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Earthbridge Newsletter
News of Truth, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace on Earth, and Ascension
Issue 84 – December 2011

Highlights of this issue:

* The Divine Plan now calls for the long stasis to be started. There will be no mini-stasis as previously expected. Incoming cosmic energies will be too strong for humans to withstand.
* Inner Earth people are being evacuated first, in conscious form to one large mother craft, their plants and animals are placed in stasis form within the inner Earth cities.
* Surface populations will mostly be placed in stasis next, before going to shuttle craft and then to mother ships.
* The Wave from Creator Source will now be intensified and partially change the molecular structure of the planet to a crystalline form.
* The other main reason for the new direction is that the dark forces continue to plan diabolical wars and other disruptions to our civilisation. There is no point in allowing this situation to continue.
* Creator Source and all parties of the Light have agreed to this major change in the Divine Plan. There will be no world war, nor Armageddon.
* Machiventa Melchizedek, Joint Planetary Prince, has announced the start of the Great Shift.
* Mohammed has said he will walk the planet with his soulmate, the one we knew as Benazir Bhutto.

Editorial; CM/Johan; Mohammed/Johan; Creator Source/Hazel (3); Machiventa/Johan; Creator Source/Johan (3); Esu/Jess; Nebadonia/Hazel; Thoth/Leonette; CM/Kibo; Adama/Eve; Candace Teaching on GLP
This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free.
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Well, after very little news being made available officially during the last few months, the AbundantHope site now reveals messages that point to the long stasis being implemented ASAP. In the last few days it has been revealed that the whole planet population (with exceptions) is to be evacuated to craft!! There will be no mini-stasis nor any following teaching period on television or radio apparently.
The inner Earth people are leaving first, followed by designated surface populations who will either eventually return to the planet for the new society, OR go to other destinations, either in current bodies or in soul/spiritual form. Most of these designated people will go into stasis first, before being taken to shuttles, then mother craft.
Dark forces will be held separately for trial. A few robotoids (ones without souls) will also go to craft. The remaining robotoids and clones will stay on the planet in suspended animation. Timing for all this MAY be before Christmas this year, but as usual, we await the decision of our Creator, Christ Michael, on when everything is put into play. Good luck everyone!!
Now one of the most bizzare incidents in October was the slaying of of lightworker Moammar Gaddafi, who had instigated much good in Libya, not as portrayed in the main media. Here are some points from a Wayne Marsden interview:
"Madsen - Gaddafi Flying White Flag When Killed - by Kurt Nimmo, InfoWars - October 24, 2011

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said his sources in Libya provided information revealing Moammar Gaddafi was set-up in an assassination plot. Early on October 19, Twitter messages from Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte reported the presence of white flags across the devastated town. Flags were reported at multiple locations in the town, leaving some to believe the rebels were surrendering. The use of white flags to signal surrender is an ancient tradition going back to the Eastern Han dynasty in China and the Roman Empire. Violating the widely accept convention is considered an act of extreme treachery.

Madsen’s sources said Gaddafi was told to surrender to the al-Qaeda rebels besieging Sirte before morning prayers at 5 am, but that it was decided to surrender after the sun was well up in the sky so the white flags would be clearly visible. It also appears likely the arrival of Secretary of State Clinton in Libya may have played into the plot and convinced Gaddafi to surrender.

According to official accounts, however, Gaddafi was attempting to flee Sirte and avoid capture. He was wounded in a predator drone attack and subsequently killed by crossfire, either from from the rebels or Gaddafi supporters. Video footage released hours after the attack, however, clearly reveals a seriously wounded Gaddafi abused by a crowd of rebels. A choppy cell phone video then shows the body of the deposed leader.

Both Madsen and Jones said the official cover story does not make sense. If Gaddafi wanted to escape Sirte, why didn’t he do it under the cover of darkness? It makes little sense to attempt an escape convoy in broad daylight in rebel territory with U.S. predator drones likely on constant patrol. Madsen’s information reveals that Gaddafi was set-up for a double-cross and execution. Dead men, as they say, tell no tales."

So, much karma is owned by those who attacked Libya.

In the meantime, prepare to kiss this civilisation goodbye. Why not make last minute peace with those whom you haven't had contact with for some time, or finish some jobs you haven't done? I might actually clean out more of my garage!

Tony Wicks December 5, 2011

Galactic and World News (Edited)

(October 11, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL THOUGH JOHAN: (The Time Has Come To Cross That Finish Line)

J: I went on to ask for communication with CMAton if there was anything different from the given directive that he wanted me to do or focus on and he asked me to come and sit at the computer, excercise the Oneness Principle, while being in meditative state and in the Christ Consciousness and write:

We have warned, we have explained, we are monitoring, but once the dominoes fall, there will be no stopping anymore. One series of dominoes of one category of life will influence a series of dominoes of another category, because when the fundamentals of your society swing and sway and fall, the rest will collapse like the Twin Towers in NewYork. All is meant to go that way, as it was organised by the dark, yet used by us now as a momentum, necessary to prepare the world population to see for themselves. Ignoring still, will be impossible, yet a choice that many will make out of fear, and attract more to be revealed in very uncomfortable ways.

The difference with people guided, inspired, and in the knowing is that they can prepare themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually because of their spiritual secure connection, and daily meditations, and be of help to others who panic. This my starseeds and Lightworkers is the phase we are entering. Panic will bring many to their knees and they will look up for any help possible. Being there as human and as loving as possible will serve the best, but stay vigilant; although protected, do not follow unrational and illogical paths. No time for heroes, but for balanced leaders and people who trust their inner and higher guidance blindly, while standing for what you know and have been informed about.

You are all where you are supposed to be, so do not travel in panic, this will not help anybody, but trust that you are where you are supposed to be as guidance has brought you there. Even if news breaks that danger is underway, you will be taken car of if need be, as we are on standby and full alert, as things might change quickly and all will run its perfect course. Go with your inner flow in trust and faith and demonstrate what you are made of to the best of your abilities. Know that your inner and higher self is never in danger, and we are in control of that, if you let us .

Ask in each meditation and moment of reflection and contemplation what it is you need to know, as you have been well prepared, and trust that what comes as answer is more valid and solid then gold. As the level of anxiety is rising everywhere, and as nobody sees good fortune in the near and mid-term future, your balance and determination to do good unto others, to help out, and to serve will outweigh all fear, all negativity, all questions, and will open your lines of higher assistance beyond words.

The time has come to cross that finish line. I do not come to panic you, to say stuff is about to hit the fan in the hours to come, but all is possible from now on. It is happening already, but impossible for you to see and know all at the same time, so remain vigilant, your twice-a-day and noon inner moments will prove to be of enormous help to you now. I am proud of those who stood their ground even when things become more fluid then ever.

Salu, this is Christ Michael Aton opening the lines of communications to all of you Lightworkers even more clearly now and let Love be your banner and your trademark.
(From as are other messages)

(October 12, 2011) MOHAMMED THROUGH JOHAN: (Still Business As Usual)

My dear ones, I am Mohammed speaking. Where two come together in my name, but where two speak about me, there I want to be too (humour). It is long time overdue to pay a visit to my beloved Second Coming family, AH and greetings to Candace.

We have conversed for a good while some time ago and since Candace was not available at this moment, and I found this scribe in good standing with CMAton, talking about me, actually the lady talking about me to him, to be correct, and this was as good as any moment to bring my greetings to this wonderful group of people who still do not fully know who they are, despite all hints and higher self contacts through your meditation. Big problem, still business as usual and in the clutches of the BBB&G's through mind control.

