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November 19, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Many Lightworkers are asking for more information at this time about the progress in the Transition of Mother Earth into fifth dimension. How do we determine where we are on the “completion curve”? Let us begin by stating what we know for certain. As you read each of these following statements, ask your God Spirit within for verification.

1. This Third Grand Experiment by decree of Creator God Aton ended August 17, 1987.

2. The people of Earth Shan were given twenty-five years to bring balance and harmony to the planet.

3. Through enlightenment and goodness they were to raise their frequencies to keep pace with the rising frequencies of Mother Earth, with the promise of entering fifth dimension with her on or before December 21, 2012.

4. Most of the people of Earth Shan have not kept pace with the rising frequencies of their planet and remain in the third dimension vibrations at this time.

5. Earth Shan entered fourth dimension on January 1, 2005, and has been rising steadily in frequencies since then.

6. On this day November 19, 2006 Earth Shan is vibrating at 13.0 on the Schumann Resonance Scale, where 13.0 is the resonance of Fifth Dimension.

7. Earthquake and volcanic activity has been increasing exponentially over these past months to the point that now our planet is literally shaking all over.

8. Pollution, negativity and evil have not been reduced to allow Mother Earth any recovery. Therefore, she is exhausted, dying and in need of immediate relief.

9. For the sake of the Lightworkers (the elect) in these “end times”, time has been speeded up, or few would survive the Darkness.

10. The speeding up of time has shortened the twenty-five year period and has moved the 2012 end point closer by our calendar, so that it now falls in 2006!

11. Because the Darkside has refused to cooperate with the Light over these past nineteen years, the completion of the NESARA Mission has not yet been achieved.

12. Tonight, due to the promise of China to dump seven trillion Federal Reserve Notes on the world market on November 23, 2006 and many other countries agreeing to follow suit, the NESARA Mission impasse has been broken. The promise is to complete both the funding process and the NESARA public announcement before the Thanksgiving Day deadline.

13. Whatever happens with the funding process and the announcement of NESARA will no longer impact Earth Shan’s schedule of receiving “emergency care”.

14. Earth Shan is at the point of making a physical polar shift, and mass evacuation of the planet is imminent.

15. An orderly lift-off will then commence when needed by the many Star People and their Starships presently surrounding Earth Shan.

16. Those, who choose to stay on planet earth at lift-off time, will be left to deal with the massive earth changes needed to cleanse and re-shape the planet to return her to her original pristine condition. It is unlikely that anyone would survive.

The signs of the times indicate that time has run out for our 3D world’s existence, and that needed change is here. At a soul level everyone has chosen their future placement and lessons to be learned. So, with no regrets and no fear, but with hope and great joy we wait with anticipation the coming events, knowing that our Guardian Angels will guide us, if we but ask.

Truly, my friends, we shall meet and rejoice aboard the ships. Aho!