increased ... yes!

You experience them now and then they subside and you experience relief only to return again, perhaps in a different way or intensity?

Are you experiencing bouts of nausea and/or constipation and/or bouts of eating binges.

Are you experiencing ‘heat' and/or perspiring profusely at times...

Are you experiencing difficulty in being around people and places that never bothered you before?

Are you developing a preference for your own space and at most times, solitude?

Close your eyes if you can or de-focus your eyes if you are in a position so to do.

What are your emotions, turmoil, and frustration, or are they mood swings that make you feel that you are suffering from some sort of bi-polar disorder? Peace, bliss, combinations of happiness and joy with anger and hatred being experienced almost at the skip of a heart beat?

Extreme weariness of going through the everyday motions, pet subjects losing their appeal, now and then, sometimes or most of the time?

A sudden burst of creative energy followed by a precipitous drop of enthusiasm.

A wanting to start something new followed by ... ‘Why bother,' ‘don't care', ‘does not make sense', ‘don't give a damn,' feelings.

Or similarly, feelings like 'nothing makes sense anymore' and/or ‘I give up' and/or ‘I don't want to be a part of this or that anymore ... and/or ‘Father, why hast thou forsaken me' or better yet...‘Father why hast thou forsaken me and this world' and/or ‘Help, I just want to get out of here'.

And depressing as that may sound, it is all followed by healthy doses of daydreams where one enjoys the beauty of creative ideas and living in harmony with that which resonates with one's being.

Well the WORD has gone out and as such the WORD was made flesh.

Translated, that means that the Sound Wave which was issued is now reverberating throughout the material worlds which include manifestations of flesh, bark, flora, mineral, rock, gas, liquid, air, etc.

Technically, this reverberation seeks to align such manifestations which can be aligned, to the essence of the Word! As such everything of such material manifestation experiences the peaks and troughs at varying levels..

If you note in the above design...[not shown here - see original posting at] there are no ‘timed' intervals or no absolute measurements in the spacing of the peaks and troughs. There is not one level experience of the wave, nor is there a start time or an end time.

Your state of being is following the same design of this Wave. The ups and downs, and varying levels, and differing intervals, are manifesting in the experiences of your physical and emotional bodies.

The energetic manifestations of your physical and emotional bodies ‘weave and flow' just as energy wills itself into a state of being to achieve its purpose.

Frequent attention to the guidelines above will help you to get an appreciation of this energetic wave. You will be able to synchronise with its essence. You will be able to sense it and feel it. Such knowledge will help you to ‘ride' the wave instead of being a ‘victim' to it. When you become astute at feeling the energetic bumps and plunges, only then can you gauge the increase and/or decrease of the momentum.

So, unplug from the ‘artificial' means by which you measure what is happening in your world. Once you practice at following these guidelines, you will KNOW when energetic pressures have ‘upped' the momentum for ‘situations' to happen. You can then use your ‘artificial' means such as news media, Internet, time pieces etc. to determine the what, the time and the place of any such occurrences.

Remember your heightened awareness will serve you, your dependants and your communities as these momentous times progress. Use this opportunity wisely. I AM Aton. (

(May 6, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH JOHAN: (Close Your Ranks, Light is Again Shining)

This is Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, your Sovereign, let me be short on this one. As the wheels are spinning OUT OF CONTROL for you dark ones, beyond your wildest imagination, we of the Light ARE KEEPING IT TOGETHER.

Save your last breath to save yourself and save a lot of eternity before you might see the Light again! Even my words might make very little difference to you, BUT OUR ACTIONS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE FOR THOSE WHO WOKE UP, WHO REMEMBERED, WHO CHOSE THE LIGHT.

So let me be clear once more: Warriors of the Light, VICTORY IS OURS. I would not put my Creation on the line if I was not absolutely sure of this.

So shine your Light, spread the Truth, share your Love and keep it together. I make no threats, I keep promises, AS YOUR SOVEREIGN. Close your ranks and hold on tight, Light is shining at the horizon of OUR FUTURE, STARTING NOW. Salu, Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon.