As you have heard lately, that comes to an end as we speak, and if I am proud about one thing versus the pain of my mission going down the drain when walking this Earth, then it must be that I gladly say to all ladies reading, your days of oppression, of sexual abuse, and accusations of inferiority are numbered. As I mentioned in this previous message that my soulmate was here on Earth as proud reincarnation of one of my women I took under my wings a long time ago. Well unfortunately I can mention her name, since her standing tall and progressive nature was not accepted by the terrible man and war mongering mentality in many Moslem countries, which serves as perfect excuse for the same despots from the west to attack those in the fake name of democracy, a 'mocracy' indeed. She was Benazir Bhutto who stands beside me now, and will be walking this Earth once again in service to the one.

May I use this opportunity to point out again that sitting on the fence will earn you no points, nor respect, as many of you still do not dare to speak the truth out loud. We understand you only discover the difference between the many lies and truth, but by now you know the Way, the Truth and Eternal Life enough now to find your own Truth, and yet you hesitate to stand with it. So you will become foot soldiers after stasis, no rank of importance... loved, but no advancement made.

What is going on with Mother Earth could and should have been over and done with Earthly years ago, and we know the tremendous overshadowing and mind control from the old block of vultures, yet you made it so easy for them.

Especially the lack of hunger to know, the lack of enthusiasm to make a difference in, by lack of knowing what was, the good direction. It was heart-wrenching to see, but the process was necessary for as many as possible to see and wake up, which still has not reached the masses.

Some protests going on show some signs of standing up, but will be crushed and controlled in the usual manner if no more support comes quickly. As we are exchanging these thoughts, and I allowed this scribe to attend to some other matters on his computer, we saw the same usual type of plot unravelling before our very eyes. A false flag attack on the Saudi Ambassador of course blamed on an Iranian citizen as a forced and fake excuse to gather support to attack his country. That war machine is still running hard, as it did in my days, even in my name.

When you have no foundations to stand on anymore, since all good values have been crushed, then only the path of destruction can keep you going for a while, until that comes around and destroys the destroyers. Christ Michael Aton only knows what he will allow to happen, but perhaps the hen will come home to roost in very unexpected ways. Remember this scribe's reminder of now is the time to give heed to food, water and toilet paper ?!?!

I prefer to be the bringer of good news, but reality must be faced, as I have learned the hard way. Only the truth will keep standing and only the ones hungry to know will advance as history repeats itself unless lessons are learned. Here is only a school, here is nothing real, except for who you are. And that is worthwhile knowing since your body may return to Earth, but your soul can soar very high this time, and accept this from me, that is what you agreed to come and do here.

Once again I shall direct mainly the followers of Islam as will other teachers walk and address their groups, and bring together what religion and politics and military and financial mongers have divided, separated for profit only. Poor souls, yet part of the universe and its ways for all to see, to learn and to practise if strong enough to stand.

That is why we will come and help you, those who stay with Gaia, but the work and the hunger and the practice, will and must, be yours, always has been, always will be. Christ Michael gives you the most comprehensive example what you later will understand, by walking unfamiliar territory on a very high level, yet standing by the truth and divine love also at the highest level, so accept his guidance, my beloveds, as so much joy will be yours.

It might have taken longer, but the advantages he offers to all of his Creation of Nebadon are almost unimaginable, even for us who know so much more. Know and trust that you are in good ihands, if you make the good decisions, and I need not explain this in a picture, you know or should know by now by your own choice. The baby-sitting is over, responsibility is here and your world will soon show just how much the Golden Rule still works.

The Laws of Balance work, the One God works. I come to testify to that and guarantee you once more very soon, but if you do not make the effort to get to know that for yourself through experience, it will be a much longer school time again. Yet time is of no matter here. One day, you will all catch the good Gods train, and your God is so merciful, he wants to lose none, even that you will one day understand and respect.

My time is up for now, but I will be back, since Gaia and all of you, my beloveds, are near and dear to my heart. Be vigilant indeed, watch for the signs which you already know will manifest more of the same, until the tide turns against those who kept choosing the other, their own train. Stand tall by what you know inside to be true. There is no other way. Salu and Namaste, I am Mohammed.

Reference to Mohammed' last message through Candace in 2005:

(October 20, 2011) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (Knowledge is the Beginning of Wisdom)

I am the Source of all knowledge. I am the repository of the golden chalice, the keeper of the knowledge needed for mankind to sustain on their evolutionary journey back to the Source.
The lessons learnt through the experiences in mortal incarnation provide the conduit to acquire this knowledge; for each experience is rendered that man becomes re-acquainted with his Source by seeking illumination for the imponderables of the experience and a higher understanding of its creation. Man needs to appreciate why the experience was created so that he can overcome the liability and understand himself more. I am poised in the midst of the experience as the goal of the lesson. Yet many are unable as of yet to see as far ahead as the goal when their eyes are cast on the immediate consequences of the experience. That which is immediate always captures man’s attention. He seeks understanding through analysis and supposition. He remains perplexed and confused in his inability to truly comprehend. Each experience bears a lesson upon which knowledge is hinged; and if man can come into that knowledge he will be taking baby steps towards his ultimate graduation. I am the one who can anoint man with that knowledge.

All knowledge is sacred. It is distant yet near, capitalised in your presence. The acquisition of knowledge is a choice. Always must you deliberately and by design seek it. From each cycle of life’s experiences, you must ask of the lessons- what knowledge can I gain that will take me to a place of higher understanding and enable me to graduate from this experience richer than before. Beloveds, knowledge is equated to higher understanding.

What man refers to as knowledge is seldom more than information garnered from various sources. When you have knowledge of something you know it and it is indisputable. Knowledge is not something that is subjective in the sense that it is peculiar to one or some persons. Knowledge is universal and distinct in its feature. Knowledge conveys certainty in understanding and beggars belief. It is not opinion based but provable. Knowledge cannot be held but known.

Yet the proof may not always lie in the explanation but in the discovery through an inherent knowing that is certain, when you can tap into the ultimate Source of the resource. Information can become knowledge if validated by the Source as truth.

Where knowledge resides, doubt is absent. Those who are in the knowing are not excited by fear but remain steadfast in the Cause. Inimitable faith is that which will continuously open the doors to higher knowledge. This is because faith is open to truth and truth is founded on the assurance of knowledge. Divine knowledge is cosmic and all of creation is cosmic in origin and therefore all knowledge has a cosmic base. If you seek to know a thing you are seeking a cosmic understanding. Man has assigned a limited understanding to the word knowledge. I am teaching you that you are cosmic in origin and you must therefore in the interest of your graduation to higher frequency endorse a higher understanding to the word.

Higher knowledge is a necessity for any civilisation to mature and evolve in alignment with Divine Will. Man must direct his efforts to achieving this knowledge. He must chart his course to the discovery of what is needed for a fulfilling life. I can dispense that knowledge to him. I can bestow upon him the knowledge of God in a most intimate way if only he would seek me. It is through seeking that he will find his truth, the wisdom that comes with knowing me. I will be the fountain from which he can drink tirelessly that he may come into the knowledge to generate and regenerate an understanding of himself and his journey.

I am the Source of all knowledge. I do not offer you experiments or broken puzzles that you must piece together before you come into understanding. I offer you truth, whole hearted, pure and pertinent that your purpose on earth may be clear. When you taste of divine knowledge you will forever dwell in the plane of inspiration which allows you to hear the voice of wisdom through your higher mind. The voice of God can be heard within you if you ask and render your mind attune to a frequency un-besmirched by lower frequency. Perseverance is the key.

