The Crystal Skull
by Stewart Swerdlow
From "As Ye Sow, So shall Ye Reap
Much has been written on the topic of the Crystal Skull; some of it true, some of it delusional, most of it propaganda. The Crystal Skull is a secret beyond human comprehension often attributed to the cultures of Central America, Atlantis, and even aliens. Now, here is the true story of the Crystal Skull.

As you recall from the Galactic History section, a council convened long ago to determine how life on Earth would develop. A question was asked, "if we leave these beings to develop on their own, how will they know their true origins? If there is to be no interference, how will they be prodded in the right direction?" Determined that each frequency civilization would monitor its own population at selected intervals of time, Earth became a free for all. One E.T. group decided to leave a repository of knowledge for those who had evolved enough to understand it. These beings appeared tall, with golden & bronze skin, golden hair, muscular, and with violet eyes. This E.T. group was partly physical but mostly non physical. On an etheric level they created an object which contained within it the sum total of knowledge of the Mind of God as they knew it. They also programmed this object with the history of the universe and with all the technology that would ever be necessary.

They chose the Crystal Skull of a female human without any racial features to represent all humanoids, symbolic of brotherhood and harmony. It was female because it was to be placed in physical reality and represents a symbol of ego being overcome. Crystal was chosen because it represents the highest vibration possible in physical reality: purity, clarity, focusing, and magnification. The movable jaw piece symbolizes that it is a communication device.

This E.T. group left the skull with the first Lyraen Atlantean civilization where it was placed in a temple pyramid to be energized by this group of people over many aeons of time. By the time the second Atlantean civilization began with the Atlans, there was already a Sirian A involvement on this planet. The Sirians negotiated with the Atlans to study and examine the Crystal Skull. Over time they created an exact duplicate which they brought back to Sirius A. Other alien groups made inferior copies of it for use with their own human creations. By the time of the third Atlantean civilization the true purpose of the Crystal Skull was forgotten. Those in power tried to use it for evil not realizing that those who use it for evil have their thoughts and actions magnified and reflected back. One of the secrets of the Crystal Skull is that whatever you think of in its presence, reflects back, becoming part of your experience. The Crystal Skull teaches that the physical universe mirrors your thoughts.

When Atlantis began to sink, some of the high priests who fled that continent brought it to Central America where the Procyonians had brought the Maya. There it was used as an object of worship and reverence until the Maya were removed from this planet. The Crystal Skull remained buried in ruins until its discovery in the early part of this Century. Make no mistake, the Crystal Skull allowed itself to be rediscovered because it was time for mankind to be fulfilled.

The Crystal Skull operates by the trinity of communication: color, tone, and archetype. When any combination of these three is beamed or thought of in the presence of the Crystal Skull, it opens a program in the skull that is coded to that particular frequency resonance. An infinite number of combinations can be used, any one will unlock a program in the Crystal Skull to teach mankind.

The Crystal Skull is a bridge between all levels of reality and anyone who knows the sequences of the trinity of communication, becomes all powerful, and all knowledgeable. An archetype is part of a trinity itself, representing the Pineal Gland of communication. The Left Brain represents language and the Right Brain represents pure thought. The Pineal Gland balances and translates these two with the use of archetypes.

Archetypes can be geometric shapes, letters, numbers, Ancient Hebrew symbols, picturegrams or any combination. Colors are also a part of the triad with a language all their own (refer to the Functions of the Chakras section on page 35). Light is the Right Brain, darkness the Left Brain, and the Pineal Gland once again balances and translates this through colors. Tones also represent the trinity of sound, balancing music and silence. In the same way the Crystal Skull also balances the Mind of God and physical reality. At times the Crystal Skull becomes non-physical. The fact that no body was attached to it was symbolic of the needlessness of the physical body. It is extremely important that the entire human race learns from the Crystal Skull in the proper way. Be assured that should this planet fall under the domination of evil the Crystal Skull will be removed along with those beings ready for advancement elsewhere.>