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Cheney in ankle-monitors

Halliburton death-rattle in DC

When Dick Cheney became the 46th Vice President of the United States of America in 2001, he did not give up his previous job. His work as Chairman and Chief Executive of Halliburton proceeded apace from within the White House. The American mainstream media and the US political and business classes contrived to be misinformed on this point. A de jure sock-puppet called David Lesar was installed as expedient cover for Cheney at Halliburton in Dubai, but the US Vice President continued to act as the undisputed de facto boss of the Houston-based energy conglomerate.

Since 2001, no important Halliburton decision has been taken without Cheney's say-so and he has over-ruled Lesar on many occasions. Until very recently, Halliburton's major shareholders maintained the pretence that they were unaware of Dick Cheney's continuing executive control of the business.

One of Cheney's first initiatives in US Vice Presidential office was to plan how Halliburton could best benefit from the long-planned neocon wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, and from the planned demolition of the twin towers in New York used to legitimate those wars. How might these manufactured conflicts and disasters be manipulated to maximise Halliburton company income?

At several different times between Friday 16th May 2008 and Monday 26th May 2008, a succession of papers reached Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform at the US House of Representatives. These papers presented in graphic inside detail how Cheney used his US Executive Branch position, American tax payers' money and the lives of US soldiers and CIA agents and their families to achieve his business aims for Halliburton.

Dick Cheney's key move was to get Halliburton office suites quietly installed deep inside the Pentagon in Washington DC and inside the CIA headquarters at Langley in Virginia. Both office suites were extensive, enjoyed independent accreditation for all Halliburton personnel, and had their own independent security staff and detention rooms. No Halliburton employees were security-screened or vetted by the CIA in either location.

There were three problems with this Cheney-managed Halliburton arrangement. First, all the Halliburton employees involved were paid salaries from US public funds; they were designated as US Government employees. Second, many of the Halliburton people installed at the CIA and the Pentagon were personnel associates of Dick Cheney and were established mobsters, assassins and drug runners. Several of them had criminal records and had spent substantial amounts of time in prison. Third, because of these first two problems, many of the Halliburton placemen at the CIA and the Pentagon were uniquely vulnerable to bribery and blackmail by foreign intelligence services. It was because of this that Halliburton's status deeply compromised American national security. The Russian, Chinese and Israeli intelligence services were able to comprehensively penetrate the CIA and the Pentagon in the years 2001-2005. We have referred to this penetration of American intelligence on another page of this blog here. It has led, among many other things, to the death by ritual torture at least 168 (one hundred and sixty eight) CIA operatives and their families, including children as young as six and eleven, and the fatal disclosure of security codes for the encryption algorithms aboard a new $3.6 billion CIA communications satellite launched by NASA. Halliburton's physical presence at the heart of the US intelligence community handed executive control of American military and intelligence secrets to a smorgasbord of other nations, making the US a standing joke among world security professionals.

We include the detailed text of parts of the document bundle given to Congressman Henry Waxman lower down this page (in green text). It came from Sue Arrigo via Bob Chapman's International Forecaster website. The International Forecaster has been on Halliburton's case for some years, for example see here (29.08.05), here (18.09.05), here (23.10.05) and here (24.06.06). The author of the text appended below is no minor CIA figure. She held the rank of a Two-Star General, was Special Operations Advisor to the Director of the CIA, and attended Joint Chiefs of Staff Meetings once a month from October 2003 to July 2004. She had regular privileged access to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Many of the documents she cites are lodged in secure registries around Washington DC, in particular at the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), which is the investigative arm of Congress charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and payment of public funds. At one point, the CIA source of the document had to flee to Canada for her own safety.

The emergence of this inside information about Halliburton capped a bad eighteen months for the US Vice President. On Monday 26th February 2007, three Special Forces teams had attempted to arrest Cheney while he was on an aircraft parked on the runway at Sydney International airport (Australia). He only narrowly escaped. There was a firefight and three deaths were reported. At the end of October 2007, Dick Cheney attempted to steal $45 billion from George Bush Jnr. Credit Suisse diverted this $45 billion into a secret personal account held by Halliburton in Dubai for Cheney. The original $45 billion had been held in trust for the President. The sum was traced and returned. Since then, two of the Dick Cheney clones have been shot dead. One of these, along with several of his aides, were terminated at the beginning of January 2008, during the period when Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, was assassinated. More details about the Paulson termination can be found on this page here.

Then, in another Cheney-related action, sometime between Friday 25th April and Monday 28th April 2008, two five-man death squads run by the Bushes and the Clintons attempted to assassinate one of the key players in the legal and intelligence team addressing the Washington corruption nexus. The man in question was a martial arts expert and suffered only slight knife wounds. Five of the Bush-Clinton hit men were taken into custody, three of them American and two Chinese. All five signed five separate videotaped confessions, including admissions of previous assassination jobs taken on for their Bush-Clinton employers. Copies of the videos and their transcripts were distributed across the world. The five assassins detained provided the names and coordinates of the other five, one of which was Roland Carnaby, killed by Houston Police after a high-speed car chase on Tuesday 29th April 2008. This was the lead story in the Houston Chronicle for three days running and was subsequently covered extensively by all major Texas news outlets. The second Bush-Clinton death squad included two Americans (Carnaby was one of them), two Mexicans and one Canadian. One of the Mexicans was caught attempting to flee as more Bush-Cheney-Clinton contract assassins attempted to kill him in a frenzied manhunt intended to destroy all remaining living human evidence of the botched operation. By Friday 2nd May 2008, documented and filmed admissions and confessions from the captured assassins recorded, among other names, details and coordinates, more than thirty five previous murder hits having been committed by the group. Copies of the videotaped confessions went to interested parties worldwide and to the Provost Marshal and the White House.

Shortly after this débâcle, Dick Cheney was placed in detention and forced to wear an ankle-monitor. This was done on World Court/ICJ initiatives. Cheney was found to be have been unlawfully interfering with the NESARA international legal and refinancing procedures. As a consequence, a curious Cheney bilocation occurred at the end of May 2008. The Vice President was scheduled to be guest of honour at the US Coast Guard Academy commencement exercises on Wednesday 21st May 2008, in New London, Connecticut. Dick Cheney's task was to deliver the main address to the graduating cadets and make presentations. Because of his Washington detention and ankle-bracelet, Cheney couldn't go, so a substitute clone-lookalike was pressed into action. The manikin was unconvincing. It was much thinner than Cheney, didn't stoop as much as Cheney when he walked, and it had something seriously wrong with its head. This latter defect had to be covered up with a hat for the entirety of the day (pictures here, here, here and here). As was commented at the time, Dick Cheney doesn't wear hats. And anyway, the wearing of a hat at certain ceremonial points in this particular kind of gathering represented a solecism of notable vulgarity even for a Halliburton retainer.

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