Remember that the opposite of knowledge is ignorance. Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. Yet ignorance has nothing to do with being uneducated in contemporaneous earthly understanding. Ignorance is lack of knowing of the truth by choice or design.

A knowing man can be uneducated in worldly terms but knowledgeable of himself and his Source, wise in his demeanour and conduct and aligned with higher truth.

A knowing man may be impecunious in material wealth but inordinately wealthy spiritually.

A knowing man may be poorly travelled and experienced in the places of your world but is well travelled and coursed in the inner terrain of his god mind.

A knowing man is not curtailed by beliefs but expanded in his search for higher truth.

A knowing man is humble in his knowledge, sharing always what he knows with his fellow men and showing them the way and path to true knowledge.

A knowing man is a wise man; for his knowledge is the beginning of his wisdom. His wisdom becomes his radiance which captures the attention of others who become drawn to that which they search for themselves.

What does it profit a man to derive worldly benefits from intellectual and material pursuits if it fails to bestow upon him inner peace, enduring joy and most importantly knowledge of his true purpose which lies in self discovery? Self discovery is an inner journey that outer experiences prompt. The knowledge that I offer to you will bring certainty in understanding and provide you with the foundation from which you can grow. I AM not concerned with the physical but with the spiritual for you are first and foremost a spiritual being. Knowledge is your inheritance; your superlative power. Knowledge leads to enlightenment and illumination of your inner self.

Knowledge is the soul’s privilege of being birthed by me. It is the recipe for wisdom which is the charm of your immortal soul. Wisdom is your cushion that enables you to remain in comfort amidst the exigencies of your outer world; for wisdom is the interpreter of the outer experience in keeping with higher understanding. Wisdom is a divine attribute available to all who seek or possess it and must be used to fashion an existence that is founded on moral fortitude and divine character.

Your journeys through time and space may be an adventure but there is a specific purpose behind it. You require knowledge to glean what that purpose is. You require knowledge to understand the poetry or your origin and the mechanics of creation. You cannot know why, when or how without knowledge. Only I can give you that knowledge or validate the truth or untruth of what you may believe.

Knowledge is its own comfort. It is serene and restful. It is not blatant or arrogant. It is not condescending of beliefs and cannot be attacked, only questioned. It is rare and original; full of beauty and truth. It cannot be moulded to fit into one’s understanding but must be known through divine encounter as your mind merges with mine.

(October 24, 2011) MACHIVENTA THROUGH JOHAN: (Start of the Great Shift)

I am Machiventa Melchizedek. Today I prefer to come forth as joint Planetary Princeof Urantia, together with Esu Sananda and inform you again of the current movement or start of the Great Shift towards the Oneness with God or the energy of the One, that is about to rule your mother Earth or Gaia.

Many Light Beings have taken leave from their homes to help Christ Michael of Nebadon in this Great Time of Transition or the Great DivineShift as I called it before. Many Lightworkers woke up only recently to their tasks, as indeed great changes will and are befalling you.

As you are aware, your Sun is part of the divine process to increase the frequency or vibration of Gaia. Next to cosmic rays, the Waves mentioned to you, all is partaking of the Divine Will to prepare this Christ Michael Bestowal Planet on its journey to the Light and Life status. All life will recognise and live by the Laws of One, by knowing their inherited divinity and act and live accordingly. This is not possible outside of the hearts and minds of all, yet prevented by a dark veil that refuses to lift and give up its faked and forced dominion. Nevertheless, this WILL and IS resulting in its own demise by the higher frequency and Light and divine energy that starts to prevail and prevents lesser energy to stay.

When you experience negative vibes or heavy emotional roller coasters, then such may be the entities and lower energies still trapped or hanging on, now fleeing the scene which we can clearly see en masse. As one of the four and twenty directors, I take it upon me to bring you glad tidings of the great changes you have entered upon. I came by a few times through the one I called my child, near and dear to me, to encourage you to stay the course and work diligently until such time where you can stand tall and be proud of the level of divinity you discovered and exhibited within and without.

Well, such time has arrived. Mother Earth has stood her ground, with much pain inflicted, but with too much at stake to give up. She is warming up, expanding with and by, even stronger charges and cosmic divine stimulation underway as we speak. I must however say, this is not to scare you, on the contrary, to encourage you to make the same changes; yours towards raising the frequency, through Love and Light service, so that the divine river dormant in you can become a torrent of Light.

As you see the old and greedy empires crumbling under their own dark self inflicted weight, you lift up Gaia with your Light and Love and spreading Truth. As you see the volcanoes darkening the skies, you brighten your neighbourhood with any needs others may be found with. Even if you doubt or do not understand now, any sincere need through your pure intent to help, will somehow be met. As you see or experience the Earth to shake, or the seas to roar and bring big waves unto shore, you stand your ground, firm in Godly determination

Oh yes, great changes you have entered upon, but the greatest will be the transformation towards Gaia in Light and Life; which will see your dormant Light to rise and shine like daylight at sunrise; and will be you claiming your divine heritance in full.

Until we meet, my dear ones, to make yourself proud by receiving what you deserve as children of the Most High and God within. I am Machiventa Melchizedek.

(October 26, 2011) SIRAYA THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Earth's Inevitable Change)
Jess: Siraya, I feel you have comments you want to make. I ask you to use my written voice to speak to our situation as you see it at this time.

Siraya: Jess, I can speak to you now. My voice is your voice this evening. We are watching the developments on Earth and are excited to see the nearness of the completion of this phase of its evolution. This has been a period of great confusion, and many have learned lessons to avoid in the future. A smaller number has awakened to their inner connection with the spiritual universe that surrounds them. They each are part of your Creator Michael's vision for how his universe grows and deals with its problems. Each has a role, and each must accept his or her place in the tapestry showing the growth and exponential learning of the human collective.

I say we observe because we are overseers for the development of each universe within our superuniverse of Orvonton. Each universe has its own purpose, and the working out of each set of issues inherent in its design is described by the way it develops and addresses its core problems. Urantia, as Earth is called in our records, has had its share of trickery and persuasion not to accept its place in Christ Michael's creation. Lucifer, as you know, turned many against the plans of Christ Michael Aton, and Urantia was quarantined for the re-education of many of those siding with Lucifer.

The time of Lucifer is over, as you know. He chose uncreation, and his followers are now without a leader. They continue to act as if they have a purpose, but their cause is lost. The negativity this rejection of Christ Michael has caused is immeasurable. The effect of this reversal is evident today on your planet. The truth of spiritual unity and compassion has been subverted to a pursuit of individual power at the expense of the rights of anyone in the way. Man's understanding of his role in the created universe has been hidden from him intentionally, and his self perception has been blunted to provide little insight into his spiritual nature. He has been trained not to think or feel anything but what has been proscribed for him by those who have obtained power. This reverse education has made the majority of Earth's inhabitants politically malleable and intellectually undiscerning.

This agenda has allowed the few who have wrested control to use the majority of Earth's population for their personal interests. Their actions began in opposition to Christ Michael's intent and have continued their momentum to today. The global nature of this disruption has eaten away at the spiritual reality of Earth's creation. Man's attention today is focused more on his surroundings and his perception of position than it is on his spiritual nature and an existence beyond the details of this incarnation. He has lost his awareness that he is an eternal part of the universe that has been created for this stage of his experience.

Earth's state of being was foreseen as a possibility but not projected as the likely direction Christ Michael's creation would take. The showplace he created as Earth has become tarnished and almost unrecognisable. Man reflects his surroundings because, unfortunately, he has forgotten his connection to Christ Michael.