(From Phoenix Journal #2 - The Crucification of Esu Jesus Jmmanuel Sananda - by Esu, AA Gabriel, Judas Iscarioth - August 6, 1989)

Esu: The name of Judas Iscarioth shall henceforth be given the radiance of truth. He did not betray me. He was my most beloved friend for all my life journey. [The betrayer was a man called Juda Iharioth.]

Gabriel: I come this day that I might notarise mineself. I am Gabriel of the Archangelic realms of Light. I come in that it is easier to speak objectively as observer than as participant. I am the bearer of the seed of the Christos unto thy place of density. So I was in the beginning, so I shall be in the ending, Gabriel, who has shared with Earth man since the beginning of Earth man. Mine seed has grown and passed his final initiation in the places of the Most High, Aton, Creator Source and ruler of the human races. Aton, one with the Creation, birthed of the Creation.

I wish to tell you the truth about the crucifixion in brief detail. There will be a time when it is more fully brought unto you for you ones do not yet understand the thought of God transference and manifestation - the illusion under which ye all function. Let us speak of that which transpired and the scripting truth therein. There are some ones of thy human peoples who will be given credit for that which they did at that time and this will be a format for so doing.

After Esu's condemnation he was most brutally treated. They, his adjudgers, bludgeoned and scourged his body until his life blood flowed upon the floors and ground. They placed upon his shoulders a heavy cross of wood, so that he would carry this great burden himself to the place of his death. The cross was heavy and Jmmanuel writhed and moaned under his burden. His blood mixed with his sweat and was an evil mass. Ye ones flinch? Ye cannot be in the imagining of the scene nor of the gift he gave unto you that day; for he did not have to bear this burden and thank him for his willingness for the Lords of Heaven, including mineself, desired to smite the human races into the void.

My child, Jmmanuel, collapsed under the heavy burden, for his strength left him. A stranger came along the path, named Simon of Cyrenea, and he was forced to help carry the cross. He bore it humbly and gladly for it was all he could do. It took long to reach the place called Golgatha for the path there was difficult because he was mocked and beaten and stones were cast forth upon him.

Ah, it was a hateful lot that day, children of Earth. It was the custom to bind a person onto the cross with strapping but not so for this lamb of God. They forced him down on the cross, stretching his limbs and beating him, and they nailed his hands and his feet onto the wood. They placed the nails also through his wrist tendons whereby the nails would not pull away through the flesh. After they impaled him upon the cross and put the cross upright into the posthole prepared, letting it fall the depth of the hole that he might be jostled and jolted, they stripped him naked and shared his clothing among themselves and cast a lot for his robes of mockery. Two murderers were crucified with him, one to his right and one to his left.

[The crowd] chided, "He trusted in his wisdom in being the son of the angel, Gabriel, thus, may his wisdom or the angel, Gabriel, save him if he wants to." But I was constrained to hold mine wrath for it was to be Sananda’s path, not mine. But mine wrath did not go unnoted. The sky became darkened and the sun was covered over but not by clouds, and a great storm arose across the land, which did not happen often in that time of cycle.

Mine son cried out; "I thirst, give me something to drink." And thereupon, one of them went, took a sponge from a pail, filled it with vinegar, put it on a pole, and gave it to him to drink. And then what did the kind ones in the crowd offer? "Do not give him more to drink. Let us see for how long he can bear this." I would bear no more. And the thunder of mine voice rolled upon that place and Jmmanuel cried out again, but nobody understood him, for his speech seemed confused as he conversed with me. The whole of the land trembled and the earth quaked. When my son sets his foot again on that place the Earth shall split in a chasm of such depth it will have no bottom, and the multitudes will be cast within, for it is the land of evil. For my wrath is unbounded! [This is still likely to happen.]

Mine beloved's head fell forward for I took his pain and consciousness unto mineself and that which man did that day shall be visited upon him in return in a day of nearness. For that which a man sends forth, returns unto him in increased measure. Be most careful of that which ye sow.

Jmmanuel fell into a deep coma from which there appeared no breath for I breathed for him, nor was there motion of any sign from his physicalness. The cruel mockers thought him dead. A soldier took his lance and pierced his loins to see whether or not Jmmanuel was dead. From the wound came blood mixed with water as is the case in a person who is dead or half dead from blood stagnation in a hanging stance. Since the soldier was sure Jmmanuel was dead he informed the others thereof. They were all astonished, for it was most unusual that one crucified would die so quickly.

