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from Countdown Newsletter by Tony Wicks


This issue brings us a lot of knowledge of our past through Sheldan Nidle, plus a somewhat intricate explanation of how different realities (parallel worlds) exist, with connections via love, Light, time, and divine grace.

The key to our immediate future I still believe is the NESARA announcement. The more days that go by without an announcement means we are getting closer to one. How’s that for positive thinking! Incredible happenings are going on in the good old USA and worldwide. It appears to have been necessary for the Light forces to permanently remove many of those refusing to give up their old ways. The following is given to you in truth, not fear.

In the last few weeks, the White Knights of Justice and the Forces have been very busy. Attempts were made by the reticent cabals (via the Bush administration and New World Order factions) to place suitcase size nuclear bombs in 15 main US cities and blow them up. They also tried to deploy bio-warfare bombs in the same cities. These were Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Boise, Phoenix, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Soix Falls, Kansas City, Chicago, Mobile, New Orleans, Tulsa, and Houston.

Then some Mafia gangs were recruited to shoot up delivery vehicles carrying prosperity program notifications. The permanent removal of several leaders stopped that. Next, low frequency GWEN towers and other devices were used to transmit extremely low frequencies (ELF) waves across the country to try to ignite chemical changes in the brains of some humans which would cause them to suddenly become violent (like office, fast food, and school shootings). One substance used is aspartame (in sugar substitutes like Equal) which also causes many serious health problems.

Following this, 200 people were arrested because of their involvement in setting up plans to hijack commercial airlines and flying them into nuclear facilities in the US. This action would not normally result in a major problem, except pre-positioned explosives (like in the WTC towers) were to be used to cause major radiation damage. Only 2 of 22 plants were needed to be set off by the CIA group working out of a secret Denver area office. The Forces then made known a new policy of "permanent removal" (death, as others view it) for people carrying out acts against the USA.

The designates for President and Vice President, and Cabinet in the coming interim government have had loved ones abducted, and have also been coerced through blackmail. The abductees were rescued and later 13 CIA personnel and 1 FBI person were permanently removed for ordering the abductions. The same happened to 14 people planning to get rid of Dove of Oneness, who supplies the inside information to these happenings. She has an agreement with the Source of all That Is to be always safe in every way. There are 75, 000 White Knight troops in the area of the Winter Olympics. Many other groups of traitors have been removed.

The 13 top secret world leaders, known by few people, who control the major banking families and politicians, and one or two levels below them, were permanently removed on February 9! The same happened to 133 people from the CIA, FBI, White House, a PR firm, and two universities involved in propaganda and mind control programs. Over 35, 000 people in Faction One groups (New World Order supporters) have been "contained" to date. Many other "terrorist" activities have been prevented.

The laboratories where clones/doubles are produced, especially of world leaders and others, have been destroyed and clones taken into custody. Cheney and Bush are reported to be leaving the country to be out of sight when NESARA and their resignations are announced. The "Cheney" we see on TV now is the clone, put there through the White Knights to ensure everything appears "normal" to the general public. They are not ready for these disclosures yet.

Tony Wicks February 17, 2002