The transformation that has been determined for Urantia will restore its original character and nature. Man will be awake to his surroundings and the purpose of his existence on this planet. He will understand the role he has to play. He will see how it interacts with everyone else who is working to actualise this change. Man will become a vessel of light and energy. His purpose will be clear and enlightening for the direction he goes as a physical being. His actions will be decided with responsibility and an awareness of his function as part of the spiritual whole.

This state of spiritual enlightenment is not achieved immediately, even as Christ Michael is shaping the parameters of what may be most open to this new agenda. Man is removing himself from the shackles of his overlords, but his ingrained habits are difficult to erase overnight. The transformation that has begun will be in phases and is dependent upon man's willingness to embrace his purpose.

The scenario Christ Michael has devised will accomplish his intentions with less disaster than was projected. Although his realisation that man needs a shock to his mental system to acknowledge a paradigm shift in cultural norms, seems to be persuading him that man should experience some of the results of his uncaring treatment of Earth by losing many of what are considered his basic needs. The necessity for him to evaluate and compromise in his interactions with others will trigger the start of a new way of viewing his place as a part of Urantia's mission.

You ask for details and projections. I cannot give you those. Your situation on Earth is uniquely yours, and your reality will be what you make it to be. Spiritual truth means existing within the parameters of your chosen lifestyle and reconciling those with the intentions and choices of your creator. Christ Michael Aton designed and constructed his universe of Nebadon to explore aspects of an incarnation with a triune spirit. Your existence on Urantia has examined only certain aspects of what is a much grander concept. These have been focused on the limits of duality and lack of spiritual awareness that has shaped your recorded history.

This exploration has run its course, and it is time now for those desiring to continue with the evolution of Urantia to prepare for its next phase of existence. The physical form of Urantia will adapt to new waves of energy and a higher frequency of awareness. All things connected with the planet will change to accommodate this evolution. Man, as part of this physical embodiment will also adapt and assume new forms in keeping with the new levels of energy and information.

I wish I could tell you specific political and economic developments, but like the energy in your universe, they are in flux and no outcome is fixed beyond the reality of your planet changing. The need for restructuring, however, will force existing assumptions to evolve. Those that cannot or will not change will not be able to continue existing. Watch the results of what is happening. The reportage and the commentaries are misleading, if not downright misinforming. These untruths instruct you to accept the conclusions they present without any individual research or examination. Accepting interpretations without determining your own opinions is foolhardy.

To survive this inevitable change, man must prepare physically and emotionally. He must be ready to move if necessary. He must be sufficiently rested to maintain any degree of stamina. He must participate willingly and with an idea of obtaining new insights. This new perception will begin to define man's changing involvement with his circumstances and those he interacts with. The changed Urantia will be reflected in the changes in man's behavior and attitudes. This entire one unified whole will ascend together.

I speak to you as representative of the Creator Source in Orvonton. We are pleased with what is happening on your Creator's favoured planet. Siraya.

(October 28, 2011) PAPA SOURCE THROUGH JOHAN: (No Doom and Gloom)

As today marked the 28th of October 2011 on your calender, doom and gloom was expected by many [supposedly one end date of the Mayan Calendar], others prepared their mock and sneer for a non-show as usual. If it was that date, yet we are approximately 7 years off [now in the equivalent of 2018], and all things were so precise on time, then it would still have been the last day, and only tomorrow would have marked the start of the new Consciousness of Unity, as named by some.

The reason I decided to address you is to emphasise the fact that complacency, numbness and tiredness could prevent you from realising that tomorrow can indeed mark the start of events leading towards a different consciousness; this new consciousness, if not entirely in the immediate near future, then gradually with a lot more truth being shared, surely no more mind games played, yet in a much disturbed landscape and environment for a short time being.

Some of you have received word about increased volcanic and tectonic plate activity, but there is more change and upheaval imminently brewing as we speak. "Things have to become far worse, before they can take a turn for the better" might be the right expression here, yet once the dominoes start to fall, they will run down quickly, my dear ones.

My son Christ Michael has until now kept a lid on things and allowed non-conformists to his Divine Plan to brew their own stew, actually working perfectly in the same direction with some major issues in your society, of course for very different reasons and motives. All determine their own destination, yet a lot will be removed, let's say who have chosen to be removed themselves; as a result others will once again be able to freely determine where it is they want to go.

Since he is at his busiest ever, I decided to come and assure you, on my and his behalf, that his unique approach is well underway to amaze many dignitaries and highly spiritual beings from all over the universe. Not in the least yourselves, who will see the entire scope of enterprise this involves. "Expect the unexpected", but in the best possible way. Some of you remember your nightly trips, some of you dare to dream big, but surely not big enough for what is in store, as your eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard what awaits at the finish line of this Shift we are presently undergoing.

It has to be mentioned that "for the benefit and highest purpose of all involved", many new meetings were organised lately, due to the delicate nature of this operation my son is undertaking. Especially where souls and non-soul beings need to be handled at the same time, keeping Divine Laws in mind.

Yes, it might get tough and rough for many, but please remember that lots of people have soul agreements that include these upheavals, just like you have many Lightworkers and Star Seeds who have soul agreements to be here at this time to help. There is never any anger or deliberate decisions to bring anybody in harms way. Many more souls we would have preferred, yet a critical mass will have to do with, and turn things around as all had chances enough. Still, better late then never.

You have received good advice to remain vigilant and well stocked up on provisions, essentials, food and water, in case you find yourself in harms way and have to move. Let your light shine through your own merit at any time and be guaranteed help when in need.

Accept our blessings and backup to stand tall and firm when it comes to defend Truth as you have experienced it, yet remain flexible in the way you bring it forth. It will remain your truth as long as the others have not experienced the same. You can force feed a goose, but you must respect free will and choice of those you face or mingle with. These are trying times indeed, and let your Higher Self guide you where to step forward and where to keep your distance, as more aggrevation occurs, for the aggrevation will not serve, its only purpose should be to wake up people or to confront blatant lies. You know the line of throwing pearls before the swine, if unwilling by their own choice, therefore respect yourself and the truth at all times. Realise and know that a certain level of comfort and happiness amidst upheaval will be a good guidance if you are in line with your soul's purpose or not, if you are doing what comes through inspiration.

My dearly beloveds, I will take leave now and bless all, especially those that bathe and radiate in their own divine Love and Light, for ones only reaps what they sow and walk where one deserves to walk. May your journey take you closer to me, one step at a time, for Light returns to Light and what you will see and experience around you will not be able to dim your Light if you choose so. Be blessed. Papa Source.

(November 16, 2011) PAPA SOURCE THROUGH JOHAN: (All Cycles Must Proceed: Glorious Times Ahead, Your Freedom Awaits You)

It is with great delight I am joining my beloved son Michael of Nebadon in his greatest endeavour so far. Not so long ago, I came through this scribe to talk to you on his behalf and encourage you to stay the course and not be afraid for what you are about to encounter. Yet here I am again with more glorious news, if only you could see through my eyes.

Many meetings have proceeded this glorious moment. Many dignitaries and workers from Orvonton have run to and fro, and are looking on with anxious yet joyful anticipation. Many times my son has consulted me, and with great delight I have seen his Divine Plan unfolding. It might come as a surprise that, what looks for you, my beloved child, like long overdue from your point of view, a hopeless case and scenario from your side, a complete failure according to your thinking - your Creator calls a great delight.

Now let me explain. Once your consciousness is fully restored, and you regain your insights you have temporarily left behind, you will understand that any experience is a worthwhile experience. The learning, experiencing, expanding, and evolving never stops. It is correctly mentioned that the only constant is change, hopefully progression. And you are supposed to have fun at all times, in all circumstances. That is, if you follow our guidance.

