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Cap and Trade Hoad
We do the "Cap".....
....He Does the Trade

The cap-and-trade system, so beloved of Barack Obama, and so profitable for Al Gore, will cost families thousands of dollars a year when all the consequences are taken into account. The architects of the system, meanwhile, will make still greater fortunes. †

One of the main tasks that Obama has been set by the cabal is to sell the lie of human-caused 'climate change' and all the long-prepared 'solutions' just waiting to be signed into law. He and his handlers are targeting the public in general, and children and young people in particular, to demand 'action on climate change' and marginalise anyone who even questions the lie.

Obama is introducing a carbon cap-and-trade system that he has admitted would make electricity prices 'necessarily skyrocket'. The bloodline-owned energy corporations don't want to make more money, though. No, no, they just want to save the planet, bless 'em.

Cap-and-trade is a system by which governments set the limits of carbon emissions and issue permits to companies for their maximum allowance or 'credit', but if they need to produce more than their allowance they can buy more credits from other companies that produce less than their maximum.

It is just another way for the few to make yet more money, impose more government control of economic and human activity, and make it still harder for people to pay their bills. This is not about protecting the planet, it is about control, and they are forcing it upon the people in the most despicable ways.

Democratic Senator Timothy Wirth, former climate change negotiator for Bill Clinton, said this week that cap and trade is 'out of control' and makes no sense whatsoever. Well, it doesn't unless you know what the real game is. Wirth told Bloomberg that cap and trade was a 'cap and tax' bill and he's right - plus alot more. David Icke.