However, it had been a most dreadful day and the earth still shook and tremored and the sun was still covered and hail came from the sky where there were no clouds and the sky was red with mine fury, for red is mine ray of vibration.

Within the crowd were also women and others who watched from the distance, for they were followers of Jmmanuel and had served him, and they had come unto Galilee to stand with him. Among them was Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, and Mary Magdalene, and others who cared greatly for this peaceful man of perfection. When the mass of people went away, they came to him, knelt before the cross and cried bitterly, for they too thought Jmmanuel dead.

However, among them was one man, Joseph of Arimathea, who was also a follower of Jmmanuel. He watched Jmmanuel closely and knew Jmmanuel was only deeply comatose for I spoke unto him. He told no one. He went quickly into the city and to Pilote and asked for the body of Jmmanuel so that he could bury him. Pilote ordered that Jmmanuel's body was to be turned over to Joseph for he wanted the entire circumstance quieted.

Many then came with Joseph and they gently took Jmmanuel off the cross, and Joseph wrapped the body into a pure flaxen shroud which he had prepared prior and which would ultimately reflect the image of Jmmanuel. Then Joseph, and those with him, carried the body of Jmmanuel the long way to Jerusalem and placed him outside of the city into his own tomb, which he had cut into a rock for his own burial place.

Tony: In summary, Gabriel provided the seed for Jmmanuel’s birth, thus this was a special “in vitro” pregnancy, and it was really a case of a double incarnation of Christ Michael and Jmmanuel (Joshua ben Joseph) in the one body. Esu said recently that he was more aware of CM being with him after his teens. CM left the incarnation while on the cross.

So, after he was revived from his coma in the tomb, Jmmanuel was helped to make his escape via a secret passageway three days after being placed there. He had several meetings with the Apostles and others shortly afterwards.

Mary Magdalene and he then had to split up for their own safety, and to spread their advanced DNA. She went to France, having a daughter SaRa on the boat. SaRa eventually started the downline Templar Knights. Mary only saw Jmmanuel occasionally after that time when he would visit her in secret by shuttle craft. Mary was the Holy Grail!

Jmmanuel went to Damascus, Syria, for about two years, was not recognised, and was known by the name Esu. He then served out his contract by teaching and healing in India and surrounding areas. Judas, his mother Mary, his brother Thomas and others went with him. Judas wrote journals of all these travels. Jmmanuel married and had five children. (Mother) Mary died in what is now known as West Pakistan. Judas died at 90, and Jmmanuel died when well over 100. He was buried in Srinagar, Cashmere, India.

Jmmanuel’s first born son, Joseph, continued to write the journals after Judas died. He secured them in his father’s tomb from where they were discovered late last century, with guidance from the celestial realms.

(April 12, 2011) NEBADONIA THROUGH HAZEL: (The Politics of Patience)

Patience must be allowed to preside in and over your dealings with yourselves and with others. It is the one virtue that cultures staying power and ensures that goals and projects are seen to completion. The Father’s patience is all enduring and without distinction. It is his nature and therefore yours. We in the celestial realms note the impatience that you ones suffer at times. We are sympathetic to your plight on Earth as you are confronted with having to address the energies of darkness which continuously attempt to place spokes in the wheels of your progress and success. You feel powerless at times to attend to your holy work in light of the flagrant opposition you must deal with.

We do not judge your impatience dear ones but instead gently seek to refocus you on the inner knowledge which you possess and strength you bear to allow for greater understanding of the benefits that being patient can yield. The human anatomy is a complex figure and the physical and emotional are so inextricably intertwined that the spiritual sometimes get lost or temporarily forgotten. It is indeed a great task to keep the spirit working for you that you may overcome the physical and emotional weaknesses which assail you at times. This is well understood by us.