Did we expect and hope for other results in what is unfolding 'in your neck of the woods' to use this scribe's vocabulary in full colour? YES. Did we give up on those who deserve their progress, those that honour their souls agreements or those coming Home? NO. Now comes a surprising one, did we give up on those who made other choices than yours? NO. Please remember, 'All are made in my likeness and image'. And so Father, so Son, works in your direction as well as mine, exactly the same line of reasoning.

My beloved children, life lessons can only most efficiently be learned by experience, even on higher realms. However, judging has no part in the new screen play/scenario that has started to run its course already. If only you could see behind the scenes what has been done and prepared for already. So please my beloved children, drop your habit of forming opinions without knowing all sides of any story, also this one unfolding as we speak!

You will find a lot more delight in every new day that is given for you to fully enjoy. If that is not the case, then perhaps your radio is not tuned directly or constantly on our broadcasting that has proven its efficiency far beyond your imaginable frontiers. The Laws of Balance have a blemish-free track record for all to follow freely, or not at their own risk. My beloved children, as I truly love you dearly, let the wheels and cycles of evolution turn their natural and intended way, and you will find progress and prosperity on your path. As everything works along the lines of expansion and contraction, until you fully understand this divine rhythm, will you experience your own contractions. Upon that discovery through experience, will you enjoy expansion after expansion, a oneness with All That Is, and there are no limits or pitfalls there.

Exactly this opportunity, this glorious moment, this correcting time is upon us. My beloved son Michael called this period glorious times ahead, remember? That is why it pleases me greatly to greet you on this glorious occasion, and on his behalf in what we could call a 'divine joint venture', as you may once be priviledged to cooperate in one of your own as well.

What is on its way towards you will signal the start of your recuperation, your freedom, from what kept you back. Now the only thing that kept you back was not knowing. Not knowing the truth, not knowing yourself. Time and time again have my messengers come to tell you, 'the Truth shall set you free', yet time and time again have my beloved children looked the other way, saying, 'I know' ... or 'I believe'. It was hoped that the inner journey would have connected many with their True Essence AND the Truth. Now, harvest time is upon us and all will be taken, and all will find themselves where they deserve to be.

You will be addressed shortly by my beloved son Michael, but know and accept also my beloved children, from Papa Source, a name I have come to like very much, that your time of waiting is ending. All is in place to proceed. What a glorious time indeed to welcome my deserving children home, and help forward those who did not seek the Light nor the Love that was freely available. All upon their own choosing. Even those will one day recognise the Light and Love and Truth and choose to come home as well. Until such time, I am Papa Source.

(November 17, 2011) PAPA SOURCE THROUGH JOHAN: (Support Each Other and Stay Connected

Pay close attention my beloved children to the cascade of earthly events to succeed one after the other, and for all to see and experience shortly. It will be unmistakenly obvious once the dominoes fall.

My beloved son Michael of Nebadon will address all of you shortly when there is absolutely no doubt left as to what will transpire according to his previous given details called, "Glorious Times Ahead". Nobody on the train travelling up and onwards will miss out on the events. Neither will those travelling on the train down and backwards, but they will have to miss the front row seats and most of the divine performance altogether. A whole different type of roller coaster that will be. All will be going for a ride for sure.

Especially through the management of AH will you be informed and updated, where possible and deemed necessary. Otherwise keep your calm, support each other and stay connected as much as possible.

This is all for now. I come with the distinguished greetings from my beloved son Michael (and crew), who has his hands on the steering wheel, feet on the gas OR brake, accordingly. He will only leave his post of command when all temporary goals have been reached and when he feels the need to update through your leadership.

Busy and most glorious times we have just started indeed. My blessings to all. I am Papa Source.

(November 19, 2011) ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: (Brief Update)

Jess: Esu, do you have things to talk about this evening? My issues are more of the same, I'm afraid. I would be happy to have you speak.

Esu: Jess, I am here. It has been busier than you can imagine. I am many things to many people all around the Earth. My role is shaped by people's preconceptions and my attempts to move them away from a limited focus. I am leading many of the initiatives that are in process now. This is a battle on many fronts beyond actual warfare. I am working directly with Christ Michael Aton, and my role is to implement much of what he is envisioning and approving.

The time has come for all things to come to a halt. This is necessary for several reasons:

1) We can't make the necessary changes any other way at this point. We need to start over on many things and man is not able to follow through on what has to be changed. The financial world is starting to topple; you can see the shakiness of the investment structure and guess at the magnitude of the shortages that render the fiat money worthless. This is global. The house of fiscal cards is collapsing and the first steps have been taken.

2) Political facades are beginning to show how false they are. The candidates are running a rigged race and are mouthing the positions they are paid to say. They all have groups shaping their comments. All make false promises that will be modified by corporate or financial interests. Ron Paul is speaking on many of the issues with clarity and clearer thinking, but even he is pulled by other groups and factors. No one is completely innocent.

3) Preparation can only provide a minimum of protection. There are many possibilities looming and it will be a stopgap, at best, if man has to resort to these supplies. I will tell you that there is no guarantee we won't go directly into stasis, as was indicated at one time. The different options remain possible, but events and situations may become so out of control that man will have no gradual transition period.

That's enough tonight. Esu.

(November 30, 2011) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (Time for Passage)

The Earth’s clock has slowed down and the ticking sound of those hands becomes feint. Prepare you ones who are in the knowing as night falls, to herald an imposed period of slumber [stasis]. It has become necessary to execute with fervour the saving grace; that which will rescue the planet herself from the doldrums of darkness which has infiltrated her body and awareness, and created torpor [inactivity] destined to keep her numb. Gaia’s body has become for the most part comatose through eons of abuse. Her spirit is most willing to abide by her Creator’s will but her body cannot respond as required. She has become powerless and there is now need for higher intervention.

The prophesy of 2000 and more years ago in your counting must be fulfilled, for this is the very promise made by my Son. His word shall be fulfilled. However his return will not be in the likeness of that which most believers expect. Many will be gravely disappointed, should they know, that their perceptions of his return scantily resembles their expectations. In fact they will not know until it is too late. It has become necessary for major action to be taken not in accordance with the original plan. Yet as you ones know, plans have had to be amended to take into consideration the needs of the Earth and the people and to protect for the greatest good all from the incipient chaos that the dark brothers have planned.

You cannot even begin to imagine the fierceness of their plans for you ones. For this has turned into a raging battle between Evil and God. Yes you heard me. The evil that scars your Earth plane uses man in their battle against God and by this I mean my very Son who gave most of them life. Sons against Father; sons and daughters who have disowned their very Source. They care not about you ones who they have infected with their poisonous ways. They seek to attack the Father through you. This they do in myriad ways. Of late however, grave diabolism marks their intent.

They will stop at nothing now to have their way for they intend to have the last say. There is an unbridled power emanating from within them now that is at its fiercest as they face the final countdown. They know that it is time. They have for aeons hidden behind man and Earth to wreak their havoc. Now they will face Michael, my very Son and his host. This is the time of true and deliberate reckoning. They know beloved and they fight now with every ounce of strength left.

They have been deluded into believing that the victories that they have achieved over the Earth and her inhabitants can endure. They fight with all that is physical, they have not one iota of cosmic or spiritual strength. They are going to be nipped. They will simply and easily be removed. My Son has efforted to bring them home using various means and tactics, but they have rejected his welcoming love and now they must face the fire of their own choosing.

