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Doctor Joel Wallach BS, DVM,ND. 1991 Nobel Prise Nominee-Medicine.

Doctor Wallack says:-

Use COLLOIDAL MINERALS (organic plant derived, liquid, negatively charged). Our stomach lining is positively changed. [suggested source: J. Clark Mine, Utah].


1. COPPER: keeps elastic fibres healthy. Stops sagging! Can eliminates the need for cosmetic surgery. Also prevents rupturing aneurism, varicose veins, haemorrhoids. skin wrinkles. Prevents white, grey and silver hair.
2. SELENIUM: liver spots, age spots, stress, cancer, cardio mythophy.
3. CALCIUM: osteoporosis (fractured hips, bones etc.), receding gums, loose teeth, arthritis, lumbago, rheumatism, hyper tension, insomnia, kidney stones, bone spurs, leg and other cramps and twitches, PMS, lower back pain (disk problems), diabetes, blindness, kidney failure, cardio vascular disease, amputations of toes, feet and legs, diabetes.
4. BORON: kidney stones, osteoporosis , makes testosterone.
5. CHROMIUM: (craving for sweets) low blood sugar.
6. VALINUM: (craving for sweets) low blood sugar. Can replace insulin (for diabetics).
7. TIN: male pattern baldness, deafness.
8. ZINC: loose sense of smell & taste.
9. SALT: use balanced moist, grey, sea salt (Celtic), This includes all the trace elements (not removed as in standard table salt).
10. MINERAL DEFICIENCY: pregnant women cravings, pica (craving for sweets) and cribbing (horses).
11. Bismuth (Pepto Miasmal) takes care of stomach ulcers.


A. Each day we need: 90 essential nutrients made up of 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids.
B. You CANNOT get everything you need from the four main food groups. Applies to organic or inorganic.
C. Take 90 essential nutrients each day. Some will need to be supplements.
D. Doctors kill 300,000 people in the USA each year.
E. The average age of a US doctor is 68 years.
F. The average age of a US citizen is 75 years.
G. The average age of a US athlete is 63 years.
H. Sweating results in the loss of 60 essential minerals.
I. Plants cannot manufacture minerals. Plants can take up metallic minerals from the soil (if they are in the soil). Minerals don't form uniformly around the Earth (in the soil).
J. In USA there are no longer any minerals in the farm land.
K. The human body can absorb 98% of minerals in colloidal form.
L. Minerals in plants are in a colloidal form
M. Cultures that live to over 100 years have: 60-70 minerals in the surrounding rocks, glacial milk (water), rich in colloidal minerals.
N. Herbs are not nutrition. They can help with healing.
O. Cholesterol is OK. Eggs and red meat are OK.
P. 70% of the brain is made of cholesterol. To prevent alzymers disease we need cholesterol. Also vitamin E.
Q. Ground up chicken cartilage fixes arthritis. (Harvard medical school tests).
R. Betacaratine, Selenium and Vitamin E has been shown to reduce cancer considerably.
S. Metallic minerals such as egg shells, "ground up rocks" are only taken up by the body at about 10%.

An audio cassette called Dead Doctors Don't Lie (Code DDD) is available.

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