However beloveds these are not ordinary times in which you live and you are by no means ordinary. You are not citizens of Earth per se but citizens of Nebadon. My desire is that you see the bigger picture that you may comprehend the usefulness of harnessing your patience and using it to your advantage during these caustic times. Many of you have chosen and have been chosen to incarnate during these auspicious times in your Earth’s cycle. You have in fact come to lend of your expertise gained through your soul's experiences. You have come to assist in stretching the consciousness of humanity. Whether you choose to believe it or not, many of you are professionals at the soul level. What do I mean by this? I mean highly evolved. You have been in the process time and time again through various incarnations and you have had to exercise exorbitant amounts of patience. You succeeded in your past endeavours and have qualified to be here at this time. You are in fact above everything that you experience on your plane for most of you have already conquered worse. The point is that you are in charge of yourself and therefore you decide whether to rule with or without patience.

The key to ruling with patience is your ability to remain connected and anchored in the divine presence from within. If you cultivate in your awareness the need to remain so, you will find that impatience will be dissolved with greater ease. This is because you are bonding with a higher energy which allows you to feel a sense of inner calm and reassurance about matters. You are taken back to the point of reality and it becomes easier to shed your impatience when you can appreciate that which is real. When you indulge in impatience for too long you create a spiritual blockage and you become unable to channel positive energies. The whole world will then appear ugly and you dwell in the thinking that there is no justice. You create a state of unhappiness for yourself and the value of faith and trust becomes diminished.

We speak time and time again of God potential which you all have; and for some at soul level you have already attained that degree of Oneness. Beloved children of Aton this is the time to exercise your God muscles in every area of your lives. The responsibility lies with you and no one else. If another’s action makes your unhappy will you choose to dwell in that aura or do you choose to see with higher vision and understanding? The point being dear ones is that you have a choice. The choice however must go beyond that of being happy or being sad; being impatient or patient. These responses are effects caused by perception. The true choice is to be or not to be that which you truly are- God/Self. At your current level this is the choice you must be making. What do you demand from and of yourself?

Do not treat Michael as separate from you, for little do you know or truly appreciate that at soul level you all contribute to the decision making process. The exact decisions you agree with become the exact decisions that you are sometimes uncomfortable with; and it is this which breeds bouts of impatience. Great joys are upon you all dear ones and as you say- all that is good is worth waiting for. I know that this does not bring you the comfort that you may need at this time, but take solace in the fact that you are living in the times prophesied and what you have been prepared for by Michael and the host are very much upon you now. Allow the sequence of the divine plan to work through; for you are experiencing its manifestations currently. This is the time for cementation, for in the prelude to the events you must ensure your anchoring in God. Your efforts must now be attributed to securing yourself in God-presence within and securing God’s presence within.

Be alert to the emotions and feelings evoked at this time by the energies around you. The fight is not over with the dark ones and you must SECURE yourselves in Michael’ light and love through your inner awareness. You cannot lapse at this time beloveds; for a momentary lapse could result in an energetic strike by the dark ones against you. You are our beloved children whose faithfulness we have recognised, and we ask you to preserve yourselves during these times. I will offer you a visualisation that you can do anytime that you feel negative thoughts or emotions beginning its assault.

I want you to remember that you are in control. That control comes from within and therefore nothing on the outside can harm you unless you give it permission to. See Michael standing in your presence. Feel yourself grow in length and breadth and feel the expansion of energy within you. Dwell for many moments in this field of energy; accustom yourself to its power by feeling its pulse. Then I want you to see your entire being as light. In this very moment you have relinquished the physical and you have reclaimed your true body. You are now impenetrable. Remind yourself that you are light, and light can never harm itself, or others, or be harmed.

Remind yourself that you are pure and incapable of being contaminated. I want you to remember now your purpose and remember who you are. Hold on to this vision for as long as you need and then when you are ready return to full consciousness. You are now empowered and your behaviour will reflect your feelings. The aim of this visualisation is two-fold. Firstly to facilitate a connection with Michael and his energy so that you feel it as your own; and secondly to unconsciously allow you post-visualisation to respond by recapturing and retaking control.

Beloved children I am Nebadonia, Mother Spirit, come to offer a helping hand during these challenging times. Patience will build strength, cement your trust, sustain your power, and allow you to help others confidently in the days that are dawning a new reality. Be patient with yourself, with others and with the process before you, for I say to you that the outcome will have been well worth your wait. It will exceed your expectations. I caveat this statement by saying that I speak in your language that you may understand; for in God’s dimension time has no equivalence and is without sequence. Nebadonia.

(End of newsletter)

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