There will be no war, no Armageddon as was and is expected by some. Man cannot fight with God. It just isn’t possible. God has no intention of reducing himself to man's level of expectation or perception. God does not indulge in these nursery games. He efforts to bring ones out of the nursery as graduates in spirit. There will be peace in the movement that will be initiated without acceptance. Man will not now be given a choice, for he has long been given the choice. Many have shunned the offering, few have accepted it whole heartedly, and others have tasted and remain undecided.

For those of you who know what is at this very moment eventualising in another dimension, you will know what must follow. The inevitable is being executed now and time is to pause. The Father knows what is best and for those who have made their commitments knowingly, I ask that you place your whole hearted trust in the Father’s will and way. The intricacies of execution should not be your concern. You are not in a position to understand how it will all unfold. Just trust. Readiness of your spirit is all that is necessary. I want you to remember that I am not moved by words that you utter through your lips; I am moved by what is in your heart as aligned with your spirit.

You cannot want things of the Earth and also desire to be with me. This simply means that you must let go now of your desires and wants and preferences and join with my Son. Let go and let God be the one who guides you from within. Empty yourself that I may fill you; that you may be in no doubt where your allegiance lies. Disown these feelings of attachment to earthly things. True Love is imperishable and cannot be lost through death or separation.

Focus now on your spiritual enhancement for wherever you may find your self, God will not do it for you. You will not just find yourself with wings through the manifested changes. You will earn your wings. Let this time be spent in reverence with the holy one who abides in the soul’s precinct. Allow the feeling of oneness born from the love of your creation to be your inner field. Effort in the moments of your life now, to consciously join with me from within and intend to hear me.

You are not conscious of the hour of change; you will not know when it happens but you can transit into it with a supreme knowing and confidence. Know that indeed Michael’s will shall be done for his will, and is always in accord and synchronicity with mine own. Trust that your loved ones will be where they must, and do not spend your time worrying about this or that. I ask you, what matters now? Think on that.

Michael needs totally committed co-creators; ones who will stand with him through thick and thin; ones who will not whimper at the slightest inconvenience; ones with initiative, drive, and openness, who stand ready to effect his plans for the planet. I will remind you again that though major changes will be effected, each will continue to have responsibility for his/her spirit’s evolution.

God does not discount the human feeling or emotion; but does expect that those who have evolved in spirit’s way shall make all choices amenable to spirit and the infinite ‘spirit being’- God.

These are most precarious times on your Earth plane and I issue a caution to you of the Light to be vigilant and remain in alignment every moment. The darkened brothers know that they are living and ruling on borrowed time and that my Son is here now to reclaim what is his. The process will be executed with great finesse, sureness, and certitude.

Blessed be these word for they are given and received in holy truth. Abide by them. Time is now of the essence. I am your Source and Ultimate Creator.

(November 30, 2011) NEBADONIA THROUGH HAZEL: (Cosmic Gratitude)

The glory of the Father resides in each child inbuilt with the living spirit. That is the spirit of life. To all of you ones who have agreed to take on mortal countenance to serve the higher will during these auspicious times in your planet’s cycle, you are in receipt of great honour.

Your loyalty to a higher cause is noted and streams of applause often flow from the celestial circle of higher authority. You ones who have chosen to align your consciousness with the Father’s, receive more and more packets of light in order to discharge your earthly tasks with greater understanding. Always do we keep your light replenished as you share your divinity with others. The drums roll in the angelic kingdom and love is sent from the spheres of Paradise to embrace your Earth for all she has contributed to the rising of humanity. She too has been a faithful servant. The heavens pour into her gifts of gratitude that she may welcome this energy and prepare herself for greater service.

Many are oblivious to the welcome support we offer freely and many cannot comprehend God honouring his children for their achievements. This is a reality. Just as you speak with him, he speaks with you, just as you praise and honour him, he praises and honours you. Ponder upon this. A father always encourages his children with talent and offers praise to those who show promise and those who shine through achievement. Praise and other material gifts may be bestowed as rewards for accomplishment.

The Paradise Father must be viewed similarly. He too rewards his children when they make balanced choices aligned with his will and achieve personal and spiritual progress. He encourages spiritual development by offering more and more of himself. He may not bequeath material effects, but gifts spiritual delights that will enable his children focussed on him to enjoy greater benefits of his presence and wealth. There is no limit to the Father’s wealth. He does not withhold them from you but offers them freely if you would make his will your choice. The offering of spiritual wealth is the expression of his gratitude for your determination in choosing to reside in his light.

All is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God. There is a flow of natural giving and re-giving, each cycle being expressed in gratitude for the other. Choosing his will is the beginning of gratitude; for you express thanks consciously or not when you say, "Father I desire only to do thy will". This is your recognition of the highest will that exits. It is in fact a tribute of thanksgiving. In choosing his will, you do not forfeit your free will but you bring your will in alignment with his. This will become a natural choice as your graduate to higher frequency.

This choice of honouring and living in the reflection of the Father’s will in itself is the beginning of a kaleidoscope of blessings, which is the Father’s gratitude in reciprocation. Eternal guidance will be offered but most importantly you can allow yourself the experience of co-creating with the Father. When you are able to flow in his energy through the moments of your life, your co- creative talents and abilities will surface and you shall begin to indulge in your birthright.

See comic gratitude as an extension of the Father’s love for you. He is present and available to all his children but will not impose himself. He must be sought and discovered, and then chosen. The result of this sequence is an effect experienced within the one/ones who make the discovery and choice; this effect being certainty, assurance, inalienable peace, righteous joy and gifts of divine gratitude.

When you choose the Father’s will, you become gatekeepers of spiritual assets; soldiers of the Father in reverent service. This in itself is a reward you have earned, bestowed with divine gratitude.

Fairness prevails in the kingdom where God exists and those who find his essence within and choose his will shall find the kingdom. Beloveds, when you can experience the Kingdom of God within yourself you will dwell in the phase of continuous gratitude, expressed by yourself and expressed by the Father. What then is this gratitude but the harmonious instinct poised and ready for flow within and through the Father’s vast creation? It is constantly expressed in myriad ways yet can only be experienced by those who are able to receive and accept it through conscious choice of the Father and his will.

Some may interpret these words as saying that the Father’s gratitude is conditional upon his children taking certain steps. Yet I say that gratitude is an extension of his love which is unconditional. Through and by his everlasting love you are in receipt of his gratitude for your existence; your journey and eventual return to him.

Cosmic gratitude is the divine presence reciting codes of love steepled in the mortal heart of men; that each may find its access and release it to the world. The Father dwells within each child of creation. He is a constant giver and his love and mighty presence within each is gratitude in action to his little ones who take the long journey of ascent to Paradise. Nebadonia.

(December 3, 2011) CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL: (A Father’s Plea)

I come in this solitary moment to introduce myself to those who do not know me; to those who view me in a religious context; and to reinforce my presence within those who do know me. Times of great change loom auspiciously upon your Earth plane and you of the human civilisation must come into the knowing of my presence; hastily I might add.

I am the one you call God, Creator, Source, Universal Deity, Foremost Intelligence, Ultimate Determiner, Final Judge and Adjudicator. It matters not the variation in title for I am one and the same. I will simply refer to myself as the Universal Father of All Creation. Titles and names create distinctions and causes separation in one’s understanding as one seeks a God of his/her culture. Know that God is One and All is One and One is All. It is when you come to understand this simple truth that profound awareness will dawn.

I come to affirm your status as sons and daughters of the light; for it is imperative at this juncture that you perceive yourself in light. Light is the quintessential you. That which darkens your world does not define you. Your body does not define you. Your earthly status does not define you. It is I the Creator of All, that defines you. I cannot be seen but that does not mean that I do not exist. I can be known and experienced from within; and that is more credible than seeing. Knowing is your proof; feeling is your rule of measure. The nature of me is the nature of you and you must therefore call upon your understanding of me to know yourself.

