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Clarity before Calamity
By Christ Michael thru Hazel
Sep 22, 2010

Christ Michael

The cradle of your birth and sustenance is now prepared for an overhaul which shall lead to the fall of all that have chosen to fall. Her rocking shall no longer be that gentle balm to your frenzied senses and tiring bodies. The tempo of her movements will create discomfort and for many fear. Yet this is a glorious time in My Universe for My creation, Planet Earth as you call her is to receive the breath of new life. For by My breath she shall be cleansed and by My light she shall be risen.

I have efforted to give to you My children all my understanding and compassion. I have offered to hold your little hands and lead the way to joy and promise; but many of you shun the very one you call God. How could you not have known Me My children. You have chosen to align yourself with those who have purloined the very seat of your existence. Your conception of God is so flawed and your consistent rejection of the truth has had the cumulative effect of casting the planet and your consciousness backward instead of forwards and upwards to the Source.

I cannot sit in idle waiting for you to grow whilst my planet and those children who have come into a greater understanding of Truth and God wither for want of service; for they have efforted to serve My will to bring you ones into the Light. You have rebuked and reviled them as you have done to My many messengers throughout the ages.

My children it is with the greatest Love that I bring forth this message for know that I Am Love only. You perceive me as a vengeful God and many will harbour this perspective and perpetuate it in days to come as the planet changes her tact and frequency and throws down her gauntlet as she screams the pain away to ease her polluted loins.

You have not yet seen or known vengeance my little ones and this is not my vengeance for I am Love. What you shall perceive is vengeance, for that is what you have sown. This will not be of My doing but your reward.

You have been indifferent to that which I bestowed upon you- LIFE. You have failed to recognise that your planet too has a life of her own and a soul like all I have created. She feels, absorbs and gives out energy just as you do. She has been a faithful custodian to you my children as she contracted to and you were meant to reciprocate with loyalty to her. She has fulfilled her bargain but you have not. As a result of aeons of abuse, contamination of her soils and atmosphere, corruption and depravity, vacuuming of her precious resources to kindle your needs whilst depleting hers, she has withered with the pain of rejection and become cold from want of the warmth of her life blood. It is because of her that you have had a place to continue your journey of evolution; she has given you habitation for soul growth. She has sustained you with life but you have stolen hers. My children the planet can no longer sustain. Her cycle has ended. You have crucified her on the cross of avaricious temperament and bestial living.

This is the time of her cleansing, purification and renewal. She must be purged and through this purgation her bowels shall spew. This is the vengeance that you will perceive is mine for her relief shall be your pain. No my children not even the planet harbours vengeance for she embraces my light and she too is love.

Know that what is about to transpire is metaphysical as well as geo physical and part of a greater universal plan. You see beloveds the planet has served her time in hosting those fallen and she is now required to abdicate the position of a prison planet and assume her reward for her just and loyal service to mankind. For all that has been injected into her she must now throw up as part of her cleansing and healing process. So understand that what befalls is necessary that she may rise in light again.

I want you my children to take responsibility for your actions. Do not delude yourselves in believing that her movements will be unrelated to that which you have contributed. That which festers must eventually explode. What you have put into her she will give back to you. I desire you to open your eyes and see my children. If it is one thing you take away from the impending experience is an acknowledgement of the part you played. For this assumption of responsibility will hold you accountable to your soul and auger well for your continued evolution. It will provide you with a blue print of how you must change and provide you with the vehicle to your final destination.

Do not castigate the very One that gave you life for life is not ending. The planet's movements are necessary for the transition into life and light. Your lives will not end through the upheaval awaiting you, for your life is immortal. You will all merely be transported to various places conducive to your continued growth. Beloveds, again I say to you that I have not made these choices for you, you have. For those who know themselves they will know that they are not flesh and blood but soul made of the sinews of light, My light. This shall usher understanding.

I bring assurance this day my beloved children that the geo physical assaults pending will provide a vehicle for change not only for your planet but to your individual circumstances. I take your evolution seriously my little ones but not many of you have been kind to yourselves. I shall never forsake you. At this hour I still extend my hand to you hoping that you will take it and ask to be guided forward. I cannot force thee beloveds. You must choose Me wilfully. Until then you must continue your growth. It will however not be on my precious planet for she is to rise in the glory of the Phoenix from the ashes of death and darkness into the lighted helm of her divine being. All who are ready will rise with her and that moment will be imprinted in the energy of the Universe for eternity. The eyes of My universe watch in brazen anticipation as the phenomena of her resurrection and ascension is triggered.

Will you not take my hand in love
That I may raise you up to Me
To pastures new where peace abounds
Where freedom kindles light within
No measure to your growth imposed
No darkness there to woo and woe
This is my light I give to you
The promise of a world anew
Is now at hand to be revealed.
Creation's called and she must leave
Her clothes to change in light of green
Will you not take my hand in love
For only I can bring you to that place
Where life shall blossom, love prevail
This is my humble plea to you
Take my hand and leave behind the life of pain
You shall feel that gentle beat of divine understanding
And you shall know that I am your resurrection.

My children this is your Father Christ Michael Aton. These are my final words to thee before the righteous fall. Walk into my embrace and I shall give thee shelter for you are my lamb and for all who choose Me I shall shepherd you to a land of life where light shall pour from the heavens as you take your next step on your journey to the lighted One.

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