I have many times brought the same message in different ways through different ones, and I shall continue to do this until your immortal soul which you are, is allowed entrance into your physical mind to minister truth. Why do I endeavour with constancy and consistency to bring you truth? Simply my beloveds because you are mine and I desire you to return home to me. The route your take is of course your choice but I desire to see you placed on the path of knowing.

Which father will leave his children unattended, without care or supreme love? I cannot see you continuously suffering and not endeavour to lead you out of turmoil. It is love which engenders my effort. I can see what beholds your world presently. I know what is transpiring and what will fall upon thee. I come to assist the confused, to bring clarity that those who may doubt will accept me once and for all; not blindly or because I say you should, but because you know you must.

I am the living essence of truth within you. You can only find your truth there. I issue an invitation to you at this twelfth hour that has come upon the Earth plane. Turn to me; even if you never have before; turn to me, call upon me; not in challenge, but in need and love. I shall respond. What other choice do you have dear ones? This is my final bid to draw you into the fold using only truth and a promise of a brighter future. The purpose of your life at this very moment should be to discover me with haste as the winds of change carry yet another cycle to completion; that the new and exciting tomorrow may be yielded for your Earth.

Many are now walking a tightrope with little balance left; so what say you? Will you not join the bandwagon of lighted beings and begin the most wondrous exploration of a new plane filled with knowledge and excitement for grander and purposeful living? The canopy of change has now descended. You need only look around your world to witness the great confusion and collapse materialising. Will you continue to deny what you face or what it portends for your world? Who is your likely salvation now? When all is crumbling around you, who will you call upon? Can you save yourselves? From my vantage point I will offer a negative response.

That which you face on your Earth is beyond your control and that which is fortuitously taking place cosmically is also beyond your control. I wish to tell you my plans for you, but how many will hear and believe? How many of my ones have you castigated and deemed mental? Well it is those very ones who are sane my beloved children. The ‘mental’ ones are the knowing ones; the ones who know my truth and serve it. It would serve you well to rethink what you have heard from the voices of God. For these ones who bring truth are my voice.

I will not come again to you in this way. I take the bolder approach that you may hear without fear. Can you not hear the appeal through these my words. Do not say after the event that the Father has deserted you or cast you aside. For the Father comes here and now to woo you back home. Will you hear and answer?

For generations I have sent my beloved sons to effort with you of Earth plane. Now I come myself. Will you still reject the one you say you love? Must I descend from the clouds for you to believe? I do not live up to false conceptions or beliefs; for I serve Truth, which I AM. I can only urge you to seek truth by listening to the voice within. You will not see me my little ones, but you will know me if you know truth, for I am already here.

I come not to create fear or feed your doubts. I come in truth only to tell you that your time on the Earth has all but ended. Night is upon you now and some will never awaken to a blooming tomorrow. Take my hand now for this is the final offer before the curtain falls.


(November 25, 2011) THOTH THROUGH LEONETTE: (On the Eve of the Morrow) (Not posted at AH, until December 5, 2011)

Leonette: It has been a long time Thoth, but I will try to see if the circuits are aligned and I am receiving.

Thoth: Hello Leonette, we are always aligned and more so now.

L: “On the Eve of the Morrow”, you know I was communicating that phrase to you about two weeks ago, but you would not allow and I understand…

Thoth: The Eve of the Morrow, and you want to know what that means? Precisely what it says, very much like your Christmas Eve before your Christmas Day. Is it not a day of anticipation and wonder, your Christmas Eve as you perceive it?

This is the same, but more than you can ever imagine, hence the absolute ‘shutdown’ by your sensory receptors because the magnitude of the event is so totally overwhelming that you are unable to measure the scope with your limited human understanding.
The thought of ‘finally’ and the feeling of ‘coming into awareness’, an awareness that you in your present state cannot imagine, is so foreign to your concepts that your thought capacities ‘shut down’ upon the mere imagination of a single shred of such a concept. This is so because your physical apparatus is still not up to the task of that level of light and awareness, even though your soul is totally onboard with what is happening and what is due. Hence the reason for the need to ‘press the pause button’ on your physical consciousness and recalibrate such in conditions conducive to such an upgrade [full stasis]. This will result in a total reconditioning of the physical body so that it can operate within the newly re-charged planetary energies without suffering deleterious effects from the heightened vibrations.

You wonder why this has now become necessary, this change in plans. You may be aware that your major political powers are ‘squaring off’ now, and while 'nuclear war’ has been ruled out by those with authority to oversee the development of the planetary species, there exists isolated pockets of nuclear technology that can be harnessed. There is a ‘clone’ army that is in place to be summoned by your world powers, and the clone technology has been perfected in a way that allows for replacements in a timely manner. What this means is that you are in the midst of a cyborg war utilising cloning technology along with ‘meme activations’. This ‘meme-activated clone technology’ has been tested in recent times in the ‘theatres of war’ on your planet. This is NOT going to be allowed to continue. [Meme - An element of a culture or system of behaviour that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation.]

Activated ‘mechanisms’ without a heart and a soul will destroy the very fabric of life as is known in this part of your universe. Such activated mechanisms are currently being used against the people of the Earth and as the conditions become more dire or intense for those who are behind the manipulation of such technology, there is an expectation that ‘penultimate’ steps will be utilised to destroy everything. These ‘beings’ are not prepared to surrender and prefer to take everything and everyone down as they suffer their own demise.

It was with these considerations that the decision was taken to evacuate all humans, including the inner Earth folks to prevent any catastrophic situations relative to either the penultimate ‘trigger’ being pushed to unleash deadly forces and/or the cataclysmic scenarios that will occur with the overhaul of the Earth’s energies.

There is not much of a timeline left, for if you monitor closely what is happening in your world you will realise that there is a posturing that will ensure that Man is being carried to the brink which will lead to the eventual ‘stepping off from the cliff into the abyss of destruction’.

We could have waited a bit with the financial crisis that is unfolding, we could have waited a bit for some of the natural disasters that are unfolding, we could have even waited a bit for some of these wars currently being played out in the theatres of the absurd…just a bit of waiting was providing a bit of teaching to those who needed to understand the nature of what abounds..

However with the unleashing of the cyborg armies, which became manifest in some of these war games that are being played, it became evident that the despair within the Dark was manifesting as an ‘unforgiving ruthlessness’. The nature of such ruthlessness will naturally force the emergence of the predatory gene within such malfeasance to assume the dominant role.

When this occurs and when such ‘predatory malfeasance’ is faced with obliteration, what generally happens is that an attempt is made to destroy everything. Hence the reason for this decision which has been fully endorsed by your inner Earth brethren who clearly understand what is at stake.

I have attempted to give a bit of an insight into some of what is happening and events that inform decisions that are made, which we would implore you to remember is always done for the ‘highest good of all concerned”.


(November 26, 2011) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH KIBO: (Now a Word from Our Sponsor) (Posted at AH, December 5, 2011)

Kibo: I was going over the Thoth/Leonette piece, analysing, questioning, looking for details and such. CM kinda threw this in on me while I was writing, I thought it went with the rest so I'm throwing it in here. I hesitate for the actual projection of timing for what is to come, please remember that things change on a moment to moment basis, especially on this plane. You will forgive me if I don't get excited over the 'within a week' thing. Still, I pray that it is actually so. God's Will be done!! So anyway, and without further ado, now a word from our sponsor:

CM: This is Christ Michael. We can assure you all that the whole operation is commencing and has been ongoing since you first were told of it. Stasis will be implemented as soon as the Agarthans are squared away and we will be removing every human being and viable robotoid that has earned the right, from the surface of Gaia and transporting them to our ships that are best suited for maintaining such a large population.

We will not be concerned for those that will remain on planet for the duration. The decision to keep them in stasis is rightfully considered as the compassionate action to take.

Your dark leaders will be incarcerated in their contained holodeck and the rest of you will be awakened as the need arises. Some will join us in our endeavours to create the foundation of the world of experience to come, and so, these ones will be awakened before others. Those that are going to be adjudicated to other lives and planets can just as well be dealt with in consciousness of spirit and their bodies will be held in transit and in abeyance until final determination of each individual fate is established.


We see, more so than you, what, where, how, and why things are going, and to all points of destination. For us to take such steps at this sage should clearly indicate to all that have followed our messages for any length of time, that we are left with no choice but to wrap things up as quietly, as quickly, ans as neatly as possible. Much like a parent wrapping presents for their children while they sleep on Christmass Eve, wouldn't you say?

Know that we are, indeed, wrapping up a wonderful gift for all of you that are worthy to receive of it. What is to come is amazingly beautiful, inspiring, and most importantly, it has been earned by all of you that will receive of it. The joy ahead of you, that stands before you, is a product of Divine Will in the heavens, but also the Divine Will that you have worked so hard to recognise, work with, and evolve within yourselves. This is your co-creation made manifest!

Please take the time to appreciate your own part in this, each and every one of you. Until we meet again, for we have met before. I AM Christ Michael Aton, and that will be it through this one for the day.

(November 26, 2011) ADAMA THROUGH EVE: (At the End of All Things) (Posted at AH, December 5, 2011)

E: Adama? Are you there?

A: Oh, Eve! Yes, I'm here! Not quite where I used to be, but that does not hinder our conversation!

E: Daddy, I heard about evacuation of the inner Earth, Agartha, and I suppose, Telos is void, too?

A: Yes, Eve, most are gone! Already, we are now aboard one of the big evacuation ships, there is a special one for the inner Earth folks. The ones among us who are going to be part of the surface project will move to the New Jerusalem [Ashtar Command headquarters ship] later, to work with the surface people and of course, we will be present on the Phoenix and the Capricorn ships. No problem at all, you know.

E: How about your pets and plants/crops?

A: They have been put into stasis already, as we cannot maintain the normal routines without man power. Most likely they will remain undamaged. The stasis frequency is the best possibility to guarantee their health. The good thing is that stasis can be held in place for an indefinite time, without any damage or problem. After the exiting Telos, the whole area was put into stasis, and likewise the other places of inner Earth and the hollow Earth.

E: My goodness, Adama.. what an adventure!

A: Yes Eve, you can well say it that way. Most of the people living here have not travelled much, and it's quite an experience to have a while aboard ship. But we arrange ourselves quite comfortably, we took our most dear things with us, and the kids are enthusiastic, as they are going to become aware witnesses what is going to happen with the planet. Our part of the ship, where we dwell, is not isolated, we are facing a colourful gathering of all sorts of folks from inner Earth, which is pretty interesting ... to hear all the stories and view points!

E: Now, Daddy, how about the emotional landscape?

A: Oh, Eve, yes. There is of course mourning about the sudden change of plans in the way they are now. We had hoped so much for a more joyful occasion, reuniting of family due to an encouraging development, which has simply not happened. Every day passing on the surface has just encouraged the dark ones to go on, all the peaceful interaction of the light people has not moved anything with the thugs. It has well moved encouragement of mother planet, and our hearts. But the New World Order was steadily triggering furthermore, the programming was solid as solid can be, it was just like trying to stop a forest fire by the moisture of a kiss. The crew, the Second Coming team, has been very frustrated from time to time, of course how else could it be.

Meanwhile CM/Esu and even the Eternal Father have reached the insight that without divine intervention there would be no chance ever to rescue the planet. So the Wave will be allowed to turn things upside down, and it's going to be that powerful that there is not even more a guarantee for safety regarding the inner Earth folks. Of course, also regarding the imminent pole reversal. See, Eve, we have endured here for millenia just to finally be pulled under the "wheels" at the very end.

Everybody understands the necessity for evacuation, everybody was and is constructive. Everybody is behaving disciplined. So, our reuniting is probably going to take place in space, beloved, and you may already tap into the idea of a glimplse of glory you are going to have, when the big moment is finally there.

I'm often with Esu and CM, of course, due to my active role in all of this. Might be that the Wave reaches the Earth still before Christmas, so this is literally the "end of all things" as you know it. Remembering all we have ever been talking about, it's a little bit strange to find everything is now going a different way, but if we are really used to something, then it's the issue of sudden change, of paradigms fluctuating from now and then. I'd say, the love in our hearts has been the only factor of steadiness.

The decision for evacuation was made in the Planetary Council, after enfolding the likeliness of happenings and the risk included. As distinct from your surface governments, we care for our people and do everything to keep them safe and in good health. And we of course have the outlook to return after everything is settled well again. Now, as you will imagine, there is an immense vibration of excitement here! Our thoughts are on excursion all day long, they are with you folks and with the celestial teams, and our hearts are somehow goose-bumping a little bit while watching a great scenario unfolding. I bow my head in awe in front of our Creator Son and Esu, who are working so relentlessly under full power, just with small breaks to relax from viewing all the mess down there on the planet.

When they now have looked into the mirror, asking "have we really, really, tried everything possible?" Then there would just be one answer, yes, yes, and yes again. This is the end of all things in this planetary era, transition is coming in, neither way mysteriously or magically, but as a real deal of matter, and here we go again. Mankind was asked to make efforts to change things, they did not, and so the universe is now going to change this on behalf of mankind, the whole thing is signed and it's coming along, in a mighty way. Whether mankind is prepared to open the doors or not, all doors will be crashed open by the cosmic influence and there will be no single place spared! I sense, Eve, that you are very calm on your inner plane, I hope this is a good sign?

E: Well, Daddy, generally speaking, I'm fried, like most of us. Even the news about evacuation of the inner Earth did not bring my adrenaline up much. I sensed as you mention, it's the end of all things, our last days in the old paradigm. How it will turn out for me personally, I just wish things to change, I'm in faith, which puts me in some kind of emotional nowhereland, even if my incarnation was to end suddenly, I'm at peace with the situation.

(December 1, 2011) CANDACE FRIEZE ON EVACUATION: (Extracts from GLP Discussion, posted at AH)
Q: Is there any way that those staying are going to be with the planet, or do we all need to be evacuated at some point due to [Earth changes]? In other words, is there a way that the Earth changes are going to allow us to stay and evolve, or is there no choice and at some point we all have to get off for a while?
C: You all need to be evacuated or to be in stasis when the BIG Wave hits, which will make huge changes in the vibration of the matter. We are currently in small Waves periodically, but there is a big one coming and the planet must be effectively empty. When that will happen is not fully determined though.
Our thugs are now preparing a major world war using robotic cyborg armies and other terrible technologies between the two major powers, and they will not step down from that, so we are moving forward to end the show and let Gaia rise up.
Underlying this use of machine mind [artificial intelligence] and human mixes is the fact that this has been a widespread problem in our universe of Nebadon and in some regional universes which has gotten out of hand and could infect the younger universes coming into being. In fact, it is the machine mind that is part of the issue with “Satan”, in that it is being CONSCIOUS without CONSCIENCE, and will overtake life forms or manipulate it. Remember “Hal”, the spaceship computer in the movie “2001”?
(End of newsletter)

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